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Ifalenu-Enseanzas Yoruba Olofista de Baba Oduduwa, 7 2012 .

rnml l mo yin bor, rnml l mo yin boy, rnml l mo yin bosse.
Ogb, at, sre, wrwfn! OLFIN gb , BABA ODDW gb , RNML
L gb ! May You Have Long Life, with the Spiritual Blessing of the dn If of wr
Wfn (That is the one who Opens the Divine Portal of the Grace of OLDMAR to flow
down to you), May the Blessing of OLFIN (Conscious Manifestation of GOD), Baba
ODDW, and RNML L be upon you!

Alfia se a ni May the Peace be with You!



Baba Oddw told us that in the Subtle Realm, the Spiritual World, ALL is controlled and work
through the use of Spiritual SYMBOLS of POWER (like Magical SIGILS). Now we can
understand the REAL POWER of the Sacred RSh and Irnmol Symbols or Sigils. In the
Ancient Esoteric Yoruba Tradition each Spiritual Power has a Sacred Symbol or Spiritual
Signature. There are 601 Sigils or Sacred Symbols, one for each IRNMOL. 200 are Merciful,
200 are Severe and 201 are Neutral. In the YORUBA OLFIN TRADITION that BABA
ODUDUWA is Establishing in these New Times, he is passing on this Great Sacred Knowledge
that was lost through millenniums (20,000 years ago). This hints us to the Power of an Image, of
a Symbol. But the symbols its like a Telephone number it has to have all the Symbolic elements
of the correct symbol and know the Name of the Power who that symbol belongs to, in order to
connect. The SIGIL or SPIRITUAL MAGICAL SEAL is in connection with the IRNMOL
and RSh.

There are some Symbols that are known and used, but they are used with some ambiguity and
they lack certainty that those symbols are truly useful and good to be use in ceremonies. Mostly
of the symbols know are of BANTU (Congo) origin form the NGANGA Traditions of working
with the Dead ones. Also there are many sacred symbols in the ABAKUA tradition of the EFIK
(or aigos).

The Symbols of the Tradition pass on by Baba Oddw of the 601 Irnmol also correspond
with the 401 ORISHA. There is no discrepancy on the number of Spiritual Powers, some think

that they were 601 and other 401, but the TRUTH of the matter is that both number are correct
but refer to a different kind of Spiritual Hierarchy. The name IRNMOL but exactly what is
the IRNMOL was not clear up to now that Baba Oddw and one of his spiritual Emissaries,
the Spirit TATA G shared spiritual information about the subject.
There are different Levels of IRNMOL. The highest are the IRNMOL NL (these are the
GODS), there are THREE MAIN IRNMOL NL; OLFIN is the Highest, and HE
OLODUMARE. OLFIN Created Consciously the UNIVERSE. Then next in the Hierarchy are
the 601 IRNMOL run then next are the regular 601 IRNMOL. In the ORISHA there are
only 401 RSh, who all of them were HUMANS before. But they were connected with 401 of
the IRNMOL. There are 200 ORISHA PUPA (Severe RSh) and 200 RSh FUNFUN
(Merciful RSh) and only ONE NEUTRAL ORISHA, who is OSHUN, and she is the Closest
to GOD, to OLFIN. OSHUN by being the Neutral RSh, she controls the 201 NEUTRAL

What is the Meaning of IRNMOL? (Teaching by the Spirit TATA G)

IRNMOL is a DIVINE ESSENCE. In the IF tradition in Cuba, they lost the full term
IRNMOL, they kept a word, IMALE, and this word is in TRUTH a reference to

The SIGIL or IRUNMOLE SIGNATURE its used engraved on the surface of each OTA (Sacred
Stone of the RSh). The RSh Sigil is used is Sacred Rituals (EBO). The Sigil is Key in
the Initiation Rite and the Consecration of the Head (JOKO Sh) of the New Initiate
(IYAWO) in the Sh Tradition. The SIGIL is Scratched with a razor over the crown area
putting the ORISHA symbol there, that SPIRITUALLY OPENS the HEAD, (the OR) to
Connect with the ORISHA and the IRUNMOLE that corresponds. That is really what makes the
Initiate to be able in due Spiritual Evolution to become an RSh. The 401 Humans that
became RSh went through and Initiation with the Symbol scratched on their heads. The
HEAD belongs to the ORISHA that the person is spiritually connected to. The SIGIL on the
HEAD is looking to RUN (Heaven) Without that, they could not become RSh.

