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Letter to the Rector Prof.

Juozas Augustis
and Vytautas Magnus University (VDU) Ethics Commission
Kaunas (Lithuania)
I send two copies of this letter and the documents attached. One addressed to the Rector and other
to VDU Ethics Commission.
Academic freedom is a universal right that all staff working in higher education acknowledges being an
essential component of academic life, both as an individual liberty with respect to their teaching and research
duties, and in terms of institutional autonomy and governance Education International (Brussels)
Dear Rector and members of VDU Ethics Commission:
I don't know how to introduce myself. Let's say that I have been a Lecturer at Vytautas Magnus
University (VDU) for 5 years. I have been a Lecturer of the Spanish and Catalan language from
September 2010 till spring semester 2015 working at the Institute of Foreign Language (UKI).
I am a citizen from Barcelona with a degree in Law, a Masters Degree in Public Administration
(MPA), and two post-graduates in International Cooperation and in Commerce and International
Marketing. I also have a degree in Pedagogics and a lot of years of experience in teaching in my
home town of Barcelona, as well as in countries like Brazil, Germany or France (please find my
curriculum vitae enclosed). Right now I am writing my Ph.D. thesis on the European Union in the
framework of the Jean Monnet Programme. Please also find attached the letter of recommendation
of the director of my thesis, Professor Luis Dominguez Castro, chair of the European Centre of
Excellence of the University of Vigo (Spain). The title of my Ph.D project is "Creative economy,
innovation and cultural industries in the local economic development. Analysis of experiences in
small towns in post-Soviet space
I have been living in Lithuania for some years and I have worked in several higher education
institutions in this country. I have also worked, and still do, for some local high-schools and public
schools supported by local municipalities. I work as a business trainer providing managerial skills
to young entrepreneurs in Lithuania and abroad as well. I have been working for two years for the
Confederation of Lithuanian Industrialists ( Lietuvos pramonininku Konfederacija) in a project
funded by the European Union.
When I arrived to VDU I have to say that I liked the atmosphere here. I was working in Vilnius at
that time but the proposal of teaching my native language in Kaunas was appealing and somehow
challenging. I was the one who promoted the students Spanish club Miguel de Cervantes; it was
my original idea. I created the first facebook group for this club, and together with another
colleague, I worked hard to attract students to the project and to transform the club in one of most
dynamic student clubs at our university. I have also created the first Spanish festival, called
Spanish spring that took place in may 2011. I wrote the first project and I created the first
programme of activities. The project got the support of the Spanish Embassy and some companies
that have business with Spain. I have also been actively involved in the organization of the festival
till last year. When I started to work at VDU I was pretty surprised that this university still didn't
have a Spanish club or a Spanish festival since the Spanish language is very popular and has been
taught at this university since its very foundation.
I have also promoted several cultural activities. I remember how I personally contacted Joan Plaza,
former coach of Zalgiris Kaunas and we managed to organize one of the most successful events
that the Institute of Foreign Languages (UKI) has ever organized.

I think I was a popular lecturer since I have been awarded twice in row by the VDU students
association with the oscar for the teacher with the best sense of humour and I have also been
nominated twice for the best foreign teacher at VDU. I also have a good record regarding the
quality of my teaching; I have always tried to make my lectures interesting, dynamic and
somehow funny.
I think I have always been loyal to the institution and ready to help my colleagues and the
direction of UKI when they were in need. I have helped UKI to find a new lecturer, my personal
friend Dr. Asier Blas Mendoza, who is a lecturer at the University of Basque Country (Spain). He
was working there during spring semester 2014 and in that time two of the Spanish lecturers were
on maternity leave and the institution was in need of at least one additional teacher. My friend
Asier Blas did a great job here and he is returning to teach for a month in the Faculty of Political
Sciences and Diplomacy as invited by the chair A. Puksto. I know Asier because he is a wellknown blogger on politics and foreign affairs. His blog is
pretty popular among anti-NATO and anti-EU left wing activists in the Basque region (Spain). We
actually share some similar points of view regarding the latest events in Ukraine, Moldova or
I want to say that I never speak about politics in my lectures since the university didn't hire me for
that. My lectures have been focused on Spanish language and culture. I honestly think that politics
should be out of the classroom. Politics is very respectable human activity. It's part of our society
but I think that universities should focus on science, education and research. Since the university is
a representation of the society it's natural that the lecturers, employees and students that
participate in university life don't share the same point of view on politics, public affairs or
international affairs. Politics, somehow, reminds me football. In the University of Barcelona not all
the teachers are fans or supporters of F.C. Barcelona. There are teachers that are fans of Real
Madrid and nobody gets too angry about it.
