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Sexual Arousal Blueprint

The Only Program You Will Ever Need to Finally Get Your Dating Life Handled


How to Finally Be Happy

The Unspoken Secret to Motivation

Presence - The Magic Pill To Finally Get out

of Your Head


How to Find Your Inner Peace and Get Your

Inner Game Handled




The Effortless Way To Attraction


Are You Her Fantasy?




How I Went From Lovable Loser to Dating
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Talk Like Casanova - A Conversation Guide For

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Fix These Mistakes To Secure A Solid Second Date


Pursuing is Sexy Chasing is Not


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The Philosophy of a Seducer

It seems fitting that the introductory chapter to this
CliffsList Exclusive be concerning the philosophy of a
You see, over the course of history, there stood a subset
of men who moved at a different pace than the rest. They
did not follow the current - they set it.
These great men seemed to have a mystical aura to
them, almost as if the petty concerns and tribulations
of regular men did not reach them. They stood above,
beyond, almost mythical in stature.
Being a seducer is not entirely about interaction with the
opposite sex. Great men have seduced women, armies,
crowds, cities and entire nations - but you dont have to think so large. Being a seducer can begin
right here, with you, now!

I was not handsome... But I possessed something far greater than looks
- Casanova
Welcome gentlemen
The first step of your journey begins today.


How to Finally be Happy

Being a seducer begins inside. It starts there and ends
Weve all heard that in order to be seductive, you have to
be alpha or confident, but do you really feel alpha?
Do you hesitate when you see a beautiful woman? Do
you think a seducer hesitates? Do you comb your mind
searching for the best opener? Do you think a seducer
does that? Does what you show on the outside truly
resonate on the inside?
Essentially... Are you congruent?
The fact is that most men today are not congruent. Thats the first clue to being a seducer, but more
on that later.
Heres the dirty little secret to jump-starting your congruence: Feel good.
You need to handle whats going on inside, and then project it on the outside. This may seem
esoteric or new agey but theres no other way around it. The secret to opening the gates to your
success is to begin to feel good about yourself, your life, what you want and what you will achieve.
Most people focus on what they dont want, thats why they do not get what they want.
Look man, your entire life youve been doing things right but in the wrong order. You already are
a cool guy, but you play yourself down to please others. You were born happy, but youve been
chasing things of little value that you think will bring you joy. Finally, you crave attention from women
to give you the self-acceptance youve always wanted.
Youre running in the wrong direction!

It all starts here, now, with you!

You know that feeling you get when you just step out of the barber shop with that fresh haircut? You
love the way you look so you walk with a spring in your step. Its almost as if that cute girl on the bus
was checking you out. Wait, hold up - she is checking you out!
It must be the hair... Right?
Dont you know you could feel that way right now, for no reason at all? Seriously! Weve been
conditioned to find our self-worth and joy in finite things, but you will never find it there because you
are infinite!
I want you to learn to feel good right now.
The way to go about doing this is quite simple: Put on a nice piece of music, look at pictures that
inspire you, re-live the most beautiful memories in your life. Turn your attention away from what you
do not want and turn it towards what you do what - and take this seriously. Everyone shrugs off this
exercise out of fear; they dont want to take control of their well-being and prefer to be victims.
Its too easy to live a mediocre life the way everyone else does. It takes courage and strength to
lift yourself up from the current and drag yourself against it, forming your own path. When you do
that, however, it marks the first day in which you no longer are part of the crowd. It is the first day in
which youve joined the ranks of the great men of history - the great conquerors, the great thinkers,
the great warriors and the great lovers. It is the first day in which the dust of mediocrity has fallen off
your shoulders completely and you can finally take charge of your destiny.
It is your right of passage.
Flirting comes easily when you feel this good. Sticking to your diet is easy when you feel this good.
Working to create your life comes easily when you feel this good. You will find yourself jumping out
of bed in the morning, eager and thankful for another day on this earth, another opportunity to make
your very existence the stuff of legends.
That all begins with you. Be happy, right here, right now.
Focus on what you want, not what you dont want. Be thankful and grateful - gratitude is the
antidote to misery. Jump up and down, sing, dance and play! Make it a habit to feel good from
within, not from without. That is the greatest strength all great men share.


The Unspoken Secret to Motivation

So far, youve been learning how to feel good and happy from the inside. You feel jacked up and
ready to go - but where to? How do you start this journey?

The journey of a thousand leagues begins with a single step.

- Lao Tzu
All life is duality. That is one thing you must know. With every great love comes great loss. With every
great victory comes great defeat. With great joy comes great pain. Life always has a way of teaching
you the right lessons you need in the very moment you need them - even if you cannot yet see it.
So understand that when you become able to generate happiness from within, know that it is not
permanent and that you will also feel pain. There is, however, a way to keep on your path, in spite of
the ups and downs.

The Great Secret to Motivation

I know youre worried. Youve felt bitter pain,
embarrassment, heartbreak and unparalleled loneliness. You
learned how to feel great and now you know that you cannot
always feel that way. Do not be afraid. There is a way to
maintain peace - even within the chaos. That way is focus.
Allow me to explain... Ive been tested. I tasted depression,
Ive wallowed in self-hatred, Ive hated my inaction, Ive
regretted my actions. Ive been rejected by hundreds of
gorgeous women, embarrassed publicly more times than I
could count. Ive had my reputation ruined, rebuilt, ruined
and ruined some more. Ive lost friends. Ive been betrayed.
Ive been in love and have had my heart broken... And if
you asked me if I would do it all again, I would answer
unflinchingly: Yes.
Let me ask you something very personal, and I want you to truly sit and reflect on this:

How much are you willing to sacrifice to get what you want in life?
If I were to tell you, for a fact, that you can have anything you want - absolutely anything, how high
a price would you pay? Would you take the pain? Would you endure criticism, embarrassment,
laughter, abandonment, hurt and much, much more?

The master has failed more times than the student has even tried.
Its all about focus. Everything in your life - who you are, who you want to be, the things you say,
your successes, your failures, everything - is a result of where you choose to place your attention.
The one trait all great men of history have shared was their remarkable ability to place their attention
where they want it to be, instead of on the things they do not want.
What that means is this: after eliminating clutter, there are only 2 things that exist; where you are
standing now, and what you want.
I want you to remember for a second the last time you spoke to a woman. Try to remember what
happened. You saw her, thats where your attention went. Then, you wondered if she was single,
thats another place your attention went. You thought about what was the right time to go up there,
thats another place your attention went. Then you thought about the best thing to say, another place
your attention went. As you walked over, you worried about what her friends might think and if it
would be better to befriend them first, another place your attention went. When speaking to her, you
were worried about what she thought of you, another place your attention went. Whats the score?
Thats 6 places in which your attention is divided.
For the great seducers, there is only one place their attention can be found: on the object of their
The great seducers have no interest in the opinions of others, its a waste of energy. They have no
interest in men who hover around women, they are flies to be swatted away - a minor annoyance.
No, for these men, God himself would have to come down and stand between them and their desire.

As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.

In order to join the ranks of the great seducers, you must learn to direct your focus towards who
you are, who you want to be, what you want to achieve, and what youre willing to do to make that
happen. Everything else is a waste of energy. Your fears, your doubts, your insecurities, opinions of

others, tactics, lines, tricks - all of it, is just a waste of focus. It truly is the key to character, the key
to charisma. When your focus becomes unshakable, nothing will be out of your reach. No feat will be
too incredible.
Focus is what builds strength, it is what will keep you afloat when times are tough and things are not
going where you want them to. Through a concerted effort and daily repetition, you can turn your
focus away from what isnt going right, and towards what you want. Through daily repetition, you
train yourself to focus like a monk, and you will build yourself into an unstoppable titan. Success
then becomes a simple matter of reaching out and taking what is already yours.



Presence - the Magic Pill to Finally Get

Out of Your Head
If youre still with me so far, you are already well on your
journey to joining the ranks of the great seducers. For that I am
truly humbled. Please do not give up - not for my sake, or for
anyone else, really. Do not give up because to do so would be
to resign yourself to mediocrity, to a fate worse than death.

Every man dies. Not every man truly lives.

I want to jump right into presence, because once you unlock
what it means, you will feel like Neo when he begins to see
the Matrix - all of a sudden the universe just makes sense and
women become as clear as day to you. Dont take my word for it, try it out!
Presence is a deeply spiritual concept, but also a very practical one. Once you start developing your
focus through one-pointed attention, the next step will be to understand presence as the next logical
step in the evolution of your inner game.
I dont want to confuse you with a multitude of concepts and explanations. No, the key to
understanding presence is to first create the space to accommodate it. Your mind must be emptied
- not filled, because presence is a state beyond thought. This might seem scary but its the opposite;
when present, you act on your instincts, not your mind. When present, you live courageously,
because fear cannot exist. Life becomes an incredible adventure.
Presence can be understood as such: it is like a playing a song. You dont play it to eagerly get to
the end you play because it is the playing of the song that is fulfilling in and of itself.
That is essentially what presence is. When you learn to focus your attention only on what you want,
the next step is to trust your instinct - to fall into a state of presence and enjoy doing what you are
doing for the simple reason that it is more enjoyable than not.
Thats the secret of the great seducers; they speak to women because it is a hell of a lot more


enjoyable than not speaking to them. Thats where it gets to be quite personal.

Most men do not love women

Wait - what?
Yes, its true. How many times have you witnessed your friends quiet down when the beautiful
waitress walks over? How many times have you been caught looking at a woman who delights you
and quickly look away in shame? No. Most men do not truly love women. If they did, it would show
on their face.
Being present is not logical, it is a feeling. That is where your focus should be. There is no desire to
conquer, nor a desire to retreat, only a sense of peace and comfort, like if the place your feet were
planted in was home. All that talk of feeling one with the universe - its just another way to describe
Speaking of feet, its an excellent place to start.
Whenever you see a beautiful woman, a flurry of emotion and energy is released, usually from the pit
of your belly, just above your genitals, and shoots through your body.

But then, something terrible happens

Within about 3 seconds, that emotion that was consuming your entire body gets overwhelmed by
your thoughts, that come in and begin projecting in the future; Shes busy!, Everyone will laugh
at you! theres no way she would be into someone like you. And just like that, now you are afraid.
Your thoughts begin to get stronger, and you start to remember all the times youve been hurt in the
past, all the times youve been ashamed and embarrassed and felt alone. Maybe its best not to put
yourself on the line like that anymore. And just like that, now you are anxious.
So where does this relate to presence? Well, fear exists in the future, and anxiety has its roots in the
past, none of which exist in the present. So what can you do to force yourself into presence? Focus
on your feet.
Thats it! Thats all you really need to do. When you begin to feel that flurry of emotions released in
your body, dont think! Dont categorize it as fear or anxiety. Dont give your mind time to analyze
and talk you out of it. Instead, just turn your attention to your feet and begin to walk. Dont think of


what you need to say or do - you are one of the great seducers of the world, all of that will come
to you in due time. Just focus on your feet; one step, next step, next step And before you know
it, you are deep in conversation with an incredibly stunning woman, soaking up her divine feminine
energy and just basking in the refreshing feeling of being surrounded with beauty.
When you learn to become present, confidence is an afterthought. There is nothing to fear, and
everything to gain. Through presence, you learn to trust yourself.

How do I know this to be true? By looking inside myself

- Lao Tzu



How To Find Your Inner Peace And Get Your

Inner Game Handled
This is it.
This is where it all leads to.
Dont you see that nothing in the rest of this book will lead to any good unless you get this part of
your life handled.
You see, who you are truly and deep down will always be coming through. Theres is no amount of
cool lines, awesome tricks and witty comebacks that will sufficiently mask your fears, insecurities
and doubts.
Thats what most guys dont realize Your eyes betray you, they always do.
So you can spend your time finding intricate ways to hide your problems and never quite deal with
them Or you can finally take charge and confront your fears to create real, lasting, cellular level
There was a guy I knew back home who had
been learning pick up for about 7 years. This in
itself would not have been remarkable if it werent
for the fact that he was abysmal at speaking to
women. Worse still, he discouraged newbies
to push themselves, hated on anyone who
progressed and simply did not make the effort to
Where others would mention they did not like loud
clubs, he would point out how much he hated
them and simply didnt go to them - he always
hung out at the same dive bar. Where others
got really good, he would always attribute it to


some fluke like their looks, even though all it really takes to be handsome is to hit the gym for a few
months, whiten your teeth, get a new haircut and dress slightly better.
I can go on about this for a while but the point is simple: That guy never progressed because he
never took the time to challenge himself, to confront his demons and face his fears. He played it
small and stayed small, gradually filling with bile and hatred towards those who surpassed him. Hes
not a unique example either - the seduction and self-development industries are littered with people
just like him.
So if you want to just learn some lines and how to tactics then by all means, skip ahead, just bear
in mind the kind of fate that awaits those who feel they are above the process. Lines and tactics just
become a band-aid, a substitute for never fixing your real issues and thus, never graduating into true
Still with me? Good.
Do you know what the difference is between situational confidence and core confidence? If you
were to step into the same scary nightclub every night for a year, it would start to feel like home
Right? Now what happens if I take you and shove you into an entirely new place? Just like that, the
confidence you felt at the first nightclub will have evaporated and you have to start from scratch.
A lot of people have situational confidence - and thats not a bad thing either. Go out, as often as
possible and in different situations, experience as much as possible. However, the truly sustainable
way is to achieve core confidence.
Core confidence is more difficult to grasp, but there is one existing hack to jumpstart your core
confidence. In a nutshell, core confidence can only exist through minimizing of the ego. Look at
what we covered in chapter one - being happy for the sake of being happy. That was an exercise in
minimizing the ego. The ego is the because, it is the rationalizing goblin that will constantly seek to
compare you to others, to diminish you or validate you depending on the situation. Wise men spend
lifetimes meditating to conquer the ego, but you dont have to conquer it - you must simply learn to
diminish it.
Through love.
Thats the secret ingredient that will jumpstart your core confidence. Its always been about love.
Think about it; ego is a reason. I feel good because Im good with women. Im good with women
because I went on a date with Jenna last week. My friends think Im cool because I know all


the good spots in the city. I am attractive to women because I go to the gym every week. I am
interesting to women because I have a 6 figure income. As long as this because exists, you will live
at the mercy of others.
The ego is the fulfilment of an unspoken contract between you and society. I will live by your rules,
and in return you give me validation and an identity when I behave.
Fuck that.
When you refuse to play by those rules - when you annul the unspoken contract, you take a giant
leap towards living like a lion.

The moment you are unafraid of the crowd you are no longer a sheep, you become a
lion. A great roar arises in your heart, the roar of freedom
- Osho
And how do we take that first step? By removing the because and learning to live in love. How do
we remove the because? By simply letting go.
In order to love, you must first let go.
Dont resist it, dont fight it, dont push against it - just let go. Let it all drop, let it all fall away. Let go
of what no longer serves you. Youve played societys game for far too long and it hasnt gotten you
anywhere near where you want to be, so just drop it.
Letting go is about no longer clinging, and trusting in yourself, the process, and that the world is as it
should be. This is your challenge - to take a step off the wobbly throne of the ego and begin to tiptoe
your way onto the unshakable foundations of your true inner strength, core confidence. Just let go
and stop clinging!

We only lose what we cling to

- Buddha
So I ask the question I asked in the previous chapter:
Do you truly love women?
You cannot love women if you cling to their reactions to validate you as a man. You cannot love
women if you try to take them home to prove a point to yourself, your friends or others. You cannot


love women if you view them as a prize to be acquired and conquered. You cannot love women if
you cling and hoard and get jealous. You cannot cling to them.
Has it ever happened to you that you finally managed to get a woman to like you, and so you
crashed down onto her like a smothering tsunami, sacrificing your life, your passions, your dreams
to make her stay with you? Do you clench up if a man speaks to your woman? Do you get nervous
and anxious when she goes out with her friends?
The true lover is in love with his own love of women.
This is the secret to that core confidence. This is the key to being able to walk across the room, in
front of everyone, looking deep into her eyes and literally making her fall in love with you. At night,
during the day, in a mall, at a business meeting - wherever.
When a man who truly loves women walks into a room, they feel it right away, they all do.
This is what distinguishes the great men of history from the nobodies and mediocre average Joes.
The true seducer is so in love with women that he is in love with his own love of women.
Practically, what does this look like? He knows that speaking to a stunning woman is nothing scary,
nor is it something he needs to defend or explain. He is a great lover, nothing more to it. When he
speaks to women, he does not look for anything in return and instead, is constantly ensuring that
she feels incredibly beautiful and unique in his eyes. If she were to be rude to him, he would simply
smile to himself, knowing it to be just girls being girls. Nothing to worry about there. All women are
beautiful, everyone is art.

Own who you are

This is the final piece of the puzzle I will give you.
Understand this, internalize this, and everything else you
read in this book will fall into place easily and beautifully.
The element all great men of history - the great seducers,
the great conquerors, the great thinkers, the great lovers
What they all had in common was their complete and total
acceptance of who they are and their desires.


When did it become shameful to be a man? When did our finding women to be incredibly beautiful
become something we had to hide and be ashamed of?
Loving beautiful women is what we do. It is what nature intended us to do, it is what we are
programmed to do. Own it. Stand with your two feet on the ground and own who you are.
I am a man. I love women. I will not make excuses for who I am. I owe no apology or explanation.
What others think of me is not my business. Everyone has the right to invite, everyone has the right
to refuse. If you are a beautiful woman, I will walk right up to you without shame and show you that a
real man still exists on this earth - that we are not extinct. You dont have to like me and that is your
right, but I will show up as a man.... Every. Single. Time.




The Effortless Way To Attraction

Luckily for us men, a womans attraction is
not a choice. A womans looks is far more
important to a man, than a mans physical
attractiveness to a woman. So, with that being
said, if you did not win the chiselled jaw-line
lottery when you were born, all is not lost, and
you can still meet, attract, and seduce women
of your dreams.
The reason behind this stroke of luck, is that
men and women are attracted to different
things. Men are instantly engaged and aroused
by how a woman physically looks.
Everything from the size of her breasts, to her hips, ass and legs. Young, pretty and possessing
specific features that advertise health and fertility are most stimulating to a man.
I am not saying this is the be-all end-all, but it is the most attractive aspect of femininity to mans raw
masculine self.
On the other hand, women are attracted much more to how a man makes her feel emotionally. How
he stimulates her emotions via his presence, body language and what he communicates nonverbally.
Of course, lets not be silly here, a woman is going to be attracted to a physically broad,
stereotypically handsome Channing Tatum-like guy, but ONLY initially.
I have many very good looking male friends who get initial attraction from girls but always seem to
blow it and kill whatever they had. Likewise my female friends verbalize to me on a regular basis
how they met a beautiful man, and he quickly became hideously unattractive and infuriating based
on his behavior. This can be anything from him speaking endlessly about his talents and material
possessions, or it could be down to the fact he has absolutely no clue how to engage and excite a
woman. Basically being boring, predictable, and safe.


Those 3 words are the most common verbalizations I hear from women who have aborted an
interaction, date, or relationship with a guy.
It does not matter if you look like George Clooney or Andy Dick, once you have engaged in an
interaction, the playing field is even.
Either stimulate her emotions from a deep understanding of the feminine, or you failed to do your job
and fulfil your role.
I am not the best looking guy, so once I realized that truth, everything opened up to me, and the
prospect of dating the hottest women became a solid reality.
The key to Effortless Attraction is first understanding what women react to on a deep biological level,
then stripping EVERYTHING else back, only delivering the bare raw necessities.
This is what I have honed over the previous few years. If you were to see me interacting with a girl, I
would not even pop up on your radar. I would be chill, laid back, not hugely expressive, pretty quiet,
not talking much, and just listening.
Although I would pop up on your radar when you see me walking with her to the toilet after 10
minutes to have sex.
My seduction style is simplistic, discreet, but INTENSE for her. Its like a bubble. A sexual energy
Most guys assume not having anything to say is the worst thing in the world. Men loathe the idea of
having an awkward silence. What if I was to tell you that those moments of silence, combined with
sexual eye contact could be your most powerful tool EVER.
As I have stated above, men are attracted to physical beauty, women are attracted to emotional
stimulation/fluctuation. She basks in feeling of uncertainty, moments of pressure. This is all the
opposite of the least sexy qualities such as predictability, and emotional boredom.
Every other guy spends his time filling every silence with a forced funny or witty story. He stays in the
one lane of making sure she feels one emotion consistently, in most cases this is a boring comfort.
This is where social conversation lies.


When a man comes along who gets it, and I mean really gets it, he can begin to give her what her
bored femininity is craving. Excitement, induced through a range of fluttering and intense emotions,
which are all the manifestation of working with the already present sexual tension.
We are taught to avoid this at all costs because it feels weird or too intense. It is your job as a man
to create it, sit in it, apply it and release it when you feel she needs. This must always be catered to
each woman specifically as we all have different levels of comfort ability. This comes with the more
you practice it and witness the different reactions you receive from different women.
Awareness! You must be aware of her. Whether you realise it or not, she is telling you in every
moment how she wants and likes to be seduced. You must really listen to her. NOT necessarily to
the words she says, but instead to how she is FEELING about the things she is talking about.
Question her on her emotions. Then leave space with silence for her to respond.
If you can combine this with sexual eye contact, a slow resonant vocal tone(with pauses), looking
at her lips, and consistently pushing forward via touch escalation, you my friend, will learn and
experience so much of what she has to offer.
It is not about the amount of things you say and do, its about the tension that comes from not doing
them, and the silence it leaves between the gaps.
If I could give you any starting advice it would be to cut down all the words you are saying by at least
70% and leave her do the talking and investing. This leads to her sharing more, and being a part of
the seduction. A woman must in most cases open up to some degree in order to trust you enough
and feel comfortable enough to allow you see her naked and enjoy her.
Remember seduction is not something you do to another person, it is a dance, with both involved
intertwining, being polarizing to one another, and in a way dancing.
This brings me to the next part...



Are You Her Fantasy?

People, ESPECIALLY women, follow their
emotions. It is your job as the man to bring
your reality with you into the interaction. This
reality being the sex guy. The man who is
open, honest, and vulnerable enough with
his desires for her, to give her what she truly
The majority of women are in general
EXTREMELY bored in their day to day lives.
Yes, they may be happy to a certain extent
in other aspects of their lives, but because
of our current state of masculinity in society,
women only get their wildest sexual fantasies met in one place...their dreams, (or erotic novels).
Hoping, wishing, wanting a man to step up who is willing to make mistakes, and even risk failure to
give her what she wants.
Seduction is not words. Its a presence, an image, and a lifestyle you project through OWNING the
fact that you want her.
You are accepting that you are a man, and you choose to become the fulfiller of her fantasy.
In order to sweep her off her feet and grant her the fantasy she desires, you must first accept
and come to terms with the fact that EVERY woman out there has a vagina, and the majority are
consistently sexually unfulfilled. Most have come to terms with this and expect nothing more, not
willing to ask for more.
They move through their world pent up with sexuality so strong, that in most cases they cannot find
a man strong enough to release it with, so they engage in mediocre sex and relationships, and go
home and use the shower head to live out their true fantasies. She would much prefer this to be
you. A man.


Yes, even the high class lawyer woman, the CEO of a multi-national company who draws from her
masculine side all day. Yes, even the church girl, and the die hard feminist. Yes the older lady who
you see walking her dog every day.
They are all women. They all have desires and fantasies.
If you have the belief there are good girls and bad girls, the lady and the whore, the prudes and the
sluts, then you must lose this immediately as it is only hindering your ability to deliver.
Every woman has a good side, a slut side, a kinky side, and a side where she will choose not to
sleep with this particular guy for 5 dates. The reason for all of these sides is completely down to the
freedom and the reality you have constructed for yourself.
If you feel weird about escalating and giving her hot kinky sex in the bathroom of the club, or in the
restaurant, or in the middle of a park...then guess what, your reality is not strong enough for her to
go along with you and trust you.
If you want to be her fantasy, you must OWN your intentions. The security and trust you have in
yourself will allow her to experience and express that with you.
It has become novelty to my friends, and many of whom have witnessed me meeting a girl of any
social background, and quickly after meeting her, having sex in a toilet or bathroom. I have went by
the name Mr Toilet on many humorous occasions.
How do I do this? I own my desire and I know my role within her life and the seductive dynamic. It
just so happens in most public places, the most private location, is indeed the bathroom. It has a
lock after all :-)
Once you have come to grips with these facts, you can then go about granting this freedom,
liberation, and release to her and other women you meet on a regular basis. Words such as
spontaneous, passionate, and overwhelming come to mind when I question myself on what
emotions and feelings I evoke in her.
Here are some of the most important pillars to setting her free from sexual mediocrity:

1: Open As Your Unique Self

Initially, a woman will not even tolerate your interaction if you are one of the 1000 nice guy socialisers
that approaches her on a weekly basis. The heading Be Unique, is actually quite paradoxical,
as by nature we are all completely unique, we are just all forcing ourselves to adapt, fit in with the


crowd, and copy everyone else. What I am really saying is be your authentic self via honesty and
acceptance of your masculine raw desires. Remember, she WANTS to be desired. This makes her
feel like a sexy and Impactful woman.
For example, naturally, I am a very laid back, chilled and introverted guy. I am not hugely expressive
in terms of emotions, meaning I am not up and down like a yo-yo.
I dont smile or laugh if I have nothing to smile or laugh about.
Society use these friendly smiles as a coping mechanism, and dish out thousands of forced
expressions a day. Seriously...what the fuck are you smiling at?
With this in mind, when I walk up to a woman, I am not like the previous 400 people she has
interacted with. Im not necessarily smiling, Im so calm that one would see it as unusually calm, and
this alone creates a tension which turns sexual very quickly.
When Im interacting with a woman, my presence jolts her. I wake her up and snap her out of autopilot, she has no choice.
So, the message is, stop following the crowd. If youre happy, be happy. If youre tired, be tired.
You need not try to impress anybody...because the rest of your surroundings has the job firmly under
control, doing everything in their power to be liked and accepted. Be your unique renegade. He
exists within you. If this means you have to buy a new leather jacket to feel like a bit of a sexual bad it!

2. Be Sexual
From the get-go, you must be ok with the fact you have a penis and you want to have sex with
You must be ok with your desires. If that is your issue right now, then remedy this by verbalizing
them. You will eventually be comfortable with your cock.
You must have complete trust in the process. You must trust that all you really need to do in order to
have sex with that already horny and sexually frustrated woman is to show up.
Thats it.


Walk over, say hi.

Show up!
Sometimes I will be very verbally sexual, but for the most part I play heavily on innuendo, supported
by Im going to eat you eyes, and my seductive voice tone and speed. No need to transition in
smoothly smooth exists only in your head.
Arrive to her as you intend to finish.
A lot of my interactions result in consistent gasps from her, and sentences such as oh my god I
cannot believe you just said that, combined with my ever calm, self accepting meh, what are you
gonna do about it demeanour. Because, of course, it is normal to be sexual. Anything else is a
lie. She knows why I am there, and I know. Hiding your intentions with supplicating behaviour is
infuriating for her, and only drags you further away from your masculine core.
I am VERY blas about sex. It is not taboo. Its fact. It is nature. Its life. Why would I not be okay
expressing that? She would not be here if her dad did not seduce and animalistically fuck her
mother. We are animals. The only difference is we have this huge amazing logical brain, which can
really get in the way of our happiness sometimes. Actually, more times than not.
If you want to turn on, seduce, and fuck a cannot expect to go over and talk to her about
balancing your cheque book. (although Im pretty sure you could turn it into some sexy innuendo if
you are that way inclined)
One of the greatest lessons I have ever learned is, a girl does not need to be 100 percent attracted
to you to have sex, you must just get her wet enough. You will be there, offering her release and
freedom from that frustration. Your freedom will allow her to follow through on those desires.
So, focus instead on learning what women are sexually aroused by. What turns her on, where does
she like to be touched. where is she most sensitive. I literally ask all the time. When they tell me, I
see that as a green light, and a passive welcoming to begin stimulating her.