NOTE by AWO IFALENU: Some Initiates say that before they did a cut or scratch over the head
in Initiation, but now few do this, this is something that survived about the Cut or Scratch of the
ORISA SIGIL over the Head. Since Baba Oddw gave us the guidelines on how to do the
Initiation Ceremony fallowing his Spiritual Lineage, he started to give us the SIGIL needed for
the specific RSh. In the IFA Consecration, there are also a similar Ceremony done on the
head with a Special SIGIL scratched for the AWO IF and another different SIGIL is used for
the Iyanifa Initiation but these are Inner Secrets of the Ancient Traditions that were lost.

OLFIN (Conscious manifestation of Divine Consciousness) selected them among all the
Initiates, based on Spiritual Merit. Those 401 ORISHA that were selected around 20,000 years

ago, they all are still ruling over Humanity and the Planet. These RSh are called the
ORISHAS of LIGHT. The Spirit TATA G said that in these New times NEW HUMANS are
going to be selected for becoming ORISHA, and they are called the ORISHAS of DARKNESS.
They are called Orishas of Light because they started in a positive period or cycle, and the
Orishas of Darkness, because they were selected in a negative period.

IRNMOL is the same as ORISHA?(Teaching given by the Spirit TATA "G")

The RSh is the Consciousness; the Irnmol is the Energy (that makes the manifestation of a
certain RSh to manifest in different parts of the Galaxy and the Universe). Note: The
Irnmol would seem like the Archetype that creates or help manifest the RSh.
This is the Spiritual Hierarchy of the Irnmol and RSh
IRNMOL RUN GN (the Universal Energy of GN)
IRNMOL GN (the Energy of GN)
RS GN (the Consciousness of GN)
N GN (The Human GN, who had the Spiritual Essence of the IRUNMOLE OGUN
and after death became RSh)

The IRNMOL have Gender, Male or Female? (Teaching given by the Spirit TATA "G")
The RSh is going to have OMO (Sons) on this planet that is going to be either male or
female. The Orishas like OYA who is a FEMENINE ORISHA, or like ELEGBARA who is a
MALE ORISHA; they all can have sons and druthers among humans. Now, the IRUNMOLE
doesnt have GENDER or Sex, the IRUNMOLE is ENERGY (so to speak).

When you are going to work with the Spirits (GN) there is a general SIGIL to use to invoke
the energy of the Spirits in general.

NOTE: The Spirit TATA "G" is a spirit who died 560 years ago in Africa, he was "FON". This
spirit is one of the Spiritual Emissaries of Baba Oddw. Baba Oddw told us of some spirits
that are working with him, he gave us their names before they came down through the Medium
to guide us, and share the instructions a teaching Baba Oddw gives them to share with us.
Ifalenu-Enseanzas Yoruba Olofista de Baba Oduduwa, 6 2012 .



NOTE: This teaching was given by the Spirit TATA G, who is a Special Emissary of Baba

TATA G: When the Spirit evolves to a Superior Level, this spirit goes through a Spiritual
incineration (or a process of Spiritual Auto combustion).