In the summertime of 2013 I went to Odessa to participated in a project funded by the Erasmus
programme (Youth in action). Later, in November 2013, I spent some days in Lviv (Lvov) visiting
some friends that I have there. I was shocked with the events developing in Ukraine; I started to
post on my personal facebook account my opinion against the movement called maidan. I don't
support any kind of revolutions, I don't believe in revolutions or radicalism at all, and I don't
support the use of violence for taking the power. My point of view is that, in Ukraine, it was a
president democratically elected by the people and that the country had institutions and a
democratic process that allowed the citizens to remove the President by democratic and peaceful
means. The European Union should not support any revolution. I have read the EU Treaties and in
none of their articles it is said that the European institutions should be involved or support armed
groups with sticks and weapons surrounding the Parliament and try to assassinate a president
democratically elected by the people of a sovereign country: A country that is not part of the
European Union. My point of view is shared by many people around the world; like Jeremy
Corbyn, the new leader of the Labour Party of UK or the US senator and congressman Ron Paul, or
the American cinema director Oliver Stone, or my old professor Vicenc Navarro who is a leading
figure on Political Sciences and Sociology in Barcelona and who advisor to Bill Clinton when he
wanted to introduce a health care public system in USA.
I think my posts on the Ukrainian conflict were pretty popular. Right now I have a personal
account with around 1,000 followers, 4,000 friends and a facebook group with around 10,000
members; mainly citizens from Western countries since I write in English and Spanish. Some of my
readers are lecturers, teachers, researchers, owners of companies, journalists, politicians from
around the world, and certainly some of them are also Lithuanians. I don't write for a Lithuanian
public but for an international public. Some people like what I am writing, some people dislike
it. I often use sarcasm and humour in my posts and this is why I think I have been successful in

attracting so many readers because humour is one of my strengths as a teacher and as a person. I
have always said that if somebody does not like what I am writing then he should stop reading my
posts: Nobody forces anybody to read my stuff, if you don't like it don't read it. Simple and easy. I
don't ever buy the newspaper Lietuvos Rytas or ever read the portal Delfi because I simply
don't share their point of view on politics, history or their pro-USA bias. Though, I respect their
right to say, for instance, that Columbus was a Lithuanian citizen, the grandson of Jogaila. I simply
don't read these kind of things and I don't get myself angry because of that. They have right to
write whatever they want to, even if it is notoriously false.
The thing is that Ms. Vilma Bijeikiene the deputy director of the UKI's, behaviour has changed
radically since I have started to post against the maidan first and then later against the new
Ukrainian leadership. I can say that until then we had the correct relationship; we were colleagues.
I have always respected her and the rest of my colleagues as a professional in delivering training in
managerial skills. I understood she had a pretty self-centred and old fashioned way of managing
the institution based on rewarding those lecturers and employees that were revering her as a
leader. For a couple of years, I received a lot of mail from one of the Lecturers working at UKI, Ms.
Virginija Tuomaite, who was complaining because of the decisions made by the director of UKI
were based on favouritism and not on the principles of merit and capacity that should have been
ruling principles in any public university. I think that this lecturer was right but I didn't interfere
in the debate since my situation in te UKI was, I have to say, pretty cosy. Things changed radically
when I started to post against the Ukrainian maidan in the fall semester of 2013. The deputy
director started to adopt some strange decisions that were pretty difficult to understand and were
undermining my situation in my workplace. She never asked me for my opinion and never
explained to me why she was taking those decisions. One of her first decisions was kicking me out
of the direction of the festival that I had created, the Spanish Spring. She did so without any
explanation. She decided that one of my former students, Ms. Vigilija Ziuraite, a student that spent
some months of Erasmus in Alicante and who made a summer course of 4 weeks in Spain, became
the new leader of the festival. Ms. Vigilija Ziuraite was also the president of the student club
Miguel de Cervantes and I backed her candidature for the presidency of that club; an
organization that I promoted and created when I started my relationship with VDU.
