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Chinua Achebe in arog ke 1930-2013 proved cle serpent oo epson OKWUI ENWEZOR NEWS OF THE DEATH of she great Nigerian write (China Achebe who ps sh fh Munich produced by the world he wecreated onthe pagesan__priatn multiple langaay inhabits, asd with the aerial sn Afisan wating, Ira rcolecion = Few or thinkers represented i my ion’s aspirations as m completely as Achebe. heconjreot scons pntoloal erature shed, for retreats PASSAGES ud paoopicl resound bo cal formed ‘he core of his deity va wrter ad thinker Achebe alo embod several her Meties: He vasa Nigerian writer an African wrt anda world titer. Yerhe was fis and foremont an igo wetee— sotina provincial narcow,ehnocenticnese but a the way one could say that Charles Dickens was an Englch writer and Wordsworth an English poet For Achebe, Igbo rtdkion and he Lessons ofits comple Tanguate functioned nthe sevice of vanguard kind through te pareclarisen of contexte ete ee ‘ation of pectic culture alt nteieasy—tnat Achebe, ike Dickens arrived at universality, Achebe’ Fences tha sequestered African sci an the nd ‘idualehae poplar them from the sidewall of i toda interpretation, and make cles that ehese Societies and indivi were ala vee fun human insight opal of whether che West consi sed them savage prime He arcuate the sakes of his enterprise in such essays as “The Nowlin as Teacher (1965) and “An Image of Afra” (1977). nthe laterext, he ended adevasang critique novell Heart of Du Achebe wssscadalized by the uncial way Conrad's the eaiam in Joueph Conrad Anes via caretl close reading ool had heen interpreced at grt iterature nthe Wesarn academy despite ansparet rcs hich Achebe writes sites ris "av metaphysical ale fd devi allrecognizable bum nw which che wandering European enters at his pei” Porting up ‘he “preposterous and perversc king of arrogance” of sucha characterization of an entire continent, be Suen “The real question isthe dehumanization of Alice and Africans which this agelong aude has fostered nd continues o fester inthe worl.” tis Scale tdayrocapare he sense cf how val Achebe seadng of Conrad was in 1977 when the eric voeab tary of postcolonial studies ha barely been forged (Edward Sais Oren wouldnt be published for Acta nilay as recognised aly ven thoogh rom the cur was cle that i arb tion was precisely eo exceed provincia and ere ‘ype Arve simultaneously mourn and elt a, we must norlosesight of theft thatthe warm rsepion Things Fll par enjoyed early ity years ag at oa universal ve fr apc ahora, Okonkwo, Inthe late 19505 criti from the New York Tomes ook Review encapsulated the noel ha way Things al Apart aes place with tht small company of sense hooks that dese primitive society frm he inside.” “Primitive roeiety"? To read of his cule