3: Develop Indifference
Not only is indifference hugely important when interacting with and seducing a woman, it is also very
beneficial in how you interact with your lifes circumstances.
If you are afraid of losing every woman you are talking to by saying something possibly too forward,


or stupid etc, then you will never be able to take her all the way. You must be willing to risk it.
PLEASE STOP TAKING THIS SO SERIOUSLY!! Your results will improve quadruple-fold!
This includes touching her, going for the kiss, taking her home or to a random public location, how
you speak to her and what you say.
The greatest tool to help you stay indifferent to your current situation is meditation. It trains you to be
in the moment, and nowhere else. This detaches you from negative what if thought patterns, and
allows you to act impulsively with her in the moment. Being present is the be all and end all to every
aspect of seduction. How do you expect to make her feel sexy if you are in a state of over analytical
worry, dissecting every sentence you are about to say? Luckily, the presence was covered in the first
section of this book. Its up to you to put it into practice.
Stop worrying so much. Focus on her!

4: Touch her in the RIGHT way

Most men do not know how to touch women. I was the same, until I studied massage(which I
recommend every man to do).
I see guys doing it every day, and in bars and nightclubs. I call the move poke and flee. It consists
of the guy awkwardly touching the girl somewhere like the arm or shoulder, but not with his hand,
more so with his fingers in a poking motion. Once he has made contact with the skin, he releases
after a millisecond and puts his hands back where he feels they his pockets.
This is NOT fucking sexy, and does nothing other than telling her I am incredibly uncomfortable with
myself, you, and the notion of us having sex. I will suck in bed.
When you touch a woman, touch her like you actually like her, like you desire her body, her skin, her
warmth. I am going to now replace the word touch...with feel.
Use your entire hand, not just your stiff fingers. Place it on her sensually, being gentle, affectionate,
and also respectful if she chooses to set any boundaries.
I love and adore women, and Im ok with that, which means it is only right that I touch them all the
time to show them that. Women love being touched by a man who loves them, not a man who is
trying to hide his desire and poke a woman awkwardly into bed.


Enjoy the texture of her body Her curves, her skin, everything! There is no such thing as too direct
as long as once you touch her, you respect her response. If she removes your hand or steps back,
fine, give her a while and test the waters again, she may just not be ready.
If she says nothing, and doesnt respond, but allows you to continue touching her, this is a GREEN
LIGHT. She is passively giving you permission to continue.
I love to hold her hand for an extended period of time directly on meeting. Ill simply hold it until she
takes it away. Other areas I touch are her lower back, arm, wrist, neck and brushing her hair behind
her ear, upper thighs etc.
Remember that you are there to turn her on, not mind her. Your touch should become increasingly
more sexual the more she passively accepts.

5: Know your Surroundings

It does not matter where you are in terms of location, you must always be looking towards the
inevitable outcome of you seducing her to the point of a sexual experience and indulgence.
For example If you meet her on the street, be aware of where you 2 can possibly get more heated
privately, whether its local hotel bathrooms, or a big hedge. (Im joking, but Im also not joking).
Always know your surroundings and become as familiar as possible so you can then relax and be
spontaneously in the moment of the interaction.
Fulfilling her fantasy is completely down to you. You show up, you lead, you push the dynamic
forward in a seductive way as outlined above in so many ways, and women will begin to see you and
feel you as the man who can offer them amazing pleasure.
Be your authentic self!

No matter how long you have been involved in seduction, game or pick-up, the concept of
approaching is always the first hurdle for every man to face. That is exactly how it is designed and
sold to men all over the world, as a hurdle. Something to win at or beat.
When I think of the word approach, I equate it with sneaking up on a dangerous animal, somewhere
where you have danger as an opponent. A situation where you have something to lose, but if you do


it right, you have something to gain.

In my mind, I do not ever have to approach a girl, because I never have anything to lose, ONLY
As men, we used to hunt dangerous animals every day to survive. We struggled through battlefields
and moments of incredible danger. We ran strictly on warrior blood, which is the blood pumping
through your veins right now. But men of this society and time are afraid of saying hello to a 5 foot 5
pretty girl.
Dont you realize how ridiculous this all is?
So from now, let us not use the word approach. We have already established she is not a risk to us
physically. We have also made it pretty clear that we have nothing to lose, ONLY something to gain
i.e. affection, desire, connection, love, amazing sex, lessons, growth, understanding, offspring and
consistent improving.
ALL of these amazing gifts come from something VERY simple and completely effortless...
With the above being said, let us shift from the word Approach, to the word Open.
Doing this switch, allows my intention, purpose, and direction to shift into a much more effective
space, coming from a loving place, not a fight or flight place, which approaching does.
When I think of opening, my mind goes to the image of opening up a box, to reveal the hidden
magic, secrets, and treasures that may lay inside. This type of imagery can be attached perfectly to
my intentions when I see a woman I am attracted to.
To open her is coming from a place of curiosity. Who is she? How is she feeling? What does she like/
dislike? Why does she do the things she does? What makes her light up? What is she passionate
about? - All these answers lay within her. Your job as the man, is to open her up.
Approach anxiety exists. It is real except that it comes from wanting to take something from her.
Opening excitement does not. You cannot be there to offer her something and feel anxiety of


Every time you see a girl youre attracted to, and want to speak to, but dont, out of fear of
rejection youre actually rejecting yourself!
How many times a day do you reject yourself?
Surely rejecting yourself is far more terrifying than a complete stranger who knows nothing about
you? In my mind having her reject me is far less damaging than me rejecting myself.
I couldnt forgive myself for such behavior. I love me. Do you love you? If on that first.
Because realistically you are all you have.
Opening comes from love and curiosity. I always say that my consistent success with women and
my ability to seduce her comes from my genuine curiosity about who she is and how she wants to
be seduced.
Love and fear cannot exist at the same time.
When you go up to open her, you are giving her the greatest gift she can receive from ANY man. She
wants to be opened by a man who wants to open her - who wants her to open up to his invitation.
Are you that man?
If so, be excited. It is very easy!
There are 2 components to opening. The percentages come from my experience of interacting with
thousands of women.

55% - Body Language

38% - Tonality
7% - Words

I saw this very cute girl hurdling down the street, looking, well, just really American. She wasnt, but it
never matters anyway.
I was very physically attracted to her, therefore meaning endlessly curious about her, so I instantly
checked in and became aware of my physical body, feeling my feet on the ground to magnify my
presence and ground myself.
Then, with this very relaxed, chilled, and strong vibe, I walked up alongside her and said slowly and


Excuse me...on a scale of 1 to Barack Obama...How American are you? .

Did she hear the words I said...not really.
Did she hear how I delivered the words...YES 100%, and that really is all that matters.
I prove this to guys by asking them to give me the most ridiculous opening line they can think of, and
I go open her with it.
When you realize this to be true, and trust in this truth, a massive weight and responsibility is lifted
off your shoulders. The need for the perfect words and verbal opener is thrown away. You can say
anything, once you deliver it in a masculine way.
How do you deliver it in a comfortable and authentic way? STOP TAKING THE PROCESS OF
It is supposed to be fun. Women are not attracted to structure and in the meantime theres you
following a strict seduction plan. That only projects how badly you must need and want this.
If you can internalize that being super serious is a huge turn off to a woman, you are free to be
authentic by speaking your truth (desire for her) and begin to enjoy the process.
Your comfort results in her feeling comfortable. You do not build comfort, you bring it with you!
Excuse me...have you found him yet?
Nemo...but yeah...Im Chris.
The purpose of an opener, is simply OPEN her and shift her MOOD. Especially as she goes
about her daily life trapped in her head and emotions.
What you say, frankly, doesnt mean jack shit, so please remove that pressure off of yourself. What
matters is your decisiveness and your purpose.
Women are not stupid, she knows why you are there.


Direct is not about the words you say, its about why you are there and the permission you give
yourself to be there.
Handing her your testicles and purpose on a plate in the form of a bland, lazy, and overwhelmed
compliment on her physical beauty is not what she wants.
Although, if you struggle to tell a girl you find her attractive, then I would advise you to go and do
that as much as you can for a few weeks in order to re-connect yourself to your desire. It will be a
reminder of how you are allowing yourself to like girls, and also let them know.
If and when you can verbalize your desire easily, Instead, why not share with her something original
to you, such as your presence, or your light-hearted humour.
Combine both of these together and what youre giving her is a gift. A non-objectifying gift.
If you are not endlessly observant and curious about attractive girls you see in your daily life, you are
most likely feeling fear and anxiety.
Shift your focus to being curious...notice things. Anxiety cannot exist alongside observant curiosity.
To be observant means to be fully aware and involved in the specific person or environment.
Your greatest verbal opener is your curiosity about her. ONCE IT IS GENUINE and not pre-planned
or designed in a secret pick-up lab.
I stopped a stunning Mexican girl recently, wearing this beautiful white linen summer dress combined
with brown sandals and a pink flower in her hair...what could that possibly tell me about her? NO,
not that she is cute, or hot or fuckable. The first words I said were - You look really expressive? If
you meditate and also practice yoga, you may be perfect wife material.
Question her on what you assume about her. Its much more genuine and strong than a bland lazy
generic compliment. There is a time and a place for physical compliments!
If she is hot, she knows this, and she has been told this by MANY men since she hit puberty.
She is never opened up genuinely and asked about who she is by a curious and calm man.
If you open from a grounded place, with clear relaxed intent Women do not walk away or ignore
you. The majority of clients I get, even those who have already went through boot camps with big
pick-up companies, absolutely SUCK at opening, because, guess what They are walking up to
APPROACH HER, like the dangerous animal she is.


95% of girls SHOULD be stopping and NOT ignoring you and walking off.
Hopefully, at this stage, you will be understanding that opening a woman is more about your
internal beliefs surrounding what you are doing. The level of comfort will come from the amount of
permission you are giving yourself to show up as a man.
Lets get to the nuts and bolts of opening.
Before you even think about interacting with a woman, it is very important that you assess what your
intentions are for wanting to even start the interaction.
This could be for many reasons, such as learning about how women interact and what they respond
to, wanting to kiss pretty girls, get to know someone interesting, find a girlfriend, or casual sex.
Figure out which it is, and then give yourself full permission as a man, to go for exactly what you
want, making no apology and owning who you are and what you want.
The above is all vitally important and will separate you from the hoards of men who approach women
without decisive direction, and get lost in a directionless interaction.
What this means, is when you see that beautiful brunette strutting down the street, give yourself full
permission to interact with her.
Some beliefs that helped me start interactions with women when I was first focusing on this area of
my life:

- I make no apology for wanting to meet you

- I make no apology for wanting to get to know you
- I make no apology for being attracted to you and wanting to sleep with you

Sex is still such a taboo in society and many men are chained within the social belief that sex is a
negative thing. The truth, is that we are all sexual creatures, and sex is the most beautifully wonderful
and intimate act we can partake in, so celebrate this.
Let go of the negative beliefs. Embrace your sexual side and share it respectfully and consciously
with whomever inspires you.
Lets talk through the most essential and powerful steps to truly opening a woman.


1: External Awareness:
The biggest issue for most men is the feeling of anxiety and over-analytical thinking, which leads to
This is due to a made up imaginary scenario which is self created, where all the worst things in the
world will occur, and Armageddon will quickly ensue, resulting in the entire nightclub burning down,
all because you said hello to a pretty girl.
As a man who has opened women in practically every social situation, I can assure you the worst
case scenario is NEVER the reality, and even if I am rejected, it is completely painless and
empowers me as a man who takes positive action in his life.
Therefore realize your mind is not your friend in this case.
The quickest way to fix this detrimental pattern is to move your awareness from your own selfish
thoughts to the girl, and how she may be feeling.
A good exercise I recommend is to walk around in a busy area making assumptions, verbalizing
what you are picking up from complete strangers.
A woman may be sitting on a bench reading a book. How might she be feeling? How does she look?
Her expression? Her mood?
This is hugely beneficial for 2 reasons.

- this teaches you to project forward, forgetting about yourself

- And your observation about her is always the perfect verbal opener to express (simply

starting a conversation).

Just yesterday I saw a girl walking very fast down the street. This, to most men is a red flag not to
approach as they assume their presence will bother her. This is very arrogant of you to assume. So
I jogged up beside her and said You...look like youre training for a marathon, which was met with
a giggle, and her expressing how she likes to walk fast to stay warm. You see, I have just learned
something about her.
This is my version of what I like to call an observational verbal opener.


