A report submitted to IIMT COLLEGE OF MANAGEMENT for the partial fulfillment of Post Graduate Diploma in Management

Submitted To Mr. Girish Kathuria

Submitted by: Tarun Sharma PGDM-IVth Sem Batch: 2008-2010




I, Tarun Sharma to declare that the research project report entitled ³MARKETING STRATEGIES OF PRIYAGOLD´ being submitted for the partial fulfillment of the requirement for Post Graduate Diploma In Management is my own endeavors and it has not been submitted earlier to any institution/university for any degree.

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(Tarun Sharma)


My first regards are to almighty God, it was my great trust and belief on him which enabled me to move on the righteous path. First of all my whole gratitude towards Mr. Rajeev Gupta, Faculty, IIMT College Of Management, Greater Noida for having given me the opportunity to do a research on the topic MARKETING STRATEGIES OF PRIYAGOLD . I also express thanks to my friends who help me in the successes fully completion of my research report.

Tarun Sharma


To start any business the success entirely depends on the marketing research done about the particular product and the consumer attitude towards the product. Marketing research plays a vital role in a business to make it success. The topic for research was ³MARKETING STRATEGIES OF PRIYAGOLD´ I have tried to put my best effort to complete this task on the basis of skill that I have achieved during my studies in the institute. I have tried to put my maximum effort to get the accurate statistical data, if any error or any mistake in collecting the data, please ignore it. In this research work, a survey was conducted about the prescribing preferences of consumer, the market share of various brands of biscuits. The survey was conducted in New Delhi. A sample of 200 retailers had been taken.




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TOPIC OBJECTIVE Marketing Strategies of PRIYAGOLD To find the market share and market potential of PRIYAGOLD. RESEARCHER¶S NAME AREA OF RESEARCH SAMPLE UNIT SAMPLE SIZE TYPE OF RESEARCH Tarun Sharma West Delhi Retailer 200 only Exploratory


PRIYAGOLD is a part of Surya Food & Agro Ltd. When this industry to enter in the biscuit industry then a lot of competitors were there but they didn¶t frustrate and entered with good quality and good distribution channel. The major customer knows to PRIYAGOLD through its quality and family pack. Now PRIYAGOLD has good market condition in New Delhi and very soon its probability to cover in all over India. Customer more attract from its good quality. It has a strong image of customer mind. I Tarun Sharma, a student of PGDM-IVth Sem, IIMT College of Management, Greater Noida did my research project in PRIYAGOLD on the topic of ³ Marketing strategies Of PRIYAGOLD´. During Reseach, I met various executive and staff of organization. Without whom its project would not have been a successful. I also interviewed a few major customer to know about their opinion about the company and other competitors. This helps me in data collection, marketing strategies and assessment. I was able to know about customer preference and choice of PRIYAGOLD brands and other biscuit brand and problems.


Retail outlets coverage in respect of supplies & competitor¶s activity, it is not only the part of topic but also a very important aspect of business organization. In present scenario, competitors are major problem of business. Now a days, each and every organization first of all try to demolish the competitors steps. If any new organization going to start then firstly it will sure focus on activity of competitors and according to that next steps arise. Another part of topic is market share and market potential of PRIYAGOLD biscuits. Market share and potentiality helps into organization that where organization stands in the market or what are the major chances to increase sales or cover the entire market. This important aspects gives knowledge to organization about quality, price or choice of the consumer etc. For all the circumstances, retailers play important role for organization. They give a perfect information to the company that helps to take next steps. So perfect supplies, competitor¶s activity, market share and potentiality are very important part of business industry.





AIM: To find out the retail outlets coverage in respect of supplies & competitive activity of PRIYA GOLD biscuits.

OTHER OBJECTIVE:  To know the market share of PRIYAGOLD.  To know the market potential of PRIYAGOLD.  To know the factors affecting sales.  To know the buying behavior of consumer toward PRIYAGOLD biscuit.  To know the effectiveness of advertisement.  To know the retailers/wholesaler expectation from the PRIYAGOLD.


Research in common parlance refers to a search for knowledge. One can also define research as a scientific and systematic search for pertaining information of a specific topic. It is the pursuit of truth with the help of study, observation, comparisons and experimentation. The following are the seven steps of a research:1. Specifying research objectives. 2. Preparing a list of the needed information 3. Designing the data collecting project 4. Selecting a sample type 5. Determining sampling size 6. Organizing and carrying out the fieldwork 7. Analyzing the collected data and reporting the finding These steps are not a contrived sequence of independent steps; they consist of a number of interrelated activities. To take an example, one must have a good understanding of the research objectives. Now we discuss the seven steps in details:


(1) SPECIFYING RESEARCH OBJECTIVES In this step of the research process, researchers must first obtain answers to the questions, What is the purpose of this study? and What are the objectives of the research? If these questions are not properly answered at the outset, the study is likely to be misdirected and to pursue vague or obscure goals, the probable result will be that the collected data will not be as valid and/or reliable as desired. Clearly, this step in the research process must involve both the manager and the researcher. One source of research error is poorly conceived study. Much of the responsibility for specifying research objectives necessarily lies with the manager. Researcher cannot be expected to answer such questions as ³What is the purpose of study´ Without a great deal of assistance. Hence, if this step in the research process is not to be major source of error, the manager and the researcher must collaborate in a clear and precise identification of the study objectives.