This happens in the fallowing way:

EGUN TATA G reveals: When the human person is ready, he or she is going to tell the closest
friends or family member that he or she is ready to GO (from this material world). Its my time
to go. Tomorrow I will DIE (in this body). The person will ask to have a special room or place;
there he is going to place the ORISHA Pots (IGBAs that he has received in initiation). There he
is going to seat to MEDITATE, and he is going to go with the ORISHAS (to their spiritual plane
where they are). The next day, the relatives when they go to the room he was, they will find only
nails, hair, some precious Gems or Crystals.
Note: All this a byproduct of the Alchemical Spiritual Auto combustion the Spirit went through
in order to Liberate Spiritually. This is a Secret Esoteric Spiritual Technique of the Ancient
Yoruba Traditions of sh and If, that now a days is lost to the common people and initiates.
Also in the Ancient NGANGA Tradition of a FON ethnic group, they have something similar,
different methodology. In recent times is known that in some other spiritual traditions they have
a similar spiritual process that few Master have been able to do at the moment of Death, like the
Yogis of India, Tibet, the Taoist Shien (Taoist Immortals) its know they have done this. This is
how the humans that became RSh left this physical world.
Question: This is done through a Special technique?
Answer by the Spirit; Tata G:
YES, the human body, his matter disintegrates and becomes a Beam of LIGHT, or a Rainbow
kind of Light. This is why the RAINBOW is so Magical, the Rainbow has the Essence of
Note: This is why the RSh ShMR in his name has some likeness with the name
OLODUMARE (who is the Matrix of Creation, the Universal Neutral Energy from where all
TATA G; This Mystical process is done through a different methodology than the process the
YOGIS of India and Tibet do. This is through a TECHNIQUE of REST, in which You
MEDITATE, and also You SLEEP, and you go through a Disintegration of Matter into the most
important and basic Chemical elements, that are above all, the CARBON element. That is why in

this Mystical Process many times Crystals, Gems and even Diamonds are produced. Note: this is
spiritual transformation through the Spiritual FIRE).
TATA G: Through this process your Spirit shoots up (to the Subtle Spiritual World). Note:
Here your Spiritual Essence goes up like a Beam of Light or Rainbow Light through the
CROWN AREA of the Head (The OR Area, the area of the so called 7th Chakra or BRAHMA
RUNDRA or EYE of BRAHMA, Pai-Hui to Taoist). The LIGHT comes out of the Cranium,
when the skull fractures, and the Inner Light comes out of the physical body. The human body
matter becomes CARBON (through the Spiritual Auto combustion, that burns in fractions of
seconds), and the Spirit is Liberated from the Body. Here is where the Great Beings can become
ORISHA or something Higher, like the Spiritual YO (I), like BABA ODUUDWA did in his
life at the moment of Spiritual Liberation from the body. Oddw did these 20,000 years ago.
Other humans have achieve to do something similar and become ORISHA. This was a Secret up
to now.
NOTE: Here the Spirit TATA G called YO to what Oddw transform into, in English the
closest word will be like the SPIRITUAL I.
gn TATA G: Other humans know certain technique to achieve this process (of Spiritual Auto
combustion and Liberation into Light), but one thing is to do the technique and another different
one is to Achieve the SPIRITUAL LEVEL of SOUL to reach Higher. (To be able to Ascend)
Note: If you dont have the Spiritual Level of SOUL that is necessary to reach, you can Liberate
from the Body into Light, BUT You Cant Transcend to Higher Spiritual Levels.
gn TATA G: Baba Oddw by been able to do this and reach his Level of SOUL, thats
why he is not another common spirit, he now is not a SPIRIT (gn) nor an ORISHA, he is in a
a YO)
Note: This is how Baba Oddw and the Spirits call this spiritual term, YO, and that term
should be used in any language. THE YO.
gn TATA G: A "YO" its draw as a symbol like a DOT, like the CENTER of the
UNIVERSE. This is achieve through Great Effort and Inner Spiritual Work, the OR its Open
and the Consciousness goes Up.
As soon as the LIGHT goes out from the Physical Body, taking the Consciousness (OR), the
Physical Body transform or disintegrates in fractions of seconds (Burns up).
This process was achieved by the Great Initiates of the Ancient NGANGA Tradition of the FON,
but they did as a technique, but not as a Spiritual Level process like the RSh and Baba
Oddw. No one else has reach the level to transform into a YO, Baba Oddw has been the
only one.
Note: This is why he is the OLFIN AY- The Owner of Secrets of the World for this area of the
Baba Oddw is so special, he is the one who knows the Secrets of DEATH, and this is part of
those Secrets. He shared his Secrets with ORUNMILA and the IF TRDITION.

