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Teacher: Ma. Corazon L.


Lesson Plan in Values Education for College


At the end of this lesson, the students will
able to:
a. analyze what is chastity, its advantages
and how can be chaste;
b. able to control ones desire;
c. write about the desire needed to work on
and how will takes care of it

Graphic Organizer

Motivation: Wannachaste
Direction: The teacher will open a box with
pictures of chastity belt and chastity ring

Processing Question:
1) What do you think the pictures say?
2) Do you agree to what it says? Why?
3) How will you prove what you said?
Main Activity: ChastiNine
Direction: The teacher will give ways on
how can be chaste. The student/s will say or
act the way give to them in a creative way.
Number of student

Modesty q and a portion

Dating Strategies skit
Practical Advice dj in radio station
Choosing friends who share your values hands play
The right kind of sex education as educators
Having and keeping your high standards man in a
mirror (1)
Waiting for the right person man in a waiting shade/to
do list (1)
With Gods help reading
Chastity pledge stating an ought

Processing Question:

Is sexual self-control. It means placing sexual intimacy
within one relationship and one relationship only:
marriage. It's saving sex for the person you want to
spend your life with.
Is good news. You do not have to spend valuable time
worrying about pregnancy or sexually transmitted
diseases. You do not have to spend one penny on any
outside product. You do not have to terminate your
youth prematurely. Chastity is 100% effective, 100%
healthy, and a 100% economical choice.
Is a spiritual, not a physical, state. Chastity is about
sexual self-control, an attitude of respect and gratitude
for the gift that sex is. Although a person can't regain
his or her physical virginity, anyone, at any time, can
regain chastity. This is often referred to as emotional
Is about what you can do: lead a positive lifestyle that
respects self and others.
An admired moral virtue as sexual goodness living out
the truth, beauty, and goodness of human sexuality.
Freedom from a negative lifestyle and freedom for a

1) What is the main idea of all that you have

2) Can you make use those ways? Why?
3) What would you do to make use those
4) How would you prove that you did make
use those ways?

Modesty: Advertise yourself, not your sexiness.

Some comebacks for some of the standard lines:
Don't you love me? Answer: I love you enough to say no.
If you really loved me, you would. Answer: If you really loved me, you
wouldn't ask. If you really care about somebody, you don't pressure them
to do something they don't want to do.
Everybody's doing it. Answer: Everybody but me.
Really, everybodys doing it. Answer: Then you shouldn't have any
trouble finding somebody else.
Don't you find me attractive? Answer: I find you very attractive. I like
you a lot. That's why I don't want to wreck our relationship by getting too
I'll stop whenever you say. Answer: How about right now?
I love you. Ans. Then please prove it by respecting my values.
What are you waiting for? Answer: I'm waiting for the person I'll marry.
Are you repressed or something? Answer: No, I'm free from the pressure
to have sex before I get married.
Sex isnt a big deal. Answer: Its a big deal to me, a big deal to my future
husband (wife), and a big deal to God, and I made a promise I would wait.

Dating Strategies
Begin with group dating
Delay and minimize single dating
Plan your date
Involve your parents
Avoid temptations
Avoid sexual stimuli
Don't drink or use drugs
Set strict limits on your expression of physical
--------------------------------------- Go slow.
---------------------------------------What to work on?
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Practical Advice
Experience: Don't get involved with---------------------------------------someone who is
sexually experienced.
---------------------------------------Belief: Every person has a different---------------------------------------point for self-control.
You have to be obedient to your own convictions, what
---------------------------------------you can handle. And you have to be really honest to
keep from falling.
---------------------------------------Standard: Be very explicit about your standards. Know
your boundaries before you are with
the person, and
stick to your guns!
---------------------------------------Friend: Don't start dating someone until you feel you are
already friends with them.
Mutual: When you do go out, don't talk too much about
yourself. Keep the focus on things you have in common.
Single: You might want to be alone, but don't.
Public: Always keep the door open!

positive lifestyle. For example, chastity gives you

freedom from:
guilt, doubt, worry, and regret
being used by others and using other people
sexually transmitted diseases
the trauma of abortion; loss of reputation; pressure to
marry early or the wrong person
the ghosts of past sexual relationships invading your
Also, chastity gives you freedom to:
develop real friendships based on mutual respect,
shared thoughts, and feelings
develop self-respect and self-control
finish your education and achieve financial stability
before having to marry a potential mate who values
you for the person you are
Enjoy greater trust in marriage
Stay out of sexual sin and grow in your relationship
with God.
How can I be chaste
1) Modesty
2) Dating Strategies
3) Practical Advice
4) Choosing friends who share your values
5) The right kind of sex education
6) Having and keeping your high standards
7) Waiting for the right person
8) With Gods help
9) Chastity pledge

Application: Lets chaste

Direction: The student will chooses one from
the nine (9) how can I be chaste that most
he/she needs to work on and how he/she will
take care of it.

Direction: Fill in the blanks.
Test I

1) ________ is about sexual self-control, an

attitude of respect and gratitude for the gift
that sex is.
2) Freedom ______ a negative lifestyle
3) Freedom ______ a positive lifestyle.
4) Guilt doubt, worry, and regret are an
example of chastity that gives ______________.
5) Develop self-respect and self-control an
example of chastity that gives ______________.

Choosing Friends Who Share Your Values

J ust as bad company corrupts good character,
good company builds it up.

Sex Education
#1 Dont have sex, but if you can't
abstain be responsible and
practice safe sex (use a condom).
#2 Abstaining from sexual intimacy
before marriage. Condoms don't
make sex physically safe,
emotionally safe, or ethically
loving. Chastity is the best way to
prepare for a happy, faithful, and
lasting marriage. If you haven't
been chaste in the past, you can
decide to practice chastity from
this point on.

Having And Keeping Your High Standards

You have to value yourself as a person
and value your body.

Test II (Essay)
Define chastity on your own words.
Key answer
Test I
1) Chastity
2) from
3) for
4) freedom from
5) freedom for
Test II
Chastity is a spiritual, not a physical, state.
Chastity is about sexual self-control, an
attitude of respect and gratitude for the gift
that sex is.
In chastity, my spiritual aspect is what really
matters. And self-control is a must. By training
and disciplining my attitude and how I value
my body in the sight of God. So that in the end
I will be thankful of how great and benefited it
is to be chaste.
Search about the national campaign called
True Love Waits. Then, make a summary and
choose one activity that you find out

Thomas & Judy Lickona with William Boudreau,
M.D. "What Is Chastity?" & "How Can I Be
Chaste?" Chapter 15 and 16 in Sex, Love, and
You: Making the Right Decision (Notre Dame,
Indiana: Ave Maria Press, 2003), 7-10; 151155; 156-169.
Grade 8 - Lesson 2 - Christian Chastity.pdf

Waiting for the Right Person

Be willing to go without dates or a mate until
someone comes along who meets those standards.
Continue to read books which promote chastity
A successful marriage requires good character.
Become that kind of person yourself.

With God's Help

Don't try to do chastity without God.
Stay in prayer. Ask God to help you
know your limits.
Know God's standards and trying to
keep them.

Chastity Pledge
From this day forward, regardless of past
mistakes, I promise to respect myself and others,
pursue a life of purity, and save the gift of sex
until marriage.
Name, age, took the pledge. He/she says:
Whenever I get in a situation where I'm tempted, I
remember it. I consider it a sacred thing. It's
enough to keep me from going through with
something I would regret.