It is beautiful, because you are not approaching her in a stranger to stranger dynamic, telling her she
is the most beautiful woman in the world; basically asking her to make a decision on whether she
likes you in a split second of seeing you, whilst simultaneously projecting that you dont care what
type of person she is. Her superficial beauty states she is enough for you already...weak!
When you make an observation on her emotional state, you in a way slide directly into an emotional
connective conversation with her, which then can lead to you both sharing parts of who you are,
without the added pressure of do you like me yet?
Of course, it is still a good thing to compliment her on an aspect of her personality which you find
attractive once youre speaking with her. There is nothing wrong with telling her how sexy her walk
is, or how cute her energy is when she smiles. It is something she has input in, unlike her perfect
bone structure which was handed down from her parents (something she is reminded of by every
other over-eager guy).
I really believe this is why my seductions are so consistent. I see a girl, make a comment, draw her
in with my presence and intent, and before we know it, we are intertwined in an organically flowing
seduction, based on the fact we are both enjoying each others company, which is much different
when you are approaching a girl to get her number. How do you possibly know you want to continue
interacting with her if you have not even spoken to her yet?
So, to recap on step one:

See a girl
feel weird sensation in your body (anxiety)
Push your focus externally by studying her mood.

2: Internal Awareness
Once you have pushed you awareness out and read where she may be at in her day/life, you then
must become aware of your physical body in order to open and enter her presence with purpose.
The guys who do not check themselves energetically before beginning an interaction, end up
bouncing in like drunk babies or over-eager stuttering puppies.
I simply put my awareness to my feet and imagine they are kissing the ground.
I slow my movements down, staying focused not on what I am going to say (which never really
matters anyway), but instead focused on my feet kissing the ground as I put one in front of the other.


=This is a technique I learned practicing and studying Qigong, which would also be of benefit to you
in terms of lifestyle.
The basis of putting your awareness in your feet, means it stops you living in your mind, where really
it is going against you most of the time and winning.
Live in your feet as much as possible.
When I open a girl in my feet, I am present, powerful, grounded, un-reactive, and ultimately chilled
and nonchalant about what Im doing/saying. Which in-turn allows her to trust you. You are being
your authentic self.
So, to recap from step 1-2:

See a girl

feel weird sensation in your body (anxiety)

Push your focus externally by studying her mood..

Shift your awareness to your physical body

direct your focus to your feet

Walk towards girl, kissing the ground with your feet (before you know it you are in front

of her)

3: Delivery:
How you show up to a woman, and deliver who you are, is seen through many different aspects of
your communication. Luckily, by following the previous two steps, you are already in a much more
attractive place than the majority of men. Keep in mind that 80% of communication is expressed
through your non-verbals.
Body language - I move slowly and with purpose.
Eye contact - Strong, clear, and direct, looking into ONE eye. I always go with her left.
Voice - The way you express your words tells people pretty much everything they need to know
about how you feel about yourself, and your opinion of yourself in relation to the world. Seriously!
Most guys speak too fast and try and get all their words out quickly, combining this with a high
pitched vocal tone.
Around women the speed triples. This depicts nervousness, reactiveness, and a poor internal self-


image. What you must realize is that not only does this make you even more nervous, but makes the
woman feel nervous for you.
Luckily, with some practice you can solve this and have it work for you.
Practice how you speak and give attention to your voice. It is one of your most powerful instruments.
When I first open a girl, I say one word, be it Hello, or excuse me...then I shut up.
I do not continue until I get her full attention and eye contact. This immediate space I offer allows
her to react to my presence and I can then respond effectively, rather than steam rolling her with a
gigantically drawn out verbal opener or pick-up line.
Keep it simple.
When I speak to a woman, I speak clearly, unrushed, and in a resonant tonality.
This will be fed through your own feedback loop, and your body language/vibe will stay chill.
You will feel grounded, allowing her to feel relaxed in the sense that you got this, and that she can
trust you, as the man, to guide the awkward initial moments of interacting with a stranger.
When men approach all jacked-up in fight or flight, even if she likes you, she will feel the
uncomfortable negative tension, and will want to get away from it in any way she can.
Forget about building comfort by being comfortable, you make others comfortable in your
If you follow the above guide, it really does not matter what you say as your vibe will say it all, and
that is what is truly sexy and seductive.
So, from the top:

See a girl

feel weird sensation in your body (anxiety)

Push your focus externally by studying her mood with curiosity

Shift your awareness to your physical body

direct your focus to your feet

Walk towards girl, kissing the ground with your feet (before you know it you are in front

of her)

Slow down movements and gestures


Strong present eye contact, looking INTO her eye, not at it

Deliver your observation with a relaxed, resonant tone without reactive fluctuations

The more you practice the above, the more you can forget about it as it becomes a natural part of
your personality. You are either seductive or youre not. Be seductive!
If at any point you find yourself thinking analytically, or feeling nervous, this is due to lack of
presence. Simply drop your focus to the soles of your feet, engage eye contact again, and your
presence will deepen.
Enjoy the process and have fun.
Go open the women of the world!



How I Went From Lovable Loser to

Dating 3 Women a Week
10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1...HAPPY NEW YEARRRRR!

I was in a room full of people, friends, acquaintances, women

and men. As everyone celebrated, kisses were shared, hugs
were delivered, and there I stood, completely alone

I did not want to make people sick with how sad it was, so I
slapped a giant grin across my face as I was so used to doing,
to hide the sadness and depression that characterized my life
at that time.

I rang in 2010 with a deep and profound realization...I do not fucking care anymore.
I spent the previous years of my life under immense stress to be 50 different people, depending on
what I felt would make the individual like me the most. I had completely lost any idea of who I was,
or who I might be. This resulted in my immune system packing in and my getting very ill on a regular
basis with swollen glands in my neck. I put this down to all the frustration and anger towards life
building up in my throat.

I had the epiphany that nothing is worth this pain, anxiety, depression, and consistent loneliness.
How on earth did I expect any woman to be with me if I did not even know who me was?

I had hit rock bottom.

I had two options, to end it all, as nothing was worth continuing this agony, or deciding to try one
more thing...stop giving a fuck and be the guy who has nothing to lose.

This was the beginning of my life, I was re-born.


As I was so terrified of what people thought of me and if they liked me or not, this was the first issue
I had to deal with. How? By making an agreement with myself.
If I felt angry...BE ANGRY! Dont hide it. I gave myself permission to be a grumpy asshole.

If I felt sad...BE SAD! Cry, sob, sulk, externalize how I felt.

I had bottled up SO much shit for years that when I began to do this...the old Chris everybody knew,
disappeared. I was no longer that forcefully smiley guy. I stopped attempting to force my naturally
introverted self to be extroverted. I stopped being accommodating to everyone, and I chose to be
entirely selfish, and first look after myself.

Now, I am in no way telling you to go and do all this. Because I am pretty sure you are not as
damaged as I was.

My Seductive Epiphany
Through the process of allowing myself to feel and express, something happened. I lost friends I had
for many years. Why? Because I no longer filled my role within the group dynamic. I moved on.

By that time, I had also stopped with all the pick-up lines, routines, and canned stuff I had been
learning and trying out for a few years during my damaged phase. I got very limited results, and
when I decided to really stop caring, that was when I stopped caring about trying to get girls to like

I truly believed I was hideously unattractive both physically, and as a man. I didnt even feel like a
man. I felt like a scared little boy.

So, along with all the other safety nets in my life, I threw my pick-up books, videos, and
paraphernalia away, and gave up. No more girls for Chris, I didnt deserve them. Thats how I felt.

My seductive epiphany came one night as I was sitting in the corner of a dark bar, on my own, in


I was by myself, oozing a pissed off vibe...but an incredibly free and pissed off vibe. I did not care
who saw me, how they felt about me, or what they call me. I was content in my pissed off state, with
zero pressure on me to do anything. I left my pain at the door on New Years Eve. As I said, nothing
was worth it.

As I poured whiskey down my throat, I noticed there was a girl standing opposite me with some
friends. She was beautiful, but I didnt care. I remember thinking I would totally fuck her, but I dont
even care anymore.

This was coming from a place of giving up. Letting go. I was not prepared to go and try to do stuff
or take on a particular behaviour in order to impress her. That caused me pain and confusion in the
past where after all my pick-up efforts never paid off, and plus, she was way too fucking pretty for
me anyway.

We made eye contact quite a bit over the space of about an hour. It was in a very matter of fact way,
with me asking myself why the hell does she keep looking at me, piss off.

I went to the bathroom, came back to my table, and over she strutted.
She said hi with a warm smile.

I said Hey, in a very confused way. I was waiting for her to ask me if she and her friends could take
my table. This was not the case!

She looked at me square in the eye and asked if she could sit down. I said yes, in a suspicious

Are you ok? she asked. Yes, I blankly responded. Im fine.

You dont look it. Im Ciara.

She extended her hand and I shook it. At this point she stood up from across the table, and came
and sat down beside me on the couch. She was very persistent in asking me why I was there on my


I was very matter-of-fact about everything. I told her I did not want to speak to anyone, thats why
I am in the corner. The conversation went very deep very fast. Before I knew it, I began to get
genuinely curious about her as a person, and started to ask her questions.

Fast forward two hours later, and her friends had left her with me. I had explained to her in depth
why I was the way I was, and the agreement I had made with myself. In turn, she told me lots about
herself. I respected and appreciated many parts of her, and actually forgot that she was anHB9.

Out of nowhere...Chris, you have no idea how horny you are making me, I want to go home with



I had nothing to prove, therefore I did nothing, and guess what, she found that sexy, honest, strong,
deep, and safe. She felt safe with me.

That night I was brought home by the most attractive women I had ever spoken to up to that point in
my life. We had sex...the first time in about 2 years.

To this day, that is the most valuable experience I have ever had. Without that, I do not know where I
would be now, or what I would be doing.

It kick-started a journey of questioning what women really find attractive in a man.

I stayed on the path of letting it all go, and staying in a given up state. What this did for me was
allow me to never even feel the need to try and get a woman or convince her to like me. I was who I
was, I felt how I felt, and I expressed it internally, without care.

I started as INCREDIBLY verbally direct which I then began to refine the more women I experienced
and questioned on why they were with me. I began to smooth out the edges so to speak.


The effortlessness of seduction was very annoying at the beginning. I thought you mean to tell me
I was lied to for my entire life by society on what I must do to get girls? I presumed I needed to
impress her, be her knight in shining armor, have the coolest clothes, the best lines and routines, the
most money, the best job, and so on and so forth.

I was moving through life like a scruff, with no money, no job, and yet I was taking very beautiful
women off socially handsome and high value men...effortlessly.

It seemed the internal freedom I granted myself was intoxicating. Women wanted to be around it
in any way they could. Its like they could smell it. I was being checked out constantly - Im talking
getting seriously eye-fucked by girls holding hands with their boyfriends.

It was intense, crazy, slightly confusing, but INCREDIBLY liberating.

That was the internal situation which was going on. In terms of practicality, I had to begin to show
up and take action in my life. I started to do it, quite easily actually. When I let it all go, and felt like I
really had nothing to prove, I began to throw myself into situations everywhere without caution.

I stopped trying to impress people.

I stopped trying to be cool.

I stopped trying to be friendly if I didnt feel the need to.

I stopped trying to say the perfect thing.

I promised myself I would never again break who I am, just to please someone else.

I dedicated myself to me...which in turn, meant I could later share myself with the world and really
give, because I wanted to, not because I felt if I did it I would gain something in return. I didnt need

Speaking to beautiful women Why the hell not?


This, in essence, is how I began to be with many women every week. Practically, of course, I had to
go and approach lots. This allowed me to refine everything which was incredibly uncalibrated.

Take what you will with my above experience, and come to your own conclusions of how it might
relate to your current situation, internally. It is the most important aspect of being truly successful
with women on a consistent basis.

You MUST be showing up!

You MUST be speaking to, interacting with, and questioning women on how you make them feel.

You MUST learn from your mistakes.

And you MUST leave your ego at the door!

You deserve everything I do, and I deserve everything you do. Know this!


Talk Like Casanova - A Conversation

Guide For The Modern Seducer
As I sit here, perched on my stool in this little
Spanish cafe, somewhere in the Canary Islands, I am
unintentionally overhearing the generic conversational
structure being clumsily spat out by a man clearly
attempting to woo his date.
Her body language is slumped and bored, struggling to
hold the look of interest upon her disgruntled face.
In the pick-up community, the area of conversation is
delved into with great detail.
Eager guys spend hours, days, and months of their lives learning every scripted routine, story, and
impressive joke out there, in order to always have something to say when interacting with a woman.
This enthusiasm is leveraged by mans biggest fear... Running out of things to say (I can hear your
butthole clench at the very thought).
First of all, we must point out the fact that this desire to never run out of verbal material stems from
societys imprints on our culture.
We are pepped up, coffee guzzling, energy drink injecting, status updating, instagramming monsters.
Silence is seen as awkward, and would be better filled with a tweet of your cat eating its own poop.

Quantity over quality!

Lets apply that to conversation...
People would much prefer to blurt out a constant slip n slide of nonsense, rather than truly listen or
connect on an emotional basis. This is all comes down to fear, which I will discuss shortly.
In my opinion, there are 2 different types of conversation; Social & Seductive. Lets break them



Social Conversation
This is the style of interacting you engage in on a daily basis as you go about your chores. It is
superficial in its essence, lacking any honesty or emotional expression.
Most of us have many different social personas which we fall into, depending on who we are
interacting with.
Let us say you are walking down the street on your lunch break and you bump into an old friend you
have not seen in a while.
In most cases there is a reason you have not seen them. Quite frankly, you arent very fond of them
and did not feel the need to stay in contact.


Hey, havent seen you in ages, how are you?


(Big smile) Im good how are you? (Your cat just died, youre devastated)


Yeah Im great too. (Just got fired) Are you still living in bla bla street?


Yes, still there. Where are you working these days?


Oh the same place. Its not too bad


Awesome. Listen I have to run, but it was great seeing you, we must go for a drink
soon (that will never ever happen).


Yeah definitely, just drop me a text (no fucking way) See ya.


Bye (all smiles , whilst muttering fucking prick under your breath)

What the fuck was that? Was that you? HELL NO!


Social conversation is what people do to avoid being human.

