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A zeppelin was a large gas

filled balloon used by
Germany at the start of the
war. It was used to bomb
the English coast and get
rid of all of their troops.
This helped revolutionize
how Germany and other
parts of the world could
observe their enemies.

Our Social Studies book

World History connections
to today

WWI Modern Warfare

By: Ryan Maziarz

Poison Gas
Poisonous gas was invented by the
French so that they could throw it into a
group off opposing troops and produce
many causalities. This proved to be successful at first because the troops were
not expecting this and had no defense
against it. It helped kill many people at

The airplane was at first a one or two
seat propeller plane that was
equipped with a machine gun. The
planes were originally used to just observ enemy troops from the other side,
but as the war went on the airplane
was used for more and more violent
ways in attacking troops from above.

The Submarine was used by the
Germanys to launch torpedos or
guided water bombs. This helped the
Germans a lot because it changed
how they could attack the apposing
troops and fight during the war.

These were groups of merchant ships protected by warships. They were first used
by the allies Britain. This greatly changed
the game because it helped counteract
the German submarines and transport

Atomatic Machine
The Machine gun was a
mounted gun that fired a
continuous streak of bullets.
This made it possible for
gunners to take down
waves of soldiers. This
made it difficult for troops to
cross land and advance. .