Some talk about Oddw knowing the Secrets of Death, But few know about this, the majority
dont know.
gn TATA G: When the SOUL Liberates Spiritually, GOD (OLFIN) gives a decree, in the
majority of the cases that SOUL becomes a POWER in NATURE or an ESSENCE. GOD,
OLOFIN, can decide and say: You as a PURE SPIRIT, will descend to Earth, like a Great
ESSENCES, sometimes they are send to this planet as Spiritual Guides, as Saviors, Great
Teachers, like JESUS, Siddhartha the BUDA (and all the other Buddhas and Bodhisattvas,
BABA ORUNMILA also Liberated himself through kind of a similar way, but different.
rnml pass away when he was 99 years old, and his Spiritual Essence spread through the
EGUN TATA G: What is ORUNMILA?, rnml is NOT an RSh, Nor he is an Irnmol:
Note: In the Tibetan Spiritual Tradition, they have what is called the RAINBOW BODY (JALU
in Tibetan). In Yoga, there is LAYA YOGA (Yoga by Disintegration), and there is a process
called Adhimuttikalakiriya or Liberation Voluntary Death through Disintegration into the
more Basic Elements. Here applies the Saying; One who Really KNOWS, doesnt Die like One
who doesnt know, because if he truly Knows and dominates his instincts, if he has master
himself, he has reach Divine Spiritual Merit, he has control of himself, control of his inner
energies, this person is not going to Die as a common person, but instead he is going to go
through a special inner process, he can decrease in size, produce natural light, or rainbow light,
and ultimately he can disintegrate into a beam of Light, only remaining his ashes and other
BUDAS and ORISHAS: The Buddhas or Enlighten one, there have been many Buddhas, they
have reach a high spiritual level, and they are close in level to the RSh. But the RSh are
in a Higher Hierarchy. There are only 401 ORISHAS, who became RSh around 20,000 years
ago, in the times of Baba Oddw and rnml. The RSh was a special Decree of
OLOFIN, to choose 400 Human to become guides to Humanity and to control and manage the
Laws of Nature. So form the people who were initiated by Baba Oddw with his Sh
Initiation, with the Opening of the Head (OR) and had scratched the SIGIL or Magical
Signature of the IRUNMOLE on their heads, from those only 400 were chosen. Later came
Oshun, who became the RSh number 401, and she is the Neutral RSh. 200 are Severe
and the other 200 are merciful.

LINKS abouth the Rainbow Body in other Traditions:
Rainbow Body
The TRUE Story of the Birth of ORUNMILA by YEMYL and ShMR
Ifalenu-Enseanzas Yoruba Olofista de Baba Oduduwa, 6 2012 .
The TRUE Story of the Birth of ORUNMILA by YEMYL and ShMR
de Awo Ifalenu Yoruba-Olofista, el Viernes, 6 de enero de 2012 a la(s) 3:05
rnml l mo yin bor, rnml l mo yin boy, rnml l mo yin boe
Ogb, at, sre, wrwfn! OLFIN gb , BABA ODDW gb , RNML
L gb ! May You Have Long Life, with the Spiritual Blessing of the dn If of wr
Wfn (That is the one who Opens the Divine Portal of the Grace of OLDMAR to flow
down to you), May the Blessing of OLFIN (Concious Manifestation of GOD), Baba
ODDW, and RNML L be upon you!

Alfia se a ni May the Peace be with You!

