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Letter #05 Mitochondrial Eve, And Y-Chromosomal Adam - The Origin of Mankind

Letter #05 Mitochondrial Eve, And Y-Chromosomal Adam - The Origin of Mankind

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Part 5 of ten shocking revelations resulting from a ten year study into the true origin of the bible, and into who were the original people who wrote this very ancient text. A revelation that spans all elements of todays society. You will learn more then you have ever understood about the bible, history, science, math, universal laws, and many other eye opening and mind boggling never before seen or understood facts about the world and the universe as they are revealed in the very pages of the bible.
Part 5 of ten shocking revelations resulting from a ten year study into the true origin of the bible, and into who were the original people who wrote this very ancient text. A revelation that spans all elements of todays society. You will learn more then you have ever understood about the bible, history, science, math, universal laws, and many other eye opening and mind boggling never before seen or understood facts about the world and the universe as they are revealed in the very pages of the bible.

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LETTERS TO THE BLACK MAN AND WOMAN “Mitochondrial Eve and Y-Chromosomal Adam - The Origin of Mankind”

God (YHWH) Said “Let Us Make Humankind In Our Image, In Our Likeness…” So “They” Created Humankind In “Their” Own Image, In “Their” Image “They” Created Them: MALE AND FEMALE, (Gen. 1: 26-27, The Schocken Bible: Vol. 1). (They And Their Added.) To The Holy People: At the conclusion of the last letter (Letter #4 “The Prelude to the Beginning”), the reader was given a choice. What was revealed in that letter - Two Eternal Beings Created The Universe - was so disturbing that the shock wave will be felt for a very long time. It was revealed for the first time in this letter series that the word God was added to the Bible by replacing the original word used throughout the original texts. How many of you, I wonder, cracked open a book, checked an encyclopedia, or went to the Internet to see if I was correct about the word God. As I have been doing throughout this series, I gave you the subjects to research for yourselves. Did you? For those of you, who did, keep up the good work! The time has now come that we must struggle to take back our spiritual lives and save ourselves! So what then is the origin of this word “God?”
The name “God” did not come into the English language until adopted from the heathen Teutonic tribes of Europe, who had called their idols “God.” Webster’s Twentieth Century Dictionary says: “The name is common to the Teutonic tongues, but not identified outside of them. It was applied to heathen deities, and later, when the Teutonic peoples were converted to Christianity, the word was elevated to the Christian sense.” YAHWEH, The creator of mankind

Just who were these Teutonic people? According to, “The Encyclopedia Britannica” (vol. 18, pg. 686), the Teutonic people were the people who populated northern Germany and southern Sweden between the end of the Bronze Age (c. 500-400 BC) and the 2nd century BC. From just a brief history lesson on the word “God” we find this word is not an ancient word at all. In fact it is a fairly recent word that has somehow made its way into a very ancient text. We also learned that the people inhabiting the northern regions of Europe as the name for their many deities long before Christianity reached that part of the world used this word. The word “God”
This letter is the property of “NUKEY,” TIN #54-9602499

became incorporated into the English language, and became the name for their deity. The people who wrote these ancient texts never used the word God. It wasn’t even a part of the original texts, until the Bible was translated into English! If you, as the reader, fully understood what has just been revealed to you; then you should feel very alarmed at this point. You have, at this very moment, no idea, whatsoever, what is the true name of the Creator(s) of heaven and earth. You have been using a name, which was given to you by those you held in authority. You trusted them completely. You believed them when they said they had your best interest in mind. You were sure of your faith, but now you see what I came to see and to understand: If your faith is based on what you have been told by someone without you taking the time to research and prove for yourself if it’s true or not; then your faith is Blind Faith!
For this is what the Lord (Eternal) says; “You were sold for nothing, and without money you will be redeemed.” For this is what the Sovereign Lord (Holy Eternal) says: “At first my people went down to Egypt to live; lately, Assyria has oppressed them. “And now what do I have here?” declares the Eternal. “For my people have been taken away for nothing, and those who rule them mock,” declares the Eternal. “And all day long my name is constantly blasphemed. Therefore my people will know my name; therefore in that day they will know that it is I who foretold it. Yes, it is I.” (Isa. 52:3-6, NIV).

In the last letter it was also revealed that the original four letter Hebrew word was removed from the Bible. As you may recall, this four letter word is called, “The Tetragrammaton.”
The Tetragrammaton (Greek: τετραγράμματov word with four letters) is the usual reference to the Hebrew name for God, which is spelled (in Hebrew); _ (yod) _ (heh) _ (vav) _ (heh) or ____ (YHWH), it is the distinctive personal name of the God of Israel.Of all the names of God in the Old Testament, that which occurs most frequently is the Tetragrammaton, appearing 6,823 times according to the Jewess Encyclopedia. According to Biblica Hebraica and Biblica Hebraica Stuttgartensia, the original texts of the Hebrew Scriptures, written in both Hebrew and Aramaic, contain the Tetragrammaton 6,828 times. It is evident that the Tetragrammaton was used very extensively in ancient Hebrew, and Aramaic texts. Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Here we see that this word was found extensively throughout the ancient texts: Yet, it is completely removed from the Bible we have of today. How can you say, how can anyone say they are calling on the true Creator(s) when they use a name that was never a part of the original texts? It will be difficult to believe and even harder to accept at this point what is the true Page 2 of 20
TIN #54-9602499

