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Targeted Services Proposal

School District Hosting Satellite Program: St. Michel-Albertville #885

Contact Person: Andy Cleveland
Program Location: STMA Middle School East
Grades to be served: 5-8
Teachers: Mel Paulson and Ryan Payne (Study Skills), Monica Pack and Anna Mann
(Language Arts/Reading), Mallory Lichtenberg and Molly Lindquist-Math
Dates for Program: August 3 August 20th (Monday-Thursday)
Number of Days per Program: 12
Number of Hours Teacher Prep per Day: 1.0
Number of Hours per Day: 4
Total Number of Hours per Program: 48 (36 student contact hours 12 prep hours)
Curriculum Planning Day-July 28th, 8 am -12:00pm-4 hours
Daily Starting and Ending Time: 7:50am (students arrive) 8:00 am class starts. End
time is 11:00 am
Purpose of Program: The summer school program is intended to provide remedial
instruction, introduction to upcoming grade level skills in language arts and math. Social
students and science will be woven through the language arts time. Students will also be
taught study skills needed to be successful. This instruction will be for students who
have not shown success in one or more of their regular year classes. Teachers will
remedially structure sessions to assist students in being more successful when returning
to regular educational settings by addressing holes in student learning using data and
pretreating concepts needed for success in the next grade level.
Description of Instructional Strategies: Core disciplines as well as study skills will be
represented in the thematic concepts taught daily. These topics include problem solving, critical
thinking, and data interpretation. Students will be given small group and direct instruction in the

remedial skills. Students will also use technology based programs to enhance interest and
progress monitor.

Measures of Success: Students will show progress in the targeted remedial skills as
monitored through increased scores on the technology based programs, teacher
observation and daily work samples.
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Program Revenue per Day
36 hours X 6 - 5th grade students X 4.70 = $1015.20
36 hours X 11- 6th grade students X $4.70 = $1861.20
36 hours X 29- 7th & 8th grade students X $5.28 = $5512.32
Revenue: $1015.20+ $1861.20+ $5512.32= $8488.72

Amounts listed above are hourly rates with 10% already deducted for WTC
Program Expenses per Day
Staff Expenditures:
Teacher Salaries:
288 teacher hours (6 teachers) X $29.00 = $8352.00
Curriculum Planning (Spring 2015) 4 hours x 6 Teachers = 24Hours x $29.00 = $696.00

Supplies = $100.00
All other supplies will be building supplies.

Assistant Principals Signature

Charlie Bakker
Date: 7/28/15
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1. Your District Business Office
2. Shaun Karson
Wright Technical Center