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Market Analysis
15W MKT7300 010
Phoebe Hill, Julien Sasseville, Levon Brunello
Ian Pineau

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Market Sector
a) The Zeppelin Touring industry was a short lived luxury that only the wealthy
were able to enjoy. The Zeppelin was invented by Ferdinand von Zeppelin in
1900. Although they were originally used by the military, the first commercial
flight in a Zeppelin was made in 1910. During World War 1, they were found to
be easy targets and were therefore discontinued for military use. However, its
vulnerability, caused by large size and slow movement was quickly turned into
a strength offering the privileged class a luxurious yet calm voyage. The luxury
of Zeppelin touring ended in 1937 when the equivalent of the Titanic of
Zeppelins, the Hindenburg, caught fire and exploded into a ball of flame, killing
36 people and causing massive collateral damage. Although a few countries
have tried to restart the industry, laws and stigmas have prevented the
industry from taking off successfully. The closest company to successfully come
back was the Airship Ventures which lasted from 2008 until 2012. Since, there
has not been another company to try.
b) Airship Adventures plans on bringing back the past luxury of zeppelin touring
with a modern twist. With all the technology that has been developed since the
Hindenburg crash, one of our main success points will be that our airships will
no longer rely on flammable gases and fragile materials. Our new and improved
airships would run off mainly solar energy, and have wind turbines as back up.
Amongst the vast number of technological advancements, safety is our top
priority. The unfortunate past of airship travel has left a stigma around it but we
believe, just like Titanic, that we can use it to improve our product.
c) Although there are no current zeppelin touring companies, the touring industry
in general is very popular. From planes, helicopters, trains, RVs and more, the
tourism industry is an ever growing one. From 1997 to 2004 for example,
Europes tourism industry grew by 56%. Being the most popular place for
tourists, having 7 out of ten of the worlds most tourist attractive countries,
including first and third, it is clear that this is the location with the most
potential for success. Although it may be a slow start, and most of our little
profits will go to advertising, and based on our research and adjustments made,
we are confident that Airship Adventures will pick up quickly. Another one of our
main selling points is our prices. We are going for a more affordable service so
that most people will be able to afford the voyages. There will be various types
of trips introduced as the company picks up. Starting off with sight-seeing,
being able to reach remote locations without polluting or endangering them
gives us the adventurers interest. However, it doesnt stop there. We will also
offer an educational tour to attract students and researchers. The eco-airship
could serve as a portable, eco-friendly base of operations for researchers. Its
silent nature and clean propulsion means it does not pollute anything therefore
does not harm the environment, and could eventually start taking over the long
distance travel market as it will be low cost and reliable.

Direct completion

Ecotourism Destinations include places and destinations around the world

that offer a blend of education and hospitality. These destinations are high quality
experiences but offered at decent to low prices. People enjoy these stays because
they are not your average hotels and resorts

Burj Al Arab this is the highest quality hotel in the world and it diffidently
comes at a price. This costly hotel includes amazing customer service and amazing
architectural views that are way above average so they have the ability to be so

Travelodge this hotel prides itself in staying inexpensive to their guests but
they still offer a mid-quality stay.

B & B bed and breakfasts are popular for those looking to relax in a home
like environment accommodations are inexpensive and relatively high quality but
still retaining that home-like feel

Fairmont Hotels have high quality stays and have a competitive price to
other fancy hotels in North America

Hilton the Hilton has created a big name for themselves and have
moderately priced rooms and an above standard quality and care.

St. Mortiz is a hotel that has terrible customer service and room services.
They charge a very high price for something that is not worth the charge.

Airship Adventures we would like for this company to have both high
quality, expensive rooms as well as lower (still nice) rooms for a price that beats out
all of the competitors simply because we do it all. There is more than just sleeping
in a room to be offered as the ship flies around Europe. According to the research I
did people are more interested in travel where they move around and enjoy
dynamic traveling experiences. This places us to a large advantage over our
competitors. We are different because we offer an ecologically friendly, educative
approach to sightseeing which also means we can be sure all places visited are
accessible to everyone, even people with low mobility. As a company we think that
education is very important so there is something new to learn on the ship every
day each place that is flown over will have information readily available. Lastly we
are human and aware that not everyone has strong finances, we can offer low and
very competitive prices simply because we are ecofriendly. This ship does not need
to use fossil fuels and instead can harness the power of the sun and wind.

Threats and Indirect Competition

The threats this company could encounter have to do with the government
and if there are to be any conflicts surrounding Europe. This would make the flights
and no fly zones dangerous or simply inaccessible to our tour. If this were to happen
our contingency would include new routes, new sights and increased security
protection. If the economy were to take a turn for the worse then people will
struggle to make money and keep enough for luxuries such as travel, for this we will
fight to keep our costs as low as possible so that everyone has a chance to
experience this flight.
We will also be positively affected by the summer season in America as there
are quite many teachers and teacher assistants that enjoy and can afford to travel
however this may make our numbers fewer through the colder months. We did
think about this though and since the travellers will be in one place they never have
to go outside or stay cold this makes travelling to colder climates much more
Our indirect competition
Included in this are hotels, hostels, tour companies (cruises, helicopters,
guided tours) and ecotourism destinations.
Opportunity summarisation

Zeppelin tours are a very divers and expandable industry, having not been in
operation for the past 82 years there is literally no competition in the industry.
Given the zeppelins unique and versatile nature it can fill in the blank spots where
many other touring and accommodation companies fall short. The zeppelin of
course has an unfortunate history that may cause uncertainty to some potential
passengers. With todays technological advancements in green energy and safe air
travel our tours will guaranteed the safety of its passengers, with its modified
protocols and safety elements not previously options in the past we can guarantee
the zeppelin to be the safest method of travel on land air or water. The zeppelin
offers accommodations for eco-tourism across the board; be it housing
accommodations, vacation cruising, educational tripping or culinary indulgence,
zeppelin touring can accommodate and make it a unique experience that everyone
can enjoy.


1997-2004 Europe Tourism industry grew by 56%

7/10 most tourist arrival places are in Europe
Economic growth in New Member States of E.U lead to business opportunities
during developing demand
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