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To Whom It May Concern:

I would like to recommend Annie Myren for an early childhood teaching position. She did her
student teaching spring semester of 2016 with me in a Pre-K classroom at Valeska Hinton
Early Childhood Education Center.
Annie is reflective. Her enthusiasm about learning and teaching beams while she is with
students. She is very empathetic toward each individual learner. Coming from a background
of family in education, she has a natural curiosity for how students learn.
Annie became comfortable within the classroom setting rather quickly. She took on an active
role early in her student teaching. Annie is competent and responsible. She arrives to school
prepared for the day. She creates lessons which are developmentally appropriate and is able to
differentiate those lessons based on the learner. Actively incorporating technology and a
variety of media in her lessons comes naturally.
Annie has worked diligently to know the families of the children in the classroom. She
understands the importance of the home and school connection. She has been responsible for
writing parent communication to be sent home weekly. Annie greets each parent and family
member when they enter the classroom on a daily basis.
Above all, Annie loves and respects her students as learners. I can recommend Annie with
confidence for a teaching position in an early childhood classroom setting. Her students would
be priveleged to be lead by such a dedicated and caring teacher. Please feel free to contact me
for any further information.


Whitney Milam
Pre-K Cooperating Teacher
Valeska Hinton Early Childhood Education Center
w (309) 672-6810
c (309) 573-3821