After a satisfactory statement of the study¶s purpose and objectives has been established, it is necessary to prepare a list of the information needed to attain the

objectives. The contents of such a list will be determined by the objectives of the research and the situation leading to the research request.

After the research objectives have been specified (step 1) and the list of needed information has been prepared (step 2), the researcher should determine whether such information is already available, either in company records or in outside sources, certainly, the researcher should not collect data from the field until the appropriate secondary sources of information have been reviewed. If the needed information is not available from secondary sources, the researcher will have to collect data in the field, and so it will be necessary to design a data collection project. PROBLEMS IN ACHIEVING THE SCIENTIFIC METHOD: Researcher encounter many possible sources of error when designing a data collection project. Some of these include using a poor or inappropriate research design not using experimental designs where possible); using a large scale study instead of a small scale study, or vice versa; using poor experimental designs; and still others. To minimize the possible sources of error associated with designing a data collection project, the following five issues must be given attention first:-


A. SHOULD THE RESEARCH BE EXPLORATORY OR CONCLUSIVE? To a great extent, this issue is likely to be determining by the research objective and the situation leading to the request for research. Exploratory research is likely to be used when investigating a potential opportunity or problem and conclusive research is likely to be used when the research is likely to be used when the research findings are expected to result in specific decision being made or specific actions being taken. B. WHO SHOULD BE INTERVIEWED AND HOW? Next, the researcher must identity who has the needed information how it can be obtained. C. SHOULD ONLY A FEW CASES BE STUDIED, OR SHOULD A LARGE SAMPLE BE USED? If the study is a conclusive one, and if the findings are to be ³representative´ of the universe, the researcher may want to use a large scale statistical study. However, if the project is concern with finding a ³best´ way rather than a typical way of doing something such as laying out the main floor of a fast food restaurant the research may well consists of the analysis of a few selected cases. D. HOW WILL EXPERIMENTS BE INCORPORATED IN THE RESEARCH

If conclusive research is being undertaken, the research project may include one or more experiments of some kind. If an experiment is a part of the research design, the researcher must decide such things as where and when measurements will take place and how the experimental variable will be applied. E. HOW SHOULD THE DATA COLLECTION FORM BE DESIGNED? When it is necessary to collect original information, researchers will do so by either questioning or observing respondents. As it is common in most research projects to employ a number of field workers, some procedure must be used to standardize all of the data that is collected. This is accomplished by giving all interviewers the same data collection from to use when they interview or observe respondents. In that way, all of the interviewers or field workers will be collecting comparable data. (4) SELECTING A SAMPLE TYPE Almost all marketing research projects are interested in information about a large population such as all families with children at home or all retail grocery stores. As it is impractical to collect data from all embers of such large


populations, a sample is selected. Various type of samples are possible, but they can be classified into two general categories they are:1. Non Profitability 2. Probability (5) DETERMINING SAMPLE SIZE The researcher must also decide how large a sample to select. Marketing research sample very from fewer 10 to several thousand. The research must consider the problem at hand, the budget and the accuracy needed in the data before the question of sample size can be answered.


Fieldwork includes selecting, training, controlling and evaluating the members of the field force. Their methods used in the field in the field are very important, for they usually involve a substantial part of the research budget and are a potential source of error through lack of both validity and reliability. Fieldwork


methods are dictated largely by the method of collecting data, the sampling requirements, and the kinds of the information that must be obtained. (7) ANALYSING THE COLLECTED DATA AND REPORTING

After all the interviews and / or observations have been made,the completed data collecting forms must be processed in a way that yield the information the project was designed to obtain. First, the forms needed to be edited to ensure that instructions were followed, that all questions were asked observations made, and that the resulting data are consistent and logical. Next, the data is prepared for tabulation. This means that the data must be assigned to categories and then coded so the responses can be put in to the computer. The responses are usually tabulated and analyzed on a computer.


Data collection is an elaborate process in which the researcher makes a planned research for all relevant data. Data is the foundation of all market research. Data or facts may be obtained from several sources. Data can be classified as:1. PRIMARY DATA 2. SECONDARY DATA

Primary data is the data gathered for the first time by the researchers. If the secondary data is found to be inadequate or unavailable, the researcher goes for primary data. COLLECTION OF PRIMARY DATA Collection of primary data is a task demanding technical expertise. The provider or the source of primary data is termed as ³respondent´. A respondent may give information actively or passively.

Secondary data is the data borrowed from secondary sources by the researcher. Secondary data can be internal or external i.e. internal records of the company or information available from library and other statistical organization.

In a Market Research Project Field Work has a very vital role to play. As a matter of fact, its the back bone of any Market Research Project. Field Work basically consists of collection of primary data. In this project, researcher had to undergo a lot of Field Work. For the purpose researcher has to visit various cinema halls, public attractive places, colleges and school canteens etc.