This is Based on the Teachings of the ESOTERIC YORUBA TRADITION of BABA

ODUDUWA, given by Oddw and his Emissary Spirits, like TATA G.
GB DN OLFIN = The Family of OLOFINS Secret

The TRUE Story of the Birth of ORUNMILA by YEMYL and ShMR

YEMYL (YEMAYA) is the RSh that gave birth first in the water (YEM Y IL
YEM The Mother of the Earth, this is the ancient name given by Baba Oddw).
YEMYL had a husband that was RSh OKO, but he was very sick, and she went to
consult the RSh Oracle with ELEGBARA, and Elegbara told her that she had to go to the
Mountain range without crossing the Sea, and the most difficult thing was crossing the sea.
YEMYL started her travel to the mountain range, but in the way she came across a man,

who was ShMR (the Rainbow), he was a beautiful and perfect man, but he had a defect,
that defect was that his Skin color was composed of all types of colors like the Rainbow.
ShMR was neither black, nor white skin; he was a combination of all colors.
ShMR told YEMYL that in order for her to cross his domains, she had to give
herself intimately to him (to have Sex with ShMR). YEMYL accepted because she
wanted to save her Husband, RSh OKO who was sick. YEMYL had an intimate
relationship with ShMR, and then she continues her trip to the mountain range. She
finally arrives at the mountain, she climb up to the top, there she found a Sacred Tree and she got
the KN (the magical sacred seed of IF). YEMYL went back to her house to see her
husband, RSh OKO, she open the KN and give the Juice to RSh OKO for him to
drink. With this Medicine, RSh OKO heals completely. What YEMYL didnt knew was
that she was pregnant from her relationship with ShMR.
YEMYL noticed that she was pregnant. RSh OKO didnt knew anything about this,
and she tried to hide the truth to RSh OKO. In order to deceive RSh OKO, she put
pieces of cloth around her belly to cover her pregnancy form RSh OKO. YEMYL
wanted to have an abortion. She knew that she will be in trouble if RSh OKO finds out the
truth. YEMYL went to the beach, she sat down inside the sea water, and she gave birth
inside the water, she gave birth to a son. This son was later know as ORUNMILA. That is why
baba Oddw gave a praise to YEMYL for our gb dn Olfin:
(Praise to Yemoyale, the Mother of D, the Mother of rnml).
The original name of ORUNMILA was D (notice that the accentuation is different from
OD, the name of the wife of rnml).
When YEMYL came with her son, this baby was very special, because he could talk from
birth. This baby asked YEMYL; Why you wanted to leave me here? Why you want to
abandon me? YEMYL told her baby son that she was worried, because he was not the son
of her husband, RSh OKO, and that this situation would create a big problem for her.
rnml told his mother to dont worry, because she gave RSh OKO the liquid of the
Sacred Seed of KN, and that her husband was saved, and that he, rnml, came from the
same Power of that Sacred Seed, the KN. YEMYL took her son and brought him before
RSh OKO and she told him the truth, the baby son was not his son. RSh OKO wanted to
cut the head of YEMYLS baby. The baby boy told RSh OKO that he was able to be
cured by the Power of the Seed, the KN. The baby told him that he was going to do a consult
him, to do a Divination using the IKN. He painted the KN Seed, and later the Tree of IF
came up from the seed.
RNML (D) did a Divination to RSh OKO, and RSh OKO notice the Great
Power and Potential that baby boy had, because what the baby boy told RSh OKO in the
divination was about all his life. RSh Oko talked about this extraordinary baby. Suddenly a
Voice is heard coming from Heaven, and the Voice told D (rnml): You have been
destined, because you are unique, you have seen the Creation of the World, and from now on
D became an AWO (a Diviner) and was given the title of RNML, (note: meaning
"run-ni-o mo eni-ma-la" = only Heaven can identify the saved). RNML is the witness of
RNML is LOJU OKN RUN, meaning, the one who Saw the Heart of RUN, the

