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ED 345 Calvin College Lesson Planning Form

Teacher: Emily Veenstra

Date: September 16 Subject/ Topic/ Theme: Common Factors Work Continued.

I. Objectives
What is the main focus of this lesson?
The main focus of this lesson is to explain the reciprocal relationship between multiplication and division so that
students can continue work with ease on Greatest Common Factors.
How does this lesson tie in to a unit plan? (If applicable.)
Greatest common factor work.
This is the 6th less of the unit.
What are your objectives for this lesson? (As many as needed.) Indicate connections to applicable national or
state standards. If an objective applies to only certain students write the name(s) of the student(s) to whom it


be able to define factors

be able to identify factors of various numbers
be able to realize that factoring number is dividing them up into their smallest whole parts.
be able to identify common factors between two numbers.
learn another way to find the greatest factor.

4.OA.3 Common Core Standard Link

II. Before you start
Prerequisite knowledge and

What factors are.

(formative and summative)

formative- recording their manipulatives on the T charts.

summative- turn in t-chart worksheet.

Universal Design for Learning Networks/Domains (see UDL Guidelines)




Multiple Means of Representation

Multiple Means of Expression


Multiple Means of Engagement

Options for Perception

Options for action/interaction

the manipulatives to help them with
division will be the main way they
will be using interaction

Options for recruiting interest

Options for Language/Symbols

Students will transfer the manipulative
they formed onto their sheet of paper.

Options for Expression

Options for Sustaining Effort &


Options for Comprehension

Options for Executive Function

Options for Self Regulation

Record their findings in their t chart

Materials-what materials
counters for t-chart
(books, handouts, etc) do you
need for this lesson and do you t-chart sheet.
have them?

Do you need to set up your

classroom in any special way
for this lesson? If so, describe


III. The Plan




The description of (script for) the lesson, wherein you describe teacher activities and
student activities

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! STATE EXPECTATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!! STATE EXPECTATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Introduction/ Review vocabulary: factor, product, greatest common factor, common factor
Allow Carlos to share his way of doing 9s.
Begin with an example problem. I am going to show you a new way to visualize the way that
factors work. Set it up so you have 6 counters in your example.
Development Here in my hand, I have six counters. I want to demonstrate how to find the factors of 16
with these counters. Right now, in front of me, I have 1 group of 16 counters. how could i
divide this into groups of one. Hey that works! that makes an even group, so, on my T-chart,
I am going to record a 1 and a 6.
Next I am going to try 2. So, I write 2 in the left column so I know how many groups I want at
the end. I am going to try dividing up the sixteen counters into 2 equally sized groups. So
there and there (7 and 9) are those equally sized groups?
No, what could I do to make them equally sized groups? Move one from the nine over to the
seven so I have 8 in each group. right. So now, on my t-chart, I am going to record that
when I divided up the 16 counters into groups of two, I come out with 8 groups of 2.
Lets now try dividing these sixteen counters into groups of 3! Oh no! I dont have enough to
make this a group of three. So, I am going to cross that number off of my T-chart. I cannot
make even groups of three, so that number will not work.
How about 4? If I make groups of four will that come out evenly? watch and see.
Yes! when each pile is made up of 4 counters, I have 4 equal piles. How about 5? 6? 7?
You are now going to practice this. When you are done with finding the right T-chart
factors, I would like you to find common factors for each row. Then the greatest common
factors. You are going to turn your record sheet into me by the end, so be sure you are
recording everything you are trying.

If they finish early, they can get with a partner and quiz each other on their 9s facts.

Your reflection on the lesson including ideas for improvement for next time: