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BOK BOOK OK OERA __ LINDA iG BUCH 1 Jan Ott OERA LINDA BOK / BOK / BOG / BUCH / BOEK / BOOK awww Jan Ott 1. Introduction 2. Notes about the manuscript 3. Line numbering differences relative to Jensma (2006) 4, Table page numbering Ottema and Sandbach (1876) 5. Used illustrations 6. For more information 1. Introduction This is a provisional digital version of the newest edition of the Oera Linda-book. Part 1 contains scans of the original manuscript, provided with line numbering. The following parts will contain transliteration, translation, discussion/ references, dictionary/ catalog and illustrations. In the printed version everything will have been further improved (in particular my English). The last edition of the Oera Linda-book, in Dutch by Goffe Th. Jensma (2006) had copies of each page with next to it a transliteration and on the adjacent page notes and translation: Jensma’s transliteration had line numbering and it followed the lining of the original. It was easy to compare original and transliteration, but difficult to compare the translation with the original text. The present new edition is aimed at making the original document and language more accessible. The benefit of splitting the project in parts, is that one can add other translations, without always needing the original and transliteration, since the latter two are the same for every language. In Jensma's edition, some pages had no or hardly any notes, while other pages had many. Similarly, the translation did not always need the same amount of space. This way, much paper space was wasted and sometimes the text was compressed. Since in the new edition the original page numbers will be clearly displayed, no space will have to be wasted or compressed. 13 2. Notes about the manuscript If the manuscript is authentic, it is a copy made by Hidde Oera Linda in 1256 CE, probably on Spanish- Arabic paper. ‘The actual paper size is 291 by 210 mm, except the first sheet which was not numbered and contains two letters of instruction. I numbered these letters 00a and 00b. Missing pages are twenty between 168 and 189, two between 192 and 195, and an unknown number after 210. To mark the lack in this edition, I added an illustrated page at these three sites. Scans of the manuscript were used from the website of Tresoar, the archive in Leeuwarden, Friesland that guards it Two pages had minor scanning errors (153 and 159), which I fixed using a (lower resolution, gray scale) scan of the page in Jensma’s 2006 edition. Almost all pages have 32 lines, except: Pages 00a - 00b: 23 and 25 lines; Page 18: 30 lines; Pages 12, 15, 25, 68 and 72 have 31 lines; Page 97, has a (half) line filled with tildes (~). Like Jensma, I decided to count this as a line, resulting in the page having 33 lines. Remarkable is that the text at page 72 does not start at the