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'The Skinny' on the Main Line

'The Skinny' on the Main Line

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Published by: thereadingshelf on May 23, 2008
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'The Skinny' on the Main Line Line By:Carla J.

Zambelli 01/19/2007 The lure of the little black dress. Every woman has one lurking in her closet. It's that timeless bit of Audrey Hepburn in all of us. But what happens when the little black dress becomes a little bit snug? You freak out. You diet. Or you buy another little black dress to keep the original little black dress company in your closet (sorry guys, it's a girl thing). Every year as soon as the ball drops in Times Square and we have all wished each other Happy New Year, the diet commercials start. Magic pills, potions, diets, machines that all do it for you. But do they? Or is it all about portion control, common sense, and more exercise? Can you have your cake and eat it too? According to food editor Melissa Clark and health writer Robin Aronson, you can. Clark and Aronson are the authors of the new book "The Skinny: How To Fit Into Your Little Black Dress Forever," which was released in late December by Meredith Books. Last week, Clark and Aronson brought their hot pink book with the little black dress on the cover to sophisticated Nectar Restaurant in Berwyn for a book signing and the skinny on "The Skinny". For $29.00, you could sample a three course tasting menu (based upon recipes from the book), meet the authors, and buy the book if you hadn't already purchased it elsewhere. Sounds like fun, right? And judging from the turnout, many Main Line women had the same thoughts. Lynn Lafiandra of Bryn Mawr and Barbara Ward of Haverford turned the event into a girls night with close to 20 of their friends. The group piled into a limousine and in the spirit of the event, all wore perfect black outfits. What the women learned when they got there is that "The Skinny" is like a "Sex and the City" approach to Weight Watchers, only you get to throw your points and rice cakes away.

"The Skinny" is a smart and sassy approach to that common sense our mothers tried to make us listen to all those years ago. Plus some more modern and up to date advice, tips, and recipes. This book is for real women, written by real women. The authors said it isn't about denying what you crave, but instead controlling your portions and incorporating more fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and more exercise into your diet. "The Skinny" is definitely worth everyone's perusal. It's a fun read that shows you that you can have fun while watching your weight.

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