a question needs to be asked: Do you understand that you have never been given the whole story? Is it becoming clear to you yet? Mankind is being denied information and knowledge that is. NIV). before we can begin to unlock the code found in Genesis 1:26. Again. or a nation to become civilized. or the true meaning of the word – “Blessed!” So. The same is true for the correct spelling of the Tetragrammaton.meaning of the word god. more importantly. We will see that this code is actually revealed in the union of the male and female. but there is still much more that has to be exposed before you will be willing to accept these very hard facts about the choices you have made. and they will become one flesh (Gen. and the understanding and appreciation (Worship) for the Creator Beings that put these laws into motion. I will leave this subject for a later letter. in essence. a people. from this point forward begin to replace the word god with “YHWH” (Eternal Ones) in these letters. their birth right as inhabitants of this planet. I want to make sure I have laid a proper foundation. For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife. they could never become one flesh. so the structure that is being built through these letters will be built on solid ground. But! How? How have we come to live in a world where this most important of all knowledge is not even understood. taught. We saw that the human male and female are a type of physical copies of these spiritual Eternal Beings. so for now. I ask for your patience. it will unlock a code that will make the laws that govern the universe understandable and. Yet. you have been purposely denied information that would have given you complete understanding of the Laws that govern the universe. We are getting very close. The Bible contains “Divine Knowledge” which has been placed in this book by the Creators of the universe. Believe it or not. but what this type of teaching really serves to do is to keep the people in ignorance. it reveals spiritual laws that enable an individual. Much needed information has yet to be brought forth. We saw that once the true meaning of this name is revealed. It was also stated in the last letter that “YHWH” (Eternal Ones) was the combined name of the two Eternal Beings that created the universe. however. Once this knowledge is accessed. That is a very lovely idea. many have accepted the erroneous idea that this is somehow referring to the spiritual bonding the man and woman share during intercourse. All reasonably intelligent people understand that regardless to how great the love a man and a woman may have for each other. I will. undeniable. 2:24. and it makes for great romance. or preached by all those who claim to be the leaders of the people? This information is not taught in Page 3 of 20 TIN #54-9602499 . For far too often and for far too long mankind has been given the simplest interpretations for scriptures that actually reveal some of the most amazing scientific facts of our universe.

NIV). They all.” and as a result. while they debate the theory of evolution verses creation. “Daughters of the Great Whore.” 5. When one studies Christianity. some exceptions) the same holiday rituals. 1. There is Christianity with its many different sects and denominations. there has never had to be any accountability for what has been given to the people as spiritual guidance and truth! The would-be faithful of the population have been carved up so that everyone who wanted to participate in this deception could get. therefore.” This title was written on her forehead: MYSTERY BABYLON THE GREAT THE MOTHER OF PROSTITUTES AND OF THE ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH (Rev. let’s list some of the similarities. So. and yet this subject is never preached from the pulpit – Why? As we saw in the last letter. They all. in heaven as the destination of the “Saved. When one studies the other major religions of the earth (which we did in the last letter). “A Piece Of The Action. They all. with a few exceptions. 4. to put it another way. we now live in a world where religious confusion is the standard of the day. 17:5. They all practice (again. So. Perhaps. the masses of mankind have blindly followed their spiritual leaders without question. and countless other sacred name groups. a Protestant. All their religious teachings and practices can be traced to one source. they wouldn’t be quite so rigid in their opinion. believe in eternal damnation (Hell). if they took the time to look at the similarities – as opposed to the differences – between their belief and that of other Christian teachings. They all believe a single male deity created the universe. 3. All of who claim to be the true religion.schools and universities – Why? The scientific community. with a few exceptions. it very quickly becomes clear that all these different churches are but splinter pieces from a much larger piece of wood: Or. or any other major or minor sect or denomination which would include the Jehovah’s Witnesses. The Assembly of YAHWEH. The Mormons. The Seventh Day Adventist. a Lutheran. a Baptist. you will find that this deception continues there too. although they may not agree on how you get there. 7. a Presbyterian. this is Page 4 of 20 TIN #54-9602499 . believe in a Savior by the name of Jesus Christ. with a few exceptions. the members of each one of these groups are convinced they are unique and that they and they alone have the truth that leads to salvation. They all believe. Our religious leaders all claim the Bible as their source of spiritual inspiration. A Christian can be a Catholic. 6. still makes no claim to understand these spiritual laws that would completely reveal the fact that the universe was created by two Eternal Beings. 2. worship on Sunday. Yet.

These revelations will be the only warning of their impending doom! SO WHAT. will take the time to sincerely investigate and research the information contained within these letters. For modern man.and not a moment too soon of intervention from the true Creators of the universe. AND THEY WILL BECOME ONE FLESH?” Page 5 of 20 TIN #54-9602499 . I see the difficulty of what’s being asked of you. which should have been made. never happened. as a result of this massive deception. that they now hold the majority of the world’s population firmly within their grasp. It’s only now at this crucial time in world history. “THE ELECT. “FOR THIS REASON A MAN WILL LEAVE HIS FATHER AND MOTHER AND BE UNITED TO HIS WIFE. Even though. We were discussing the fact that the human male and female are types of physical copies of the two Creators. their very existence must have also contained this spiritual code that reveals the secrets of the universe. and Judaism) have so completely distorted the truth of the Bible and the minds of the people.the actual world we live in when it comes to spiritual truth and understanding: Ignorance (unfortunately) is the present condition of the world’s inhabitance. I know how hard it is to make a change from doing what you have always done. that the very first man and the very first woman (the proverbial Adam and Eve) would have been duplicate copies of these Two Spiritual Beings! Therefore. By then this falsehood had completely cast its dark shadow over every facet of acceptable knowledge. that this knowledge is being restored to this end time generation as a final witness for those who continue to perpetrate this crime against humanity. this needed knowledge didn’t come until the middle of the 20th century. I know and understand that most of you will not receive these letters into your heart. that its dogma has become accepted as irrefutable truth! These master counterfeit religions (Christianity. IS THE TRUE MEANING OF THE STATEMENT. This code has been transmitting its secrets down through the ages. that the truth itself will be viewed as the counterfeit. Now. Let’s now return to the subject we were discussing. This deception is so widespread and ingrained into the very fiber of this society and the world community. the world now stands on the brink . This means. waiting patiently to be rediscovered. Islam. I can only hope and pray that you. the Bible is very clear that only a few will see the truth in this end-time age: I write these letters with the hope that all who read them will be among those who are called. so that the connection. and save yourself and your family from the troubles that are coming to this planet earth. as the reader. THEN. So much so. then. I can only continue to fervently pray for each and every one of you that you will come to see these letters for what they are before it is too late.” Now is the time to learn the truth of who we are as a people.

