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Published by: lwenzel@greatbearcomputing.com on Apr 29, 2010
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Let’s stay in touch

F or T he Saratogian , C om m un ity N ew s, B allston Spa L ife, W G L ife, Spirit of Saratogian an d T he Scen e.

T h e Saratogian : w w w .saratogian .com
B arbara L om bard o ,583-8711,blom bardo@ saratogi an.com . A ssistan t M an agin g E d itor B etsy D em ars, 583-8729 ext. 335 or bdem ars@ saratogi an.com Sports E d itor A n d rew B ern stein , 583-8729 ext. 334 or abernstei saratogi n@ an.com P h otograph y Su pervisor E rica M iller, 583-8729 ext. 223 or p hotos@ saratogi an.com W eb E d itor Steph en Sh oem ak er, 583-8729 ext. 221 or w eb@ saratogi an.com G en eral e-m ail ad d resses an d ph on es: new s@ saratogi an.com sp orts@ saratogi an.com features@ saratogi an.com (arts an d en tertain m en t) bulleti nboard@ saratogi an.com (com m un ity even ts calen d ars) letters@ saratogi an.com (letters to the ed itor an d other O pin ion page

P u blish er M ich ael F. O ’Su llivan : 584-4242 ext. 201 or m osulli van@ j ournalregi .com ster M an agin g E d itor B arbara L om bard o: 583-8711 or blom bardo@ saratogi an.com A d vertisin g D irector L au ren R ose: 583-8707 or lrose@ saratogi an.com C on troller Tom C leary: 583-8722 or tcleary@ j ournalregi .com ster C ircu lation D irector D evlin G . Toth : 583-8723 or dtoth@ j ournalregi .com ster P re-P ress M an ager E rin M cN am ee: 583-8733 or em cnam ee@ saratogi an.com H u m an R esou rces M an ager R h od a P ick u s: 583-8702 or hrm gr@ saratogi an.com M ain n u m ber: 584-4242 C ircu lation : 584-4247 or saraci saratogi rc@ an.com C u stom er service h ou rs are: M onday through F ri 6:30 a.m . to 5 p .m . day S aturdays 7 a.m . to 10 a.m . S undays 8 a.m . to 11 a.m . H oli days from 7 a.m . to 10 a.m . A d vertisin g: C lassi ed M anager S tep hani S now : 583-8730 or fi e ssnow @ saratogi an.com R etai M anager L oui K i l se lbara: 583-8715 or lki lbara@ saratogi an.com G en eral con tact in fo ads@ saratogi or 583-8715 an classi ed@ saratogi fi an.com or 584-0205 legals@ saratogi an.com or 583-8719 obi saratogi ts@ an.com or 583-8719

C om m u n ity N ew s: w w w .cnw eekly.com E di D onna B ell,583-8729 ext. 224, tor dbell@ saratogi an.com . W G L ife: w w w .w gli fe.com
(servin g W ilton an d G an sevoort)

E di B everly M cK i ,583-8729 ext. 215 or tor m bevm cki @ w gli m fe.com . B allston Spa L ife: w w w .bsp ali fe.com
(servin g B allston Spa an d M ilton )

E di Josep h R ocha,583-8729,ext. 210 or tor j rocha@ bsp ali fe.com . Spirit of Saratoga: w w w .thesp i tofsaratoga.com ri E di B etsy D eM ars,583-8729 ext. 335 or tor bdem ars@ saratogi an.com . T h e Scen e: w w w .thesaratogascene.com M anagi E di B arbara L om bardo,583-8711 or ng tor blom bardo@ saratogi an.com .

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