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Little Black Rosebud (a Story of Mixed Metaphors)

Little Black Rosebud (a Story of Mixed Metaphors)

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Published by Rose
A story or maybe a poem, about growing up, finding balance, finding identity.
A story or maybe a poem, about growing up, finding balance, finding identity.

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Published by: Rose on Apr 29, 2010
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Little Black Rose Bud (A Story of Mixed Metaphors

She chose a black rose bud Beginning to bloom Her intentional metaphor? I wouldn't understand Of course not Some connection To the vampire culture no doubt Though it seems she's grown tired Of that by now Well, maybe Trying so hard To become her own person She rejects belongingness In nearly every form Well, sometimes She might reject what I saw In the black rose bud But I couldn't help it really You know how it is It just happens A delightful, teasing metaphor Falling like a drop of rain I have to catch it And let it run through my fingers Making me a part of it What does it want to become? It will be a picture Maybe a story Or a poem Or something different entirely

And while others are busy Just having the good sense To come in out of the rain We have to play Don't we? I have seen that girl's gifts and interests Growing from the seeds within her Since she was very small Wanting to become something Blossoming She will be a writer In some form or other She will be a counselor In some form or other Or something different entirely But she won't be me Whatever she is becoming Whoever she will be She will make it her own Do it her way And why the black rose bud? You may be wondering It's a rose bud because Like they say The apple doesn't fall far from the tree And black because At least for a time It wants to


April 2010

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