do we live in a society that tells us to disregard this law and accept an unnatural union for males and females. Two male energies cannot reproduce. the male’s energy (life force). now. that life can only come from the combining of two opposite energies. nor can two female. All life in the universe is patterned after this creative property. allow your mind to reason and to think this subject through. We have reached the point when the natural balance for the universe (human existence) must correct itself. Deoxyribonucleic Acid: The genetic code from which proteins – ‘the building blocks of life’ – are made. and begin to use your mind once again. the building blocks of human life are made from the genetic code of the parents. Once we begin to fully explore this subject of DNA. then. You exist because of your parents (male and female).DNA. why. do we live in a world where we are told to worship only half (male deity) of the life giving force. When a man and a woman perform the sexual act. which is contained in his sperm. no other method for creating life has ever been observed (or created under laboratory conditions) in our known universe. they “become one flesh” in the form of a new life. for who they truly are. reaches the female’s energy (life force). deceivers of the people! These deceivers Page 6 of 20 TIN #54-9602499 . Once it becomes clear that the code which is found in the heavens is also found in the DNA of the human male and female: You will be forced to see (as did I) the people for whom you have placed your spiritual life (soul) in their hands. This is a scientific fact. This new life (child) receives half of its genetic code from the father and the other half from the mother. which is contained in her egg. You see there is a purpose and design to the human male and female existence. There is no other way on earth to create life. just for a moment. If the entire universe we live in is patterned after this one law that life can only be created from two opposites: Why. Perhaps. Forget. though. what you have been taught to believe. The energy alone of the male or female cannot reproduce. I should repeat that just to make sure you understand what you have just read. We all receive a copy of half of each of our parents’ DNA when the egg and sperm meet to conceive a new human being. and that purpose we have only just begun to realize. and we see that even the genes contained within its structure comes in pairs (two’s). THINK! Does that really make sense? For once in your life. all life is created from the joining of two opposites. either knowingly or unknowingly. It’s not just human life. and as was stated in the last letter. all life exist because of two opposite energies coming together. we will be forced to come face to face with the obvious. If this is the building block of life found everywhere in the universe.

She was then and still is now a very important part of the plan for human life on this planet. These religious practices date back into the far reaches of time. If you need to refresh your memory. Woman. A great mystery has been perpetrated on its inhabitants and unless this mystery was first identified and then exposed. The first version states emphatically that man and woman were created at the same time. who is the other half of the life giving force. we need to start at the beginning.” A spell has been cast on the minds of the world’s population. And Adam said: “This is now bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh: She shall be called Woman. If a person would give this the slightest amount of thought. Down thru the ages these mystery symbols and rituals survived many transformations and name changes until its final resurrection as the world-ruling Nation: The world-ruling Language.” (Gen. She represents the other half of the two Creator Beings. I dare say most people who have read the Bible. was not an after thought. “Sorcery. so she would have had to. NIV) How many of you are aware that this is the second creation story of Adam and Eve found in the book of Genesis. 1:26-27) was how this letter began. because she was taken out of Man. let’s see where the deception and the sorcery first began in your Bible. Now we see a completely different version of this creation story in the very next chapter. been a part of their plans from the very beginning. DID NOT . The followers of these religions have no concept of the reasons behind the things they have been taught to perform as religious practice. go back to the start of this letter and read it again. this fact would be obvious: But. this “Apostate Age” would have never ended! If it were true that two Eternal Beings created the universe. if asked today. which the Lord God had taken from man he made into a woman. and he brought her to the man. Then the rib. what would be the harm in revealing that to mankind? Why did so much effort go into trying to make sure this truth remained buried forever? To get the answers to these questions. out of necessity. the world-ruling Calendar. The first (Gen.use mystery symbols and rituals disguised as the true religion to lead the vast majority of the world’s population astray. 2:22-23. The two Creator Beings did not – I repeat. They came into being simultaneously.make woman a secondary consideration. how many people believe the ridiculous version found in chapter two. “Where did woman come from?” They would say from Adam’s Page 7 of 20 TIN #54-9602499 . and the many other unanswered questions. So. and most importantly a world-ruling Male Deity! How! How is this possible? How did the entire world and almost all the people on the planet come to accept this falsehood as truth? Why is it universally taught and believed that the universe came about as the result of a single male deity? It is the direct result of what the Bible calls.