first line or even on line 30 of the previous page. I suppose that the previous, lost original had an illustration here, that the copyist intended to reproduce later, hence reserving space for it, but in the end never got to do it. Pages 45-47 contain drawings of the “JOL” wheel, the alphabet and numbers. Where the graphics are, line numbering is continued (as in Jensma's edition). Sometimes one or a few words are added after the last line (e.g. pp.16,43,63), or before the first (p.107). In the transliteration, these will be considered as belonging to the last or first line respectively. When fragments were added below the text to be inserted (e.g. p.20) this text is considered to be part of the line of insertion. 3. Line numbering differences relative to Jensma's On pages 17, 18, 19, 20, 22, 29 and 41, a law number is written above the first line. Jensma counted this as, line 1, resulting in 33 lines (page 18: 31 lines). I have decided to differ from Jensma here and not count this as a line. Instead I count this number as belonging to line 1, as with the added word at the beginning of page 107. Page 33 in Jensma's edition has a flawed line numbering. On page 72, he had the text start at line 6 but this should have been 5. 223 4, Table page numbering Ottema and Sandbach Sandbach (1876) used the same page numbering as Ottema (1872 and 1876). Transliteration was on the even pages. op o/s | ow O/S | OLB o/S | OLB. O/S | OLB. OVS | OLB ONS: 00a 3 029 45 061 87 093 131 125 173 159 217 001 5 031 a7 062 89 095 133 127 175 161 219 002 7 032 49 064 91 096 135 128 177 162 221 003 9 034 51 065 93 098 137 130 179 164 223 004 11 035 53 067 95 099 139 132 181 166 225 006 13 037 55 068 97 101 141 133 183 167 227 007 15 038 57 069 99 103 143 135 185 189 229 008 17 040 59 on. 101 104 145 136 187 190 231 010 19 041 61 072 103 106 147 138 189 192 233 ou. 21 042 63 074 105 107 149 140 191 195 235 013 23 044 65 076 107 109 151 141 193 196 237 014 25 045 67 077 109 110 153 143 195 198 239 016 27 047 69 079 1 12 155 144 197 199 241 017 29 049 71 080 113 113 157 145 199 201 243 o19 31 050 73 082 115 114 159 147 201 203 245 020 33 052 75 083 117 116 161 149 203 204 247 021 35 053 7 085 119 118 163 150 205 206 249 023 37 055 79 087 = 121-123) 119 165 152 207 207 251 025 39 056 81 oss 125 121 167 153 209 209 253 026 41 058 83 090 127 122 169 155 211 028 43 059 85 o92 129 124 a7 157__213-215 5. Used illustrations On the title page, a photo of the North Sea is blended with a fragment of "Paskaart van een Gedeelte der Noort Zee" by Jan Luyken, as. used in "De Nieuwe Groote Lichtende Zee-Fakkel, 't Eerste Deel”. Amsterdam: Johannes van Keulen, 1681 - 1799. (Bok, bok, bog, Buch and boek, placed at the six spokes of the JOL, are the Icelandic/ Faroese, Norse/ Swedish, Danish, German and Dutch/ Frisian words for book. In the language of the OLB, the word is spelled BOK.) Page between 