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Proudly presents the third


Sunday 1st May 2016
This event will see the fourth football festival played on the pitches at Sands Road, home of
Inkberrow FC.
The Club
Inkberrow Football Club was established in its current form in 1978 with the junior club forming in
Our Philosophy
We are committed to the philosophy of respect and fair play. We want to encourage the enjoyment
of all involved in football and believe that this is established by respect. Respect from the players,
managers and coaches, referees and linesmen and spectators to each other.
With this in mind we have established a festival where teams are rewarded by the officials for fair
play and teams can relax in a naturally competitive environment, but feel free to try new positions
and skills.
Rules & Information
The festival will host teams from Under Eights squad to Under Thirteens.
There will be eight teams (ideally) in each age group and the festival will be played in round robin
style with each team playing each other.
The Laws of Association Football, as laid down by the Football Association, shall apply, except as
varied herewith to suit the type of competition and local conditions.

The Field of Play

The field of play shall be that area marked for 5-a-side soccer.

The Ball


U8s and U9s - size 3

U10s, U11s, U12s and under 13s - size 4


Number of Players

In the morning each team shall consist of 6 players, one of whom shall be identifiable as goal
In the afternoon each team will consist of 5 players, one of whom shall be identified as goal keeper
Each team shall be allowed unlimited substitutes. The substitutes may be used at any time, and
any number of times, provided the ball is out of play and the referee is notified of the change.
Teams can be any size but please note there will only be 10 medals allocated to each team.

Number of teams

Ideally there will be eight teams in each age group. This will vary depending on bookings and pitch
Times of matches*
1st Sunday
Under 8s
09.30am to 12.30am
Under 10s
09.30am to 12.30pm
Under 11s
09.30am to 12.30pm
Under 11s
2pm to 4,30pm
Under 12s
2pm to 4.30pm
Under 13 s
2pm to 4.30pm
Times of individual matches will be distributed on the day
*NB We will try to stagger the age groups by 15 minutes so kick offs will vary slightly. Confirmation
will be given on the day.


Can managers please register half hour before kick off. Only the manager needs to sign in.

Players Equipment

All players must wear shin pads and wear team colours. Each team to bring bibs or alternative
strip in case of clash.
8. Duration of the Game
The duration of the game shall be two periods of 7.5 minutes.


There will be no offside.


Fouls & Misconduct

The referee shall have sole responsibility in ensuring the observation of the usual clauses of FA
Law 12.

Festival Specific Rules

The festival will be run in accordance with regular FA mini soccer guidelines.
11.1 There will be no goal kicks all goalies will throw or roll out

Player Eligibility
Players may only play for one team.


Players must be in their respective age groups as per the 2015/2016 season


Club Eligibility

All players must be registered for the club they are representing and all clubs must be affiliated to
their respective county FA.


Referees will be provided by Worcestershire FA and will be trained or currently undergoing

approved training

Code of Conduct expected for the players

12.1 Players must be committed to the development of their own technique and attitude
12.2 Players must show respect for team-mates, opponents, officials and supporters
12.3 Players must support and encourage their colleagues
12.4 Players should, at all times, give maximum effort in the interests of their own and the teams
12.5 Players should work hard and not waste time
12.6 Players should listen and not interrupt
12.7 Players should look after property and not cause damage to equipment
12.8 Players should, at all times, be honest and committed to the principles of fairness, fair play
and sporting behaviour
12.9 Players should compete to win and be gracious in defeat
Please refer to

Code of Conduct for coaches, parents and supporters

Coaches, parents and supporters behaviour is essential to teach, encourage and support respect.
Please refer to:


A commemorative medal will be given to each player. Maximum 10 per team.

A Fair play trophy will be awarded to a team in each age group decided by the referees. This will
take in account the players, coaches, parents and supporters behaviour.