Why the two different versions? Only one of these versions can be the truth. and you have hindered those who were entering. by an intelligent person. The family structure is now in a state of continual erosion. when the pendulum swings back in the other direction. but continues to the other extreme. because you have taken away the key of knowledge. You yourselves have not entered. one of these versions was deliberately added to the Bible. Why not simply remove the other version from the Bible? Why leave them both there? THE ANSWER IS SHOCKING INDEED! In order for sorcery to have its most powerful effect. Obviously. “Woe to you experts in the law. yet chose a statement that is utterly ridiculous and in no way should be considered. If you were to ask the people who have read these chapters: “What about the story in chapter one?” It’s as if their minds never even saw the other version of creation. The men who created this type of society only have themselves to blame! That’s how powerful this sorcery is: That reasonably intelligent people can read a statement that should make perfect sense to them. but for some reason they didn’t considered it to be any different then the version in chapter two. Man and Woman could not have both been created simultaneously and at the same time the woman was created from the rib of man. and they must voluntarily choose the sorcerer’s lie. that you can convince the very person that is most directly responsible for bringing all life into the world. The amazing thing is that in all probability. Usually. Now. As we continue to move forward with these letters. but eventually they will rebel. They will tell you that they read the other version. This is the society that has been created from this teaching of woman coming from the rib of man. When one half of a society belittles another half of society. that she came from the bone of a man. the truth must be offered to the people. we will see time after time. at least half of these people would be women themselves.rib. you may for a time keep that half of society down. to have a shred of truth to it. it doesn’t stop at center. You know this to be true because most of you are for the first time being shown these two different stories yourselves.” Luke 11: 52 (NIV) IT IS THIS WORK AND THESE LETTERS THAT ARE RESTORING AND RETURNING TO THE EARTH: THE “(NU)-KEY OF KNOWLEDGE” Page 8 of 20 TIN #54-9602499 . that the readers of the Bible have been deliberately lead down the wrong path when it comes to the actual knowledge contained within its pages. how about that as some amazing and powerful sorcery.

and our true Heritage. and our Creators allowed this monster to turn on us! “They YHWH” (Eternal Ones) were just to punish us for this atrocity that has taken the lives of so many countless individuals. and Judaism) are three but they really are one. which the lord god had taken from man he made into a woman. you were given the choice between Good And Evil. But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life. and you. the reader is given the choice between two fundamental ideologies. which unfortunately no one seems to do. In the last letter. it must be us who will (Must!) restore the truth back to the earth. and Judaism) is well over Two Billion! As we saw in the last letter. It is the fault of our ancestors that millions upon millions of people have lived and died believing these falsehoods. “Let US make mankind in OUR image. only punished us by causing us to lose all knowledge of our true Identity. as did I initially. and he brought her to the man. 2:22). because it was us (the black race) who first introduced this sin into the world. (Mtt. But. and why the nations of Africa are in such upheaval and turmoil! It’s not just us: All mankind has made this fatal mistake. and they will be my people.By leaving both versions of the creation story in the Bible. because they all worship a single male deity.” declares the Eternal. Islam. “Then the rib. For our betrayal we deserved death – as a race – but “They” in their mercy. We. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction. chose to follow those in authority who reinforced this male (only) deity concept into your mind. our true History.” Upon reading the second version (Gen.” This is Page 9 of 20 TIN #54-9602499 . and we have been paying for the sins of our ancestors ever since. and only a few find it. who had been given all the knowledge and wealth of the earth. We were then scattered (Slavery) throughout the world as a final punishment. 7:13-14. we called these two choices “Good verses Evil. they (Christianity. you will notice that the singular male pronoun is used to describe the creator. Islam. We are responsible (our ancestors) for these mysteries and rituals that now hold the world captive.The Holy Trinity! We created this Frankenstein Monster. So.” When you carefully read these two versions. and many enter through it. NIV) And you wonder why we have never been delivered from bondage. we see that most of humanity has chosen to follow the path that leads to destruction without them even knowing it: “Enter through the narrow gate.” Without your knowledge and without your consent. “I will be the “YHWH” (Eternal Ones) of all the clans of Israel. allowed ourselves to be seduced by evil. That is . you will see that the first version (Gen. Once our punishment reached the end of its duration: Our Creators have given us all a promise. “At that time. 1:26-27) uses the plural pronouns for the Creators. Today the figure of the world’s population that follows the true Un-Holy Trinity (Christianity.

then we must choose between what we have been taught to worship in this country (and the world community) or return to the worship of the true Creators of the heaven and earth.what the Eternal says: “The people who survive the sword will find favor in the desert. I will come to give rest to Israel. Make your praises heard. If we . O nations. shout for the greatest of the nations. It should now be. Abraham) of Page 10 of 20 TIN #54-9602499 .’ See. but first we must continue to find ourselves in its pages. NIV) A great storm is coming to this earth. We must know with absolute certainty that we are the original people created in the image of the true Creators! With the modern advancement into the study of DNA. We will be tracing the history of the Bible very soon. have reached the point in the history of this planet when the truth of these two Creators is being restored to – us – the lost house of Jacob.” The Eternal appeared to us in the past. saying: “I have loved you with an everlasting love. that the Bible is a book that was originally written by blacks.want to be delivered from the destruction that is about to take place on this earth. the reader. Many will be burned and covered from the ash. and its message is intended for Blacks! Others have taken the knowledge contained within its pages. proclaim it in distant coastlands: ‘He who scattered Israel will gather them and will watch over his flock like a shepherd. I will build you up again and you will be rebuilt. This storm will be a sword that will be devastating to the world’s population. save your people. Again you will take up your tambourines and go out to dance with the joyful… This is what the Eternal Says: “Sing with joy for Jacob. and say. We must be certain. the remnant of Israel.“EndTime Age. beyond a shadow of a doubt that the true message of the Bible is for us at this.” There can be not a single stone left unturned. and it will spew fire from its mouth. A great behemoth is about to roar on the earth. as a people. slowly. ‘O Eternal. O HOUSE OF JACOB. As I promised we would do since the second letter (Abraham. The science has finally caught up to the Bible. We no longer need the so-called experts giving us their opinions about the race of the biblical Adam and Eve. I have drawn you with loving-kindness. 2:5) We. little doubt is left as to the race and origin of the first man and woman.as the true Holy People . they will pray as I bring them back… Hear the word of the Eternal.’(Jer. COME AND LET US WALK IN THE LIGHT OF THE “YHWH” (ETERNAL ONES) (ISA. I will bring them from the land of the north and gather them from the ends of the earth… They will come with weeping. O Virgin Israel. coming into view for you. and by distorting the truth of the people of the Bible (see letter #3 Abraham Revisited) used it to rise to the level of world dominance. 31:1-10.