From December of 2013 I felt that I was being ostracised and bullied by the direction of the UKI.
They were still in need of my services since two of my colleagues, also teachers of the Spanish
language, were in maternity leave, but it was clear that they were excluding me from the festival I
created and from the activities of the club I promoted. The situation became even more difficult
when in the fall semester of 2014 this student became a teacher. A person without qualification
and experience took the position of a teacher of Spanish without any qualifications in
pedagogics or a masters degree in Spanish philology. A person who writes Spanish with many
syntax and spelling errors. A person that would not be able to teach Spanish in any university in
the world but it looks like she has managed to have an excellent relationship with the UKI deputy
director and here we go, you have one of my (not really brilliant) former students ( by far not the
best one) teaching Spanish and ready to replace me, not only from the festival I created, but also
from my position as Lecturer of the Spanish language.
The situation became really embarrassing when, at the end of the March of 2015, the deputy
director asked me to have a meeting with her and the Director of the UKI, Dr. Nemira
Macianskiene. They told me that the security services of the Republic of Lithuania had sent some
letters telling them that I was posting Russian propaganda on my facebook. It seems that in
March 2015 there was an operation conducted by the states security services against Lithuanian
citizens that were posting their opinions on facebook. An operation that reminded me the
infamous Senator McCarthy witch-hunt. Some of those Lithuanian citizens had to endure a weird
and difficult situation when special police agents entered in their homes looking for Russian
propaganda and confiscated lap-tops, phones, books and other material. I thought that

Lithuania was part of the European Union and was sharing the same values as France, Spain or
Britain rather than a Soviet style authoritarian ruled country. In the meeting I had with the UKI
director and deputy director they told me that I should stop posting on my facebook. Ms.Vilma
Bijeikiene told me that you can not work here any more if you continue posting on facebook.
They started to lecture me about Soviet Union, about how terrible the Russians are. I told them
that I don't speak Russian, that I never watch Russian television but BBC, TV5 Monde and the
Lithuanian government television. I told them that I had never been in Russia and that I don't like
Putin at all. He is actually pretty similar to Grybauskaite both are coming from the same school. I
told them that there are many people from Western countries; teachers, intellectuals, politicians,
that don't support maidan or the regime installed in Kiev by the violent mob of radicals and far
right extremists. They told me that the world is full of agents of Russia and that all those
westerners are paid by Putin: I was shocked. How is possible that people that consider themselves
scientists are thinking in this way? The deputy director was, I have to say, pretty nasty in what
she said and how she said it. I am sad for her since I think that her heart is full of hatred and
resentment not only against the Russian people but against everybody that thinks differently from
her. She told me that I had to close my facebook account if I wanted to continue working in this
public university since the VDU was giving support to the radicals that violently overthrew the
President elected by the Ukrainian people, Viktor Yanukovich and also the VDU was supporting
the massacre in Odessa that happened at the beginning of May 2014, when around 200 Ukrainian
citizens were burnt alive with white phosphorus by a mob of hooligans and far-right extremists.
