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DON'T LOOK BACK IN ANGER Words and Music by 1.84 NOEL GALLAGHER, 1. Slip in - side— the eye of your mind, don’t youknow you might- find — (Verse 2 see block lyric) ——= Saas a | a bet ter aon, to play. Let eee | | i 7 SSS = avi cl ety ek ara nn | Sage tat ; as ¢ g, sn, E pS te SSS but all the things that you've seen —— SS a slow - ly fade Be - FEE inom 8) = "Cause you : fe c, F re cay = if bi said the brains 1 had went to my Step out = side, sum-mer - time's in ee —S=— => stand up be- side the fi re ~ place, — SSS 5 —— Adi an, S RRR ce & o4 SS [See =! —— SS SSS aS take that look from off your face, you aint ev-er gon ma bum my F ae = [SSS Sally can wait SS she knows it’s too late > she’s, wer uk walk ing on by— E Brees a way. But don’t look back~ as she's walk - ing on by— al #9 fe ral. — =e Sete — E f — ———s slides a = way. — Rat don't Took back Verse 2: Take me to the place where you go ‘Where nobody knows if it's night or day Please don’t put your life in the hands Of a rock 'n’ roll band who'll throw it all away. 'm gonna start revolution from my head ‘Cuuuse you said the brains I had went to my head Step outside, the summertime's in bloom Stand up beside the fireplace, take that look from off your face “Cause you ain’t never gonna burn my heart out.