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Direct Instruction Model
EDC 311
Is about

A model to help learners gain a well-defined knowledge and skill that is needed for later educational learning by using teacher
demonstration, explanation, and modeling together as well student practice and feedback.

Best suited for teaching
procedural skills.
Such as science and math.
Specify Learning Objectives
Students should learn not
only the procedural skills
but the concept of the
Students should learn
automaticity, which is
performing without
thinking about it, and
transfer, to apply the
acquired knowledge to a
new context.
Prepare Examples &
You use the examples to
help the students
understand the skill that
will be taught.
Problems are to help them
develop the skills
automaticity and then
transfer it.


Introduction and Review
Attempt to attract the
attention of students and
assist the prior
knowledge that is needed
to perform the skill
needed for the lesson
Present the new skill then
explain it and use
examples to make it
more clear and
understanding for the
Guided Practice
Students practice what
skill is taught under the
guidance of the teacher
to become more
proficient at that
particular skill.
Independent Practice
This is where the
students practice the skill
on their own.

Have students practice

the skill. Practice
greatly improves the
skills being tested on.
A test that would be
appropriate would be
where the students
solve problems that
require that same
procedures taught in
class, but are different
problems than those
shown during teaching
of the skill.
During the
introduction there
should be an informal
assessment as well as a
review area to gain
students prior
knowledge to the skill
Give examples for
students to solve on
their own, without the
teachers help.

So What??
Students get to learn how to apply the skill they learned in this model for other problems.


Students develop
procedural skill. This
is a cognitive
operation that
requires a specific
procedure or
Students learn
knowledge in a
specific skill that is
being studied.
Students learn
automaticity as well
Improves attitude
about learning in
Students are more
involved in their
learning process
Students want to
actively learn
because of the
challenge of the skill.