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Political Revolutions 6.2.

Filename: Wordsort Activity – ch. 15 – Political Revolutions

Political Revolutions
America (305) Haiti (432) Mexican (432) France (423)

Who Fought









-France vs. France -Mexicans vs. Spanish -Blank

-Mexico became a republic - Desire for independence -Citizen King

-1810 -War -Loyalist vs. Patriot

-Blank -Socialism and all men voted -Mulattoes

-abolished liberal reforms -Settlers resist call for rights -Colonists vs. England

-1776 -1791 -Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla

-Haitians vs. Spain/France -Blank -Toussaint-Louverture

-workers not allowed to organize -developed a new way of life and -Creoles, Peninsulares,
and labor unions were illegal expectation for freedom Mulattoes, Mestizos

-Slavery and discrimination and social gap -tired of being run as a colony -Rebellion

-food shortages and unemployment -Blank -The battle of the “Georges”

-1830/1848/1875 -Blank -Blank

-Threat to liberty ex. No taxation without representation -Constitution -British trade law

-food shortages and unemployment -War -New nation was born

-Declaration of Independence -Independence for Haiti -Republican form of government

-Louis Philippe -An example was established for other countries

Louis Napoleon

The last direction is to compare these revolutions in an “Alike but Different Format”. Set up your paper like this:

Put the revolutions in the top row.

What they have in common (Alike) in the second row.
Differences (unique) go in the third row.
What you will do to remember this goes in the fourth.