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Saint Mary's
November 2, 2015

Office of the President

Dear Chalon Neighbor:

For 90 years, Mount Saint Mary's University has had a long association with our Brentwood
neighborhood. It is our continued desire to work in a spirit of mutual collaboration with and
respect for our neighbors.
We have held two Town Hall meetings in the last year to provide our neighbors with information
about the university and the proposed construction of a fitness facility on the campus, and to
listen to the questions and concerns you may have. You may have received misinformation about
the university and its plans, and we'd like to share the facts with you.
Will the new fitness center expand the Chalon Campus? No. The building will sit on the existing
footprint of the current fitness center, pool, facility offices, resident manager housing and
parking. Additionally, while the project as originally envisioned was approximately 48,000
square feet, we are analyzing the final project size. We anticipate it will be smaller than
originally planned.
This fitness facility is for our current student body. Enrollment at the Chalon Campus is under
1,600. The remainder of our student body is centered at our Doheny Campus located in
downtown Los Angeles, which includes the graduate and weekend/evening programs.

We have also committed to the development of an Environmental Impact Report(EIR)to
examine all aspects of the project and its potential impacts. We have engaged a construction
manager early in this process so that we can work with them to minimize the impacts of
construction on the community. We will be sharing the information with our neighbors and the
Brentwood Homeowners Association.

We publish an electronic newsletter for our Chalon neighbors two times a year, at the beginning
of each semester. If you have any questions, or would like to be informed about events
happening on campus, as well as information about the proposed facility, please email Debbie
Ream, Director of Communications and Marketing, at, and we will add you
to our mailing list.

Ann McElaney-Johnson

Chalon Campus, 12001 Chalon Road, Los Angeles, CA 90049 ' Doheny Campus, 10 Chester Place, Los Angeles, CA 90007


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