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Professional Development Action Plan

1. To gain meaningful, full-time professional experience that allows room for growth.
2. To grow a support network of mentors and peers in and out of the field.
3. To grow as an advisor for student programming and advocacy groups.
4. To continue gaining skills and experience in supporting and advocating for inclusion
and diversity of a variety of identities.
5. To acquire skills and experience in assessment and research.
6. Maintain a sense of fulfillment and happiness.
Year 1
(1) Obtain a full time position as a Resident Director.
(2) Maintain membership in a professional organization.
(2) Establish relationships with mentors at institution.
(2, 3, 4) Attend a local conference focusing on supporting specific student identities.
(6) Readjust 5-year plan.
Year 2
(1) Maintain position from Year 1.
(5) Assist in departmental assessment projects.
(2) Maintain and strengthen relationships with mentors.
(2) Establish mentoring relationships with new staff in department, if applicable.
(3, 4) Seek advisor position for established group on campus (i.e. RHA, Alliance, etc)
(6, 1) Assess position at institution in relation to personal goals (personal relationships,
family, status of student loans, understanding of mattering to
institution/department) & make change if needed.

Year 3
(1) If in new position, settle into new department and institution.
(1, 4, 6) If in same position, seek leadership position in department committees/task
forces, particularly those regarding inclusive housing practices, training, and social
(3, 6) Maintain advisor role for student group.
(3) Pursue advisor training (i.e. ART through NACHURH).
(6, 1) Readjust 5-year plan in serious consideration of continuing education
Year 4
(1) Seek alternative position in new region/maintain new position from Year 3.
(2, 4, 5) Collaborate with mentors on collecting research and assessment data in
passion area to use in a conference presentation.
(1, 4) Present at regional conference for a professional organization.
(1, 4) Seek position on institutional task forces (particularly for LGBT+ identities).
(6) Readjust 5-year plan.
Year 5
(1) Seek leadership position in regional professional organization (i.e. PACURH).
(6,1) Consider institution positions at schools with doctoral degree programs of interest.
(2, 5) Discuss research interests with mentors and narrow focus.
(6) Readjust 5-year plan.