The whole area, which was to be surveyed, was divided into different segments randomly. Simultaneously survey of both retailers and consumers was carried out. The research worked in the field for a span of half month. Later on whole data, which was collected from field, was well scrutinized and tabulated for analysis. Its interpretation has been provided in most easy to understand manner with the help of suitable diagrams and charts. I hope that this project will clear all the doubts and perceptions, which come up in your minds occasionally and I hope that our data analysis and key findings will throw some more light on Biscuit Industry. At the end I am very much confident and pleased to state that this project will solve the purpose of PRIYAGOLD BISCUITS.


Marketing is a societal process by which individuals and groups obtain what they need and want through creating, offering and freely exchanging products and services of value with others or otherwise it is the process of planning and executing the conception, pricing, promotion and distribution of ideas, goods, services to create exchanges that satisfy individual and organizational goals.

Marketing strategy is a set of objectives, policies and rules that leads the company's marketing efforts. It is the marketing approach to accomplish the bread objective of the marketing approach to accomplish the bread objective of the marketing plan. The various process of marketing strategy is given below: 1. Selecting largest markets segmentation 2. Positioning 3. Product 4. Price 5. Place


6. Promotion 7. Research and development 8. Marketing research (1) MARKET SEGMENTATION AND SELECTING TARGET MARKET: It is an effort to increase a company's precision marketing. The starting point of any segmentation discussion is mass marketing. In mass marketing, the seller engaged in the mass production, mass distribution and mass promotion of one product for all buyers. Market segment consists of a large identifiable group within a market with similar wants, purchasing power geographical location, buying attitudes or buying habit. It is an approach midway between mass marketing and individual marketing. Through this the choice of distribution channels, and communication channels become much easier. The researchers try to form segments by looking at consumer characteristics; geographic, demographic, and psychographic. After segmenting the market then target market selected.

(2) POSITIONING: The positioning is a creative exercise done with an existing product. The well known products generally hold a distinctive position in

consumer's minds. The positioning requires that every tangible aspect of product, price, place and promotion must support the chosen positioning strategy. Company should develop a unique selling proposition (USP) for each brand and stick to it, PPL consistently promotes its DAP fertilizer by Higher yield at lower cost. As companies increase the number of claims for their brand, they risk disbelief and a loss of clear positioning. In general a company must avoid four major positioning errors. Those are under positioning over positioning, confused positioning and doubtful positioning. (3) PRODUCT: A product is any offering that can satisfy a need or want. The major types of basic offerings are goods, services, experiences, events, places, properties, organizations, information and ideas. The company gives more importance in quality, packaging, services etc. to satisfy the customers. The products has it's life cycle. The product strategies are modified in different stages of product life cycle. (4) PRICE: It is the most important aspect in company's point of view. Price of the product will be decided by the company according to the competitor's price.


(5) PLACE: This plays a major role in the entire marketing system. the company emphasis on it's distribution network. Proper distribution network gives proper availability of the product. (6) PROMOTION: Promotion is the one of the major aspects in marketing strategies. By adopting various promotional activities the company create strong brand image. It also helps in increasing the brand awareness. It includes advertising, sales promotions and public relations etc. (7) RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT: After testing, the new product manager must develop a preliminary marketing strategy plan for introducing the new product in to the market. The plan consists of three parts. The first part describes the target market's size, structure and behavior. The second part out lines the planned price, distribution strategy and marketing budget for the first year. The third part of the development describes the long run sales and profit goals and marketing mix strategy over time. (8) MARKETING RESEARCH: Marketing research is the collection and interpretation of facts that help marketing management to get products more effectively into the hands of consumers, Marketing research encompasses all information pertinent to this task, all the appropriate technique.


Company was established in December 1993 and brought out its value and cherished project - Biscuits under the brand name PRIYAGOLD. "PRIYAGOLD" is one of the leading manufactures of biscuits in Northern India having wide distribution network in Northern and Western parts of India. PRIYAGOLD manufacture 22 varieties of Biscuits both Sweet and Salt, Widely accepted and appreciated by millions of domestic and international consumers. The companies mercurial growth is attributed to its M.D. Mr. B.P. Aggarwal who have got years of rich experience and depth of knowledge in the field of biscuit, made it possible to penetrate the nook and the corner of Northern and Western parts of India labeling PRIYAGOLD biscuits a household name. The company has capacity of 70 tones a day production. The company has planned to achieve turnover of Rs. 300 crores by 2004. PRIYAGOLD has been pioneering in economy packs. The company has an existing dealer network of over 1000 distributors spread over in the North and the West. It is planning to increase it distribution strength to 1100 distributors by the end of year 2004.


