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This is an important notice. Please have it translated. Brooksbank Elementary School s C., VIL2N2 North Vanoower, BC. V 903.3280, Fax: 804,903.32 www Informed Consent - North Vancouver Schoo! Dis Friday April 1, 2 ast 13° St Ph: 604, trict Dance Festival °: Division 4 & 5 Parents/Guardians Destination: Centennial The 1 4, 2016 ne ntennial Theatre ip Date Thursday Apt 14, Departure Time: 11:00 am Retum Time: 1:00pm Transportation Bus Cost $5 per student PURPOSE: The purpose of tis trips o perform dances lear ons 0 per eamed in music class at alcal dance festival, and practice Pe ane Toate wns watching athet school groups pertorm dances. NOTE: This schoo ld tips optional ‘Attemate arrangements will be made for students who do not participate. DESCRIPTION OF ACTIVITIES: ve North Vancouver Schoo! Students will perform one danoe and watch other performing groups from other schools int pea amily members ere welcome £ watch the festival The sesion starts at 11:30 am. (Note Our. ae aeee nts session fo accommodae studens needing fo leave fr Zone programs inthe afeoan at Eastview) TRANSPORTATION: ‘Students will be transported by bus. SUPERVISION: Mrs. Startup, Ms. Reichert, Mrs. Schwarzbach NATURE AND SCOPE OF RISKS: Motor vehicle accidents are always a risk on field trips. SAFETY PRECAUTIONS: A fst aid kt anda cell phone will be taken by one of he teacher supervisos, supplies will be brought for students with lfehreatening medical conditions (2. ns relating o this fied trip, please contact the school. student Emergency Procedure Plansimedical ., anaphylat). Ifyou have any question formed Consent ApPLOVA 9 SANCO| nm “Tater Reun ti SCONISIONS 485 APri14, 2016 a eS