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THE ANGLICAN CHURCH OF KENYA (ACK) HEAD OFFICE Aretbishop: Most Rev. Dr Eliad W.Wabuhala—Enaitarchofficeniftemacom Tei: 2714755 A.C. Garden House, 2nd Fk Wing Provincia reser: Dr Wiliam O, Ogura Tel 8901656 NAIROBI = Mobile asibers: 0721968309, 073416358 Website: wwwackenya re STATEMENT ON THE ACC 16, LUSAKA The Anglican Church of Kenya at the 22" Provincial Synod held on 25" September, 2015 amongst others, resolved as follows 15.6.3 and 15.6.4 here below: 15.6.3 The ACK continues to disassociate with the Episcopal Church of America — which has now officially sanctioned a liturgy for same sex marriages. 15.6.4 The Anglican Church of Kenya supports the Global South and the arms of the Anglican Communion to exclude TEC from all activities in the Communion as a measure of discipline. These resolutions are consistent with the resolutions by the Anglican Primates meeting in Canterbury dated 1 January, 2016 that a resolution was passed by an overwhelming majority to have TEC suspended from all ecumenical bodies and from voting on matters of polity and doctrine in Communion organization for three years. On the 18" March 2016, I issued a statement in form of a letter to the Archbishop of Canterbury in which we reaffirmed our position in as far as the interrelation with TEC is concerned. Since then we have had open deep reflection and consultations on the following issues:- i) That to give effect to the Anglican Church of Kenya's Provincial Synod resolutions referred above and the communication to TEC by the Anglican ‘Communion, then it would follow that it is not us that are in exclusion from ACC but TEC, Our position to attend would be in conformity with the TEC's suspension. ii) Any Resolutions passed at ACC 16 would affect the Anglican Communion and future generations. It is thus extremely important for the Anglican Church of Kenya to be heard on the resolutions. Itis for this reason Anglican Church of Kenya attends the ACC-16, Lusaka, Our attendance is on the understanding that the resolutions will be respected, John 1:4-5 “In Him was life, and that life was the light for mankind. The light shines in the darkness and the darkness has not overcome it." We are also reminded of Jesus teaching in Mathew 18:15-17 We continue to pray for the Anglican Communion as it seeks the counsel of our Lord Jesus Christ in these challenging times. God bless you. Hermann 5|4|2016 ee The Most Rev. Dr. Eliud Wabukala, EBS ARCHBISHOP OF KENYA & BISHOP OF ALL SAINTS’ CATHEDRAL DIOCESE

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