This story comes from Sh OGB (Oshenilogbe, 5-8). The Woman who didnt wanted her son,
and the son who loved so much his mother that even after days of her death, he still cries over
the rotten body of his mother. The son loves her mother so much that doesnt care if he cries over
the rotten body of his dead mother.
YEMOYALE never separates from OSHUMARE, because he gave her the ShE to give birth
such special son that was RNML. ShMR lives in the Rainbow.
The ARARA worship ShMR. OSHUMARE, this part of the Word MARE comes from
OLODUMARE The matrix of Creation, the Universal neutral Energy. Sh comes from the
Divine Light of OLDMAR, from here comes the Rainbow.
YEMYL ASESU was the original path of YEMYL, and she was the Mother of
NOTE: OLFIN L is the IRNMLE, OLFIN L es el designio que se le da a
JESUS, de Olofin Ela emana la Energia Divina para que OLFIN L (Jesus el Cristo) se
manifieste. Some of the Great Masters of Humanity, Avatars, have been Emanations of OLFIN
L, like Jesus was, so he was called OLOFIN ALA. The Great Orunmila also was an
Emanation of OLFIN L. Thts why he is called RNML L.
OSHUNS MESSAGE, December 2008 at GB DN OLFIN Ceremony
Ifalenu-Enseanzas Yoruba Olofista de Baba Oduduwa, 6 2012 .
OSHUNS MESSAGE, December 2008 at GB DN OLFIN Ceremony in the river.

This is written from notes taken that day

RSh Oshun Ask: Someone knows what is coming?

OSHUN SAID: Poverty, hunger, thirst, epidemics, the natural power reclaim what its theirs. If
the human beings dont correct themselves, Nature will put him in his place (Mother Nature will
take charge in doing that). I am not going to save no one who doesnt deserve it. Not only you
(humans) learn, Sh also learns, and modify itself (evolve), and now only the chosen ones
will be Saved. Who are the Chosen Ones? Those will be the ones thats worth to save, the ones
that are open to work, the ones that love life, and the ones that respect life. Only few will be
Saved, because only a few deserve to be Saved.
OLKUN has divine orders to take away many lives, Olkun waters will damage many places
around the planet.

This beauty that you see here now (this happen at the junction of the river and the sea), enjoy it
now, because soon this may be gone, or be no more.

What is Sh? Its a mission, its a Way of Life, its a way to feel about things. In the Sh
Tradition, we dont have prejudices, attachments, and pressures like in other traditions. Sh
is FREE, and its known by many names, however, Sh is ONE.
16 DNS were the Beginning, Okana, Oyeku, Ogunda, those 16 DNS were the Real
Power, First was DN, the principle, then later came the ORISHA.
DN is the Greatest Power in the World, after DN, Sh follows in hierarchy.
How many people believe that they are being touch by the Divine?
You have to prepare a lot, what is coming to Planet Earth its not a simple sickness, what is
coming is a GREAT DEPURATION. You have to be prepared, if you dont, you may perish
trying to survive.
The ones who kept silent will be condemn, the ones who talk will be saved.
There is a School, that school has a name that is To SHARE, if you Share, you will be Saved. To
Respect, in that way you will be saved. If you respect your adversary, your enemy, you will have
The Wolves are trying to separate, to spread the sheep of the flock in order to devour them.
In this Sh Tradition, we make animal sacrifices and use the blood of these animals, this is
done to stop bad events from happening, to avert IK (Death), that your Blood may not be spill
(in an accident, in a violent situation, in an surgery, in war, etc.) I do magic, divine Witchcraft to
Save People. (This is OSHUN Kole talking to us, The Divine Witch).
You know who in reality is this supposed spirit guide that is helping you now, named Androkin
de Ra, Do you know who he is in reality? He is BABA, he is BABA ODUDUWA. He is a Deity.
He is here to help you, to guide you. With Baba Oddw (Androkin de RA) a new gb or
Family is being created, the Molecules while they are more close to each other, they are more
difficult to penetrate. If you work, if you have Faith, because FAITH is POWER. FAME dies, but
the LEYEND never dies, it becomes immortal.