It is based on the survey conducted in New Delhi on Biscuit industry. The applicability of various branding strategies play crucial role in marketing in product. The applicability has grown due to the liberalization, competition and technological changes taking place in corporate world. In this project the various branding strategies adopted by the company has been studied and compared on the basis of current market scenario. It gives the idea about the market share enjoyed by the different companies in the Biscuit Industry. It provides the adequate coverage of many issues related to biscuit industry. The objective of this report is to give the market share of PRIYAGOLD biscuits in the Indian capital (New Delhi). It has been made possible by knowing the consumer's behavior and by studying the patterns adopted by the retailers. It gives us very precise view about the existing demand of PRIYAGOLD biscuits and demand of their products as compared to other competitors. Biscuits derive its name from a French word meaning twice backed bread, Biscuits in general have a good shelf life, which is higher than all other snack items available in the market. India is the second largest producer of biscuits in the world after the U.S.A. but still the per capita consumption is only 2.3 kg/year of developed countries. As


per the latest survey done by N.C.A.E.R., 49 biscuits are consumed in rural areas. The penetration of biscuits into households stands at an average of 83.2% with the rural penetration at 77% and urban penetration at 88%. Biscuits are reserved for the small-scale sector but there are strong possibilities of the industry being deserved in line with the government policy of liberalization. The net effect thus would be greater choice for the consumer as well as a check on the costs. The country production of the biscuits during 1997-98 was 18.6 Lac tons of which 1/2 was manufactured by the organized sector. The industry turn over was 5322.7 Crores of which organized sector contributed 2519.3 crores. The annual growth rate of the industry is about 12.5%. However, the growth of cream biscuits, assorted or special variety is the range of 30-40%. The organized sector consists of large, medium and small scale biscuit manufacturers who produce packed biscuits. The major players in this sector are Britannia, , Parle G, Priyagold etc. the unorganized sector comprises of small bakery units, cottage and household type manufacturing plants. These units distribute their biscuits in the surrounding vicinity of their manufacturing locations of say 20-50 kms. The country production of biscuits during 1998-99 is estimated to be about 19.5 lack tons. Out


of which 1/2 again is expected from unorganized sector. The industry turnover is estimated to cross 6100 crores of which organize sector is expected to contribute 2990 crores. Surya Food & Agro, makers of Priya gold biscuits, doubled capacity from 25 tonnes a day to 50 tonnes and plans to be a national brand soon. In an aggressive mode, the North dominated biscuit player has increased its ad budget to Rs. 5 crore this year from Rs. 3 crore last year. Surya has also recently invested about Rs. 5 crore in the modernization and expansion of its production and packing its production capacity of 40 tonnes per day to 100 tonnes per day by next year. The aim: to take the current turnover of Rs. 50 crore to Rs. 100 crore by the year 2001. The low priced brand claims to have a 15 per cent market share in the North and is aggressively eyeing a bigger bite of the Rs. 2,500 crore biscuit industry. The brand plans to gain a 40 per cent market share in the North by the year of 2001. The company's strategy has been to attract new consumer segments and widen its consumer base with its well packaged low priced offerings. Surya's success has also come from its formidable.


I hope that this project will clear all the doubts and perception, which come up in your minds occasionally and I hope that my data analysis and key findings will throw some more light on Biscuit industry. At the end I am very much confident and pleased to state this project will solve the purpose of PRIYAGOLD BISCUITS.


Marketing is not Euclidean geometry a fixed system of concept. Rather marketing is one of the dynamic fields within the management arena. The market face continually a new challenge everyday and companies must respond to it positively. Therefore it is not surprising that new market idea keep surfacing to meet new market place challenges. The market process is applicable to more than goods and services. Anything related to market including ideas, events, policies, prices and personalities comes under market strategy. However it is important to emphasize opportunity in the market through market strategy. Following strategies adopted by the organization.  A strong quality of the product and customer satisfaction: Customers always believe in good quality product. In my survey, I found that in percentage term more people is quality conscious and not price conscious. Customer satisfaction is very important part of the organization that at any cost they have to fulfill. 

A growing relationship with customer and customer retention:

Nowadays a good relation with customer is very important for organization. Sale is totally depending on the relation with the customers. Customer's retention is also a major aspect for growing business. It means keep the old customer and try to make new customer.  Focus on competitors activity: Every organization should be careful about it's competitors step, because they can disturb the growing sales process of the organization.  A growing emphasis on global thinking and local marketing planning: Companies are increasing by pursuing market beyond their borders. When they enter other countries they must follow the tradition of that country and also they make plan for local market that which type of product has more demand and how can it run in the market.  Promotional Strategy Under the market strategy promotional idea is very important. Organization provides some schemes or rebates to retailers or consumers. They make advertisement according to convenient of the people and the feature of the product. So on the basis of marketing strategy of organization runs in the market. It is several types of which makes helpful to increase sales and turnover of the organization.


PRIYAGOLD is headed by Managing Director Mr. B.P. Aggarwal. HIS FUNCTION ARE AS FOLLOWS y Overall responsibility of operations of the company which includes business services, corporate planning, procurement, manufacturing quality, human resources development and customer support services. y Ultimate responsibility for the product quality, overall responsibility for the implementation and maintenance of the quality management system. MANAGEMENT REPRESENTATIVES The MD appoints management representatives and he has defined authority and responsibility for ensuring that quality system requirement of the company are implemented and maintained The responsibilities are: - Responsible for co-ordination and implementation of the quality system. - Convening management review committee meetings. - Coordinating with HRD for the training requirement relating to the quality management system of the company.