The VDU was also supporting the regime of Petro Poroshenko who is using the army, tanks,
planes and bombs to crush the Ukrainian citizens living in the Donbass region. Of course, she
didn't use this narrative to explain the events that were happening in Ukraine but the narrative
promoted and broadcasted by the main stream Lithuanian media. A narrative, that according to
my point of view, is biased and is actually pure and childish war propaganda. I am not the only
one who is thinking this way. People like Jeremy Corbyn (leader of the British Labour Party),
Noam Chomsky (eminent philologist) or Oliver Stone (famous cinema director of Hollywood) are
sharing my point of view on the Ukrainian conflict but I think I told you already. None of us are
working for Putin or for Russia we are simply using our free thinking and our free will; maybe we
are wrong. Just as Galileo was wrong and he was forced to deny the truth in front of a tribunal of
doctors, clergymen and scientists. Galileo loved more his neck than the truth but he finished the
trial with his famous Eppur si muove and he was certainly right, although his findings were
against the cosmovision that the Church and the people had in those times. Though, even if I am
wrong, even if Galileo was wrong and Noam Chomsky is wrong and Jeremy Corbyn is wrong and
Grybauskaite controlled media and TV programs like Kakadu and Dviracio Sou are right and
we are living in a country, Lithuania, that allegedly shares the same set of values that the West,
where freedom of speech and thought are protected, promoted and respected. The deputy director
of an institution integrated in a public university can not threaten a teacher for posting his
opinions on his private facebook account. The VDU is not a government university but a public
university. Teachers, employees and students are not forced to share the same values and to think
in the same manner as the President of Lithuania. No where in my contract is it said that I have to
post on my facebook account information or thoughts supporting violent coups against
democratically elected leaders of sovereign countries or that I can not criticize the European
Union's foreign policy or the policies promoted by President Grybauskaite. Also, I was in the
maidan in Kiev some weeks ago and I saw with my own eyes what kind of people they are. A
bunch of asocial, far right extremists and crazy guys with weapons. I saw it with my very own
eyes some weeks ago.
I want to say that for some days I blocked my facebook account since I felt quite scared. Being
scared I think is part of the Lithuanian society. Living for many years in Lithuania I can say that
fear is one of the most striking features of this society as well as envy. I read in an anthropological
study published by the VDU that in agrarian societies envy and fear are the forces shaping the
attitude of people. In agrarian societies peasants fear the landowner and envy the cow of their

neighbours. Maybe it explains the behaviour of many people living here in Lithuania. They have a
peasant mentality. Maybe it explains, as well, the lack of innovation in this society (one of the
topics of my Ph.D research). A society without tolerance for others opinions and perspectives is
doomed since it is unable to innovate or to create anything new according to Toronto universitys
professor Dr. Richard Florida who is one of the leading figures on the topic of my research. I come
from an urban Mediterranean and democratic society. I was born in Barcelona, one of the most
creative cities on Earth, where the citizens have been educated in freedom and where there is a
huge sense of solidarity among people. Nobody is scared of posting their opinions against NATO,
Obama, the President of France, the Prime Minister of Spain nor against the EU's foreign policy. So
I decided to unblock my facebook account. I continued posting information and my opinion on the
Ukrainian conflict, domestic issues and foreign affairs. I have the right to do that since I am citizen
of the European Union where freedom of speech is protected and promoted. The UKI deputy
director offered me bread but I had to renounce my freedom so I decided to take my freedom and
strike back and fight for my bread, like I am doing right now with this letter.
I have to say that from March of 2015 I was totally ostracised and marginalized by the UKI
directors. Even some colleagues stopped talking to me. The deputy director excluded me from any
kind of activity, including the organization of the Spanish Spring, a festival that I had created. I
didn't even appear in the promotional video of the festival or even get the diploma that all the
participants in that festival are getting. Its the first time in 5 years that I dont get the diploma
from the festival that I had created. A product of my freedom of thought, creativity and free will. I
was excluded from the festival that I had created, my own project, from the student organization I
promoted and I was substituted by one of my own students and everything has been a
consequence of my posts on my private facebook against the Ukrainian maidan. I have never
experienced anything like this in my entire life. So rude, impolite and mean behaviour with a
teacher that has been working for five years in this university and who has contributed positively
in developing projects and ideas.
I want to say that I have decided to simply not tell anybody about my situation. I was still in the
middle of the spring semester and I didn't want this situation to affect my students or my teaching.
