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Published by: jim2384 on Apr 29, 2010
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The e-Pill. Exercise dose for the diabetic patient
Dr James Levine, Mayo Clinic Rochester, MN 55905 THE ISSUE Exercise can be defined as, "bodily exertion for the sake of developing and maintaining physical fitness" such as a walk, sport, yoga or visiting the gym. Exercise in diabetic patients is associated with benefit both with respect to preventing and treating diabetes and its complications. THE PROBLEM Most diabetic patients do not perform exercise. THE SOLUTION There has been a push across the medical community to prescribe exercise like a medicine: http://www.exerciseismedicine.org/. However, beyond writing a ‘prescription-like document’ (e.g. "perform three aerobic sessions, each lasting 30 minutes per week") there is no technology that can be prescribed to help a patient comply with their exercise prescription. The aim of the e-Pill is to deploy a cheap, easy-to-use technology to help diabetic patients exercise. THE e-Pill The e-Pill is a quarter-sized electronic device to help a diabetic patient complete an exercise prescription. The e-Pill is at first programmed by a health care provider to a set exercise dose. The e-Pill is then worn by or, attached to the patient. The e-Pill indicates with a green LED when the patient's exercise prescription has been completed.



Working e-Pill Prototype. Dimensions 40 x 20 x 4.5 mm; 4.15 gram. TECHNICAL STUFF

VALIDATION Eight patients aged, 28 ± 7 years wore the ePill. The diabetes educator instructed the patient to take on one occasion, a 30 minute walk and on another occasion, a 15 minute walk. The data were independently verified with a Physical Activity Monitoring System (Science Volume, 307:pages, 584-6). The e-Pill delivered. The patients performed exercise in their correct prescribed dose. REAL WORLD DEPLOYMENT The deliverable is a packet of e-Pills, upload technology and a manual. The e-Pill has the function to assist in the delivery, sensing and monitoring of an exercise program that is prescribed by a health worker for a patient.


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