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Feb 17, 2016

RE: Amanda High

PS 1
Miss High spent her PS 1 practicum in my Kindergarten and Grade One classroom. She
taught a variety of lessons in Gr. K and 1 Math , Grade 1 Guided Reading , Social 1, and
Science 1, and Art K/1/2.
She created learning experiences that were meaningful, motivating and encouraged
critical thinking. The kids were very engaged, particularily in her Elf House project in
Science. Amanda has a gentle approach with the students.
Her evaluations included the use of both formative and summative assessment strategies.
She knew where her students were academically and socially and supported them,
whether they needed extra attention or an extra challenge.
Amanda was willing to learn and willing to take EVERY opportunity to observe, and
jump in to help.
Daily plans were well thought out and well organized. She clearly knew her objectives
and this was reflected in her plans.

Amanda was flexible to the challenges and responsiblities in a small rural school. I am
certain Amanda will do very well in the area of teaching she pursues. I would
recommend her as both a colleague and a teacher.

Karen Pittman
Classroom teacher Gr. K/1
Warner School
Warner, Alberta