It is the biggest and most idiotic secret we all walk around with for most of our lives.
We all know we are human, and have emotions and insecurities, and bad days, but for some reason
we all pretend to be perfect, fine, good, and awesome, even when we are not.
This is the root of the majority of social conversation.
It is done to simply get by, to make others comfortable, not ruffle anyones feathers, and a desperate
attempt to be liked and tolerated by every different human being you meet...
Yes, the sheep/tribe mentality. Thou shalt not be shunned!
Unfortunately, this way of communicating has been instilled in us from a very early age as we watch
our parents speaking to the lady at the checkout like they are the best of friends, only to walk out of
the shop muttering Shes an awful cunt, isnt she?
We use rapid talk and fill every silence in order to escape someone pointing a spotlight on us, and
possibly seeing our insecurities.
Silence is where the cracks begin to show.
Thats right, the reason you are learning all those routines, jokes, stories, games, and being the
center of attention, desperate to be the coolest, is because you are hiding.
This used to be me, down to the last detail.
I call it hiding out loud, and it is so internally painful, stressful, and tiring! It is also incredibly
detrimental to seducing a woman. You are continuously getting in your own way.
The quietest person in the room is in most cases the strongest. Nothing to prove, nothing to lose.
Content in simply being.
The social conversational, approval needing clown-way of interacting has been dragged directly into
mans mission of charm, and is the primary focus in dating advice.
It is commonplace to see an array of videos all over YouTube advertising things such as
How to avoid awkward silences or 5 tips to never be stuck for words again.


We are being taught that quantity with sprinkles of quality is better than refined quality.
In seductive terms we can define it as this:


Factual/Intellectual stimulation


Emotional/ Mood stimulation

When you are seducing a woman, it is all about quality!

Seductive Conversation
This is the polar opposite to social. Although it is not even discussed in most pick-up material.
You do not need 100 stories.
You do not need games or routines.
You do not have to be funny.
If women wanted to fuck clowns, we would all be graduated from clown college.
The difference between the fast-talking social man, and the devastatingly effortless ladies man, is
the social guy speaks at women whereas the ladies man speaks with women.
I want you to think about that. Really hard, right now. Whats the difference?
The social conversationalist shoots an array of verbal factual bullets which is a desperate attempt
to be impressive and stay afloat. Hoping that his prey drowns first and gives him the gratification of
entrance to her vagina. This will massage his delicate ego.
This is not sexy.
The seductive conversationalist, when speaking with a woman, knows that she is the only human
being that exists. He does not know her, what she likes, or how she wants to be seduced, so...he
questions her, pays attention to the ebb and flow of emotion. He literally feels her.
After all, it would be pretty ignorant of him not to. You dont need a manual, its right in front of you,


living and breathing. Open your eyes, ears and heart!

Become aware
Men, in general, speak way too much.
They use too many words, and they use them quickly!
They also ask factually specific questions, as you would hear in an interview, such as what do you
do followed by how long have you done it for, followed by Thats so cool. So, where do you go to
And the cycle continues.
As a successful ladies man (after all the blood sweat and tears of game), I choose when
I speak, what I say, and how I say it, very carefully.
I am naturally very introverted and laid back, so given the choice between talking or listening,
I choose listening. It is also highly effective whilst seducing, and allows you to turn her on and
escalate with your eyes, vibe, and touch.
I only speak if I have somewhere to take it.
If she answers me with something I am unimpressed with, I simply stay silent, and low-n-behold, she
starts to speak more.
The woman is always the one speaking more and investing more.
Obviously, you cannot sit there and say nothing all night. So when I do speak, I choose to ask very
open-ended/ambiguous questions, or loose statements.
An example of this would be, instead of:
What do you do? = Whats your story? (this can open her up to absolutely anything)
If you ask a specific question, 9 times out of 10 you will get a one-worded fact-based answer.


Rather than having any structure or questions prepared, I allow the woman to be the manual on how
to seduce her. They are all inherently greatly different in their particular needs and wants, depending
on the mood, and time of their life they currently reside in.
You should be endlessly curious about women in general. So with this in mind, finding out who they
really are will be a very enjoyable process.
Stop asking her what she does. Find out why she does what she does. You see? Emotional
stimulation and connection are not intellectually based.
Here is an example of a seductive conversation:


Excuse me, I wanted to come and meet you


Oh, ok, Hi!


(extends hand) Im Chris




So what are you doing today?


Im just on my break from work so I am off to get some food


Doing what?




Your job...doing what?


Oh right, Im a designer for photo shoots


(silence, holding eye contact, no response)


(speaks to break the tension) I am dressing 3 models today, who are all crazy, its
tough work


Shit, you must cope with stress well.


No I dont, I get crazy so easily


Do you like getting crazy?


Depends on the circumstances haha but not with stress


So what you like to get crazy?


hmmmm, maybe at a party or when I go dancing. Something like that


You know what you gotta do must become a dancer...or...a dj


hahahaha that would be awesome


Tell me something about you...


The above is a very plainly laid out example.

In a real life interaction, and from my experience of using heavy sexual intent, silence, eye contact
and voice tone, she would be speaking more and more given every opportunity, veering into different
topics emotionally.
Unfortunately I am not good at trying to think like a woman, but I am sure you can see the difference
of how I go about interacting.
I, in every case, look for the emotional side to every decision she makes. I bring it to the surface so
she feels it and shares it with me, which is a huge investment on her part. My questioning makes her
have to check in with herself and think before she speaks.
I am questioning her as a person, as an individual, and like every one of us, she wants to be
understood, heard, and appreciated.
The seductive ladies man is like a conversational sniper, with a double barrel of understanding
underneath his belt. Waiting for the right shot, and applying it with a refined accuracy. All he needs is
one shot!
The social conversationalist trying to pick up women, is the blindfolded coke-head holding two semi
automatic machine guns, trying to hit everything he can at the same time.
Choose one!


Fix These Mistakes To Secure A

Solid Second Date
Dates can be a tricky deal for many men. Most will take the
expected route of dinner and drinks, and/or a movie.
First of all, ask yourself why are you going out with this woman?
What are your intentions? What is your role? What do you want?
The biggest mistake you can make is meeting a woman without
any direction in where you would like to possibly take it.
Do you just want to get to know more about her? Then talk, be curious, connect. Take on that
Do you want to have some jungle sex with this girl? If must escalate the vibe, whilst also
sharing your touch with her, and your sexual desire.
Be very clear on what you expect from yourself before you talk to and meet a woman.
The two biggest reasons she will not call you back for a second meeting comes down to two things:
confusion and boredom.
I want you to read back over that 1235000 times.
You are not 12. It is lazy, fearful, and uninspiring. She can watch a movie on her own.
She does not need you sitting beside her to make that happen. It is an emotional vacuum. Avoid at
all costs!
You must structure your date around your intentions. If you would simply like to get to know her with
no current desire to be sexually intimate, then maybe schedule a day time date where you guys go
for a walk, exploring somewhere different. A music venue, coffee date (boring), doing something


active such as water sports, rock climbing, something outdoors.

The list is endless. The most important thing is to do something fun and avoid normal and boring at
all costs.
Night time dates are much more advised if you would like to push the interaction sexually.
Always be prepared and take the lead. Know where you are taking her, and move location after each
Personally, I go for a first drink in an outside location. Its less pressure on her, and it is chilled with
lots of people watching around. I live in Spain currently, so the weather makes this easy.
After this, I go for comfortable lounge bars with couches, and dimmed, warm lighting. This is where I
will begin to really escalate.
Again, know your intentions, and know your role.
Regardless of the date type, you must connect with her, getting her to invest. The more she opens
up to you, the more she will want you to validate her, i.e. going for a second date. Also, be sure to
share about yourself.
This is a huge reason as to why girls dont call guys back. She sits there, as he lists off all his cool
talents and accomplishments trying incredibly hard to impress her.
Connect with her via you opening up, being honest and vulnerable, NOT doing game. Its a waste of
energy, and basically conveys huge insecurities, not to mention social retardation.
So, getting you a second date is almost stupidly simple:

Be creative and original with your venues/ places/ plans

Know what you want and lead, lead, lead!
Connect with her, and share pieces of yourself

Look, the point is to allow her play within the social context of you. She wants to get a glimpse of the
type of man you are Blow her mind!
Once you are not a complete asshole, just a relaxed and authentic guy, she will most likely want to
see you again.


Pursuing is Sexy Chasing is Not

Through history, men have always been seen
as the knights in shining armor, going out of
their way to court, swoon, woo, charm, and win
over the lady of their desires.
Many a time, performing over the top displays
of affection, such as serenading her outside a
bedroom window with a guitar, having heaps
of red roses delivered to her work place, or
making her a mix tape, until she agrees to
accept his offer of a date.
This is of course effective in some cases, but for building a bond, strengthening connection, and
having an amazing sexual relationship with the feminine, it is just not practical.
Get ready... I am about to say something that would get me lynched by every feminist on this planet,
but Im not too bothered, because it is the dirty truth
Women, are like cats!
If you have ever played with a cat using a ball of yarn, you will get this dynamic very quickly.
If you dangle the string in front of the cat, seemingly JUST out of reach, it will be active, it will chase
it, it will have large expressive emotions, and it will stay continuously interested and satisfied.
Now, toss the cat the entire ball of yarn...look what walks away, or falls asleep.
This applies to your interactions with women on all levels.
WOMEN WANT A MAN THEY HAVE TO CHASE!!!! They do NOT want to be chased!
Like anything in life, the end result is always much more rewarding, special, and emotionally
worthwhile when you feel as though you have had to put in conscious effort and work to attain it.
When something is bestowed upon you with no effort needed, the value is diminished. As a man,


understanding this core dynamic will help you in giving a woman what she truly desires.
Do NOT confuse this message with manipulation or playing games. This way of interacting with her
should be coming from a place of love and adoration for women everywhere. You understand her
enough to give her what she needs from you in order to feel satisfied, sexy, and feminine.
So, what you are telling us is to be assholes, treat women like shit, and never compliment them?
NO! This has nothing to do with treating a woman like shit, or feeling better or above her. Its coming
from sexual intelligence, and enhancing your male polarization.
Lets look at how this applies to being an authentic, honest, direct, and sexually unapologetic man.

The direct school of thought, which is basically just a technique like indirect, is all about verbalizing
your attraction for her, in many cases in a balls out and over the top way in order to look boss-like
and super alpha.
Sure, you feel great at first, but as you continue, you realize very quickly it becomes a numbers
I recommend for anyone starting out for the first few weeks, to go out, approach women and be
verbally direct, letting the woman know specifically what he finds attractive and sexy about her. This
is a great exercise as it re-connects you to your desire and reminds you of the fact you have a penis,
and that you find the opposite sex attractive.
This is in NO way a seductive tool I recommend necessarily for the long haul. Its very unintelligent,
and releases a lot of tension from an interaction.
Complimenting a woman in most cases feels amazing, its impressive, displays confidence, lets the
woman know what you want, BUT, especially if she is attractive and has heard it thousands of times
before, youre pretty much handing her your balls on a plate.
In her mind: Wow, thats so nice and brave of him, but meh, I already have him now.
You have handed the cat the ball of yarn...No chasing is needed on her she leaves, and
maybe takes a nap.


True Seduction
Seduction happens through tension and uncertainty, pressure and releasing. This is the string.
Rather than going in all guns blazing with precise compliments on everything that you desire about
her, it is much more effective to hold it back, and wait for the right time within the dynamic to verbally
express your desire. Having her in a state of confusion thinking does he, doesnt he? is what the
string represents.
You give her a little bit of yes, and a little bit of no. Never all, and never nothing.
In NO way am I saying be indirect, EVER. The fact you want nothing more than to devour her with
your sexual intimacy should be stated from the very second you lay your eyes on her via your
presence and vibe. The words are irrelevant. Verbal confirmation is basically like signing a contract.
Its definite, its clear, with no room to manoeuvre her emotions.
I am madly in love with women. I am so incredibly passionate about every morsel of feminine energy
in my life, that learning to hold back verbally was one of, and still is, one of the most difficult things I
have to do.
Only two nights ago, after having amazing sex with a girl, I was in the kitchen getting water, when
she emerged in her lacy black and red underwear, long thick blonde wavy hair draping down her
back, moving from her hips, coming towards me in a relaxed post-orgasmic haze, and she was in
that moment the most fucking INCREDIBLE woman I have ever seen, I literally felt emotional looking
at her. Overwhelmed by her that moment all I wanted to do was to gush and tell her how
amazingly mind-blowingly beautiful, gorgeous, vibrant she was but, it was in no way needed, or
beneficial to her state.
She desired the present, silent, strong, sexually animalistic man in front of her. She then wrapped
herself around me to affectionately cuddle and take on her feminine essence.
Me speaking would not have granted her that. I am not selfish, and neither are you.
Instead I chose to simply make the low muttered noise, Ughhhh my God.
I have experienced losing amazing girls because I readily handed her my balls and penis on a plate
very early on. This is not from love, but from an impatient neediness.
A gentleman is merely a patient wolf


To be a magnificent seducer, you MUST have patience.

Remember that all women are different and desire different aspects and qualities of you. With some
girls, you will need to verbalize your desire much earlier, while with others, it may never even be
necessary as it will kill it, and what you can offer her.
When you give it all to her...there is nothing she will look elsewhere to play. It is a harsh
natural reality of the dance.
She does not want every last piece of you, keep some for yourself, you deserve it!
When guys ask me if there is any time where it is really important to definitely verbalize how beautiful
she is, your raw desire and how she affects you...I always answer with during sex, especially the
first time.
Most women, regardless of how beautiful they are, once the clothes come off, they are truly
vulnerable and open for you. At that moment, they want your reassurance, they want your
unwavering desire so they can feel confident and safe enough to unleash.
Remember, you can project your raw desire in every other way as much as you like, but hold back
on pointless and wasteful compliments and expressing devotion, because the more it is spoken, the
less its worth.
You withhold out of love.
Seduction is a dance. It is the ebb and flow. Just like dancing, you cannot learn to seduce by reading
all the information and steps, you must actually dance the dance. Feel it. Surrender to it.


