Junior Youth Group is up and running again. All dates for programs/activities/excursions will be publicised in near future. Currently working on dates available. First activity was held last weekend of the school holidays with Belly Dancing with Mums followed by the evening with a sleep over.

Belly Dancing was a great way for mums and children to participate in an activity together. "Come and have Fun with your Mum" the theme of the day, and that's exactly what we did with lots of laughs and new dance moves to practise together at home.

Sleep over proved to be a great and successful night. Tanya & Rod Hallet report of the evening:
The build up for this event was huge for me, how many children will come, what movie would they like, how much food do I buy ± what if there is not enough? So with my mind made up that ther would be about 15 -20 starving children I went shopping. Pies, sausage rolls, frankfurts, pizzas, chips and lollies were all available as well as the obvious popcorn. The night began with 22 children from Flowerdale and surrounding areas arriving some seeing their friends for the first time since the holidays began. There was a buzz then the lights went down and they sat down to ³Cloudy with a chance of meatballs´ movie. The children all had a good laugh as hamburgers and hotdogs fell from the sky in the movie. Then it was dinner, games and bed. Now who would have thought a sleep over requires the participants to sleep? Not for 3 young girls who stayed awake till past midnight then were up again around 4.30 5am. Odette arrived at 8am for our pancake breakfast then more games. Home time was 10am. What a night it felt good to Rod and I the smiles were thanks enough. There will be more to come for the Juniors so hope to see them all again.

Dance Classes every Tuesday night open to all ages is also another great program for the youth of the area. First class had approx 18 participating. The youth seem to be having fun as well as socialising with fri ends after school. It is also known that some of the mums are also joining in maybe they are trying to relive their youth also dancing to 80¶s music. Big thank you to Kirran for teaching this program.

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