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Cascadia Student Life ‘Welcome to the Cascadia Student Life Inventory! ‘Student Life offers events, programs, and services which encourage student involvement in the campus community and enhance the educational espects of Cascadia. The cultural, social, recreational, and educational programs supported and developed by Student Life are designed to create a positive learning experience, assist students in developing leadership and life skils, and promote awareness and understanding about student, community, and social issues. ‘Student Life is dedicated to giving our students the experience YOU want! In order to help us make that happen, please take this short survey to help us gain a better understanding on how to best serve you and your fellow Kodiaks. i coms coe Tkcompleted Powe oy “This cone i rir cone mo no by oe By Google Forms ‘ar Aoued- Tema of ont ia Te Cascadia Student Life How many quarters have you been a student et Cascadia? eT) Which of he following groups do you identity with? (© imomational Student (© Running Start © Basie Sils/ Workforce Education © other In what ways are you curently involved in Student Life? (© thokd a poston in Student Lite (CAB, CEO, C36) © Ham ewolved ina lb, (© tom notinvved wih Student Lite Back Continue» ‘Wh completed rove oy “Wace a ier cei nme! Conde Bi Google Forms ipo ee Treo Svcs Astra Tome Cascadia Student Life Which of the fllowing groups are you involved in? ‘Check all that apply. Board Gaming Cb i Cascadi Ateties Sard Cascadia Student Goverment Chinese Communication Clb 3 Community Engagement eer 9 creative ats Cub 3 Debate Gu 5 Gey Sreight Alionee Indonesian lab International Stents Sei Relations Nest Generation I lab 1G Sming Chi 3 Tent Gath Cob 3 Veterans Community 5 Kamara Developers Cub Gobefd ‘Wy dd you choose to get involved with thie group? Chea nat apy wart leadership poston on campus. © mations wi my academic goa nd irests. (© tations wth my professional goals and rtorosts. © tealigns wth my personal goals and ines. © oy that acy and wartosto moet othars who ls share this rest. © | wartedto wy somettingrew, © | wart fn comunty on campus. © My tend were sendy involves inti group. (© twas recommended by a facuty or stetf member. Cote: —————SSS=d How many hours do you commit to your Involvement inthe group(s) cach week? CO Less than 1 hour 12houre © 84houre O57 hours © 7 hous © Wermore hous a = =) 33% competed ower by ‘Tris coment i retreat nor endered by Googe. By Goodie Forms Rept Rhee Tows Soi Me Tor Cascadia Student Life Events \1om MOST likely te attend an event when itis during this time: Check all hat apy © Bam-t0am 1 10am-t2pm 5 12pm-tpm OO tpmgpm © Seman © Sem7om © Tomo onthe weekend C other: sm MOST likely to attend an event when iton this day: CChack al hat apply Ol Monday © Tuesday O Wednesday © Thursday O Frigay © Saturday Sunday ‘Typlally, when I donot attend an event on eampus, itis because (Check a'thet apy G 14 not know about it ata. (0 Iwas confused on the detals ofthe event (ime, location te) had cass during the event. C Iwas not on campus during the event. (did not know anyone ese who was going tothe event. C1 was not interestad inthe typeof event. other ‘continue cee cS 58% completed Powered by “This cortontis reer crete rer endorsed by Goode. BB Google Forms Reser: Abuse - Terms of Sendee- Adhonal Terms Cascadia Student Life Using the scale below, please indicate your interest level for attending the different TYPES OF ACTIVITIES, leted on the lett. vaetleg — eesee SS note Mrs Speakers ° ° ° ° ° Fim Screenings ° ° ° ° ons ° ° ° ° ° Workshops ° ° ° ° ° rating ° ° ° Recreaion/Spots ° ° ° ° ae ° ° ° ° ° MuserPatamance ° ° ° ° See ° ° ° ° ° (meee ae) ° ° ° ° ° Games &camwals ° ° ° ° Meals & Other Food o °o o o °o ei) ° ° ° ° ° Using the scale below, please indicate your interest level fr the different TOPIC AREAS listed on the left. tamot sue Veyinteested tnterestes — S2EUHHE otiterested “what Content Related 12 my Cissses 2 io 2 © endemic Success ° ° 3 ‘Support inthe Job faa ° ° ° ° ‘Supportin ‘Transferring to ° fe} ° Qo 2rcther School ‘Social Justice Oo Oo oO Oo oO raion ¢ ° > ¢ ° Leadership ° ° ° ° ° Heath &Welhess ° > c ° ‘rs (muse, fm, 5 r ae ° ° ° ° Qo Recreation c ° > c ° Technology ¢ 5 5 re r = ° ° ° ° ° Culture Shang c ° > c ° Civic Engagement Oo Oo oO Oo oO Environmentalism ° > c ° Meeting New 5 r rare ° ° Q ° o ‘tess Relief 8Fun ° > ‘What events would you like to see on campus? = [= — | oe 66% completed ono “Picante mises rend Gg, Bi Google Forms tA Toa eS r!ome Cascadia Student Life ‘Through what method are you most Ikely to see Information about Student Life? [ TPTimes (Newsletter in the bathroom stalls) (0 Table Stands Fliers Around Campus 0 Facebook # Other Social Media (O Word of outn 0 Tabling Around Campus 1 the Smore Enewsleter 0 other [ sack Continue» onic Fonondy ‘i cre eect ar nda Gee, Bi Google Forms Repo Aree Soi Noe Tre Cascadia Student Life Do you have any ther feedback for how Student Life can better cater tothe students of Cascadia? a aS — Sets 88% comaleted ower by ‘Ths carers ener eset nor encores by Googe, B Google Forms Report Abuse - Tes of Servi - Additonal Toms Cascadia Student Life Thank You ‘Thank you for taking time to complete this survey. Your feedback is appreciated. Enter a raffle by submitting your information below! Please provide your name and email address below. This information will only be Used to enter you in to a raffle as an appreciation for filling out this survey. Your name and email will not be used in compiling the results ofthe survey. Name: | woul ike to signup forthe Student Life E-newsletter to get updates about events going on around ‘campus! L lickehere | donot wich to dleclose this information and be entered Into the raffle. Cette « EE — , woe venae ea simpsons oh ange Fos a ete rege Bi Google Forms Revo ovo. Tome Son Astor Te