In this Yoruba tradition there is Freedom of Conscience. The YORUBA are the ones who
venerated GOD (OLFIN) through the EBO (Ritual act of sharing). We are Yorubas not
practitioners of Sh. The EBO is to SHARE, and this makes the negative side of oneself to
be Cleansed. All Traditions come from the Sh Tradition. If you want to have Power, before
you have to have Intelligence, Wisdom and Self Control.
The failure of the King is to feel like to be a King or a Queen. You have to talk with your head
and not with your mouth.

You know that my Elegun (medium) is in between Light and Darkness, between the Good and
the Bad. He was born with the DN OSHE (5), this ODU talks about the Good Son and the
Bad son. He cant deviate to the dark side. We all have tendencies, but he is in Absolute Zero (in
the exact middle), and is like that because he has to Start from Zero, from nothing.
Each one of you has a unique power, but when you get together, you all are magnificent. All of
you have a different gift from the other, because if you all have the same gift and power, you will
destroy yourselves. We are similar before OLOFINS Eye, but in this world we all are different,
each one of you has a great mission, each of you has to fulfill his or her personal mission.
IFA is the Greatest Wisdom that exists, If is a rank, its a hierarchy. The IF Oracle is the most
complex Oracle in the Universe, it has 36,000 combinations.
The truly old continent is AFRICA (we all came from there).
The Second most important expression of the sh Tradition is OLKUN, the First is
The true word of OSHA is Humility (humbleness).
The greatest Science of Sh is the Spiritual, the mystic aspect.
Ifalenu-Enseanzas Yoruba Olofista de Baba Oduduwa, 5 2012 .
rnml l mo yin bor, rnml l mo yin boy, rnml l mo yin boe
Ogb, at, sre, wrwfn! OLFIN gb , BABA ODDW gb , RNML
L gb ! May You Have Long Life, with the Spiritual Blessing of the dn If of wr
Wfn (That is the one who Opens the Divine Portal of the Grace of OLDMAR to flow
down to you), May the Blessing of OLFIN (Concious Manifestation of GOD), Baba
ODDW, and RNML L be upon you!

Alfia se a ni May the Peace be with You!

This is Based on the Teachings of the ESOTERIC YORUBA TRADITION of BABA

ODUDUWA, giben by Oduduwa and his Emissary Spirits, like TATA G.

Note: We ask the Spirit TATA G, who is an Emissary of Baba Oddw about RNMLs

TATA G SAID: RNML didnt die. If he didnt die, then, What happen to rnml? Baba
rnml was a Special Incarnation, when he came, was the ONLY TIME HE INCARNATED
on EARTH. rnml live up to 99 years old, but he didnt die. rnml decided to activate an
Inner Spiritual Power, and he dematerialized his Human Body and he took ALL his SHE or
SPIRITUAL POWER and ENERGY with him, and RE-INTEGRATED Himself to the
UNIVERSE as an Special Consciousness, that from that moment on rnml became a

There are other manifestations of the IF Tradition in the UNIVERSE, there are other IF
brothers and Sisters of IF, because there have been other manifestations of the IRNMOL
L or OLFIN L in the Universe.
BABA ODUDUWA in the moment that he Liberated Himself from the material human body, he
went through a kind of similar process that rnml went through, but different.
Note: Oddw and the Humans who became ORISHA went through a kind of Spiritual Auto
combustion at the Moment of Spiritual Liberation from the Human Body, kind of similar as the
High Masters and Yogis of India an Tibet and Taoist did. The Tibetans call the Rainbow Body or
JALU, when a High Master is able to disintegrate his body into Light, or a Rainbow of Light,
and what remains is only the dust and ashes.

