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Elisabeth Clapp
EDU 651.90 ESL Methods and Strategies
Resource Compilation
Post University


Lesson Plans

BBC Learning English
BBC Learning English offers teachers and English language learners audio, video, and text
materials at no charge. Materials are delivered as full-length courses, or each component of the
course can be used as a separate lesson.
This website is particularly useful for Upper-intermediate grades 4th - 8th as an introductory

Feature: Pronunciation provides opportunities for O-Level students to practice proper

pronunciation for the O-Level spoken English test.
Feature: Words in the News allows the students to choose an area of the news that interests
them and learn vocabulary words found in the audio and transcript.
Courses: Shakespeare Speaks for higher level students to understand common expressions
used today originating in Shakespeares plays.

Skillswise provides activities, games, and quizzes for English language learners. The site is in
sections: spelling, grammar, reading, writing, listening, and vocabulary. Each section
is subdivided into topics such as tenses, sentence structure, and grammar. Different difficulty
levels are available. The benefit with this website is that it is geared toward native English
speakers practicing their skills.
The website provides necessary practice for higher level students in key stages five and six
practicing for English fluency.

Reading: Sounds of English: Building Words Game motivates students to succeed in the
game providing instant feedback.
Spelling: Words to Watch Out For: Key stage level five and six practicing for the O-Level
exams. Words to watch out for are typically on the essay portions of the O-Level exams and
are commonly missed.
Tips for Tutors are embedded in every section with a quick description of what the section
contains and how to apply it.
A resource for English practice activities. The site is easy to navigate for nonnative English speakers. The activities are mostly fill in the blank.
The topics of the sentences are geared towards adults.
The English Reading Room provides various magazines, books and
literature and reference materials


The Listening Lounge is a collection of listening resources to help

advanced English learners
In-depth modal tutorials with exercises and tests.
The free website was designed by Starfall Education. The website provides a
range of differentiated audio-visual games and read-alongs.
The website is designed for pre-primary foundation level students.
Audio-print-picture correspondence is a useful way to build English
vocabulary while practicing reading and listening skills in American text
Icons on the homepage to holiday theme lessons.
The website provides links to printable worksheets that can be used to
supplement instruction.
One Stop English
One Stop English
Onestopenglish is published by Macmillan Education. The site contains
categories for worksheets, lesson plans, audio, flashcards, and videos. The
basic site is free to use, although there are options to register and subscribe.
The materials are appropriate for different student age groups and ability
Materials are standalone and do not require further preparation. All
materials are readily available for classroom use and are appropriate for
groups or tutoring.
Materials are in British English and American English.
Excellent teacher support including tips, articles and technological tools to
aid professional development as an English teacher.
ESL Gold
The website contains study materials, including grammar, vocabulary,
pronunciation, writing, reading, and the ability to listen to materials.
All of the materials are grouped according to five levels of difficulty from lowbeginning to advanced and is appropriate for upper primary and beyond.
The Listening category contains English Podcasts for IELTS preparation for
O-Level students.
The Words and Phrases page is a listing of vocabulary, divided by levels
from low-beginning to advanced and allows for differentiated instruction.


All of the levels have audio pronunciation.

English to Go
English to
A Reuters resource site that provides teachers with reading materials for
learners of different proficiency levels with activities for the reading
materials. Visitors can utilize some sample materials freely, but will need to
become a member to browse the library of over 1,600 resources.
The materials are appropriate for secondary and adult language learners.
Authenticity of the articles enables learners to learn meaningful English.
The high quality and variety of activities enable teachers to focus on
integrated skills. In particular, there are many communicative activities
such as jigsaw reading and pair crossword which encourage learners to
learn to read communicatively.
The activities require students to use the top-down and bottom-up reading
Web 2.0 Tools
Kathy Schrocks Guide to Everything
Web 2.0 Tools
Kathy Schrocks Guide to Everything
A categorized list of sites for teachers containing in-depth information on using technology in the
classroom. Updated daily with a wide variety of subjects.
The information contained on the website is appropriate for teachers of any level and age.

Links to iPad apps that support Blooms revised taxonomy.

Concept mapping and mind mapping links are listed and provide information on how to
create and use them in the classroom.
Online tools and Web 2.0 applications are listed including audio recorders, presentation tools,
and online media converters to name just a few.

Babel Fish is a Web site to translate text from one language to another. There
are twelve different languages to choose from, including English, Spanish,
German, Dutch, French, Portuguese, Italian, Greek, Chinese, Japanese,
Korean, and Russian.
This site is useful for beginning students who need basic meanings and
translations from their first language.


