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Approved Judgment THE HIGH COURT wo Redaction Needed Record No. 2015/9210P RH PLC, IRISH CEMENT LIMITED AND SEAMUS LYNCH ~AND- THE COMPETITION AND CONSUMER PROTECTION COMMISSION Defendant Table of Contents (Numbers in square brackets are paragraph numbers) Part 1 Overview ray Part 2 The Facts 2 Part 3 ‘The Parties [4] Part 4 ‘The Reliefs Sought 18] Part 5 Section 37 [10] A The Text of Section 37(1)-(3). fo} B. A Consideration of the Numbered References in the Above-Quoted Text my Part 6 Terra Incognita? (20] A Overview. [20] B. Section 25 of the Act of 2014. Rt) Part7 Part 8 An Aside on Section 33. Afier the Raid’. Human Rights: Overview General. Relevance of European Convention on Human Rights? European Convent on Human Rights Article 8. Overview. Olsson. Niemetz. Societé Colas. Robathin, 223] B5) [28] £28} [29] B4] 134] Ba] 136] [40] [42] 143]