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MESSAGE FROM THE CLASS SHE-SHE Assalamu'alaikum warrohmatullohi wabarokaatuh, Fathers and mothers of our teachers

honored, let me stand for a moment before your fathers and mothers of our teachers honored to represent colleagues who have graduated from elementary school classes at the State Tanen 1 we loved it. First, let us worship and praise, turning to a sense of gratitude the presence of Allah SWT has given his blessing and grace so that we can come and gather in the school auditorium was in good health and without any wal afiat obstacles. His second, successive solawat greetings may remain devoted to our lord bestows, the great prophet Muhammad has brought us all from time to time of ignorance that is brightly lit addinul Islam. Fathers and mothers are very teacher we honored our loved ones again, first, allow me on behalf of my classmates who would like to thank profusely to Mr and Mrs teachers who have been successfully educating and teaching us with the maximum, so we graduated from this school lessons. For six years, we demand that this beloved school science, so long as it was also the bond we have established a very strong and deep with fathers and mothers of teachers here. For us, the gentlemen and the teacher is actually the biological parent of our own great merit for us all, so what has the father's mother taught us, we will always remember and record it in the hearts of us all. All messages, instructions, advice, and guidance for this we get, Allah willing, we will carry out with their best. Fathers and mothers are very teacher we honored our loved ones again, very soon our sixth grade students will leave this school, which means also to leave father and mother were teachers who we love. Surely this is very heavy prrpisahan we feel, but remember the future we should welcome with reaching higher levels of education, again, then we can accept this separation with a sincere heart and full of attitude of submission to Allah SWT. Gentlemen, my mother a teacher and my younger brothers and sisters whom I love, six years is the time we have spent together, we realized of course a lot of mistakes, mistakes that we have done either intentionally or not, for that on this occasion sister sixth-grade brother who apologized profusely. And the message brother, learn a diligent, keep all the advice, the father and mother a teacher. Hopefully, we all become a successful children, amiin For fathers and mothers and our teachers can not reply to all the struggles and the good teachers in our mother's father than by prayer. may Allah SWT recorded all good fathers and mothers all the charity repertoire of teachers in the world and the hereafter. Amiin Thus we can state welcome, do not forget we apologize for any errors and mistakes so far. We pray the prayer of blessing to the father and mother were teachers for the smooth and our success in further education.

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