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Apel 6, 2016 Governor Mak Dayton 116 Veterans Service Building 20 West 12" street St.Paul, MN 55155 Dear Govemar Dayton, We write today respecttlly requesting the release of a state investigation into whether a Minnesota Pollution Control Agency employee inappropriately and actively used. his postion to oppose to the Sandpiper Ppsline Project in Noriheen Minnesota. For public transparency and accountabiliy, Minnesota Lar requires information related to the investigation, including any reports, be released if requested by & rember ofthe public, ‘According to Minn. Stat. 13.43, Subd. 26), data relating to a complaint or charge against a public offical become public upon completion ofan investigation.” A “public oficial” is defined as “the Read ofa state agency and deputy and assistant stat agency heads” or “executive or administrative heads of departments, bureaus, divisions, or institutions within state government” “Media accounts ofthe employee in question make clear thatthe employee in question meets the definition of “publi offi" requiring the release ofthe report. Farther, the MPCA stated the employee in question was disciplined by his removal from involvement in the Sandpiper Project. Minn. Stat. 1343, Subd. 2(@XS) makes public “the final dispcsiion of any