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Sandeep Sunchu


As a Software Developer at Gold Coast IT Solutions working primarily with JEE, I made
significant contributions to the object oriented design and development of a web based
application for a group of libraries looking for an ERP solution. One of such important
contributions being researching/studying Spring MVC and Data Access Objects design
pattern to implement them.
As the IT Technician and Equipment Manager at the Kinesiology department of SIU, I
significantly reduced the operating budget for the department by streamlining the
process of maintaining and updating the inventory, resolving and fixing hardware/software
issues in the equipment and making it functional again.
After being invited to be the first minority leader of a student organization I worked
together with the leadership team to resolves some of the issues hindering the organizations
growth resulting in a 350% increase in membership and 500% increase in diversity. I
gained over 2 years of leadership experience in this diversely growing organization.
Received Student of the Month award from Centre for International Education-SIU for
academic excellence and contributions made towards mentoring and helping new students
with their transition into college.
1. Library Management System:
Designed and developed a Java web application for a group of libraries to carry out its
operations seamlessly over the web using Spring Tool Suite as the IDE with Tomcat as
the web server.
The application was developed using HTML, CSS, AJAX, JSP for delivering dynamic
web content and used MySQL sever as the database. Open source frameworks like
Spring MVC and Bootstrap were also used in development.
2. Good Health Pharmacies:

Developed an application where patients can login to access their prescriptions filled by
their physicians and place orders/refills for their medications from the pharmacy.
Used Java with JDBC implementation to communicate with an Oracle server in the

3. Patient Healthcare Portal:

Developed a client-server application with an elegant user interface to store/update/view

and retrieve patient medical stats & history.
Programmed the application in Python using Visual Studio IDE and integrated the
application with SQLite to use as the database.

Technical Skills

Java, JavaScript, JQuery, HTML, CSS, PHP, AJAX, JSON,

RESTful Web Services, XML, Python, C++, C#, C.


Oracle, MySQL, MongoDB.

Sandeep Sunchu


Eclipse, Spring Tool Suite (STS), Brackets, Visual Studio.


Spring MVC, Bootstrap, AngularJS, Junit.

Graphic Design Tools:

Photoshop, Illustrator, Fireworks, CorelDraw

Development Tools:

Dreamweaver, Chrome DevTools.

CRM Tools:

Wordpress, Salesforce

Operating Systems:

Windows, Unix/Linux and Mac

Professional Experience
Java/Web Developer at Gold Coast IT Solutions for 7 months

Gold Coast IT Solutions is an Applications and Services company specializing in customercentric enterprise solutions. I worked as a full stack developer on their Java enterprise
I contributed to the design and development of a web application software system together
with a team in collaborative environment, maintained clear documentation for code
readability and re-use and also assisted with troubleshooting and bug-fixing.

Research & Teaching Graduate Assistant/IT Technician/Equipment Manager at

Southern Illinois University Carbondale for 1 year 6 months.

I diagnosed & fixed various network, software & hardware issues at the Kinesiology
department and managed their IT infrastructure needs. Working together with the
professors & staff, I implemented a process to maintain and manage the inventory which
helped cut down the departments operating budget.
A few months later I was offered a Graduate Assistantship where I conducted in depth
research on several web applications & social media to develop a course curriculum focused
on creating awareness on privacy/security issues.
I carefully designed a set of tools, lab exercises and presentations to provide hands-on
training with the tools and teach cutting edge encryption technologies.

Educational Qualifications
Master of Science in Electrical & Computer Engineering
Southern Illinois University Carbondale IL, USA.
Bachelor of Technology in Electronics & Communication Engineering
Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University Hyderabad-Telangana, India.