168 and 189: "Queen Berthe instructing girls to spin flax on spindles using distaffs" (1888) by Albrecht Samuel Anker (1831-1910). Page between 192 and 195: Fragment of votive altar dedicated to Nehalennia by Marcus Exgingius Agricola, found (1970?) north of Colijnsplaat (National Museum of Antiquities, Leiden). Page after 210: Fragment of "Nieuwe verbeterde paskaart van 't Texel en Vlie stroom" (scale ca 1:225.000) from "Nieuwe lootsmans Wegwijser" by Ch. Middagten, Amsterdam 1713. 6. For more information http: // http://aldfryas. blogspotcom otharus@ Jan Ott, MSc. Lower Saxony, Germany 30 April 2016 (or the year 4209 after Aldland sank) 33 [00a] LIAWA SRVN@AMA. VAAB VSA LIAWA GRLAS WitLs AND VAAB VSA LIAWA FRIDOM s wives, KVSAND WABA SA BIDDIK TO FO. ock Liaws Ws LET AA AQOW GAIS PAPE. KAFPS Tack Nimmansras OVER AISsn SKRIFTA VE WIA a AIN SFEKAR SWETA WERDA, ANSA Ain TORNWAK VNAAAR SEM AW Auss Awat tow vs trans TRIER. vanBs RIKA PREBSNDNS TO WINNANDS SA AGLAR hia mark Kn roren kin aank eAissa weak Karwi Alnen aeatssts tina pa ssp, KRVCADA W1 AiARA LIUDA TOSrFer: Aven , wr yrirom etuckt An lorestacs__ PLICAT . KER WBE LETAR Ain Atrss vepiviain Awar 40n VSA GRUUAA KVR anno Awrat AGRE ITA SST FON VEA ALDA seépum. ocd tinawa tk fav Br ZAM sr AOVS WEST. WIL weRaeDa © Kise Da AND WIiLLAK wi VS WAVE STSRIK ALE PAAKIN ALA SKBELUN VE ALQADUR VRDILIGIA, ~~ « SKREVSV TO LIUD.WERD,ACAT AON DID AND BRiU (66,/vEi KIRSTEN BIGRIF.. Liko TONeMAK OVIRALIVDA. ~~ Rit spor Kern ADSL ASODGAR. Aritrick ier Atrer< vet KAr hiv to > NV ODER VNNBROCAT WAS Agvck Age Vv. - KESTE MACE STAN DST.2FRARG VATE. ALLE STATA KER.EE LIDSA ANDA @Rs A SIND Ain VNTAPAAST VA. aness Azwe WALD AiRFAR AUDEUM.. AS AA BARW GRAT wRDOW AND sanaow KATANTINNA EA - BARN WENAAWTERA MACATE AND LAT WAREA mosts. kA kreion Ain ANWER WARKA i GRINS ‘Ano wroow Argos AAGSKRANDE .AA BAS NANO KiARA STOR STA SVNUM KRUPTON B81 AA LOD. DARIOA TINNA MANGERTUM. AND AinRA AINE toakarsra Arvck AAT wes tresicn town wet BRocAT LeTOW AIAN &ELVA B1GOFDA Arvad ASkENE=TA FINNA KNAGA AIRED WLUM ALDRUAS. to sear, Ak: kswi mat KAT ANDA NO = #RTG PO WE CRE , Xk NAN ER RA KONSTAN SANAR TINA KD MAG FAEA VRLOVAND? RA kt MIK GOLDIN AORWA SA hin_ea Apvck vs tour IATA DEDOW. ALTER DADA - SIVA LER VT BREDA. M:N SIN CIVDA DEeDOW MAR .62KIN WRDOW TO Ok MAKAD. NEI VPSA LAN DUM Wel BF OCAT. AND SAAWER SA AIA VF. BROCAT WERON AN INA WL: LER. AAW WEDOoW Ain To Bek +¢NDON. 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AACK REF ALLEN A MEL LE AS hea wanna herwen TAMA AND siVQUA SmiLLs AWANGERTA KAVA | tickiv ker AMmM:r sivauw By Ker: toppikcwy Gi WAKIA DEeILikzs AWD Ks<% WACKTSS.. BAKA tam WA Ken VErA ORK GUFOUM AS MODER KIANiA AL sa féeto. ANAALAA IAIN Aw RAN NR Sean SA AWEESA EN TAM ANNEN GADA WIL. ~~ -- io 2 ri Al GrFéeviPMaAN WIA SINUAN GEEVUN skeet Kero} BURA TANATICA DGLA. Aiws MARKRIUCA - THR Aww s1NUM KeLrAR.tit DeLA® Kiv