So I continued teaching as if nothing was happening. My students never knew anything about my
situation and although many of my colleagues knew what was happening I decided not to speak
about it. In the meanwhile I won, for second year in a row, the Oscar for the teacher with the
best sense of humour. An award given by the VDU student association. I had the chance to speak
about what was happening to me in the ceremony in front of of hundreds of students, lecturers
and the media but I just decided to read some sentences of Voltaire and Churchill in that ceremony
without giving any information about the bullying and harassment I was suffering. Voltaire said
I do not agree with what you have to say but I will defend to the death your right to say it and Churchill
said that some people's idea of freedom of speech is that they are free to say what they like, but if anyone
else says anything back it is an outrage. I think that those sentences were very appropriate for a
ceremony in which I was awarded for my sense of humour and where I was nominated the best
foreign teacher in this university as well.
Anyway, the award given by the student association didn't make things better at all. At the end of
March 2015 the directors of the UKI told me that they were not in need of my services for the fall
semester of 2015 since the two teachers that were in maternity leave were coming back to the VDU.
I want to remind you here that there has always been three teachers of the Spanish language.
According to Ms. Vilma Bijeikiene in the fall semester there are less students getting credits from
foreign languages. So my contract, that has been renovated annually since 2010, this time would
not be renovated. This was just an excuse to kick me out from the university since in news
published by the portal DELFI, Ms. Vilma Bijeikiene said that my position will be occupied in the
Spring semester of 2016 by my former student Vigilija Ziuraite, a person that does not and can not
write Spanish; she has no qualifications for the position and as such would not be able to teach

Spanish in any university in the world.

I have tried to make sure that my situation does not transcend to the local media. I didn't want to
affect, in any way, the reputation of the VDU with my troubles. I have avoided any contact with
local media since I knew what are doing the pro-government Lithuanian media with the political
dissent. The Lithuanian media controlled by the government just simply try to crush the people
that are considered enemies of the current political leadership. They tell lies about them. The
media defame those citizens who are opposed to NATO or EU. They denigrate them and
transforms those citizens in clowns, idiots or pure evil. Unfortunately I didn't manage it .
Somebody, a young pro-Grybauskaite supporter, someone that I had never have seen in my life
contacted the state controlled Lietuvos Rytas and a self-proclaimed journalist wrote a
defamatory article against me. A journalist called Lina Bartkute didn't even have the decency to
interview me. She simply invented the whole story. The newspaper even stole one of my pictures
that I have on facebook and published it without asking for my permission. The article tried to
transform me into a kind of monster, a paid troll of Vladimir Putin. A crazy man who is posting
Russian propaganda. A drunk and a pervert teacher who is dangerous and that should be
removed from his position as a university lecturer. The amazing thing is that this journalist never
interviewed me, she interviewed people that have never been my students. She even interviewed
one veteran actress Nijole Ozelyte that has no relationship with me and that I have never even
heard about before.
This defamatory article was published at the end of May 2015, just a few days before the final
exams and the international conference on multilingualism that was organized by the UKI. A
conference that I had to attend since I have to give a presentation about music as a teaching tool.
At the conference there were many foreign teachers. I knew some of them personally because they
participated as well in a similar conference organized two years ago by the UKI. I had the final
exams at the beginning of June. The pressure on me at this moment in time was terrible.
Everybody knew already about my situation thanks to the defamatory libel published in one of the
main Lithuanian outlets. I continued as if nothing had happened. I gave my presentation in front
of my colleagues and the foreign teachers like nothing had happened. I managed to show that I
was calm and even happy. Still I remember how Ms. Vigilija Ziuraite came to my presentation. She
came to my presentation to copy the titles of the songs that I am using in my Spanish language
lessons. She told me that the list would be very useful for her to teach Spanish (instead of me). I
have never seen in my entire life anyone so disrespectful and unscrupulous and with no sense of
Many of my students contacted me showing their solidarity. Some of them wrote me very
beautiful letters telling me that I was victim of the system and that they were proud of my brave
decision to keep fighting for free speech and democracy and against the current authoritarian
Lithuanian leadership that is targeting political dissent. I have all those letters in a file. One day I
think I will publish them. Those letters show that some young people do not share the narrative
promoted by the Lithuanian government regarding the Ukrainian conflict or the domestic policies
adopted by the current political leadership. Actually, the main victim of the maidan in Lithuania
has been the freedom of speech and thought since all the Lithuanian citizens that criticize the
maidan and the current Ukrainian government are accused of vatniks kolorados, paid trolls
of Putin, or traitors by the Lithuanian media and the institutionalized network of progovernment activists that are operating in the social media. Sorry that we are simply citizens that
think differently than President Grybauskaite. We are also part of the Lithuanian society and our
opinion should be respected. In a democracy there are different opinions and all the opinions
should be respected by the government. Only authoritarian regimes try to crush the citizens for
their opinions. Only authoritarian regimes consider their own citizens as enemies.