DEPARTMENTAL HEADS Various departmental heads are appointed who are responsible for the following: - Developing and maintaining quality system. - Document and data control. - Identify and control of nonconforming products/process/system in the dept. - Taking timely corrective and preventive action for the non-conformity observed. - Identifying training needs of the personnel in the department.

MARKETING AND SALES ORGANIZATION (MSO) Marketing and sales organization of PRIYAGOLD is directly responsible for all product management and sales operation for both domestic and overseas market. RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT (R & D) PRIYAGOLD has R & D setup at Noida and is actively pursuing several projects. At present PRIYAGOLD has more than 140 R & D Engineers. In addition to internal projects, R & D is also executing several projects, both onshore and offshore, for overseas clients.


PROFESSIONAL SERVICES ORGANIZATION (PSO): PSO of PRIYAGOLD provides solutions in the area of development, integration, facilities management and training. PRIYAGOLD strengthened its PSO to meet the growing demand for enterprise solution in key vertical segments comprising industries in telecommunication, manufacturing, finance and banking, government, utilities and transportation. MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEMS (MIS): The MIS department handles information system needs of PRIYAGOLD. All major functions like sales order processing and invoicing PPC, Finance, HRD, inventory, Call maintenance etc are fully computerized and integrated with each other having electronic mail facilities, all customer orders are transferred electronically to the plant for execution. FINANCE & ACCOUNTS Finance and Accounts department is responsible for keeping accounts of the company, arranging and managing the funds, credit control etc.






Finance department is under the control of CFO. It comprises of Accounts Executives. Account section generates information/data relating to operational activities of the firm. The end product of accounting is financial statement such as the Balance Sheet, Income statement and statement of changes in financial position. These statements and reports assist the Finance Manager in assessing the past performance and future planning for the firm. Finance manager deals with cash and Bank. The company has well-developed system of accounts. The responsibility of recording the day to day transaction is vested with the deputy general manager. Under the finance manager, there are the executives.

Generally all organizations have competitors in the market. A particular organization always comprises with other same business and according to market share we clarify the brand of product is giving more challenge to my product. When I was in the field for Surya Food and Agro Ltd. I found many products, which can be compared with PRIYAGOLD biscuit. As a conclusion I found that particularly in my provided area PRIYAGOLD is really doing well and its performance is on surprising level. Their PRIYAGOLD got market Leader position and main competitor is BRITANNIA with the second position. Except these two branches so many brand is as a competitor of PRIYAGOLD and they are covering some parts of markets. These brands are PARLE-G, ANMOL & APSARA. PRIYAGOLD is basically providing good quality biscuits but Britannia is not only providing good quality but also providing small chocolate with small pack of biscuits. Parle-G has good taste for especially for children. Yammi biscuit is only selling of Anmol because it is very tastey.


In my provided area the share of the market is as follows. PRIYA GOLD BRITANNIA PARLE-G ANMOL 42% 35% 20% 3%

These are the main competitors of PRIYAGOLD and BRITANNIA comes in second position but PRIYAGOLD is largest demanded biscuit. Customers like its various brands. When we compared with other businesses then we follow the quality, price, distribution system, promotional strategy etc. of the competitors. In this area, PRIYAGOLD is doing well. The business of BRITANIA is also growing with some good brand of products. Anmol, Parle-G, & Apsara are also giving good competition to PRIYAGOLD and BRITANNIA biscuit organization.So these are the comprises explanation with other business of biscuit.


After going thick on the things, now time is to make a complete picture. While making a product a SKU (stock keeping unit) of the shop retailers think about the GMROI (gross margin return on investment) and they promote the brand which provide them highest. They can expect return in the form of profit margin, company schemes, window display and reference of the shop. Among these company schemes make the difference and are the highest sources of motivation after profit margin. Retailing demands a constant push from the company. Marketer needs to use advertising and brand building strategies to address the discerning buyers and retail push to in different buyers. The manufacturer should understand consumer behavior because retailers can¶t help quality and price. It is only up to manufacturers to deliver what consumer wants. I need to stress on it because 58% retailers said that it is demand why they sell PRIYAGOLD. 61% agree that at retail shop it is brand popularity, which

determine the purchase of biscuit.There is a greater need to understand the retailer behavior. Considering them as a team, working for the company may help them to be attached to the company. There should be a feeling of belonging to the

company in inner of the retailers. This can be done by setting values club for retailers so that they may exchange views with the company and help in understanding consumer behavior.


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Crack & Cheers Snack zig zag Glucose ± V Cheese Cracker Magic Gold











Distribution in marketing context means the transfer of goods from producer to consumer, as we all know. In a distribution system, we are to first find out what kind of distribution channel is to be selected so as the firm can get a convenient supply and economic maintenance of profit. In Biscuit Industry, where flow of goods, matters a lot, it is must to consider the following points very carefully. y Selection of channels for distribution y Warehousing and Transport y Operational Research y Logistic Mix 1. SELECTION OF CHANNEL OF DISTRIBUTION For selecting a channel for distribution following points are to be considered. NATURE OF PRODUCT: Bakery items are consumer goods and are constantly in demand. Once a consumer does not find it in the retail shop, head may instantly choose the another, at least for trial and here beings the decrease of market share. PRIYAGOLD should not be always available in retail shop but be visible to customer also.


