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Vincent Do
March 23, 2016
English 1A
Professor Adler
Life of an Internet Affiliated Marketer
In discourse community of business, there are many categories for example
management, accounting, marketing, and finance. My main interest is affiliate (online)
marketing because it is also my current profession. The backdrop of discourse community is all
about observing and looking in-depth at a profession you would really like to do in the near
future. The background of business discourse community is based on the foundation how
business workplaces work together and different positions that all work together to complete one
specific goal. Business has been what I have been passionate about since I was younger because
I was influenced by my fellow family members. Business in general is one of those professions
that runs around the world everyday and every second. The majority of majors are now required
to learn basic business because it is part of life. In any job, ninety percent of the time, it is
business based to make the company some income. Being in the business field fascinates me in
some sort of odd way that no other major can do. I will be observing affiliated marketing and
how it has been used in communication, in reality, and in my very own workplace environment
to present a better understanding of what it is like.
Being in the business environment, the biggest factor is marketing. Internet marketing is
the best way to advertise in this time period since this era has changed significantly. The question
is, how are you going to market yourself or your brand for what you stand? The main goal is to

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attract peoples attention whether its from connections with others (people) or advertising on the
internet or simply in public (billboards, posters etc.). Your next goal is to convert people into
customers (consumers [product]) or clients (services) depending on what kind of an organization
of the business. Once you have a customer/client based then you will have free advertisement
meaning if your customers/clients like what you have to offer, they will most likely tell her
friends or family called word of mouth.
Brian Spero, who is an author and a successful entrepreneur, explains and gives five
important successful marketing strategies. The first part is having a vision (future plans), where
do you want to lead? Creating a game plan is the most important part, you want to know the
result, at least know what you are going to get out of it. Next, creating and managing a
campaign; having a program is the main part of affiliated marketing, it runs your ads and track
all the statuses around the world depending where you have the landing page set at. Choosing the
right partnership with the companies that you will be working with is the key. You want to get
the most out of it and not waste anybody time; building a reputation with one company can open
more opportunities with other companies similar to having good or bad credit in reality.
Having the best communication in the business world is very important under any
circumstances. In this advanced generation, there are many ways to communicate with each
other such as internet messaging sites, video chats (ex: skype), phone, email, and in person.
Affiliated marketing and business in general are built on communication; without it everything
would go to waste. Everyone wants to know what is going on everyday and every second!
Swales states, In a discourse community, the communicative needs of the goals tend to
predominate in the development and maintenance of its discoursal characteristics (Swales 471).

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I definitely agree with Swales because it is very important to communicate (also in general)
through setting a goal! That is what discourse community is all about; making goals by
communicating with each other!
I have observed the environment of my teammates and my own personal workplace.
John Lee, who is an entrepreneur and earns seven figures annually from owning multiple
businesses and also from affiliated marketing. Today happened to be a big meeting day with
affiliated marketers around the United States including myself but I decided to take a step back
and relax to observe and take notes. Unlike a speech community, membership of a discourse
community is usually a matter of choice; unlike an interpretive community, members of a
discourse community actively share goals and communicate with other members to pursue those
goals. (Borg). They often talk about scouting out the website for potential pop-ups
advertisements to engage the user and convince them to click on the ad. Conversions are often
back and fourth similar to a debate, one and another sharing a bunch of ideas to help each other
out. Everyone are very usually concentrated and taking notes, writing down each other ideas and
strategies to make them work in their own way. Also, most of the time theres always one person
or more sharing new ideas that everyone should take advantage of. It not just a discussion, but a
place to learn more strategies that one person has experienced and have gone successful on it.
Being a member of the affiliated marketers is a great way to start off if you want to be in
business. In business online marketing, there is a membership with Johns private company but
some other companies called MOBE etc. does offer a one-time fee plus investment which is
basically the same exact time but a bit twist to make it seem cheaper. With the private company,
first time users/learners can pay roughly around in the thousands for a real-live class within our
big meeting and one on one training to learn what it is like to be one of the members of the team;

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no school degree is required because you will be working for yourself. So, John will take you by
the hand and teach you from point A to B, guaranteed to be successful within a year if the person
is willing to commit to the program. Successful means that you drop your current job in your
own decision and start working full-time with marketing in your convenient hours. A discourse
community has a threshold level of members with a suitable degree of relevant content and
discoursal expertise (Swales 473). No one is an employee with us, so every member is working
independently at home basically work for themselves with their own account that they can
monitor at any time. Unfortunately, there are many people that drop out the program because
they figured its not a get rich quick method and all the serious people are willing to stay and
learn in order to succeed. Since majority of people that have dropped off and wasted our time,
the program is a insider/private type of company and only taken by recommendation by the
existing successful members. The great about business that I have noticed is it does really matter
where you go as in school or life, it is where you end up in the future.
Going back to Johns meeting there are many specific lexis marketers must learn in order
to communicate quickly and efficiently. It is actually a requirement to learn at least basic
acronyms/abbreviations, it just make you feel smarter and understand the concept. Being in the
room observing and taking notes, there are at least fifty acronyms that are going back and fourth
within a twenty-minute duration but the one that are used the most are AD, CPA, CPC, EPC, LP
and HTML. Ad is the most common known acronym which is short for advertisement.
CPA means cost per action, when you organize an ad you are about to post, you want to
know how much it will cost; also something important to know. Next is CPC also known as
cost per click, it lets know you know how much you will earn when a user clicks on the
advertisement (plus commission etc.). EPC also know as earnings per click is formula every

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marketer must use to see what is their estimated maximum earnings are (the formula: Profit
divided by clicks multiply by one hundred). LP which is called a Landing Page and can be
called as Landers too is an online web page where you will be placing the advertisement.
Advertisement can be placed on popular websites [ex: Facebook, Yahoo, thePirateBay etc.].
HTML is term for webpages, the cool thing about being in this industry is being creative with
your own minds; creating your own website from scratch and landing page is what set you apart
and attract more customers to more likely click on your ad (
Furthermore, language is second most important part to being used in a workplace
especially in business. While sitting back and observing my teams discussion about affiliated
marketing to be more specific web pages, it is very important to know what you are talking
about; which led to feedback. Feedback is very important in this industry due the fact you want
to know what people are think, from there you can take further action what you need to do more
Many genres are being used involving with Microsoft and Google programs. Excel,
Google Spreadsheet, PowerPoint and Google Slide are always being used all the time to present
and communication to transfer important information and key components within the company.
Excel/Spreadsheet is used everyday to keep track of business expenses of how much money are
taken out to invest on advertising and calculated how much commission you got by the end of
the day. PowerPoint/Slide is also always used every time to present important information in a
professional way instead of just talking about because majority are visual learners.
Theres a lot of reasons why I chose being an Affiliate Marketer then any other categories
of business. In my opinion, I am unique because this is my current successful profession at the
moment so I didnt have to really research or go place to observe much because I did it on my

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own workplace. I used to be a stock and foreign exchange broker, I didnt really like it in my
opinion because it was really risky. Other than that, being a marketer is the best way if you want
to be in business because it is less risky and you can vision. Since this generation has evolved a
lot from life to internet not much are happening in life since the internet is very saturated and that
when companies want their ad listed. Behind the work, there always lots of communication in
business especially in affiliated marketing going on so it is very important to keep up to date with
everything every second so everyone is often having more ways to communicate, that means not
just taking their phone number but also their social media just in case something happens. Swales
creating discourse community is a great way to go out and observe what you like to do in the
reality and be open minded toward everything what you will be going through soon.


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