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Weekly Report

EDT593 Applied Project

Weekly Report Week #1: January 17, 2016 - Takako Kobayashi

Keep a running total of hours spent: 5 hours this week total to date 150 hours
Work completed: I found my applied project. I started writing a statement of work (SOW) draft. I
successfully downloaded EyeObserve application (APP).
Successes and struggles:
As I mentioned above, one of the successes in this week was to find my applied project. I
enrolled in EDT593 at the last minute so I was worried if I was already left behind comparing to
other classmates. Thus, being at the starting line for my applied project is very exciting and
delightful. Another success was to start working on my SOW. I began writing project overview
section, which helped me deepen my understanding of this applied project. I frequently
communicated with Dr. Bitter, which helped me make steady progress at this project. In terms of
struggles, first of all, I have not fully investigated APP yet. I had a problem of APP installation.
Prashanna Raghavan, an APP programmer, and I had a meeting to solve this issue on Sunday, so
I have just started exploring it. Also, many sections in my SOW are still incomplete. Firstly, I do
not know who my mentor is. Secondly, I am still not sure how many hours are required for this
project. I put the minimum total hours above. Lastly, I need some feedback regarding my goals
in the four areas. From the following week, I will focus on completing my SOW by
communicating with other teammates and exploring the APP itself. I am also responsible to keep
Robin Boyle (my academic adviser) and ASU ISSC office posted to avoid any troubles related to
my visa status while working on this project.
Development of professional skills and knowledge
My goal of this area is to explore and discover how APP can work to form a comprehensive
resource for users. Investigation of APP will be my next step.
Workplace communications
My goal of this area is to develop strategies to efficiently work with multiple stakeholders from
different organizations and to consistently communicate with project team how the project is
progressing, in a way that maximizes the effectiveness of the project given their areas of
expertise. First of all, I am still revising this goal statement because it is very similar with my
goal statement about leadership skills. I will identify stakeholders and revise this goal statement
as next steps.
Leadership skills
My goal of this area is to keep the project on schedule by meeting deadlines and communicating
results in a concise yet complete way. Follow up via email with team members in a respectful
way to make sure things move along. As a next step, I will maintain constant communication
with the project team.
Ability to influence and/or impact change or forward movement in the business or organization
My goal of this area is to empower users in coaching positions by designing and implementing
a pilot test. Improve the quality of APP function such as ease of use and convenience for users.
The development of this project will also promote further use of APP. There is room for
improvement on this goal statement. Finalizing this statement will be my next step.