FINANCIAL POSITION OF MANUFACTURER:- The fewer the number of organization in the chain, smaller the burden on the manufacturer. Expenditure on distribution through alternative channels must be noted. The distribution margin is affected with the selection of distribution channel. VARIETY OF PRODUCT TO BE SOLD:- More the variety of product, more the responsibility of marketing department of the company. 2. WAREHOUSING AND TRAINING Warehousing and transport are essential part of distribution system. Warehousing should be done in a manner, minimum maintenance of cost should occur. That should be a source of quick supply to customer because from this place basic supply starts.

Transport is costly, so decision should be taken as to whether warehouses are to be centrally situated or decentralized. To maintain economical support, control of cost of vehicle is essential and shipment must be planned so those vehicles are effectively employed.


3. OPERATIONAL RESEARCH Operational research is valuable in improving aspects of distribution process, How?  By mathematical representation of whole distribution system.  Noting and comparing transport cost.  Measuring warehouse operation cost.  Measuring Stock Level 4. LOGISTIC MIX There has been little close examination of possible saving in area of physical distribution, now known as logistic.

"Customer want products available in right sizes, at the right time, in right packet and right condition. This is possible if five key decisions are coordinated.  Facility  Inventory  Communication  Utilization


Transport It is important to remember the physical distribution management refers to the flow of goods from end of production time to customer. Logistic incorporates the total flow, information into, through and out of system.


Understanding the buying behavior of the target market as the essential task of marketing management under marketing concept. The consumer market consist of all the individuals and households who buy or acquire good and services for personal consumption. The buying behavior tries to find out the answers for the questions, who buys? How do they buy? Where do they buy? Do they buy? (A)FACTORS INFLUENCING CONSUMER BUYING

There are four major factors that influence the buying behavior such as cultural factors, social factors, personal factors, and psychological factors. (1) CULTURAL FACTORS: Culture is the most fundamental determinant of a person wants and behavior. Values, perceptions, preferences, and behavior are the main variable under culture of an individual. Each culture contains sub-culture like nationality, religious group, geographical area, and linguistic divisions etc.


(2) SOCIAL FACTORS: A consumer behavior is also influenced by social factors such as the consumer reference group family and social roles and status. (3) PERSONAL FACTORS: A buyer decision is also influenced by his or personal characteristics, notably the buyers age, lifestyle, occupation, economic circumstances etc. (4) PSYCHOLOGICAL FACTORS: a person buying choices are also influence by four major psychological factors such as motivation, perception, learning belief and attitudes. (B) BUYING DECISION PROCESS It includes buying roles, types of buying and steps in buying process.

(1) BUYING ROLE The buying role could be classified into four parts. These are initiator, influencer, decider and buyer.


(2) TYPES OF BUYING BEHAVIOR Consumer decision taking varies with the type of buying decision. There are four types buying behavior such as Complex buying behavior, Habitual buying behavior, Variety seeking buying behavior. (3) STAGES IN BUYING DECISION PROCESS Here are five stages in buying decision process namely problem recognition search, evaluation of alternatives purchase decision and past purchase behavior. (i) NEED RECOGNITION The buying process starts with the buyers recognition of a problem of need. The buyer sense a difference between his actual state and desired state. (ii) INFORMATION SEARCH There are different sources from where a consumer can gather information like personal sources commercial sources, experimental sources. (iii) EVALUATION OF ALTERNATIVES After gathering information about different products the customer will be in a fuss as to choose which product among the mainly alternatives consumer usually evaluate the alternatives on traditional basis, on the basis of utility


function etc. from the many alternative consumers at last choose the best one for him. (iv) PURCHASE DECISION A consumer who decides to execute purchase intention will be making up to five purchase decisions. (v) POST PURCHASE BEHAVIOR After purchasing the product and services the consumer will experience some level of satisfaction or dissatisfaction with the product and services that will influence subsequent behavior. If consumer is satisfied he may show the probability of buying the product the next time, satisfied customer will say good thing about the product, proving the statement that "satisfied customer is the best advertisement. "The dissatisfied customer, may take some action against it. They may try to reduce the dissonance by abandoning returning the product. Understanding consumer needs and buying process is the foundation of any company. By understanding how buyers go through problem recognition, information search evaluation of alternatives, the purchase decision and post purchase behavior marketers can pick up many clues as to how to meet buyers need.



³All progress is born of inquiry, doubt is often better than over

confidence for it leads to inquiry leads to invention´ is a famous
Hudson¶s dictum in context of which the significance of research can well be


1. I visited the dealers & retailers and gathered information required by the

2. For employing strong based to the research I tried to inquire the position of
PRIYAGOLD, and how satisfied they are with them if they are already selling those.

3. Final ranks were obtained by giving weight to individual ranks possessed by the
respondent to make the research more reliable.



j To analyze marketing strategies of PRIYAGOLD j To identify the major segment j To know the requirements

Sample survey: Retailers

Area of survey: Delhi

Data type: Primary data and secondary data

Sample selection: Convenience


Data collection method

The data for research report was collected by retailers .