I have to say that I have got some insulting messages coming from Lithuanian pro-government
supporters that threatened me with breaking my head and with deportation just because I express
freely what I am thinking about the current leadership in Lithuania. I feel sad for them. They don't
know the meaning of democracy or freedom. They don't know how to respect others opinion. The
don't share the same set of values than Western European people. They act the way that they
accuse others of acting, like the Russians.
This is basically the story I want to tell you. A pretty sad story, I have to say and I send you this
letter because I am trying to find a fair solution inside the institutional framework created by the
VDU to solve these kind of conflicts. This is why I address this letter to the Rector and the VDU
Ethics Commission with the hope of finding a solution. I have kept silent until now. I didn't
contact the Spanish Embassy informing them about my situation. I didn't contact the EU
institutions that are protecting the freedom of speech and the academic freedom like the European
organization Education International. I didn't contact the Spanish nor the international media to
explain my story. I didn't use my numerous contacts I have in the academic world. I didn't contact
politicians working at the EU parliament, some of which I know personally. I didn't use my
powerful network on facebook or other social media to explain my story. I didn't create a website
focused on this issue. I decided to simply look for an internal institutional solution. If something
has transcended that has been because some Lithuanian media has published defamatory articles
against me without even contacting me. I have never given any interview to any Lithuanian media
and I have never contacted any Lithuanian media to explain my story. This is why I am addressing
this letter to you. With the objective of finding a fair and internal solution and to avoid all this
stuff from transcending to the international media and to the EU institutions.
I know this is a long letter that contains some personal opinions that are debatable but the letter
also contains objective information about the following facts that are not debatable at all. They are
the truth and fact:
1) I have been kicked out from my position of Lecturer at the university because I was posting my
personal point of view about the Ukrainian conflict and against the EU foreign policy.
2) I am going to be substituted for the next spring semester of 2016 by a former student who has no
qualifications (she does not have a masters degree in Spanish philology) and is also without any
previous experience in teaching at university level. A person that would not find a place such as
the teacher of Spanish language in any university in the world. This fact goes against the principles
of merit and capacity that are the ruling principles in any hiring made by a public institution. I
have a better curriculum than Ms. Vigilija Ziuraite. I have more experience than her and let's say
that I speak and write better Spanish than her.
3) I was excluded from the organization of the cultural festival that I had created (called
Primavera en espaol, Spanish spring). Also from the activities of the Spanish club that I had
created (the club was my idea). I have been excluded without any explanation. I have to say here
that the last edition of the Spanish Spring has been very poor. The festival has become a kind of
Lithuanian fiesta full of stereotypes and cliches. Something like the pizzas with ketchup and
garlic sauce that are so popular here in Lithuania. The real pizza has no ketchup sorry! A Spanish
festival adapted to the taste of the UKI deputy director. Far from the original idea and goals.
I have to add here some information that makes that situation even more weird and hard for me to
understand. As I wrote at the beginning of this letter I helped the UKI to find an additional lecturer
that was working in the spring semester of 2014 among us. This lecturer, Mr. Asier Blas Mendoza
is teacher in a public Spanish university from the Basque region. He is a personal friend that came
to Kaunas once to visit me and I introduced him to the UKI deputy director Vilma Bijeikiene. Mr.
