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Script Notes

Read the individual characters of abbreviations. For example, "mkdir" would

be pronounced as "m k d i r". This also applies to the "SQL" abbreviation.
The only exception is that "JSON" should be pronounced as it's spelt.

Read all references to _id" as "underscore ID".

The script is broken into a lot of little paragraphs. When spoken, there
should be at least a slight gap between these paragraphs. This is so I have
an easier time controlling the pace of the video in the editing process.

The backticks and "quotation marks" are only there to format the text while
scripting. You don't need to read these words any differently.

There's a number of lines that resemble the following:




In these cases, read the period aloud. For example, the first line would be
read as "Players List dot insert".