How To Not Lose The Spark

This is the part that gets tricky for most. I mean,
so far, youve handled your inner demons, youve
learned the keys to motivation and have been
pushing yourself hard. You know how to open
correctly, how to speak to beautiful women, and
how to connect with them.
Great work on your progress so far. However,
throughout my journey, Ive very rarely seen
someone break down what it takes to actually
maintain a relationship with a woman in an
authentic way. Pick up ends in the bedroom,
seduction never truly ends.
So the question remains; how do you proceed in a relationship without losing that spark?
Allow me to tell you a story;
Steve is a cool guy. He works out regularly - because he thinks women are attracted to his muscles.
He goes out every weekend because he likes to get drunk and do crazy stuff and sleep with girls. He
has a tight circle of guy friends that he spends time with regularly.
Steve is out at a bar. He bumps into Jessica, who is quite beautiful. He initiates a conversation with
her and the two quickly hit it off. She laughs at his ridiculous stories - even the ones that arent
that funny. She touches his bicep every so often - good thing hes been working out. She actually
genuinely enjoys being around Steve because he seems to be a well rounded guy. He asks her for
her number and she figures why not?
Steve and Jessica start dating. Jessica still goes out with her girls, and still gets hit on regularly.
She could be wearing a fuckoff sign on her forehead and she will still get hit on. Steve, however,
changes dramatically. He rarely spends any time with his friends anymore, and when he does, he
acts different and doesnt express himself openly like he used to. He doesnt go to the gym anymore
- whats the point? He has a girlfriend.


He doesnt go out on adventures anymore - whats the point? He has a girlfriend. He just spends his
weeks working and his weekends at Jessicas. Sooner or later they start to fight. He doesnt trust
Jessica to have a night out with her friends. Jessica is growing restless and resentful. She fell in love
with a man who took care of himself, had a life outside of her, had passions and dreams. Steve was
living a lie - he sold her on a product he never had. Everything he did was to garner attention from
women, so when he had it, he quickly became complacent.
Does any of this sound familiar?
We can talk for hours about how to remain attractive and keep the spark going, but the single
greatest, bar none, most important element is this: Never sway from your path and purpose.
That could mean many different things to many people. If you know what your purpose is do not let
your romantic relationships sway you from it. If you do not know what your purpose is, then your
priority is to find it.
Understand, women are infinitely and passionately attracted to the dreamers, the warriors, the
conquerors and the seekers. Why? Because that unshakable commitment to something greater than
yourself is what will allow you to create a better life for your children one day. You must take care
never to lose that spark within yourself, to never grow complacent, and in turn that spark in your
relationship will never die out.
Practically speaking? Have a life! Celebrate and honour your male friends. Go on adventures she
isnt a part of. Try new things together. Always strive, improve, grow and create, and then let her
become a part of that. She will marvel at how lucky she is to have landed a man of your caliber.
Finally, someone she doesnt have to babysit. Finally someone she doesnt have to worry about.
Finally a man she can trust.



The Only Way To Connect With

Her For Life
Isnt love such a fascinating topic? Love is our
natural state, yet we often find ourselves pulling
away from it. Everyone wants love, and many crave
the idea of feeling loved, and loving in return. Many
however, tend to run the opposite way when love
comes in their direction. Has this been you in the
past? What is it that drives us away from the ones
we care about? I have heard that love is hard to find,
hard to enjoy, and hard to keep. Why is this so true if
love is a natural state and potential relationships of all
kinds are given in abundance everywhere we look?
Please understand that there is a difference between counterfeit love and the real thing. Most
people fall under the mirage of counterfeit love, confusing it with feelings such as possessiveness,
attachment, and dependency. Nothing can be further from the truth. True love is not something you
can run away from due to its natural purity and rarity. I know that true love sounds like a myth, and
dont confuse true love with love at first sight. Love at first sight is nothing more than infatuation.
True love on the other hand, is something that is shaped and cured with time. Lets look at pouring
a concrete slab for example; the longer the mix sits and cures, the easier it is for the slab to hold
its shape. In addition to this, the longer it cures the stronger the bond becomes, making it harder
for the concrete to bust apart. Once a couple has completely molded into one unit, they are
unbreakable. Does this sound like something you have been seeking?
I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but this is easier said than done. Sure, different media outlets
will propagate information on love portraying it to be so natural and easy, requiring zero effort. You
will also find, of course, the Magic Potion Number 9 companies trying to sell you their 3 step
program to getting the wife you deserve. Lets be honest - we both know you are way too intelligent
to believe this. Sometimes we come from a place of desperation where we desire something so
much that we put aside our rational mind, for just one minute, and buy into programs with the
pure hope in our hearts that maybe just maybe, this might finally work. Unfortunately, if you are
anything like I was, these decisions you made only continued to lead you further down a path of
solitude and depression.


According to Reuters, a study conducted by Siemens determined that 79% of people polled stated
that they settled for someone who wasnt their true love when they married. More shockingly
17% of the 2000 polled said they have met their true love after marriage, while 46% of those polled
stated that they would leave their marriage if they did find their true love. To be honest, I am not that
surprised. Lets examine these facts a little deeper: Essentially 79% of people are stating they have
already found true love but did not marry that person, or found true love after marrying their spouse.
This means only 21 percent of adults polled actually believe they are in love with the person they are
So what is the only way to connect with your future wife, for life? How do you not fall into the 79%
statistic? How do you achieve these results when nothing else seems to be working? Where do
you start, what do you have to do? All of these questions I am sure are flooding your brain, as
they have flooded mine before. Before I tell you the answers to all of your questions, I first want to
congratulate you. I want to applaud you for even asking these questions. It takes a man of courage
and wisdom to first see that something isnt working, and secondly to have the courage to make the
decision to fix whatever becomes revealed as broken.
So what is broken? What is the first step? What are the answers to all of these never-ending
questions? Before I can give you the answers I must first explain this: You can never expect
someone else to complete a part of yourself that is lacking. That great divide within your soul
must be fulfilled by yourself, and yourself alone. How do you know what a physically, mentally, &
emotionally healthy woman looks like if you arent even healthy yourself? Always remember that we
create our own environment. This begins with throwing away everything that is broken in our lives.

Discovering Your Definition of Love

It would be completely presumptuous of me to sit here and tell you what true love is. I mean,
honestly, how would that make me any different than the magazines I was ranting about earlier?
Instead I want to first share with you my view on true love, then I am going to ask you to expand
your horizons and challenge your own views on true love.
I am going to share something with you now that I have never told a soul, ever. To be honest, I cant
even believe I am sharing this with you. I can only sum up making this decision based on my pure
desire to help you the best I can. I will change some names and leave out any details that might be
too revealing to those who know me in real life.
Ever since I was young, I was absolutely head over heels about one lady.


Although we were childhood best friends it didnt take long until we grew apart.
Honestly, it was my fault. My rough upbringing in my household drove me to go through childhood
phases that she couldnt understand or relate to. She was perfect in every way, and I became
nothing short of a fuck up. Up until a few years ago I would think of her often, living in such regret
realizing that I could never be with my true love. I, for a while, feared I would end up part of the
A few years ago however, I realized that it wasnt actually love for her that drove me. It was
infatuation. I also do not mean a sexual arousal by her sheer beauty, but I was infatuated with the
idea of her. Over the years I have built up something so pristine in my mind, an idea that no real
woman could ever live up to. In all reality I was only cheating myself. The cold hard truth my brain
chose to ignore was that she was flawed just like everyone else. Our time growing apart led us into
different hobbies and beliefs. In short we werent compatible at all.
Thats when it hit me. I already had true love right in front of me with my current fianc (girlfriend
at that time). First I asked myself why havent we failed yet? Most relationships fail because of 5
major reasons. Lets take a look at what they are:

Top 5 Reasons Relationships Fail

1. Telling White Lies & Half Truths Unfortunately, it is extremely common for adults in
relationships to tell little white lies to their partners. With that said it is generally done with the
right intentions. Caring enough for someone to spare their feelings, or trying to withhold information
in hopes of sparing an otherwise delightful evening with an argument might sound like a great idea
at the time. The truth; however, always shines through. After the dust settles, all that is understood
is that you did not have enough respect for your partner to honour them with the truth when it
2. Power Imbalance The second most common reason why people fail is because both parties
are not developed enough to equally contribute their roles within the relationship. You often see this
portrayed in movies or TV shows. Look at Everybody Loves Raymond, a TV show where a man was
portrayed as a grown-up child in his marriage leaving the wife to assume the role of both adults.
Having your wife play wife and mother is nothing short of a disaster in the making.
3. Suffocation No I am not talking about actually murdering your partner, but smothering them in
such a way that they feel as if they cannot breathe. Many relationships nowadays are filled with
partners who are so insecure they restrict you from having any outside contact whatsoever.


4. Jealousy Feeling a need to compete or separate. When you feel so much less significant than
your partner and constantly push your partner to prove themselves within your relationship.
5. Selfishness Only having concern for oneself without thought or consideration of your partner
can cause serious detrimental effects on your relationship.
Thinking over these five categories, I realize that they are lacking in my current relationship. It
seems, as if naturally we were a lot stronger than I thought Something outside of the fairy tales
told to me my whole life. So now that I realized we werent making the most common errors
within our relationship, I was curious as to what we were doing well. This was such a challenge
for me, and I realized its because I never truly knew what I valued in a relationship. I took some
time to determine what a loving relationship looks like, and then compared that list to my current
Here is my list:
1. Removal Of Ego I decided that in a relationship I want to be able to have my partner and I give
and express to each other acts of love without desire of reciprocation or validation from the other.
2. Unable To Hurt Each Other I also realized that it would be important to me in a relationship to
have someone that I cared about so deeply, that I could never do something out of spite or anger
that would hurt them emotionally and/or physically to bring me a feeling of satisfaction. I, of course,
would want mutual respect from my partner.
3. Unity Using the term, we is a great representation of this unity, but sometimes I feel that
people misinterpret the bigger picture. It is always important that with your daily thoughts, actions
and words, respect of your partner is always prioritized. With that said, I decided I never wanted a
partner that would demand I waited for her approval to make any decision.
Real strength in unity allows for independence. Having a spouse who I truly get, love, and
appreciate for her personality, desires, and ambitions at her core allows me the strength to
understand her. When I understand her, I dont have to question why she behaves certain ways,
why she makes certain decisions, why she chooses to see a movie with a particular friend. Instead,
I am left in a place where each action she takes on each day is merely yet another reflection of the
woman I am so incredibly in love with.
4. Share The Load I do very strongly believe that all men were designed to carry distinct roles
within a relationship, as women were as well. With that said I also believe that it is vital to share


the load at times. You will hear people say, You are the man, suck it up. I know, for myself, that
I am not completely capable of being secure 100% of the time. I am, after all, human. There will
be times when I need my wife to step up and take some of the load off of my shoulders. There will
be a time when I am so mentally distraught that I will need her to deal with social situations, just so
my mind can find peace for a short period of time. I decided I never wanted a relationship where I
had to carry the weight of both our loads on our shoulders 100% of the time. This is often seen in
cases where men get into relationships with women suffering from a diva or princess mentality. How
many times have you heard a woman say, I am pretty, I am used to getting what I want. Although
that statement may be true, and must make her life a lot easier on the surface, she is only cheating
herself and her future husband by expecting everything to be done and catered to her.
5. Pride & Suffering Having a woman that when I speak about so pridefully it brings a smile to
my face is a wonderful thought. This may sound a little clich but having someone that I would
be willing to suffer for if I saw it would bring them happiness is also another important sign to me.
When you become a father, and a husband, a lot of your life will consist of pride and suffering.
You will be so proud of your childrens accomplishments, and they will accomplish certain things
because you suffered by giving up a fishing trip so you could afford them another year of music
lessons, for example. It may sound horrible, but at its core it comes from a place of pure and
everlasting love. When you know this type of love to be true in your heart, there is no personal
remorse for your suffering but a condition you gladly give to see the joy in the eyes of the ones you
care deepest about.
These are five examples I determined were extremely important to me. Once I realized what was
important to me, I looked at my relationship and realized I was lucky. The woman I was with is the
one I truly loved all along, not the one I was infatuated with because she matched everything the
movies said I should go after.
I challenge you to determine what it is that YOU want to go after. What is it that YOU define as love,
what is important, what have you learned from your past relationships that you want to bring forward
into a new and healthier one?
Continuing Success Within Your Relationship For Life
It should be no surprise to you that every relationship is going to have its ups and downs. It is
love, strengthened by being with the right person, of the right qualities you pre-determined that
sees you through it together as a couple. I often talk about the use of mirroring when first building
comfort with someone. The example I use is how an elderly couple will look very similar. The
reason for this, in short, is because over the years they develop similar laugh lines. Over the years


they learn to have a similar sense of humor, have a similar laugh, use certain phrases or words, and
have communication without ever speaking a word. A unity was built through shared intimacy and
Although this unity is important, understand that there are certain psychological tasks in order to
ensure a great relationship/marriage. One of these tasks is to still allow for autonomy. You should
always have enough going on within your own life to where you are never fully dependent upon
your partner to bring you happiness. Being in a relationship should bring part of the joy to your life,
without being solely responsible for all of it.
Another important characteristic to maintain a healthy and successful relationship is sex. It is easy
to get side tracked with work, and the normal day to day stressors of life. We all know that one of
the most common symptoms of depression is fatigue. Normal work week stress can cause you
to be too tired to allow for intimacy with your partner. Dont put off intimacy for that special date
planned next week. Share your fantasies with your partner, and be open to hers. You set time aside
to brush your teeth for your own dental health, set aside time to allow for intimacy with your partner
for your relationships health.
Another key factor to a successful relationship is to separate yourself from your childhood family.
We should always love and appreciate where we come from, but understand that you need to make
two houses into one home. This means you need to shed the outside influences of your past and as
a couple, build your own family, and your own home.
After time has gone by, and you have heard each others stories a million times it may be difficult to
avoid boredom. It will be inevitable at times, but that does not mean your relationship is failing. If
you would like to try and avoid this, focus on trying to rekindle that youthful romance you once had
together. Surprise her with a new adventure, and make a new memory together that you can both
tell a million times to your children. Take on new hobbies together, find the positives in life, and use
laughter and joy to curtail the negativity that enters your lives.
Lastly, dont wait for your partner to fix the relationship. If you feel tension in the relationship
address it. Letting issues ferment will only bring upon more bacteria and disease. Communication
is key and sometimes it takes one person to get that communication started. Have enough love
and respect for your relationship to bring up the hard topics, even if you know it may bring upon a
negative result.
In closing, remember it is always important to be selfish at first, then selfless second. Be selfish
when you are creating your list, make sure that the woman you meet matches your qualifications


and you are matching yourself with a woman of quality and deserving of the positive wealth of love
you have to offer. Once you find this person, become selfless. Dont let your past aggressions and
failures prevent you from offering your new healthy relationship everything you are capable of. She
is deserving of the best you, and if you chose the right lady, she will offer the best her in return.



Steps To A Solid Phone Number

So you met a girl, and you want to make sure that
the number you are getting is solid. Just recently I
witnessed an act that is performed often by women
around the world. What I witnessed was a woman give
out her best friends phone number, instead of her own.
Typically the way this system works is she just gets to
troll her friend, and when her friend gets a call from this
unknown number she can easily recognize its a number
that her friend isnt interested in, deletes it, and moves
on with her life. Meanwhile the man is sitting at home,
still waiting for a text back.
Obviously the most important suggestion I can give you is to make sure you are able to connect with
her on a deep level during the interaction. There are a few tricks and tips you can do though that
can help you when you are meeting a woman and trying to get a number within a limited amount of
Lets look at two possible scenarios:
Scenario One:
You meet a girl, the conversation goes nicely. The conversation starts to die out, or one of you has
to leave. You quickly reach for your phone and say, Hey real quick, let me get your number. We
should keep in touch
Scenario Two:
Recently I was walking down the beach and saw a gorgeous woman I just couldnt take my eyes off
of. She was laying down on a towel sun bathing, I walked up and sat down next to her. After talking
for a few moments I learned that she just arrived in town that day, for vacation. She knew nothing
about the area. Throughout our interaction she had mentioned that she was really excited to find
a local restaurant with fresh seafood since she was now so close to the coast. I told her about my
personal favorite local oyster shack. I then told her that we should meet back up that evening for
dinner there, and afterwards Id take her on an adventure. She agreed. At that point, I handed her
my phone and said Put your number in, Ill text you the name of the restaurant so you can Google it


for directions.
In the second scenario, I created a purpose for the number. Her giving me her number in that
moment was rational, logical, and expected. You dont always have to worry about setting up a first
date before handing her your phone. In fact, most of the time when I get a womans number its way
before I even excuse myself from the interaction. Still I always provide a reason for the exchange,
as opposed to awkwardly asking for it randomly. Something as simple as making plans to go on
an adventure together even though there is no specific date, time, or location I will still provide a
Once shes putting her number in your phone, make it fun. Tell her to save herself as whatever
nickname you gave her, and watch her save it as something better. This allows you to remain playful
and light. Remember; exchanging numbers, talking to women and dating is normal. Its something
well adjusted people do. Why make it into such a big deal in the first place? Keep it light!


As you can see, this contact was named, Anna The Cooler One. As she was putting her number
in my phone, she realized there were other Annas as contacts. I told her she has some competition
and should just save herself as Anna Needs To Try Harder, instead she saved herself as The
Cooler One.
Another great way to easily obtain a phone number is to take a picture together. Regardless of who
takes it, either offer to text it to her, or have her text it to you.


This screen shot is of a street promoter I met on the street while she was working (yes, I am sitting
on her lap in that picture). In this scenario, how many men do you think try to pick her up and ask
her for her phone number? A lot, thats how many. So instead of directly asking for it, I had her take
a selfie of us. Again, it was only common sense that she should text it to me. The result? I was able
to obtain her number, and took a picture of us togetherwithout coming off as every other creeper
on the street looking for her number.
If you are in a situation where you will both be in the same venue for a period of time, text her
immediately after getting her phone number. One of my favorite things to do is to text

The concept is to create your own private conversation while in a public place. Imagine while she is
having fun with her friends, and entertaining men who are buying her free drinksshes also on the
phonewith you. At a certain point in time, you walk over to her while she is surrounded by these
men, say to her, Are you ready? with your arm out, and escort her away. Everyone is confused
how it happened, and most of the time they assume you two were just boyfriend and girlfriend.
Truth is, you just met her, but had enough time to establish a fun and deep connection with her via
text. Perhaps you were making fun of the douches hitting on her, or the drunk hot mess express
dancing on the bar. Eventually you set the understanding that you will be over to save her in a few
minutes and take her to best place on the strip you know for late night cocktails (or whatever).
When it comes to a solid phone number, it isnt always about making sure it is the correct phone
number. Making sure she doesnt flake the next day, even when its the right phone number, is
crucial. Having these immediate text conversations afterwards helps prevent flakes for a few
reasons. The first reason is if she was blackout drunk by the end of the night, the next day she will
be able to see your interaction and see that she was very interested in you, and that you were a
funny/cool guy. Thats much more powerful than her wondering who this random guy texting her is,
and doesnt want to respond because, God knows what kind of creeper I gave my number out to
last night.
I always prefer to have the girl put her number into my phone, but if you are really worried that she
might give you a wrong phone number, try this. Take her phone, program your number in, and call
your phone. Most of the time, just saying, Ill text you my name as soon as shes typing in her
number, it will deter any thoughts she may be having of giving you a fake phone number. How
embarrassing would it be when you text or call her on the spot and her phone isnt lighting up. She
doesnt want that embarrassment, so make sure you clearly state your intentions to call her or text


her immediately so she has it. More importantly, once you are sending this initial textyou have
already started your new private discussion that no one else in the club knows about.


The Gentlemens Way to Landing a

First Date
So you got her number, now its time to plan a
date. Please remember that this is exactly the
mission, setting up the date. The goal was never
the phone number. Without a date, a number is
just that a bunch of numbers saved into your
Whenever you text a woman, you need to
remember what your goal is and pursue that
goal always. Just texting her every day to fulfill a
social void in your life doesnt lead to a first date,
instead it only labels you as a texting buddy. It should also be stated that immediately pushing for
a date isnt a great idea either. You have to find the perfect balance between reminding her that you
are fun and amazing, while pushing towards your ultimate goal: a first date.
I have had discussions with others about how much effort you put into a text prior to the first date.
To be honest, it really depends on the situation. I will tell you what I typically prefer to do though,
and why.
I typically prefer to allow a deeper conversation to take place prior to the meet up. I want to get her
becoming sexual with me through texts, before we even get to the first date. The reason why I want
to do this, is because after I know we are already comfortable with each other sexually, then the first
date is much easier. I dont have to worry about kissing her, I dont have to work hard at getting her
to have sex with me on the first date. In other words, its basically already understood. This allows
me to sit back and purely enjoy my first date, without constantly thinking or worrying. Imagine
- while on a first date there is no need for small talk, because you already know each other on a
deeper level, there is no need for awkward hugs or kisses, because you already know each others
sexual desires. This, my friend, is the true power of texting.
So how does a gentlemen accomplish all of this prior to the first date, without becoming a text


To be honest, its kind of simple. I am going to briefly break down my four stages of messaging.

Stage 1 Provoke A Response

The first stage is done by provoking a response. You dont want to be like every other guy. You
need to send her a message that is going to make her react emotionally. Which emotion? Does not
matter. The point is to get her to react. Always remember that the opposite of love is indifference,
not hate. As long as you can get her to start investing herself emotionally into your interaction
(regardless of the emotion) then you are already succeeding.
Heres a few quick examples of texts you can use, until you invent your own, to help provoke a
response out of her
SUCH a Gangster...
OMG, the craziest thing ever just happened to me!
On a scale of 1 to The Food Network, how great a cook are you?
You werent the girl that got sent to the hospital due to the bar fight last night, were you?
I need to tell you something, but its kind of embarrassing
I just saw the creepiest thing on **** Street than anything I have ever seen in my life!
Lets say your initial text was, Such a gangster..., it might seem hard to transition into Stage 2 from
Dont worry its actually quite simple. You simply need to make the transition yourself. Transition
Phrases are to be done very abruptly and confidently. They are also broken down into two parts:
Tension and Release. Every transition phrase should begin with tension.
Lets look at some common tension building lines...
Okay look
I need to ask you a serious question
I need to tell you something important
I am not sure how to tell you this so I guess I just will
The more tension you create, the better.
Typically tension building lines can get lengthy...this is okay because you are increasing the tension
and her anticipation. A common way to continue building this tension is to add on additional lines.


An example of tension line extension would be:

Ok, make or break question that will determine the future of our relationship...
Lets take a look at a tension building line with an extension
I need to ask you a serious question, dont screw this up as the fate of the world depends on your
Now its time for the second part of the transition phrase the release. The release line is going to
also be the new topic you are transitioning into. In this case, you are transitioning into Stage 2 (Take
Her On A Journey), so your release has to be landing her into this new fantasy world. The release
comes from her realizing it isnt really life or death - instead its you being fun and playful again, in
which case she will gladly jump on board. Keep in mind, the second you go to talk to her about
something serious shes going to think here we go and expect you to be some lame dude like
everyone else talking about how close you feel to her, or how beautiful she is. She will be relieved
when you give your release statement to find out that isnt the case.
Lets look at an example of a transition phrase, purposed to transition you into stage 2...
Me: I need to discuss something very serious with you, and I need your full attention...
Her: okay...what is it?
Me: I came across a treasure map (dont ask how) and it seems as if it is buried underneath the White
House. The plan is to take it and escape to a remote island but I am going to need some help, you

Stage 2 Take Her On A Journey

In Stage 2 you need not only to take her on a journey but her journey.
Discover the power of fantasy where women are concerned and surprisingly how easily you two
can connect. Draw her out of her shell and have her telling you about what she would want you
to do to her in HER fantasy. This is the stage where you can be very fun and playful. Talk about
robbing a bank together, stealing a spaceship, playing the most epic public prank thats ever been
done, the list goes on and on. The purpose of Stage 2 is to be fun and interesting. Dont waste your
time asking her boring small talk questions. You will learn more about her in a pretend fantasy than


you will asking her small talk questions that she has autopilot responses too.
Once you have set the stage, allow her to contribute. This is where you are going to draw her out of
her shell. Women always feel safer and more adventurous when it comes to fantasy. They know its
not real, and they are taught to go wild with their imagination since they were little girls. They plan
on their future weddings, they play princesses with their friends from school, they dream of what
their future home will be like one day, etc. Ask her questions as you are planning out your secret plot
to take over the world, that will require her to really come out of her comfort zone and be a little more
The easiest way to get a woman to begin to open up is with disqualifiers. For example:
Me: Listen, if we are going to be on stuck on an island with our stash of gold, I need to know you at
least own a sexy bathing suit. None of this one-piece bullshit.
Her: (Qualifying Herself To Me) Ha-ha I dont even own a one piece! My bathing suits are very sexy
; )
*Note...women will never buy a bathing suit they think is her response is extremely
predictable - and in our favor.*
Me: You sound pretty confident (I am giving her small value and qualifying her to boost her
confidence because my next question is going to require her to be even more confident), what would
you say is your best feature?
Her: hmmmm My bum haha
So now we are going sexual already...and she thinks its even her idea because shes the one
qualifying to you...and telling you how sexy she is (instead of how most men will spend time telling
the women how sexy they think she is).
Again the most important thing to remember in this stage is we are drawing her out of her shell. We
are getting her to open up and tell us things that she hasnt told anyone else.

Stage 3 Lock Her In

This is where you will learn how to establish deep comfort and rapport with her. Get her to
understand that you are more than just an interesting/fun guy You are someone that deeply


understands her and relates to her on a level that she has never experienced before. This step can
easily be skipped if you were able to turn the conversation sexual in Stage 2.
One easy way you can develop a deep level of comfort, very quickly is to ask her to share a secret
with you. Tell her it has to be something shes only shared with her teddy bear or like a childhood
best friend. Since she is used to only sharing this information with those who she deeply trusts and
feels safe with, psychologically she will put you into that same category.

Stage 4 Close Her

Determine what your goals are with her and achieve them. Is your goal to have a first date?
Threesomes? Nude pics? Whatever your goal is, Stage 4 will help you achieve it, and close it out
of your must accomplish list. The important thing to remember is that you have to do Stage 4.
Dont let the conversation linger on because you are too scared. This will put you into the dreaded
texting buddy frame. Too much comfort and rapport with no sexual intent is like taking a bullet train
to friend zone station.

Landing the Meet Up

If your goal in Stage 4 is to set up a date - then there are a few tips I want to share with you that will
help you be more successful.
Dont ask her to meet up with you that same night as your first date - not only do most women have
plans and this will make you look like you were rejected when she cant make it (even if she would
like to meet you), but most women wont go even if they are free anyway. They are trained by
womens magazines not to look too desperate and that they have a busy lifestyle even if they dont.
More importantly - they are told that is a sign of a guy that is only looking for a hookup - and they
should be careful of those men.
Dont ask her out for a Friday or a Saturday night unless you know you both regularly attend similar
events. Get it in your mind from the beginning that she needs to earn being upgraded from a
Wednesday or Thursday night to your Friday or Saturday night. Most women are going to have
plans on the weekend, and so should you. Again - if you were to ask her about a Friday and she
had plans - you are only going to appear as if you were rejected if she says no. The idea here is to
optimize the chances of her saying yes.
If possible wait until a Sunday afternoon/early evening to propose a meetup - Statistically speaking,
this is the best time to ask. Most women use their Sunday evenings to prepare for the next week.


They are typically at home relaxing on the couch watching TV, doing laundry, cooking dinner, etc.
The point is that this is the most common time for people to be home, without plans, and close to
their phones where they can respond.
Make it easier for her to say yes - Unless you are a millionaire, chances are shes going to avoid
taking as many risks as possible. Eliminate some of the worries she might have by proposing your
first meet up at a public place. Dont tell her to come park at your building, or that you will come to
her house. I understand back in the day men used to go pick up the lady at her home. This was
easily done though because they knew each other in person first...they knew of each others families
and friends. Anyone can be anyone on the internet and women need to be cautious - and so do

Getting Nudes
If your goal was to get nudes (lets suppose the woman you meet online is far away and you want
to take things fun and sexual) then theres also a few tricks you need to know here as well. The
key ingredient is to remember that you must always maintain a balance between giving her value,
and disqualifying her efforts. If you believe a woman for one second when she sends you a
picture and says that Its not her favorite, or She doesnt like that one, then you, sir, are crazy.
Women will never send a pic they dont like. So what you need to get from this is that they put
effort into sending pics, and you have to constantly balance out a combination of giving her value,
and boosting her confidence but also not to the point where you are desperate. This is where
disqualification comes into play.
It really is a finely tuned art, but you will get it down after time. Disqualify her pictures by saying,
Wow, that one almost turned me on. Never disqualify her in the picture by saying her boobs
looked saggy, or you thought she was skinnier. This is the wrong way to disqualify and will get you
shut down immediately. Instead make her more confident about her insecurities. Say something
like, I love the confidence you have when you take your photos, its very sexy.
Lastly, pose a challenge. This is probably my favorite thing to do with women. Women love
challenges, and they also love knowing that they are sexy enough to arouse a man. By disqualifying
her and saying something like, That photo almost made me hard just now you are posing a
challenge for her to send another one. Remember, the key here is to make her feel beautiful and
confident and proud of her body, without coming off as a desperate horny dude.

Watch it in Action
To show you a text example, I am going to type out a conversation from the initial text to the first


date. As you see this text thread you will see I am not as confined to the four stages, although you
can see similarities. Once you understand the rules, you can break the rules. I obviously start off
by provoking a response. I also go into a version of fantasy, twice. The first time is telling this crazy
story about me being a hobo that talks to dolphins. Well the other is when I want to go sexual with
her. You will notice that I discovered a reason to bring up her and I having sex, but I did it in a role
play manner so it would establish the frame without being awkward and random. Most importantly,
you will notice that within about twenty minutes of texting I was able to secure the first date, build
my attraction with her, and most importantly establish that we will be having sex on our first date,
which (by the way) we did.
Me: On a scale from 1 to The Food Network, how good a cook are you?
Her: Im totally a Food Network celebrityyou havent seen my cooking show?
Her: Haha, why do you ask?
Me: Its been a while since I had a really good home cooked meal
Her: Oh really?
Me: YeahI live in a cardboard box that floats around the intercoastal, not enough room to build a
kitchen in there
Her: Wow that sounds terrible yet adventurous at the same time
Me: You ever hear of the dog whisperer? I can whisper to dolphins and they push my box to the
dock whenever I want to go back ashore and meet beautiful women with a dog on the street * (I met
her while she was walking her dog on the street)
Her: No waydolphin whisperer, thats pretty impressive
Me: Ill introduce you one day. Oddly enough they are both named Frank, I get them confused
sometimes because they are also twins.
Her: I am laughing too hard to be able to reply. Haha, I love it.
Her: Tell me more about the life of the dolphin whispering hobo


Me: I have a better idea, instead of telling you about my adventures, lets go on a new adventure
Her: That sounds like a plan. What did you have in mind? And yea mostly I make my own schedule
so I have free time whenever I want.
Me: Lets meet tonight. Walk your dog first so thats out of the way then I will spend the rest of the
night sweeping you off your feet and reminding you how fun life can be when you are with a dolphin
whispering hobo pirate.
Her: Id love to. However I actually work tonight from 10-4. I have a few side jobs in addition to
running my business, and tonight I have to perform at a club in Miami.
Her: But how about Sunday Night?
Me: How long have you been hooking in Miami?
Me: Sunday Works
Her: Yeah both, we walk on stilts but were not wearing much. However if anyone touches us they
get knocked out by a big black dude.
Me: Will he be chaperoning our date?
Her: Only if you want him to
Me: I consider myself to be sexually liberated but having a big black dude watching from the corner
might be a little too kinky for my taste haha. Plus every time Id try to touch you hed knock me out!
We should just not bring him Im thinking?
Her: Alright finehe might be sad tho so were gonna have to bake him cookies to make up for it
Me: I mean I have a camera we can always just let him watch the tape later while hes eating his
Her: lol never, what if he blackmails us!
Me: Are you ashamed for the world to know we have the best sex ever? My only concern would be


that if it got leaked wed never get paid properly for demonstrating our exclusive techniques.
Me: We could name it the hobo and Goliath, you could wear stilts. We literally would make a killing.
Her: Thats exactly what Im saying, if anyones going to witness that magic they better pay up first.
Me: Be real with me for a second, youre a spiritual person arent you? You have a depth to you that
most people wouldnt pick up on when first meeting you.
Her: Yes. And I see the same in you.
Her: So whats the plan for Sunday?
Me: Wear something cute and casual. Ill take care of the rest. Text me your address, Ill pick you up
at 9 pm so you dont have to walk.
Her: Cool! Ill see you then.


The Gentlemens Way to Setting up

a Booty Call
As far as I am concerned, there is only one way to truly
do this. When you fully establish your frame women
have two choices. They can accept and come into your
frame, or they cannot accept it. It is literally this simple,
gentlemen. Once they accept your frame, you do not
have to make excuses. You dont have to come up
with a magic line to set up a booty call. When you have
accomplished everything else in this book, you will have
established such a relationship to where you shall be able
to call your lady and simply say, Im horny - come over
around 7 and bring dinner (I am also hungry).
Most men believe a booty call is about establishing your value to her and tricking her into thinking
being a random Tuesday night isnt with mal intentions. The reason why most men think this is
because society tells us that random hookups are bad. Heres the truth - a booty call isnt about
tricks...its about trust and comfort. Women are just as horny as men - and I promise you they
would much rather have a regular man-piece to satisfy their sexual desires then have to keep sorting
through the losers at the bar when they are horny or resort to their dildo.
When they know that they are safe with you, and they can trust you, and that what you have is
chemistry and a love for each other that wont spill into both of your daily routines - then you have a
gentlemens booty call. A seducer loves all of his women and understands they have their own lives
to lead. When they come into your home, you enjoy the time you have together and you love them
for everything that makes them special to you. You treat them right, you cook them
laugh and play jokes as best friends. When its time for them to go - you let your infatuation stop
there and focus back on your life.
As long as your frame is strong enough - you can literally do anything, set any rules, and establish
any boundaries. Remember, this is your life shes coming into. When she chooses to do so, you
treat her like she deserves to be treated - but first she has to accept your frame.


To test this out, I had a friend last year experiment with a few different concepts. The biggest was
when he posted a list of house rules in his home by the front door. When he pulled from a bar, a
woman had to sign onto this list of rules before she was allowed to take her jacket off. These rules
were purely his, and it worked. Rules such as You must be gone before I wake up, or You have to
leave an article of clothing here (he had a collection of bras hanging on his wall).
A few years back, I developed my Shelf System to experiment with this as well. I took a closet
and put six shelves in it, one above the other. I decided I did not want to maintain more than six
girlfriends at the same time. Each girl got a shelf...but the higher the shelf, the higher a priority they
were to me. If they wanted to keep personal items at my place, they had to leave it on their shelf thats all the storage room they had.
They all had chores, one girl would do my laundry, and one girl would go grocery shopping.
Whenever a girl decided to get jealous, or moody, or use another girls shampoo for example, her
shelf status would get downgraded. It was like how Hugh Hefner has his main girlfriend and the
others have their hierarchy. I was posing a challenge, and I created a system that punished poor
attitude or behavior.
Let me set the record straight
I dont suggest you adopt what I did, or what my friend did as your personal mission. They were
EXTREME circumstances simply to try and see how strong of a frame we could establish. What we
got out of these experiments was simple: as long as you establish what it is that you want, hold firm,
allow her to come into your reality, and cherish her for it - you can pretty much do anything.
Heres the bottom line - there is no special way to set up a booty call. There is no magic line to tell
you. You have to determine what you want out of relationships. Is all you want booty calls? Then
ask yourself a few more questions like, how often? Once you establish your expectations, then a
woman can choose to follow or not follow. Everything else follows without stress, without lying, and
without effort.



How to be the bad boy she craves

Most men have absolutely no clue how to
be sexy, and women crave a man who can
make them feel sexy.
Sure, we know how to be aroused, and we
think we know how to show it, because
weve watched countless hours of porn until
we all think we are gods in the sack and
yet most of us fall terribly short.
Lets take a quick second to dispel any
myths regarding female sexuality. I would
think that it would not be necessary in this day and age. However, I recently read an article
published on a very widely-read website expressing the following advice for women: Ladies, have
sex with your boyfriend at least once a week We know you dont enjoy sex as much as we do but
bla bla bla. What the actual fuck?
Understand this: Women love sex. In fact, they love it much more than we do. Women are able to
experience at least 3 different types of orgasms that we know of. How many can men experience?
Them loving sex is completely natural and fine. If you have a problem with a woman liking sex, then
you need to reevaluate just what youre doing here. Your hypocrisy and double standards are only
harming you. She is not your mother - leave the purity myth at the door.
Now on to the important stuff...
Listen, you do not need to be tall, ripped and look like Ryan Gosling for women to consider you
sexy. In fact, theres very little correlation between your looks and your ability to arouse a woman.
Thats the key word. At the end of the day, the only thing she really cares about is how you make her
feel, and your job is to make her feel aroused. Seems simple enough!


The fact is, we all know what it looks like externally to be sexy - weve all seen James
Bond movies where he looks deep into a womens eyes or talks very slowly and firmly.
Weve all seen Johnny Depp movies where he touches women in a very delicate way and in very
specific places. Pop culture is full of examples of what it looks like to be sexy.
No, the key really is to allow yourself to be that way. You cannot be arousing if you are not first
aroused. You cannot make her open up to you sexually if you yourself are not opened sexually.
A pro-tip to jumpstart this process is to stop watching porn and, if you can, stop masturbating
altogether. Within two weeks youre going to start to feel sexy. Youll be much more in your hips,
much more in your core and less in your head.
Being an arousing bad boy is about being the man she can see herself having sex with!
That means to stop talking all the time, fidgeting and making jokes and instead, to relax, get into
your hips, look deep into her eyes and visualize her naked, riding you. Look her deep in the eyes and
communicate that the second you two are alone, you will ravage her.
Communicating that way verbally becomes easy - simply verbalize what you feel.
An easy way to get started with sexualization is to leave a lot of it to her imagination.
Hinting is a powerful sexual tool.
You look like such a good girl can you be bad?


The Most important Element Most

Men Are Missing: Moxie
Moxie is my favourite word.
The dictionary defines it as inventive courage.
Courage comes from the French coeurage It means of
the heart. Courage lies in your heart, gentlemen.
Look, the old model of seduction operated on the assumption
that women are on a pedestal and you are below them, and
must therefore prove your worth by saying interesting things,
displaying some behaviours, having a lot of money, or being
overly handsome.
Fuck all that.
As a man thinketh in his heart, so he is.
The only impressive ability you need is the ability to take a bleh night on the town and make it an
adventure worth remembering. That is where moxie comes into play.
We spoke earlier about courage coming from the heart - the first clue is there. The first step to moxie
is to be honest about what you want to do.
I dont believe you are boring. You were led to believe that a date is a formality, something you
have to drag your feet through and pray it ends soon. What do you want to do? You heard of a cool
restaurant you want to try? Take her. She mentioned shes always wanted to take a yoga class, take
her! You want to kick back at a hole in the wall dive bar that serves epic drinks, take her. The first
step is to decide what you want to do and invite her to join.
Sometimes it takes talking to a 2 year old to remember the meaning of life.


The next part is super important; reconnect with your inner child. Have a childlike sense of wonder
and curiosity. When I was living in Spain, I saw a stunning brunette walk past the bar I was at. I
didnt think twice about it and ran down the street to her. We spoke and she smiled. I invited her to
go for a walk. As we walked in the narrow streets, I saw the castle on the hill. I took her hand and
said Come. We walked to the top of the castle and just enjoyed the view until 2 in the morning.
When I lived in Armenia, I met two adorable local girls who invited me to party with them. There were
fireworks that night so we went to the Marriott to watch from the balcony but it was crowded and we
couldnt properly enjoy ourselves, so I got an idea We walked down the hall to this door that said
no entry. I pushed the door open - it was unlocked! I told the girls to follow me and we ended up on
the roof of the hotel, enjoying the greatest (and closest) fireworks show Id ever seen.
Moxie, gentlemen! Inventive courage. What an incredible quality to have Every night with you
becomes an incredible adventure, something refreshing and seductive. What woman does not come
alive at the thought of being swept away in your flirtatious and exciting ways?

No woman ever leaves her house thinking I dont want to be swept off my feet