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o In 2014, 14.2% of Bexar County adults had been diagnosed with diabetes (type 1 or type 2)", which is higher than Texas (10.6%) and much higher than the national average (9.3%). It is projected that the number of Americans with diabetes will double or triple by 2050 if current trends continue.” Yet, persons at high-risk for diabetes can delay or avoid developing type 2 diabetes by losing weight through regular physical activity and a diet low in fat and calories. The time to act is now! DIABETES HAS STEADILY INCREASED VYTTTT DIABETES PREVALENCE DID NOT DIFFER SIGNIFICANTLY BETWEEN ADULT AND FEMALES > 15% % OF ADULTS WITH DIABETES * BY YEAR % OF ADULTS WITH DIABETES + BY AGE fol RAEN tla PEOPLE WITH AN ANNUAL INCOME BELOW ‘$25,000 ARE MORE LIKELY TO HAVE DIABETES AE rss 18% a] NON-HISPANIC WHITE DIABETES AFFECTS HISPANICS AND NON-HISPANIC BLACKS AT A SLIGHTLY HIGHER LEVEL THAN NON-HISPANIC WHITES OF ADULTS WITH DIABETES + BY EDUCATION Lower education levels are linked to a higher risk of diabetes, especially among those that have not graduated from high school. College graduates are the least likely to suffer from the disease. CSE) METROPOLITAN HEALTH DISTRICT DIABETES IN BEXAR COUNTY + 2014 # OF DIABETIC AMPUTATIONS CONSEQUENCES OF DIABETES IN BEXAR COUNTY ° BY YEAR PEOPLE WHO HAVE DIABETES ARE AT A HIGHER RISK OF SERIOUS HEALTH COMPLICATIONS, SUCH AS: THE NUMBER OF AMPUTATIONS INCREAS N L 1 S COMPARED TO THE PRIOR TWO YEARS? \y ai HAVING DIABETES NEARLY D 9 @ 10 PEOPLE WITH PREDIABETES IN THE U.S. MAS BEEN rouD py a | DO NOT KNOW THEY HAVE IT? PREDIABETES OR COT Tiim WHE : LEVELS ARE HIGHER TH AL BUT NOT HIGH ENOUGH TO BE CLASSIFIED AS TYPE 2 DIABETES APRIL 2016 Chronic Disease Preven‘ Teer eT) BE A CHAMPION FOR WELLNESS! PREVENT OR DELAY TYPE 2 DIABETES BY: Enc WITHOUT WEIGHT LOSS AND MODERATE PHYSICAL ACTIVITY, UP TO 30% OF PEOPLE WITH PREDIABETES WILL DEVELOP TYPE 2 DIABETES WITHIN FIVE YEARS.* HELP IN THE COMMUNITY American cavorsivarnono n [METROPOLITAN HEALTH DISTRICT the Diabetes. . Association. DIABETES MANAGEMENT DIABETES PREVENTION AMERICAN DIABETES ASSOCIATION (ADA) ato Hea (210) 2078802 YeLving Centr (210) 924-8858 Son Antonio Local Ofc (210) 829-1765 Lig wk Dab Me Hea ovis FREE The 1 ihre Pein Pogo ee Thule opinion aa atin, veto ideas batr muage ase ih rdsu th il deping ree nl ln The AD itn Son ato ove dls eed promt or de cng, pe? elon ably iy cfs al oon en eer gel ing vis tes, ther rends ond fail DATA SOURCES * Canta for Heth Stasis (HS), Tens Behavioral Rk Fate Suva Sstom Suri Dat, Rs, Teas: Txs Department of tte Heath Servis, 2012-2014 ; sh a hy 7 TE Deptmat of Sot Heath Serves, Centefor Hel Sasi eas Hopital inpatient Discharge Public Use Data Fl ®|