Fragile Environments 1. A fragile environment is one that is easily destroyed and is hard to fix. 2.

Coral reef Mangrove swamp Rainforest 3. The coral reef is considered to be fragile because it is easily destroyed by divers and coral bleaching (I once went diving and broke a whole chunk of the coral). Mangrove swamps are home to many animals that hide in their roots and find it near impossible to live anywhere else. Rainforests are being destroyed by deforestation to make room for the new resort being built in Hinchbrook. 4. I think that the idea of building a resort in amongst the three rare and seldom visited fragile environments was a brilliant idea. Although the way the resort was built by destroying all the fragile environments was a very bad move. I think that with the resort the town would quickly grow and would offer a whole load of new jobs for the locals. By Harry Dawe.

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