Questionnaire and observation are two basic methods of collecting primary data. In

my study we have employed both the methods for the collection of primary data that

suffices all research objectives. Secondary data sources like WEBSITE of company,

Google are also used.


Questions pertaining to supply of biscuits


Are PRIYAGOLD biscuits available in your shop ? [ ] YES [ ] NO

Ans: (a) 92 % retailers are having PRIYAGOLD biscuits. (b) 8 % retailers are not having PRIYAGOLD biscuits. PERSONAL OPINION: Retailers prefer PRIYAGOLD biscuits because it is very tasty & most of the retailers have due to brand name.


If yes, how many brands are available ? Ans: Out of 400 retailers it is found that 368 retailers have PRIYAGOLD biscuits. Out of 368 retailers: (a) 6 % retailers keeping 0-5 brands of PRIYAGOLD biscuits. (b) 33 % retailers keeping 6-10 brands of PRIYAGOLD biscuits. (c) 43 % retailers keeping 11-15 brands of PRIYAGOLD

biscuits. (d) 18 % retailers keeping above 15 brands of PRIYAGOLD biscuits. PERSONAL OPINION: Retailers prefer 11-15 brands of biscuits due to retailer¶s stock capability.


If NO, what is the reason for non availability of PRIYAGOLD biscuits ? [ [ ] No regular visit [ ]Problem with distributors ] Other

] Replacement Problem [

Ans: Out of 400 retailers it is found that 32 retailers don¶t have PRIYAGOLD biscuits. Reason behind it: (a) 88 % retailers are having no regular visit problem. (b) 6 % retailers are having problem with distributor. (c) 3 % retailers are having replacement problem. (d) 3 % retailers are having other problem.


Is Classic Cream Milk available in the shop ? [ ] YES [ ] NO

Ans: Out of 400 retailers it is found that 368 retailers are having


PRIYAGOLD biscuits then it is found that 360 retailers are having Classic Cream Milk biscuits So, (a) 90 % retailers are having Classic Cream Milk biscuit. (b)10 % retailers are not having Classic Cream Milk biscuit. PERSONAL OPINION: The tangy taste of milk cream enveloped in rich cream spread between two slabs of finely baked biscuits. (5) If NO, Reason for non availability of Classic Cream Milk biscuits ? [ Ans: ] Problem with supply [ ] People don¶t like it

Out of 40 retailers who are not having Classic Cream Milk biscuit. Reason for it:

(a) 80 % retailers are having problem with supply. (b) 20 % retailers says that people don¶t like it. (6) What is the source of procurement ? [ [ ] Distributor ] Direct [ ] Wholesaler

Ans: In my survey, I covered 368 PRIYAGOLD shops and in on that PRIYAGOLD, source of procurements are


(a) Through distributor ± 84 % (b) Through wholesaler ± 14 % (c) Through direct ± 2 % PERSONAL OPINION: In most of the areas, the supply of distributors are very good that¶s why 84 % retailers take the PRIYAGOLD biscuits from distributors. (7) Which other biscuits brands are available ? Ans: (a) 90 % retailers are having Britania biscuits. (b) 84 % retailers are having Parle-G biscuits. (c) 69 % retailers are having Anmol biscuits. (d) 21 % retailers are having Apsara biscuits (8) What are the average monthly sales of PRIYAGOLD biscuits ? [ [ Ans: (a) 28 % retailers sale PRIYAGOLD biscuits down the amount of Rs. 1000. (b) 47 % retailers sale PRIYAGOLD biscuits between the amount of Rs. 1000-3000. (c) 20 % retailers sale PRIYAGOLD biscuit between

] Below 1000 ] 3000-5000 [


] 1000-3000

] Above 5000

the amount of Rs. 3000-5000. (d) 5 % retailers sale PRIYAGOLD biscuit more than the amount of Rs. 5000.


Market potential of the PRIYAGOLD is much positive in competitive era and will sure cover the maximum market share of biscuit product. Potentiality of any product depends upon the futuristic performance of the product. It depends that how much potentiality retailers have to be permanent seller of PRIYA GOLD. For great potentiality it is necessary to improve those factors which are going to effect retailers. In my study, I found some factors, which can help to cover great potentiality. These factors are following:  Scheme delivery should in perfect determining time.  Some places distributors not able to cover his particular area. That should be improved.  Scheme facility should be regular as much as possible.  Always collect the views of retailers. It gives psychological effect on the retailers about care ness by manufacturing company. These factors are very important for the organization. If company is able to improve these all factors then definitely its market share will more increase.


Retailers will take more interest to sell PRIYAGOLD biscuit and customer will also enjoy for it. So potentiality is very high of PRIYAGOLD biscuit in positive direction.


Leading FMCG product.  Strong market potential.  High demand of the product.  Big budget and willingness to invest in long term phases.  Glamorous attractive and effective advertising company.  Quality maintenance.  Wide brand variety of the competitor and serve the massage.  Biscuit is becoming a very essential food habit of our people.