tovess. AQODER EN DEL - KiVAAMODEF HUWER DE_ 2 ones kore riaw vetn. Ka KEMA.RAT ES Kepa- AKAM NANT WAREA NL KUNAWA NIAUT cA DELAc aw wk WRB BRR tl. Kora ARM TO MARKER KVAAE VE AAWOON “7 AAARLK_SLD-TIAN OFLAs 241 / NINTNUWOKERIA .KVMAA AER SVMBAIST \ REFATAMNA PLICKT AiAM KAN BER TOMAR. LTANA INVE KAT ELLE LAND.TILAIVAIA NIA. MAiPhke KERIN NAVT WE DE TO RNG AMPT AWAND SOKA AAVAK iN GERA_LIK.ALPTE VAABI AT TO aNtin sk trias mot.a eka istka HANDAWERA. Mik ALDULKZRA WABNS AS-2F FOR SINMA BI KVMAA AND AANDTERA MEl_anararaacnan- Za 1ssw poi rwiutier samorit 4A Sivaunnd: DEI MIST s LOW SIN LERTID VMAB? FED TO WIR _AANDIMIR A WAPNS 4 2acennn 308454830 = a. An Is AL BikvMmew eet. MAAN AIM Wee RPK AND AI WAPATO WEPRAR SLAGZV aneann, he IsAtkre fez WeERAE SAWAEK.1 BUECA_AGR AND MGtAL AGLEA SIN AAWSDLMAANIVA TC KIASANS. 5. } rs AW” sivauw ier KIASAR SA MOLAL AE a a AERA AN IstAn KEWIATOKIASANS Ae 40 Ak KEPREN VVEDicaaanne Sa Ae A Ke = ALL? Are fe MOTE OVIF KERZA WiRKN he BUTA AA LENWIA AAWOUON ALLE AMBTAANIV -Wwawiker cerry wieka KAM RiUCcAtT Dvn ANDNGITRASRED. x ANAIEN KENIE VIAAGE NAVTNILLOR SE AS Are ier cevta givrwa rivkiv Al waveeene - TWA WE AMAEI SA TRIDOM TO SKADANWS on Fo Ack. sivaun ier erst same Atwihtr KGERLAI wes RKA. AUBiUCpAraaaar raarararne 10. At keWia Keuck £saet hanwoface- a i SAAW SE RSAORLOCAKUMER AND ACR WRDt AUSA Komulae (it ka sera AoxKav ce . s1N AGE PEENTAER TORSARIN SA AROTON SIMA LEVA tN EL MAANAIS DEL KAW. PAGE was Ai for. seik sa anes sia BRUD SIVQUN RAANAUS DELUN AS KA VAABE Alta FERIA DULT SN STEN TO TOWHANDS MAAR Kaw Mot Ain bork 6 es weoves BILIVA Aira LEVA L@A. rane anni ’ ti. ZO SAAWSESA IW MENT: SA ILATE TO FEA_ Ano Tow Anfé one wivon fAgn 6281s tI tTOcKT en AND FAR WII AND BABA o Aan AN me (4 ist sw sTIVEAr OFLAND ARAMA IS _ANDALASK AusAaAcaéA trv SA MOTIAA Kat row werk. anuks nvenhus AtaAch TEVA RAWAOW SIA TRIANDUN TUS NEMA AND KIVAAENTS AAOF 17 BeTY FA NEI SINA STAT.WARA KAT SIV triawon Asi BATA WEIGERIA ann ww eUVUULTELV. NETLIKA SEKA UTA WELLETAS SkRI TCO AAINNOS. « MINNO WAS IVALDS S6kGANG - SIANWTR AWD Wwis_arRick. AW KA KRETAR Ash.t ewan iovsw. AL1S BAF ANDALLAIDA VEDA AND VEL AD SIA WAIKSR FARA Atk At KAT LU WOTSN VIABS BO LIVDA_ AGM TOSTIPVAcanrinnananrm wenn nnwse fe SAKWER SA VERA SWIANATA TA DELLAND | Aas irtka were Katvsqon TroukR A AGOW KA OPA KAT TOW ERANEG-AtKITAL DEN SA AMOTMRY AAT BET FIA. ANDASAS AALS _DEDAR UT of LANDUM BANANA. TIL hiv wsa WAMA VEAL Atk GEANS SIL WeeRhA BIVOMA As MSA ISL WI VPFIAL VRLANDISKA MEET DA. sA3sT Kens 114K te & Anp serk_st KAAt 17 dork vs Lér DVA Ka sistetirs. sa agow wi mik AASTE AG! TOTOSLANA._AWAND ATS KEN WI EL: 31. : bA AQON TE DVANWDS Wes FP-6XO WiCla | V5 AnLEBEaRAR NF AWAON VS AIMS Pncdtin wack wisn KAT Wt AAS SIND. aan en nng IN MIA vase AWK WEL ems MORT_OVstA GANDA Kern awa .Atcr Advts thin OLSAl TANKSD VE Aten TIX AnD vsA chia vee Anew Ker AcRAGCt Cavev er SSD. wm - -VVEALDA