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Discussion Model

Is about

A model that helps students understand the organized body of knowledge.

Generally, an organized body
of knowledge.
Example would be the
factors that lead to World
War II
Specify Learning Objectives
Figure out what exactly
youd like the s tudents to
understand about the topic.
Structure Content
All content must b e well
organized. Topics may not be
very defined, so it could
make it harder to organize.
It is okay to combined
structures to organize the
Prepare Lesson Introductions
Introduce the s kill that
attracts and transmits easily
from the previous lesson
Create Advance Organizers
Have a verbal/written
statement at the start of the
lesson to link what the
students learned in the prior


Review and Introduction
Review prior knowledge of
the students using an
advance organizer.
Present the new
information the way you
want the students to learn
and know it. Should b e
explained in part(s) of an
organized body of
Comprehension Monitoring
Ask the students questions
to make sure they have an
understanding of the
knowledge of what is b eing
Give more in depth
information and ask the
students to compare the
information presented in
this phase with the previous
Review and summarize the
knowledge learned in this

Riley Jennings
EDC 311

Any type of test-

Multiple choice, fill in
the blank, short
answer, etc.
More open ended
tests, like essays,
would be better so the
students could show
their understanding of
the concept.
During the lesson, ask
questions to make sure
that students are not
only understanding the
lesson, but paying
attention as well.
In the integration
phase, students should
have the knowledge to
combine different
pieces of information
that has been taught to


Lectures can provide

information that
might be difficult for
students to find on
their own
Students will learn
to use a variety of
sources to merge
information taught
Can be very helpful
and enjoyable to
students who hate
to interact with their
classmates and
Enjoyable for
students who do not
prefer active
learning. Would
rather be passive
One of the difficult
models to maintain
student motivations.

So What??
An highly effective teaching model that allows a large amount of information to be presented to the students. Some students are
passive learners who receive the information and incorporate it with the other information learned.