Eve is believed to have lived about Page 11 of 20 TIN #54-9602499 . This gives each of us a unique set of attributes: hair. Based on the molecular clock technique of correlating elapsed time with observed genetic drift. This is not my opinion. If it tracks back to a particular region. Using DNA samples from indigenous peoples. Testing Blood to Track History By Stephen Leahy The first people on earth lived in Africa. directly from their mothers. Is The Wikipedia. then the genetic lineage with those unique markers can be used to track prehistoric migration patterns. which combines with the other parent's DNA to form a new genetic combination. Each parent contributes half of a child's DNA. what race would this make those who wrote this book? You already know the answer to that question: But let’s continue until there is no room for even the slightest doubt. It has been conclusively established through the science of DNA! Now.000 and 60. The Source For All Discussions On The Subject Of DNA And Other Scientific Articles. The first humans are believed to have left their birthplace in northeastern Africa and spread across the globe between 50. The key to this genetic archeology is that some components of our DNA change very little from generation to generation. if the first people on earth lived in Africa. Unless Otherwise Noted. But not everything genetic goes into the mix.this series. and so on. which also does not change from generation to generation. All males have Ychromosomes as part of their DNA. Scientist discovered that there is DNA that only the mother passes down to her offspring: This DNA is called mitochondria DNA. and these are passed from father to son unchanged for generations. it is not the opinion of a so-called expert: It is a scientific fact. our athleticism or lack of it. except for random mutations. The naturally occurring random mutations in DNA provide unique markers that geneticists use to trace the DNA back to the point at which a particular mutation first occurred. researchers believe they can trace the various routes these early people traveled to reach the four corners of the Earth. The Free Encyclopaedia. we are now going to study the subject of DNA as it relates to the first man and woman.000 years ago. A comparison of the mitochondrial DNA of humans from many races and regions suggests that all of these DNA sequences have evolved molecularly from a common ancestor sequence. eye and skin color. Under the assumption that an individual inherits mitochondria only from one's mother. In a similar fashion. and the Bible’s origin can be traced to Africa. this finding implies that all living humans have a female line of descent from a woman whom researchers have dubbed Mitochondrial Eve. both sons and daughters inherit mitochondrial DNA.

This diversity would not have accumulated.000 years ago. but also that the origin of all people living on earth today can be traced to her. if humans had not been living longer in Africa than anywhere else. This is called the YPage 12 of 20 TIN #54-9602499 . the strongest support that mitochondrial DNA offers for the African-origin hypothesis may not depend on trees. Family trees (or "phylogenies") constructed on the basis of mitochondrial DNA comparisons show that the living humans whose mitochondrial lineages branched earliest from the tree are indigenous Africans. not only can it be determined that the earliest woman and her people were blacks living in Africa. then the one thing she establishes with absolute certainty is that the biblical Eve could only have been – “A Black Woman!” Not to be out done. Phylogeny suggests she lived in Africa. following advances in computing power and in methods of tree determination. Analysis of Y-chromosome sequences have corroborated the evidence that mitochondrial DNA has provided for an African origin for hominids. Did you get that? Are you allowing this information to sink into your mind? THE ORIGIN OF ALL PEOPLE LIVING ON EARTH TODAY CAN BE TRACED TO A BLACK WOMAN WHO LIVED ON THE CONTINENT OF AFRICA! If the mitochondrial Eve was not the biblical Eve. researchers argue. Mitochondrial Eve is sometimes referred to as African Eve. Through the study of mitochondria DNA. The construction of family trees from DNA data is an inexact science. According to the most common interpretation of the mitochondrial DNA data. however. One finding not subject to interpretation is that the greatest diversity of mitochondrial DNA sequences exists among Africans. an ancestor who has been hypothesized on the grounds of fossil as well as DNA evidence. she must have predated the exodus and lived in Africa. whereas the lineages of indigenous peoples on other continents all branch off from African lines. Critics of the "African genesis" model argue that the mitochondrial evidence can be explained as well or better by trees that associate Eve most closely to the indigenous peoples of Asia. Researchers therefore reason that all living humans descend from Africans. Therefore many researchers take the mitochondrial evidence as support for the "single-origin" or Out-of-Africa model. As of 2003. the titles belong to the same hypothetical woman. some of whom migrated out of Africa to populate the rest of the world. these criticisms have diminished. If the mitochondrial analysis is correct. the human male also has a genetic marker that he passes directly to his son. however. In any event. then because mitochondrial Eve represents the root of the mitochondrial family tree.150.