Focusing on bulk order rather than the small ones.  Schemes and strategies formulated are national and not locally adopted.  Inability to retain target consumers.  In effective team of redistribution stockiest.  Lacking to cater the low-income segment.


Work marketing policy.

Further effective utilization of the post distribution network.  Competing companies are not getting due success.  Increase in the target consumers every year.  Increase market share by improving services.

Advent of MNCs with their new product.  Lucrative schemes offered by the competitors to the retailers.  Loosing market share due to inefficient work force.  Decline in market reputation due to ineffective and delaying services.


Retailer said that due to irregular supply, he does not keep PRIYAGOLD. He said that people could easily buy PRIYAGOLD but there is no supply of product.  He added he intent to promote the product that is good in quality because people are quality conscious.  Retailer said that he keeps PRIYAGOLD because he earns a good profit margin.  Some retailers ask for the gift like Calendar, Notepad, Diary and Wall clock etc. with quoting the example of some other companies, which are not in bakery.  Some retailers say that packaging of PRIYAGOLD biscuit is not good.  Most of retailer says that salesman of PRIYAGOLD biscuits does not pay proper attention on replacement and regular services.  Some retailer says that distributor of PRIYAGOLD biscuits do not provide goods on credit.


Some retailer very much angry from the distribution system of scheme. They have achieved the target at the end of March but yet did not get the scheme.  Scheme facility should be regular.  Always should be taken views of retailers or consumers.


As a nature of the product is as such, it is always in demand and demand should be fulfilled at that time itself, following points were understood to be taken into consideration for making system efficient. 

To promote the product range good consideration should be made to wholesalers and retailers. 

To maintain the profit margin logistic mix should be adopted by the company. 

Continuous responses should be taken from the wholesalers about retailer's satisfaction. 

Everything should not be left on wholesalers, as time to time sales person should visit retailers to understand consumer market. 

It should be noted whether whole product range is reaching retailers or not.More retailers and consumer based schemes should be introduced and special emphasis should be given children based schemes, because children mainly consume the biscuits. 

As a researcher, I observed that for making the distribution channel smooth transfer of goods, the contribution of middlemen is required. Making all process convenient always helps in doing so.


Absence of proper co-operation of some retailer during the research project.  The time causes major hindrances. If the retailer was not willing to respond at that moment, it was too difficult to meet them again.  Sometimes the right person was not at place, so it was difficult to get my information about the product.  The respondents might have shown bias or behaved artificially so exact picture of sales potential could not be derived.  Money factor was also one of the factor faced by us.  Lack of sufficient data on biscuits industry we had to face a lot of problem about India biscuit¶s industrial profile.


After going thick on the thing, now time is to make a complete picture. While making a product a SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) of the shop retailers think about the GMROI (Gross Margin Return On Investment) and they promote the brand which provide them highest. They expect return in the form of profit margin, company schemes, window display and references of the shop. Among these, company schemes make the differences and are the highest source of motivation after profit margin. Retailing demands a constant push from the company. Marketer needs to use advertising and brand building strategies to address the discerning buyers and retail push to in different buyers. The manufacturer should understand consumer behavior because retailers can't help quality and price. It is only up to dealers said it is demand they sell PRIYAGOLD 42% agree that at retail shop it is brand popularity, which determine the purchase of biscuit. There is a greater needs to understand the retailer behavior considering them as a team working for the company may help them to be attached to the company. There should be feeling of belonging to the company in inner of the retailers. Setting values club for retailers so that they may exchange views with the company and help in understanding consumer behavior.

y Kotler Philip, Marketing Management, New Delhi, Prentice Hall Publication of India, 2004, pages referred from 102 to 105, 183-197.

y www.priyagold.com y www.google.com


1. Are PRIYAGOLD biscuits available in your shop? [ ] YES [ ] NO

2. If YES, Which brands are available? Butter Bite Fruit Bite Nice Day Chocolate Cream Orange Cream Elaichi Cream Cheez Bit Snacks C.N.C. Kesar Bite Butter Bite Cashew K.C.Butter Magic Gold K.C.Chocolate Vanilla K. C. Strawberry Marie Lite Glucose-V C. Cracker Cashew Jeera Top Coconut Crunch

3. If No, What is the reason for non-availability of PRIYAGOLD? [ [ ] No regular visit ] Problem with Distributor [ ] Replacement Problem

4. Is New Brand (Classic Cream Milk) available in the shop? [ ] YES [ ] NO

5. If No, Reason for non-availability of Classic Cream Milk? [ ] Problem with supply [ ] People don¶t like it


6. What is the Source of procurement? [ [ ] Distributor ] Direct [ ] Whole Saler

7. Which other Biscuits brands are available? (a) _________________ (c) _________________ (b) ___________________ (d) ___________________

8. Which Brands are mostly selling? [ [ ] Priyagold ] Britannia [ [ ] ParleG ] Other

9. What extra quality our competitors have?

10. What are the average monthly sales of PRIYAGOLD? [ [ ] Below 1000 ] 3000 to 5000 [ [ ] 1000 to 3000

] Above 5000 supply?

11. Would you like to give any suggestion regarding proper



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