Users can also translate entire web pages using the site.
Translations are done literally and sometimes are inaccurate, especially
for complex sentences.
If using the site for academic or professional purposes, proofreading is
Film & Video
Teach with Movies
This site offers lesson plans and learning guides to more than 425 films for
teaching English with movies. The learning guides contain background,
discussion questions, bridges to reading, links to the internet, activities, and
vocabulary lists.
The website is appropriate for all ages and levels of ability, depending on the
film or video selected. However, upper-intermediate through adult would be
the target group for the website.
A variety of discussion questions enables teachers to choose appropriate
questions for their students and develop their learning consistently.
The learning guide enables teachers to deepen and expand students
The learning guide contains a listing of possible problems which is
helpful to the teacher when selecting a movie to use in the classroom.
Randalls ESL Cyber Listening Lab
The website has hundreds of listening exercises accompanied by quizzes and
answers. The tasks range from the low-beginner to the advanced learner.
The listening exercise provides authentic contextual situations from ordering
a pizza to reporting an accident. The home page lists all sections subdivided
into levels and type of listening exercises. Links to additional resources are
also included.
The website is relevant to English language learners of every level.
The site is arranged in a clear, simple format that can be followed without
the need to read any instruction.
Each listening task begins with pre-listening exercises followed by
comprehensive quizzes to elicit the learners comprehension of the
material that was just heard.
Many of the exercises include a helpful hint which provides the listener
with background knowledge to the subject matter.



Teaching ELL: Speaking Strategies
The article, published on Scholastic, Incs website, is intended to provide tips
for teachers to help students develop English language skills and become
more comfortable participating in the classroom.
The tips listed can be used by teachers.
Many of the tips listed are consistent with TESOL pedagogy and practice.
The tips list ways to engage ELLs in classroom activities.
The article offers suggestions for planning future activities with increased
ELL participation.
Pronunciation Pairs: An Introduction to the Sounds of English by Ann
Baker and Sharon Goldstein. A pronunciation text that covers the speech
sounds of American English and offers exercises and activities.
The book is used with high-beginning to low-intermediate primary students.
Hundreds of simple, clear illustrations help students understand the
vocabulary and dialogs.
Each unit introduces a theme.
The student's book contains a CD, and the student website offers
additional exercises for use at home or school.
Baker, A. & Goldstein, S. (2009). Pronunciation pairs: An introduction to the
sounds of English
(2nd ed.). New York, NY: Cambridge University
Press. Retrieved from https://
Fun and interesting games that motivate students and teachers, while
illustrating basic grammar constructions. There is a drop-down menu which
allows for easy navigation to other sections such as pronunciation.
The materials are ideal for the beginner classroom and possibly the some of
the lower intermediate levels.


The site contains word games, puzzles, quizzes, and other activities.
Activities can be used as independent practice.
Audio sentence player allows students to listen to English sentences and
read translations.
An online pronunciation guide to nine varieties of the English language and
nine other languages.
The website provides necessary practice for higher level students in key
stages five and six, practicing pronunciation.
A link is provided to a pronunciation dictionary.
A link to English pronunciation with minimal pair practice is at the bottom
of the page.
An English dictation link for listening, reading, writing and pronunciation is
also at the bottom of the page.
95 Percent Group Inc.
95 Percent Group Inc. is assisting schools to improve reading achievement through the
implementation of Response to Intervention (RTI) practices.
The program and resources are appropriate for all ages of low-beginning to low-intermediate

Sample lesson downloads available for phonics, vocabulary, and comprehension.

Online store with iPad Apps available for some of the products.
Case studies where RTI and the 95 Percent Group strategies and materials were implemented.

Project Gutenberg
Project Gutenberg is a volunteer effort to digitize and archive cultural works, to "encourage the
creation and distribution of eBooks. Currently, there are nearly 43,000 ebooks in the catalog.
With very few selections for low or intermediate beginning learners, the website is best suited for
intermediate grade levels to adult.

Free audio books and DVDs are also available.

Ebooks are available in several file formats for download including ones compatible with
Kindle and Nook.
The most common language is English followed by French and German.