Here is a perfect example of what I mean when I say we must start using our minds to think and reason through information that is given to us. This is a different concept from the last male ancestor of all humans.chromosome gene.000 years apart. some of these children had to have been males. It is safe to say.000 and 90. Y-chromosomal Adam is the male counterpart to mitochondrial Eve: the last male ancestor from whom all male human Y-chromosomes are descended. because the male of the species continues today. etc. While their descendants intimates. So. judging from molecular clock and genetic marker studies. So during the time of the mitochondrial Eve. They are named after the "Adam" and "Eve" in Genesis as a metaphor only. This is part of the Out-of-Africa theory of human evolution. We must stop taking and accepting. Y-chromosomal Adam and mitochondrial Eve are separated by thousands of generations. Scientists (geneticists ) have studied the Y-chromosome gene in males and have determined that there is a Y-chromosomal Adam! In human genetics. those of the Y chromosome are passed exclusively from father to sons. through fathers. both Y-chromosomal Adam and mitochondrial Eve are believed to have lived in Africa. everything we read as true. The Y-chromosomal Adam is the last male ancestor of all humans. That is. at face value.000 years ago. as mitochondrial DNA seems to be passed to all children only by their mothers. Let’s first start with the obvious. which is the sex chromosome responsible for determining that the sex of a child will be male.” Statements like these can be just as equally Page 13 of 20 TIN #54-9602499 . and are not considered to be the first humans. if female ancestors are also considered. though approximately 85. Based on DNA analysis as of 2002. a thousand years from now the human brain could become so large that the physical body is no longer needed. paternal grandfathers. Unlike other genes. living in more recent times. The last male-line-only ancestor of humans alive today is hypothetically different from the one for humans alive a thousand years in the future. the most recent male ancestor of all living people may have been (and almost certainly was) a different man. does it really make sense to speak hypothetically of other scenarios and future scenarios a thousand years from now? “Hypothetically speaking. The Y-chromosomal Adam for living humans probably lived between 60. Certainly became close Y-chromosomal Adam hypothetically is not the same individual at all points in human history. tracing only through the male line. There would have had to be other black men fathering children during this time as well. There would have been many others alive at the same time. To my knowledge the father of a black woman (mitochondrial Eve) is a black man. there was a black man who fathered this woman and her siblings.

000 or more years for (homo sapiens) man’s existence. stop up his ears. These dates of a hundred and fifty thousand years or more for man’s existence can only be explained as being needed to support the “Theory of Evolution.false as they can be true. the Bible we have today cannot be reconciled with the scientific evidence. The first thing we see is that these dates exceed the biblical time frame for man’s existence by an exceedingly large margin. There is. At this point. face the truth about this version of the Bible we have today. let’s take a careful look at the dates that are being given for the time frame these events took place on the earth. use conjecture. conclusively. that the biblical Adam could only have been . and bury his head in the sand or he can. but in the end: It is only a theory. the religious minded person can close his eyes. to support the dates of over 100. the evolutionist must first start with a hypothesis – “If evolution is true. some of the dates mentioned in the articles we read above are outrageously long and cannot possibly be true. Then These Individuals Came From The Original Race Of Mankind! There Was No Other Race Before Them. It is not within the scope of this letter series. what-so-ever.” Page 14 of 20 TIN #54-9602499 . no concrete scientific evidence. at this time. and arrange the evidence to give the impression that their theory is based on actual scientific facts. That individual (Ychromosomal Adam) was a black man living on the continent of Africa! Whether or not he may or may not have been the biblical Adam is academic. Grant you. to attempt to address each of these “Hypotheses”. The First Man And The First Woman (So-Called Adam And Eve) Of This Race Would Had To Have Been – “Black!” Every Other Race On The Planet Came From That Original Race! Now. And Therefore.” They then must invent schemes.“A Black Man!” If There Is No Genetic Mutations That Occurred Before The Mitochondrial Eve. And None Before The Y-Chromosomal Adam. once correctly evaluated (which we will most certainly do in the future) simply do not support these dates! “Of Homo sapiens remains discovered so far. perhaps for the first time in his life. however. in fact. They are opinions and should not be considered fact.” In order to propose their theory. the oldest that match the bones of living humans date from around the time that Eve lived. When discussing the fact of the Y-chromosomal Adam: It’s a fact that all males living on earth today come from one individual. The fossil records. The truth to the matter is. because the Y.chromosomal Adam proves. then what would be the parameters that would be needed to support it.

it appears that the solar system cannot be much older than those rocks. not only was the origin of the human race established. test the DNA samples of this blood.000 years. trace the mutations of these markers back to the original source.The article concerning the mitochondrial Eve states: Eve is “believed” to have lived about 150. The maximum range of radiocarbon dating appears to be about 50.and astronomers' and planetologists' estimates of the age of the solar system.55 billion (4. Third. however ample scientific evidence that the earth and the universe are millions of years old. what is this Scientific Method that supports the biblical date for mankind’s existence? Radiocarbon dating is the use of the naturally occurring isotope of carbon -14 in radiometric dating to determine the age of organic materials.000 years. The K-Ar and uranium decay series are used in dating older objects (see Radiometric dating).” So. This method was to. Within archaeology it is considered an absolute dating technique. There is.000 AND 60. The age of the Earth is estimated to be 4. It is assumed that the accretion of the Earth began soon after the Page 15 of 20 TIN #54-9602499 . 50. Comparing the mass and luminosity of the Sun to the multitudes of other stars. which are formed within the solar system . collect the blood of indigenous peoples from around the world. giving an age for the solar system and an upper limit for the age of the Earth.55 × 109) years. up to ca. By using this Scientific Method.000 years for man’s existence and believe it or not that date is exactly the date the (original) Bible gives as to the amount of time allotted to mankind before a final intervention would be needed! So. but also a time frame for human history was established: THAT TIME FRAME WAS BETWEEN 50.404 billion years old. This estimate represents a compromise between the oldest known terrestrial minerals – small crystals of zircon from the Jack Hills of Western Australia . second. Finally.are 4. It is clear from zircons that the Earth is at least 4. According to Webster’s New World Dictionary: To believe is – “to hold views or opinions. after which the amount of 14 C is too low to be distinguished from background radiation. Then. Ca-Al-rich inclusions the oldest known solid constituents within meteorites. first. identify the DNA markers (Y-chromosomes and mitochondria DNA).567 billion years old.000 years ago.000 YEARS! There is another Scientific Method that would seem to support the date of around 50. “Testing Blood to Track History” uses a scientific method to gather information. this date is an opinion and is not based on scientific facts! The first article we read above.

