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Direct Instruction Lesson Plan Template

Grade Level/Subject: 5 Grade

Central Focus: Analyzing Text Structures

Essential Standard/Common Core Objective:CCSS.ELALITERACY.RI.5.5

Date submitted:
Compare and contrast the overall structure (e.g., chronology,
Date taught: 3/16/2016
comparison, cause/effect, problem/solution) of events, ideas, concepts,
or information in two or more texts.
Daily Lesson Objective: Students will make a foldable to review all the text structures and match the correct
example texts to the structure and glue them in.
21st Century Skills:
Academic Language Demand (Language Function and Vocabulary):
Creativity and Innovation: Students are
Compare and Contrast: Students are reviewing the text structures
able to get creative while making a
and being able to compare and contrast the differences between
foldable for text structures.
Describe: Students are learning the information on the text structures
Communication and Collaboration:
and have to describe them and put them in a foldable.
Students will be communicating with
each other to decide which texts go to
each structure.
Prior Knowledge: Students should know the text structures (sequence/chronology, compare and contrast,
cause/effect, problem/solution, and description)

1. Focus and Review

2. Statement of
for Student
3. Teacher Input

Description of Activities and Setting

Good Morning students! As you know in class you have been learning
about the different types of text structures authors use when making a
book. Can a few of you tell me a type of text structure? (CFU) I would
make sure students brought up all five of the text structures and I would
write them on the board. I would also refer to the anchor charts the
students and Ms. Roan have made so far that are posted around the
room to show examples of each structure.
Today students you are going to make a foldable to help you review for
your cycle assessment coming up. You will write the definition for each
text structure you have learned, cue words that help you know which
structure it is and decide which of 5 examples matches to it and glue it
I have created a PowerPoint to go over with the students to help them
review the important information for each of the 5 text structures. I will
pass out a pre-made foldable to the students so they can follow along
with the PowerPoint and take notes as we go along. The will label each
flap of the foldable: Compare/Contrast, Problem/Solution, Sequence,
Description, and Cause/Effect. We will go through the PowerPoint and


they will write down the definition of each structure and cue words that
indicate what structure it belongs to. I will ask students what they think
each structure is before showing them the definition (CFU). Then we
will go over an example of each type of structure and have students tell
me which one it goes to. Then I will pass out five sample texts that go
with each of the structures for the foldable.
I will start by picking one of the texts and using my critical thinking
skills to decide which structure it fits with. I will use the following text
It was the best birthday cake ever! It was three layers high and covered
with soft white icing swirling like drifting snow. Chocolate sprinkles
and miniature marshmallows dotted the cake. There were three tall
colorful candles, each with a cheerful flame. My excitement increased
as I blew out the candles. When I cut into the cake, I could see the
fluffy icing between the layers of chocolate and vanilla cake. The room
smelled like a bakery. This was going to be a cake to remember!

4. Guided Practice

Hmm well I can see there are a lot of descriptive words in the text. It
tells me how the cake looked by describing how it was three layers
high, and how it was covered in soft white icing swirling like drifting
snow. The person who wrote this was using sensory details to help me
be able to picture the cake and even how it smelled. I think this text is a
description text structure. Are there any questions as to why this is
description? If there are no questions I will move on and I will pick up
another example text and we will figure it out together.
The next example text I will use is:
One thing about having a twin sister is that you never really have a
birthday that is all your own. On our last birthday my parents said my
sister and I should have different birthday cakes. That sounded like a
good idea! My sisters cake was chocolate with pink frosting but mine
was marble with vanilla frosting. Even our candles were different
although we both had nine candles. Mine were blue trick candles that
kept lighting back up when I blew them out. My sisters red candles
were really tall and skinny so she let them burn for a long time. Along
the sides of my cake there were tiny M&Ms marching all around the
cake. My sister had rainbow sprinkles on her cake, not on the sides, but
on the top. It sure was fun to have our own cakes!

5. Independent Practice
6. Assessment Methods
all objectives/skills:

7. Closure

Okay so does anyone have a guess as to which text structure they think
this one might be? Wait for responses. If someone guesses correctly
have them explain why they think that. If they dont know then I will
start asking questions such as what cue words do you see in the text that
could clue us in to which structure it might match? (words such as:
different, but, although) Then I would say: this is an example of a
compare/contrast text structure. Are there any questions? If not I will
then let them move on to independent practice.
I will then have students figure out the last three text structures on their
own or with a partner and I will go around and check as they are
working on it. I will make sure to check everyones before they glue
them in for good.
The assessment will be if students correctly matched all 5 text structures with the
correct example text, have clear definition and cue words for each structure on the
appropriate flap.
In closure we will review the text structures we have done for the
foldable and check over their answers. I also have a list of sample
passages that I will pass out to students and will go through them
together for extra practice. After this I will ask if there are any

8. Assessment Results of
all objectives/skills:
Targeted Students
ADHD: These students will sit at the front of the
classroom so I can keep their behavior under
control and so they can focus better. Also I will
have them work with a students that can stay on
task during the independent practice.

Student/Small Group Modifications/Accommodations:

Students with vision impairments will be allowed to sit up

front and have extra time at the end of the PowerPoint to
go over notes they didnt get.

Materials/Technology: foldables, glue, scissors, example texts, PowerPoint presentation

(Include any instructional materials (e.g., worksheets, assessments PowerPoint/Smart Board slides, etc.) needed
to implement the lesson at the end of the lesson plan.)
Reflection on lesson: