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I Pray

I Pray

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Published by: oguillory on Apr 30, 2010
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I pray for your will and for your knowledge, I pray that the courage to do your work in me you will polish, I pray that you will speak to me in many ways, I pray to you because in your name I give all praise, I pray for your wisdom in all things that I am handling, I pray for all your kindness and for your understanding, I pray for your unconditional love so that I no longer hate, I pray your love for all love you for in you I have faith, I pray that I continue to teach your ways from this day on, I pray now of your wonderful works I keep telling until I m gone, I pray that you I am able to forgive so that you may show me forgiveness, I pray that you help me stray from wrong toward righteousness, I pray that I share all of your blessings until my last breath, I pray that you bless all your children as you bless myself, I pray that you continue to grow in me that through you I become a man, And all these I pray for in Jesus name, Amen. 700

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