the exact age of the Earth is difficult to define. Uranium. These minerals are composed of chemical elements or what has come to be known as the “Periodic Table. and the universe in general are composed of inorganic (non-living matter) minerals. essentially. which has incorrectly interpreted the creation story of Genesis (and they no longer have all the needed information concerning creation). and darkness was on Page 16 of 20 TIN #54-9602499 .” A chemical element. and provided a basis for constructing techniques of radioactive dating. This suggested that it might be possible to measure the age of the Earth by determining the relative proportions of radioactive materials in geological samples. simply rejects all the scientific evidence and blindly hold to their faith in a seven thousand year history for mankind. and it was this discovery that scientist would use to reach their estimate for the age of the earth. often called simply element. The earth. Since the accretion time of the Earth is not exactly known yet and the predictions from different accretion models vary between several millions up to about one hundred million years. such as the uranium-radium and thorium series. The smallest particle of such an element is an atom. Some of these chemical elements are radioactive. instead decaying into other radioactive elements that have their own half-lives. and void. thorium. were known within a few years of the discovery of radioactivity. we will discuss them later) community differ. which consists of electrons centered on a nucleus of protons and neutrons.formation of the Ca-Al-rich inclusions and the meteorites. some have long half-lives. and so on. but radioactive elements with short half-lives have generally disappeared. radioactive elements do not always decay into nonradioactive ("stable") elements directly. In reality. Here is where the evolutionist and the religious (not creationist. The religious community. Some radioactive materials have short half-lives. The earth was without form. The evolutionist uses the scientific fact that the earth and the universe are at least several millions of years old to justify their theory of evolution. What if the truth of the creation story in Genesis and the truth of the scientific facts prove them both wrong? Let’s examine the creation story (universe and the earth) of Genesis for ourselves. until they reach a stable element. Such "decay series". is a substance that cannot be divided or changed into different substances by ordinary chemical methods. and radium have long half-lives. In the beginning “YHWH” (Eternal Ones) created the heavens and the earth. and so persist in the Earth's crust.

How many of you. An entirely different event is taking place in verse two. It is absolutely necessary.000 years. what’s being described is two separate events that occurred at different times. Instead of verse two being read as a separate later event in the creation story. We know this because of Radiocarbon dating. thus far. be starving for this information and your hunger pains are so strong that you will devour the information in this letter. 1:2-31). and void: Which means they consisted only of the chemical elements which makes up the universe. and that this condition is the very reason why something new is about to be created. the universe and the earth were created without form.” From this point onward starts another type of creation. if I have done my job correctly. The fact that the phrase: “The earth “was” (past tense) without form. Something that would make the earth no longer without form. LET’S DISCOVER THE TRUTH OF THE CREATION OF THE UNIVERSE! Genesis chapter one verse one reads: “In the beginning “YHWH” (Eternal Ones) created the heavens and the earth. “The Seven Days of Creation” (Gen. We know from the radioactive content found in the chemical elements that make up the universe and. has dealt exclusively with the first two chapters of Genesis? This is the reason why I avoided the scientific discussions (jargon) at the start of this series. This phase of creation. NOW. coming. some of the most amazing revelations about the scientific facts of our universe is being transmitted through these somewhat innocuous statements of the Bible. may have taken millions of years. So. And the spirit of “YHWH” (Eternal Ones) was hovering over the face of the waters. and void! The first event (Verse One) describes the creation of the physical chemical universe. by correctly interpreting the first two verses of Genesis. you should.” Here we see that the universe (heavens) and the earth were created at the same time.the face of the deep. realize that the entirety of the discussion of this letter. 1:1-2. and darkness was on the face of the deep. Hopefully. and void. to a large extent. that we take this time to establish the truth of the Bible. it is read as a continuation of verse one: But in actual fact.000 years ago something happened on the earth! Organic matter (living organisms) was introduced (Created) on the earth. And the Spirit of “ YHWH” (Eternal Ones) was hovering over the face of the waters (Gen. NKJ). for example. by now. the cooling process. The second Page 17 of 20 TIN #54-9602499 . Radiocarbon dating accurately dates organic material to about 50. is the scientific method used to date organic (living) materials. the earth. SO. which as we just learned. much more. Here is where the problem and confusion begins. Verse two reads: The earth “was” without form. then by now you are probably bored to tears. So. however. As I have already stated. There is more. The universe and our planet earth were created with inorganic chemical matter. and still want more. Approximately 50. we learned that two amazing scientific facts about our universe are being revealed. The scientific evidence also show that the inorgainic minerals (non-living matter) of the universe and the earth are approximately the same age. If I haven’t created enough anticipation in the previous letters. and void” is used: Is an indication that this condition already existed on the earth. that this process occurred several million years ago.

