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Matt Hughes

(603) 321-5972

Northeastern University, Boston, MA
Candidate for Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering
GPA: 3.88
Activities: Member of Tau Beta Pi Honor Society, Member of Club Powerlifting

May 2016

CAD Applications: AutoCAD, Creo, Inventor, SolidWorks
Analysis Applications: Abaqus, ANSYS, LabView, MATLAB, Simulink
Programming Languages: C++, Python, VBA (Microsoft Office Macros)

Machine Tools: Bandsaw, Drill, Lathe, Mill, TIG Welder, other common machine shop tools
3D Printing Platforms: Stratasys Fortus 250mc, 400mc, and 900mc and MakerBot Replicator
Software: Stratasys Insight and Stratasys Control Center

Professional Work Experience

Protonex Technology Corporation, Southborough, MA
January 2015-June 2015
Mechanical Engineering Intern
Remodeled two different fuel cells and one power distribution system using SolidWorks.
Programmed scripts to perform extensive analyses on large data sets with MATLAB, VBA, and C++.
Developed a completely mechanical weld fixture to center and clamp two end rings to a cylinder while a
circumferential joint was created. The only user input needed was the tightening of a center screw.
Instrumentation Labs, Bedford, MA
January 2014-June 2014
Mechanical Engineering Intern
Worked closely with engineers and vendors to design components for healthcare products.
Designed and carried out extensive testing and troubleshooting of several major mechanical subassemblies.
Conducted loading simulations and heat flow analyses using ANSYS software. Used simulation results to defend
major subassembly redesign.
GE Oil & Gas, Billerica, MA
January 2013-June 2013
Manufacturing Engineering Intern
Redesigned a large commercial mounting panel using GD&T analysis software.
Co-designed, constructed, and tested a large scale calibration system for gas measurement systems.
Increased efficiency of production by developing tools, fixtures, and procedures for technicians.

Senior Design Projects

Non-Destructive Fracture Toughness Measurement of Ductile Metals
Developed algorithm to calculate fracture toughness from small scale metal cutting operation.
Performed a finite element analysis of metal cutting using Abaqus Explicit software.
Carried out extensive physical testing to validate non-destructive fracture toughness measurement method.
Successfully presented and defended test results to professors and industry professionals.
Experimental Material Tester
Currently developing a material tester to characterize anisotropic plasticity in sheet metal.
Developing adaptors, fixtures, and control algorithms to perform a constant depth scratch test with an Instron.