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IC : Ching Yi - 94529807

AIC : Eric 98522336

PFT Duration : Sec 2s -2.30pm -5.30pm
Sec 4&5s 2.30pm -5.30pm
Sit-ups station duty
Location : friendship hall
IC: Jia Zheng (H2-1)
-Cheryl (F2-4)
-Ting Hui (F2-4)
-Utpal (F2-2)
-Ethan Lim (F2-1)[Tuesday]
-Beautrice (F2-1)[[Tuesday]
-Insyirah (F2-4)
-Jonamy (H2-1)
-Ryan (F3-2)
-Katherine (H2-1)
-Hui Ee (F3-1)[Thursday]
-Jin Zhen (F3-1)[Thursday]
-Count the number of sit-ups for each student.
-Make sure the shoulder blade touch the mattress
and the elbow touch the knee / cross the knee to
be qualified as one sit up.
- One councilor to watch two participant.
Inclined pull-up station duty
Location : ISH
IC : Natasha (H2-1)
- Nadine (F4-4)
- Crystal (F4-1)

- Vicky (H2-1)
- Count the number of incline pull-ups for each
- Ensure that the chin is above the line and the
elbows are straightened before pulling up to
qualify as one pull-up.
Pull-ups duty
Location: outdoor fitness corner
- Chong Yong (F4-1)
- Count the number of incline pull-ups for each
- Ensure the chin is above the pole to qualify
as one pull-up.
Shuttle run duty
Location: Quadrangle
IC: Cavin (F2-4)
- Cheng Kang (F2-1)[Tuesday]
- Javier (F2-4)
- Jia Ling (H3-1)[Thursday]
- Esther (F3-1)[Thursday]
- Senthil (F2-3)[Tuesday]
- Report the timings of one of the student.
- Help to get the students to sit in details
according to their index numbers.
- Ensure students do not block the running
path at the end.

Sit and Reach duty

Location: ISH
IC: Rachel Kate (F2-1)[Tuesday]
- Teresa (F2-1)[Tuesday]
- Wei Yarn (F2-4)
- Jessica (H2-1)
- Ethanne(F3-1)[Thursday]
- Vincent(F3-2)[Thursday]
- Assign the student in adjusting the
measuring device and the back board to their
comfortable position.
- Report the number to the student after that.
Standing broad jump duty
Location: CMS Foyer
IC: Chen Wen (H2-1)
- Farhan (F2-4)
- Dylan (F4-4)
- Calvin (F4-3)
- Report the distance the students jump to the
student itself.
- Ensure the student jumps before the white
- Maintain crowd control.
- Samantha (F2-1)[Tuesday]
- Germaine(F3-3)[Thursday]

- Allowed to roam around the school, but make
sure you are contactable.
- Get familiarized with all the duties.
- Councillors with Tuesday/Thursday beside
their class only need to report for duty on
that particular day.
- All ICs of each duty MUST know what to do
for their own specific area.
- Follow the qualification given by the teachers
for each station.
- Assist the teacher for each station and ask
your respective stations teacher if any
queries of your duty on that day.
- Do not be late for duty.
- Help clear logistics after the entire event
- Do not sign the papers for the teacher if
he/she isnt present.
- ATTIRE : SC TEE . Do bring your water bottle
and a pen for duty.