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Remote Working Policy

We are adopting a Remote Working Policy, initially for associates and counsel in the
Americas, in order to achieve a number of objectives including, but not limited to,
the following:

Demonstrate the firms support of remote working

Increase the retention, efficiency, and productivity of our lawyers
Increase the morale and job satisfaction of our lawyers
Respond to requests by associates for a formal policy regarding remote
Recognize that high quality legal services can be delivered from outside of
the office
Utilize modern technology to provide consistently high levels of client service
regardless of the location of our lawyers

Subject to the day-to-day needs of their respective practice groups, associates and
counsel in good standing may work from locations outside of the office up to two (2)
days per month; provided, that: (i) they are not needed to be physically in the office
on the day(s) they choose to work remotely; (ii) their deal/case teams are informed
in advance that they will be working remotely and the supervising partners on such
teams have not objected to such arrangement; and (iii) they are actively working
(and not just checking emails on a personal device, for example). It is the firms
expectation that an associate or counsel working from outside of the office on a
particular day will bill the same number of hours he or she would have billed in the
Technology Support from the Firm:
In support of this remote working policy, the firm will provide a printer/scanner for
home use to every associate and counsel who requests to receive one.