Asier Blas is a very popular leftist anti-NATO and anti-EU blogger and during the spring semester

of 2014 he was teaching Spanish at the VDU and was very active on both twitter and facebook
against the maidan. He was interviewed many times by RT, Sputnik News and several Spanish
radio stations about the Ukrainian conflict. The irony of all this story is that he was using the
facilities of the UKI (Sanako lab) to give the interviews against the maidan and against the
government of Poroshenko. Now he is working at the VDU Political Sciences and Diplomacy
Faculty, invited to teach Politics by the chair Dr. Puksto. He was teaching for a month in the spring
semester of 2015 and he is supposed to teach again in the spring semester of 2016.
Finally I want to add that after having worked 5 years at this university, it is an actual shame that
the responsible of UKI and the Club Miguel the Cervantes, a club I created, didn't invite me to the
event organized some days ago commemorating the 5th anniversary of the festival Primavera en
Espaol, a project of mine, in which I have actively been involved until 2014,as the UKI deputy
director decided to remove me without reasonable justification. Dont the organizers of the event
feel ashamed? Do they think it is polite to offer a treatment of that kind to a colleague having been
working at his best and contributing to this institution for 5 years, conceiving the festival they
were commemorating? Actually I should not be surprised for their shameful behaviour since
changing or deleting historical facts, making them up to justify the present, or denying the
evidence is something very common in the collective psychology of the Lithuanian society. Due to
this conflict, generated by UKI deputy director, our university is not only enduring one of the most
shameful episodes in its history, but also losing substantial opportunities for students, faculties
and researches. The director of my Ph.D thesis is a leading figure in Spain on European Union
studies, and he sent the attached letter to the Faculty of Political Sciences and Diplomacy at VDU.
He asked for your support so that I could conduct my research. Notwithstanding, as nobody
answered to his request, the European Institute of KTU, actually the rival university of VDU here
in Kaunas, kindly offered their support for my Ph.D project. The aforementioned institution,
thanks to my mediation, has already agreed with my university to develop a long run partnership
in arranging the mobility and intensive academic exchange of experiences of students, lecturers
and researches between both institutions. It is an irony that I ended up helping the main rival of
VDU here in Kaunas instead of the institution I have been devoted for 5 years of my life.
This is the reason why I am contacting you and I writing you this letter; it's because the whole
situation does not makes sense and is unfair. With this letter I am applying for the position of
Spanish and Catalan lecturer for the next spring semester of 2016 and I also want to participate in
the coordination of the Spanish Spring, the festival that I had created. I would improve the
programme of activities and the quality of the events organized in the framework of this festival. I
have more qualifications and experience than my substitute, my former student Ms. Vigilija
Ziuraite. The principles of merit and capacity have to be enforced in the present situation and I ask
the Rector of the VDU and the VDU Ethics Commission to act as soon as possible to solve this
problem since otherwise I would be forced to act accordingly and disseminate my story among EU
institutions, NGO's, international newspapers and also among the VDU community itself. I don't
have anything to lose. I would do that not for me nor for my own interests, but for improving the
awareness in the VDU and in Lithuania about important civil rights such as the academic freedom
and the freedom of speech and thought. I love and respect the VDU very much and I also love and
respect Lithuanian people just as much; but not the current Lithuanian political leadership. I am
doing this for all of us. For all of you. I hope your response to this letter meets the principles stated
in the motto of this university and boasts both. Open and free.
Kaunas 2015/10/21
Miquel Puertas
Ph.D. candidate of European Union Studies
European Center of Excellence Jean Monnet

PS: I include attached to this letter a copy taken from facebook. It is a group of trolls that are
coordinating their actions in several russophobic and pro-hatred speech facebook groups and are
sending messages to the companies and institutions where the alleged "koloradas" "vatniks" and
"agents" of Putin are employed. They even are calling the employers to kick out those employees
that are posting information or their opinions on facebook or other social media. This situation
should be denounced, and I promise you that is going to be denounced, to the EU institutions
since goes against EU legislation that protects the right of the citizens to express their opinion on
foreign and domestic affairs. What a shameful and anti-European behaviour! This kind of
behaviour is more typical of a totalitarian society than of a democratic country that claims to be
free, open, tolerant and fully integrated in the West. Freedom of speech for Lithuanian citizens!
Freedom for Lithuania!