istm av_loosiz Ks& PAL IGLO fers IGVSN. UVVE 46L0 LANDA AND Stn OMMS_LARLAL. AND NOt AL AWAK SIAWARK.BIALIK VeTivane AAR Wr ROU CHA Revck attopsre wrtornGrsi $1N0_6WA "TO AAVAN'DS. INDA_S JOU VE AAGL NGI GWA TO MAKIAN DS AN TO AALDANOS . Ain SIND TO DVAA AWD witlno AGre Co. deLosunctn tam: _DAS sswv0 SNOD SNOCK.. MIN AIA SEND arreigh.. KKK ARANDS HALSK . VAIS AWD NMAGRT-SIOCATICA. ww FOGN BLESAR Atarn — SELVA VPPA ANDAIA IVE MWWOAR NAWAT AAW Kkeuga. torsir ArotnK WARK WARE I ano Ath ws OVAR acawse AS AEPPA AWD KKUUCKP MAKIA. An ROKA ARQrak SPAR_SPAR- AAW Aik STG LON AND VESIANOR Ab WAT VOSS AINA SNAVSUA KWAARAR. bik ALRAAK IS ARO Tinons-tovk. Ath Goan (MACE over CODA EWA, 5k WIL SSTMA MAKITA Yne =i KWAD TOWERANS - MEMS TLWA WLU NIMMAN AGR. AN BOMDSACWESA ~ KoRA. hwanr. 408 AkST AXP BSSTIQOSTESALAND korAevea stirits Aam_Aps KONs &Reink bend. AND KA OPA MOTTON ALWENIVA AMESIAC WILD UNOS MWORPSIV WESA TIL EN okie Kvenk KEIM Jona sctit DErwit.... AAT worp.ewn istotraw VAABE AN MAGIVA SEkA TowomanD. Kerveass Ar ARAN V5 Gv Sfan BERK. ~-ewn Karseik SITMA AGR BLALLERMAWNISER GLik AW ALATA mon Prawk sind. TIAiV Ain AAAS WVETA AWAT RiUCAT AWD VNRiUCAT S1. Awodwerkrvck Kin wis~mck S30 VANBS KIARA AINE DEDA AND: Kara 4an OFuUM T0 BiRtUCKTANDS -Kar wet SIDSA.ALSANAKA AINCOD AND NAVT MACS — Daosck vr ereckr SID 2a <- AKIS-1P 13T5y/ ern sia aw 4ASTo~ GWA SEIT AK ELLIE WE irik. RWCAT. AWD SLiucdt As wetse Zan Kevck pren STORNENAAD TR DIE OURS VESTORSW 15..WARK WETTER VPSTORSA/ SA vaswa.vareivedkt. AasAcit asvak eva VA: WIAs Ewa Towsvkawos. Kar ei aw Siw towssiv_AGo. ausa Kn airQua To rivc& anp deipom ww Trans Gira UGIR. KS55A AIA. uA ANWAR wa ACCA WR.ALDAS G48T.V54 00ers. ker iw teans Giew poak Aeevmes Ski Aw VSAKk GVM GIKLIWA. a EWA. ISAK AITQRA Sivan _Bito dow wraAuDas asst. Ler Eva FIOCAT Awo VNAOrSTORINGILIWAR Alscen ST AW Star LtcKhenasy ®Ea To AGT. EWN Awd vartorstorsy sso An MAEKA AGRA WS pom awn eivktderorck hon. Kare tan aver decmo MAniAnska SOCKT Ano KEUCA AWA RIUCATIRA BISECTS AL WROSWMNOCH ~ ~< wituak An ncannasica RUS SiTAAN AWD DOMAR MAKIA KER ALAN AeD BILIWA ANd ALLERWAKIS SA MOoton AIA ELIKk WESA TOMARA ALLi MANNISEN wet. £1555 ewe ackar An euch tien Alar ~A ORDEGL UTto kKCKawos.. (5 AG ING KWAD DGCW AWGRVR NEN GWA TAVLLKTS SAD SA ANAT AAAN Gs MGARACKC BELIOSA ACR orveLlk maw neudkn sin Row we avvas QAST AN VS KEK VAABS OVER ILLA FIOCAT _tGe mck ta BIRiUCATANOS . ALKUS Te DVANDS AS SKIL VS ORDEL WAMMLE FALLKLANR UD NE EVAAN. Ni DVAK AARKN ALEN RAUCAT AAA VAIRIUCK, ALSA Rist Aer TANST AWD OW. _SVALT snn0g RA MANNISKA AWD STACK. €RUT SEUT IACLAALOISKA ORLOCA.WER_ Ruch ‘uta Aonviank Aaro ve 0arsac WAR, AACM O DVAAAED. DAAWWLA Wi TO DVAWVOS SSID {KKORUAR FO SKADA WE kwmkist aioas tovk fiwvas mek AiARA TAUSKA VEISTI RAM ivw AAWA To RANWWAAIDE lYWA TOQKAATIER TO SkAWeA AS. IVWA SEDA Ta VROVA Awo To RA UES aT KLAPPAR Ain GLAVOMA-BANDA OM GhwierKss APRAA AAUS «a= awnm to ~ S. UTA SKELITA MINWOS. ~ KA A ~Ate.renia. Kam tow Kien Aine Wenas AMIALIFEVA ACTS. AAD SETS VWVAS AND KA KEGKALANOSR Kid TOMGT win AAROT Aaunns AS VS Riv fork. KA cennogar Xée SVAAS tORSTA Ann PRESTERA VERERA BUCK Awo 4relow MWS RVA AWG OF AbLA sR VA Leiow. ASLLENIA AN DSRS ARAN SRVA DPGQ Uk OANA 1A MAIAIA Bosaw. Awat 1k URVSAL AAV 1S LIALDS VE WiSDONA .FIUCAT AND FRADOM. AAV . 