Raquette River Preschool

2 River Way

Potsdam, NY 13676

Work/Play Room


Where to Find Us:
We’re conveniently located just west of
downtown Potsdam, between SUNY
Potsdam and Clarkson universities.

Raquette River Preschool does not discriminate against race, cultural heritage, national
origin, marital status, religion, political beliefs, disability or sexual orientation.

2 River Way  Potsdam, NY 13676


Mysti Murphy, A.S. ECE

My Teaching Philosophy
A Caring Environment
Every child deserves a nurturing environment with
caring, responsible educators. In this environment a
child’s ideas, feelings and person are respected, and
children feel safe. Feeling safe also comes from a
community of inclusion, where each child’s individual
needs are heard, and emphasis is placed on children
and adults to work and play together collaboratively.

Exploring with Loose Parts

Our Program
Open September - June
Monday - Friday
Morning: 9:00—12:00
Afternoon: 12:30—3:30
Mixed aged groups of 2.5—6 years old
Offering enrollment 2-5 days a week
Optional Summer Session:
July mornings: 9:00—12:00
Ages 4—8 years old
Class sizes
are small to
better meet
the needs of
all children.
There are 8
children and 2
co-teachers in
each classroom.

Art and Project Studio

Hands-on, meaningful learning opportunities
One day I walked into my daughter’s preschool room
and noticed my daughter and her teacher talking
while my daughter was feeling the inside of a raw
pumpkin. The look on her face expressed her feelings exactly, “yucky!” What struck me, though, was
the look in her eyes. Wonder. Excitement. Curiosity.
All from talking about and feeling the pumpkin. What
an impact this simple activity had! Being able to observe, touch, smell and see the pumpkin made all the

At Raquette River Preschool, we believe that
outdoor play and learning is essential to a
child’s well-being.
We offer an outdoor classroom that includes:

“Mud pie” kitchen and pretend play area

Sand and water area

Building area

Large motor play equipment

Vegetable and flower gardens

Children spend time in our outdoor classroom

Real, hands-on activities make the world come alive
for children. Children are natural scientists, investigating everything, whether studying the rotation of
wheels on a toy car or smelling spices while making
apple muffins. Hands-on, meaningful learning activities encourage preschoolers to investigate and ponder life’s problems.
Nature-based curriculum
Screen-free time is essential
to children, who need regular
time outdoors, either right in
their own backyard or further
afield. Being outdoors affords
children the freedom to yell
loudly, run swiftly and play
The “outdoor classroom” is a
natural laboratory, inviting
scientific investigations in
which children can observe butterflies, watch vegetables grow, listen to crickets, taste snow and count the
petals on a flower. Children are concrete learners;
outdoor investigations help them learn more about
their immediate world and matters that are relevant to
their lives.
—Ms. Mysti Murphy

Sandbox and Covered Outdoor
“If a child is to keep alive his inborn sense of
wonder...he needs the companionship of at
least one adult who can share it, rediscovering with him the joy, excitement, and mystery
of the world we live in.”
--Rachel Carson, author of the environmental classic, Silent Spring