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e5 Phase : Evaluate

Learning Intentions
Success Criteria
Week Seven
Learning Intention: lesson seventeen
To write the names of all the continents and make
a list of interesting things I now know about them.
Success Criteria: lesson seventeen
-I can write the names of the continents
- I list the things I know about the continents in my

Blooms Taxonomy : Evaluation



Lesson Seventeen
I know the 7 continents SELF ASSESSMENT
Instruct students to sit at their tables with their
pencil and their geography work book ready.
Tell students they are doing a self assessment
about what they now know about the continents.
Explain to students that they will have 10 minutes
to write the continent names and all the things
they now know about them.
Explain to students it is a silent activity because
you want them to see what they have learnt and
how fantastic it is!
Set timer for 10 minutes and ask children to begin
Roam the class room to ensure students are not

Summative Assessment lesson seventeen.

Self Assessment
Students will undertake a self assessment this is
enlighten the students about how much they have
learnt and enable to teacher to check the students
understanding about the unit.

Give students a 5, 2 and 1 minute warning.
Pencils down! Ask students for pencils down!

Collect students workbook so you can check their
Reflect with students, did you know more about
the continents now than at the beginning of the
Learning Intention: lesson eighteen
Student intention
To show that we now know the continents
Teacher intention
To test students knowledge at the completion of
the unit.

Lesson Eighteen
-Explain to students that the following task is going
to be test for you as the teacher to determine
what they now know about the unit so we can be
proud of our individual achievements

Summative Assessment lesson eighteen

Post test.
Students undertake the post test To compare the
ending point to the starting pointing in terms of
what the students know and to indicate the
students learning in the course topic and to us
evidence of learning at the completion of the topic.

To compare the ending point to the starting

pointing in terms of what the students know

-Explain to students that is a silent activity. There is

to be no talking at all and eyes on your own work

The pre and post test are exactly the same and will
be compared.

To inform instructor who needs additional support

in the topic

-Inform students they will have 5 minutes to

complete the test.

To indicate the students learning in the course

topic and to use as evidence of learning
Success Criteria: lesson eighteen
-I have completed the test and was able to name
and locate the continents

-Instruct students to move quietly back to their

-Instruct students to get their pencil out and hand
them the map out-line face down, instruct
students to write their name.
-Instruct students to begin test and start timer.
-During the main body for this task, students will
be silently attempting to complete the test.
-During this time teacher should be roaming
classroom to ensure students are not talking or
looking at other students work.
-Dont answer questions as it will not give a clear
indication or evidence of what the individual
student knew/now knows on completion of unit.
-After 3 minutes give students a 2 minute warning,
so that students are aware of how much time they
have left and students who appreciate clear
transitions are aware that in 2 minutes they will
finish and move on to something else.
-Repeat above step at 1 minute left.

-Ask student to bring their test to the carpet and
give it to you and sit down.
-When all students are engaged and sitting on the
carpet, ask students how they felt about
completing the test this time?
-Was it easier? What did you think about the unit?
What did you like about it? Is there anything else
you would like to know?
-Complete and add to knowledge chart to students
can measure what they know now visually as the
unit is complete.