34, UK Kam VRLGRSAY ALSA BIWik CLIK aw ha ARLIVANS®S IUWAR SLAVONIA. Ww (GV Uk Reo VAN nraw«t_aasiv KAN SKOUDUK VE KAP iA Kam.fKa AGRA awaonw wet. Ano Arivow AL LAKANDS. ivwarAkcroan KianweEn wesn Asu-rewin . Aack RoranrKa naistoar Ata Araran pov. Awapro Kae tov“ Rac Ata AAIAAS Awo Ata tovaans wAan As OAKS CO_N 6RS_1venns AN. KA CIA SAGO Rat Atara Skot anist AGns KA aAvaga . » kta Ata pidkvvon awn seivon Ant hiv dovk AtXNAD Aends. AAs v5 taLk AnrD ZAR QQ0A KRGKAVLAAIDAR WERE ALLL Welkts AAT ST LASTSE Wert. . CAITS » Bannon Ata Ano teenage. as Rae RAN AY Riowsree ws Bist. Awart vest ZAW AAVKe AAR RAM Av aute BI Kt ACSTS , AAUS-TRYA anosite, Aise AiAR Std AAT SUve-BAD ton trans EGD-IGVIiAaANn WERLV VSA TO KkVAASTs FORAGUSW ALGIfT AnD TON EL RAP MANNESEAULK.SUACATS- TUD AAQT: AIA UTBRADA ANOW1 MNGTOM WAKA Tan van UR av Kwek. An PRESTCEA .adaD SEIN - AASW AWGRTO Riawnk Kos Aven an Kua tora kano, Asttow la anosns Atk Aca ABR DER AIGA SKEPER VAABE SIAN KkIDDS AT SEMNS TG, KALDANDS -AWAT KEALE Ava 1S IWWA AING® A538 SkOP_ARROSE BI Uk tal FAAS AIAN SST. LKDAOE ovr seins kav Ds WAKA, Zac vitak VS aap co SCRDONKAPESSTAR. AALN SEQ VS kvat 15 Aiv sirivesaase tow At wackT_uvt Ker fanaase BorrFA Aim Aotvs SIt_tSKat WUCcAT SEVVVANDE DIA ALtoAT Ast TekiM Alera | KLAR-sinwhep, weaw annses Avutenin. Av Aivet AA Awain Kars sw slack JONMANANS KA amir Aiefin onams_owark kor wvin vik At a KKRKA Ano AObn Aeann. AGE Ane CIOSTS R trota. Kack Nave AS ALVMBNS Ton pAU5 A AAID GPA PLAGA TO AGLPANS. MAIN PAN KA TO Yor sivn. Zn OPA AANA kA ALARA VE SKIP Torawans cir kiv Kin Kama TOGErrs AAwas TATA vangse SLAVONA ton MAKIAN OS AWD AIARA BLOD UT TOSUGANE.CVSIT AS NAM PIFA DVA. GNU5 keMon Kin WR SN BSNDA Jovi . PSST-WAS OVSIEST Lawn kwaasw- Ata Std - ON.WI ALLS SIArD PopvANDs. KA dQDA Fo of tiPia Twhiu hia Psp wera mvas. Wiest kv Kw NMAVT NG AILPA AIARA CRIAASKIE TO STIDAAS « Kn Atksre 757 StovA OVIRST LAO GROCAT MAK Rinea KUNSTA « NEAN SGLDS WAIACS EVA AAW LENS KAN WON GGDA Ker Araovamys STAD. AGEVAAGS V5 KAA 1 WAVT 4REIn ict" Ain BSTC R WIRDA WILLA. 1K KAN GW GODS. (ERT IS VWWEALUAS QAST. AAS KEVCK KAA $F, GOD 1S. OVARAR Ak NSA KWAD., Awnnndk woman sekwan Anw wer dreiaR’ AR PESSTEPA. ALLKE kwan kVA tow law Ansp ton Kans OvmAG0 Kenn ANAS kA AAA ALARAS SUVA 40n tow AIGA 6OTO. 147 Rune procdtww &0N SK BiUSTES GOD 1G WER, WMG werd 127 twan aw Wave ¢eaiaR Ka.prsstena. dsetavian anorec. teen Ks kvs 36. VPFL Wal BEOCAT Awodsns KRODSE AAT VS gio. 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