Purdue Universitys online writing Lab
The Purdue writing lab is a computer based site created as a multi-faceted
resource for English composition students as well as ESL students.
Key stage five students and above would benefit the most from this website.
ESL specific exercises link.
Resources and links available for teachers.
Offers lessons, tutorials, exercises and hands-on practice for specific
writing and grammar issues.
Vocabulary / Dictionaries
Longman Advanced American Dictionary
The Longman Dictionary has been researched and revised to meet the real
needs of learners of English. The text includes thousands of words for
content areas, as well as word origins and a thesaurus boxes that provides
help with vocabulary acquisition.
This resource is available to all students at all levels.
The dictionary is based on authentic language data.
The data indicates how frequently words and phrases are used.
The dictionary shows which new words people use every day, and which
words are frequently used together (collocations).
The Longman English Dictionary online - LDOCE
Longman Publishing Group. (2007). The Longman advanced American
dictionary (2nd ed.).
Pearson Education ESL.
The Oxford Picture Dictionary
A reference book to introduce beginning English students to a core
This dictionary is particularly useful for beginning level students.
The dictionary is available in bilingual editions for Arabic, Brazilian
Portuguese, Chinese, Farsi, French, Haitian, Japanese, Korean, Russian,
Spanish, Thai, Urdu, and Vietnamese.
An Oxford Picture Dictionary for Kids is also available.
The second edition contains an interactive CD-ROM.


Parnwell, E. C. (1988). The new Oxford picture dictionary. [Monolingual]. New

York, NY:
Cambridge University Press. Retrieved from
The Oxford English Dictionary
The Oxford English Dictionary is an authority on the English language. The
site contains the meaning, origin, and pronunciation of over a half a million
The dictionary is appropriate for all ages and levels. The exercises are for
key stage three and above.
The OED includes words that may be difficult to find in other dictionaries.
The OED includes vocabulary from around the English-speaking world and
offers etymological information and accurate pronunciations that use the
International Phonetic Alphabet.
The For Students and Teachers link includes word stories, exercises that
are organized by age, and quizzes.
Learning Chocolate
The website helps students to memorize vocabulary in an easy and efficient
way, by using pictures, sounds, and games.
Appropriate for all ages of low-beginning to low-intermediate levels.
All the exercises use pictures, sounds, and games
Both American and British English available.
Japanese, Chinese (Mandarin), German and Spanish vocabulary words are
The website, allows teachers to design word searches and crosswords. There
is also a lesson plan library and teachers guide and activities for students.
Depending on the type of puzzle selected, the puzzles are appropriate for all
ages at low-beginning to intermediate-beginning levels.
"Criss-Cross" and "Word Search" work well in the ESL classroom.
The puzzlemaker link is part of the Discovery Channels education website
containing other free resources for teachers.



The site contains Merriam-Webster intermediate and advanced

dictionaries to help students with puzzles.
An online graphical dictionary and thesaurus for synonyms and antonyms.
The website works well for all ages starting with low-beginning level
A speaker icon to click for audio pronunciation.
More user-friendly for an ESL student than a print dictionary.
The vocabulary is very limited.
Practical English Usage by Michael Swan, published by Oxford University
Press. The book contains the answers to nearly all of the questions teachers
and students have regarding English grammar.
Extremely useful for an advanced student. Might prove overwhelming for
lower level students.
Highly recommended for English and ESL teachers.
The book explains the differences in grammar between languages.
A guide to practical usage rather than just rules of grammar. Incorrect
common usages are described as "informal" rather than incorrect; by
the author. The grammatically correct form is described as "formal" or
"very formal English.
Swan, M. (2009). Practical English usage (3rd ed.). New York, NY: Oxford
University Press.
Retrieved from
Basic English Grammar by Betty Schrampfer Azar, published by Pearson
The book has all the important grammar points laid out in charts with
explanations, examples, and student exercises.
The book is great for beginning level students.
The third edition has increased speaking exercises through interactive
pair and group work.



Other level books are available as well as student workbooks.

Supplement the book with other materials, as it simply teaches basic
Azar, B. S. & Hagan, S. A. (2006). Basic English grammar (3rd ed.). White
Plains, NY: Pearson Longman
Grammar in Use - Intermediate by Raymond Murphy.
An ESL grammar textbook. Each grammar point contains one page of
examples with a brief and basic explanation. On the opposite page, there is
a worksheet for practice.
Appropriate for advanced level students as well as intermediate.
The book does not specifically state the English grammar rule but provides
For the best grammar presentations and explanations, Azar is preferred.
Grammar in Use is a good source for supplemental exercises.
Murphy, R. (2012). Grammar in use - intermediate. New York, NY: Cambridge
University Press.