The earth’s motion and movement is – in essence – “Time!” So.000 years ago. and there was light. And “YHWH” (Eternal Ones) saw the light. 12 hrs. which took place approximately 50. then when using time to date organic matter they would both have to end at the point of their creation – approx. applied only to the earth.000-year time frame for human life? If time and organic matter were created at the same point. was the point before the Eternal Ones set the earth on its 24-hour day rotation causing the day light portion to be approx.000 years ago.which can only accurately date from its point of existence . would seem to me. discovered that by tracking the blood of living humans. Time is only relevant to our planet earth and it does not exist anywhere else in the universe. by knowing his age only. Is there another method that would seem to give support to this time frame? Yes. measure that which was? In other words: Can a child. 12 hrs. So the evening and the morning were the first day (Gen. exists because the earth rotates on its axis. How can that. When a careful investigation is done on the scientific evidence for the history of mankind. Were his parents teenagers when they had him? Did they decide to have him in their late twenties or early thirties? Was he the offspring of middle-aged parents? Without additional knowledge Page 18 of 20 TIN #54-9602499 .phase of creation. 1:3-5.as a method to determine the age of the universe. It wasn’t until the 20th century that modern man was able to discover these scientific facts ancient man already knew! We. he can only guess their age. given any serious thought as to what is being described (created) in these verses. That point. 50. there was a point when time did not exist. “YHWH” (Eternal Ones) called the light day. Have you. “Let there be light”. determine the age of his parents? Because his parents were born before him. that it was good: and “YHWH” (Eternal Ones) divided the light from darkness. by using Time . also. NKJ). and the darkness They called Night. you could trace the history of mankind to approximately 50. is the introduction of organic (living) matter. to be fundamentally flawed. No one knows with any degree of certainty how much earlier. there is. has anyone. and it can be found starting in verse three of the same chapter of Genesis! Then “YHWH”(Eternal Ones) said. although I must admit that at this point it is only a thought. according to Genesis one verses three thru five. “TIME!” It. this is the time frame that surfaces repeatedly. and the night portion to be approx. which according to the Bible. How does this support the 50. The chemical elements of the universe were created before time existed.000 years ago! Here is an intriguing thought. and revolves around the sun on its ecliptic orbit. which was not. So.

and that is what I have attempted to do from the very beginning: To un-chain our minds from the spell that is keeping us from seeing the truth! Many of you have been waiting since the second letter (“Abraham. but the proof of what I’ve been saying is finally being given to you. I think there is a missing piece of knowledge that causes time. That seems to me. but the universe existed before time. to give a false reading for the age of the universe. that information serves no actual purpose in determining their age. I know it has been a long time coming. over four billion years. will survive what’s coming to this Page 19 of 20 TIN #54-9602499 . was a way of introducing the subjects that was going to be covered in future letters. time is only relevant to the planet earth: Just as a child’s age is only relevant to himself. It may be a good idea to go back and read the second letter again. and I don’t mean the very little bits and pieces of information we have today about the Egyptians. to whom can you run? Only the strong. that time is the child in this process trying to measure the age of the universe – the parents. I was not able to lay all the facts bare in this letter. There are many facts that we have yet to examine: But. Whether or not this can be proven scientifically. Maybe. The earth may contain the chemical elements of the universe.(their birth dates). it’s going to be revealed in this end-time age! In order to establish there was a great African world ruling empire in the ancient world. So you can see that what was stated in that letter. Abraham”) for the information contained in this letter. because there has already been some (some of whom should have known better) who could not handle the information contained in these letters. when applied to dating the universe. he could never know their exact age. For those of you who had the patience to wait. or whether this missing piece of knowledge can be discovered I don’t know at this point. Could this be the reason for the astronomical dates. or are you going to turn and run? Where can you run? After reading this letter. Because they had already committed their lives to this mystery that now rules on the earth. but their DNA was in existence long before he was. Their eyes may never see what yours just saw. scientists are getting for the age of the universe? These chemical elements all existed before time. I feel the scientific information of this letter is very weighty. He may have his parent’s DNA. most of which is grossly inaccurate as far as the dates are concerned: I first needed to show and prove that the first people on earth came from Africa! That the time frame we have today for the history of mankind is off by several thousands of years. This letter will give the reader much to think about. and that there needs to be a pause here so this information can be absorbed into the mind. they could not overcome the fears that consumed them. and unless he has access to some additional knowledge. you should now feel a sense of accomplishment. only the chosen. How about you? Are you going to see these letters through to the end. Remember.

it seems as though everything is going along just fine. So. IN THE NAME OF YHWH – ETERNAL ONES Ralph Nathanial Wells Managing Director Page 20 of 20 TIN #54-9602499 . and our cars. then someone must stand up for the truth of the Bible in this the end of the “Apostate Age.” And there I saw the mansions of the elect and the mansions of the holy. and the world as a whole. this struggle is going to go on with or without you! As I stated in the last letter. before the series is completed. you have no reason to believe me when I say things are about to change in our world.” For those who can. You make your own determination as to whether or not you are going to continue to read these letters. Those of you who continue with me on this journey that has begun with the writing of these letters. I am not a scientist. for those who will: Their reward is greater than all the riches of the world. I know we have our jobs. before. will come to see and know things too wonderful for words alone. much. That is the promise given to. There is more. I make no claim as such! I state only that this information was revealed to me. and there doesn’t seem to be a care in the world. At some point you are going to have to decide if you are going to join in the struggle for your spiritual freedom or not! One thing is for certain. Will you do whatever it takes to make sure these letters continue? Will you finally come to understand you have an active role to play in returning this knowledge back to us and to the world? If you are fortunate enough to be reading these letters now. You make your own evaluation of the information presented in this letter. it may mean you have a greater role to play in this effort than those who will read these letters once the series is completed. much more to come. and mine eyes saw there all the sinners being driven from thence which deny the name of the Lord (Eternal) of Spirits.earth! I know when we look at the world today. the things you were shown in this letter. “I have already made my decision!” I have already seen enough to know: If we truly want the pain and suffering to stop for us as a people. you and you alone are responsible for the choices you make in your life. I’m asking you to think about something though: Have you ever been shown. “THE ELECT. and being dragged off: and they could not abide because of the punishment which proceeds from the Lord (Eternal) of Spirits. As I have stated before. our houses.

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