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April 3, 2016

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing this letter of recommendation for Mr. Jason Fenicle for a teaching position in
Washington County Public Schools. I have had the chance to see Mr. Fenicle in our school as an
intern for the 2015-2016 school year, which during 5 months of that time I had the privilege to
be his mentor.
Throughout his internship, Mr. Fenicle worked in a first grade traditional classroom, and also in
his current assignment which featured mixed level groupings of Second through Fifth grade
students. His time in the mixed level groups was focused on supporting the students both
academically and socially. Mr. Fenicle not only interacted with the students academically, but
he met them at a social level and broke down the barriers sometimes seen between teachers and
students. Mr. Fenicles passion for young people is very evident in his interactions with the
Throughout his internship Mr. Fenicle had a chance to look at the curriculum through multiple
lenses. His knowledge of the first grade curriculum through his previous internship allowed him
to have a better idea of what the students have learned, and where the students are coming from.
Mr. Fenicle understands curriculum and instruction and can adapt to various learners and levels
of standards.
As part of his internship Mr. Fenicle was required to complete an action research project. In this
project Mr. Fenicle implemented many teaching strategies to build success in the learner. His
goal in implementing the project was to meet multiple learning styles by putting music and
games to math. The students became more excited in the learning and the passion held by Mr.
Fenicle clearly transferred over to the students.
Mr. Fenicle is a true team player. In many cases, he would go above and beyond his internship
responsibilities to see that the needs of the students were met. Mr. Fenicle is willing to put in
countless hours behind the scene in preparation for the students to learn. Mr. Fenicle supports
the school and community by being part of after school activities and events in and throughout
the community. At any given time, you would find Mr. Fenicle supporting the initiatives and
efforts of various support groups and communities.
Mr. Fenicle maintains a professional relationship with his colleagues, but more importantly, he
maintains a positive rapport with his students in the classroom. Mr. Fenicle would be a true asset
to any community and would be a valuable member of the instructional staff.


Brian Orndorff Mentor Teacher