What is RNML? rnml is NOT an ORISHA, nor and IRNMOL. rnml is a

current; rnml was a Great Wiseman that founded a current of WISDOM known as IF.
rnml shared his Knowledge and Secrets with BABA ODUDUWA, who also shared his
Secrets and Teachings with rnml. rnml went through a kind of RSh initiation, but
he was not Crowned, because he had IF, he came with that.
When the Sh and IF knowledge clash, to rnml for being in a higher Hierarchy that
sh, so to say, they couldnt crown sh on his head. Nobody consecrated rnml into
IF. Also Baba Oddw was not consecrated by anyone into sh. The Spiritual Sigils (or
Symbols) of the 601 IRNMOL and 401ORIShA were pass on to the Initiates and Wiseman by
Baba Oddw who had that Secret.
The Most Important Universal or Stellar Guardian is RNML. What is the meaning of the
word rnml?
This is one meaning of rnml. "run-ni-o mo eni-ma-la" (only Heaven can identify the
saved). They gave him a Praise: Eleri Ipin Meaning the Witness of Creation, the One who saw
the Creation of the Universe. The person who in consecrated into the IF Tradition fallows the
Path of Wisdom, because rnml is a Wiseman. The Orishas are like Guardians, and the main
Guardian is rnml. rnml is a manifestation of the IRNMOL L or OLFIN L,
who is in reality the TRUE WITNESS of CREATION. That is why rnml is also called as
rnml l
rnml is not among the 401 RSh, nor among the 601 IRNMOL.

Ifalenu-Enseanzas Yoruba Olofista de Baba Oduduwa, 5 2012 .
de Awo Ifalenu Yoruba-Olofista, el Viernes, 9 de septiembre de 2011 a la(s) 12:28
Ogb, at, sre, wrwfn. OLFIN gb , BABA ODDW gb , RNML L
gb ! May You Have Long Life, with the Spiritual Blessing of If Od wr Wfn (Who
Opens the Divine Portal of the Grace of OLDMAR), May the Blessing of OLFIN
(Concious Manifestation of GOD), Baba ODDW, and RNML L be upon you!
Alfia se a ni May the Peace be with You!

GB DN OLFIN - The Family of OLOFIN'S Secret





ORN.................... The SUN

OShUPA (OShU)................ The MOON

KOLEABE ............. MERCURY
GUALA .................. VENUS
RAWO GN .......... MARS
KOLERIN .............. JUPITER
BAWEO ................. SATURN
OLARE .................. URANUS

INI RAWO N = The Path of the Star, The Comet

Each Planet has its OR, Consciousness. Baba Oduduwa said that in Critical situations you can
call on the Spirits of the Planets to help Humanity.
Baba Oduduwa said that in each Star or Sun (RW) there is a Particular sh path that rules
there, so in reality, there not 256 path of sh, nor 121, or 21, but instead there are INFINITE
Paths of sh in the Universe.

DN RW is the Astral or Astrological Star and planetary influence over a human being.

Baba Oduduwa has said that each Orisha rules over an specific RW (Star) and RAWO
Planet, so there is an Oshun Irawo, Ogun Irawo, Yemoyale Irawo, Oya Irawo, etc...



OLKUN (Planet of OLKUN)

Baba Oduduwa said that OLKUN not only controls the deepness of the Ocean, that more than
that, that OLKUN controls and rules over the DEEPNESS of Space, that beyond his planet,
NEPTUNE, called by Baba Oduduwa RAWO OLKUN, are all the domains of OLKUN, the
darkness of Space.
OLKUN IS NOT AND ORISHA, he is a GOD or IRNMOL NL (like Olofin and Olorun),
he is almost at the level of OLFIN. OLKUN doesnt come to Earth, and if he does, its to
destroy parts of the Earth or Punish Humanity. Oduduwa said that OLKUN is very Severe. His
true number is 16. His OTAS (stones) are 16 and not 7 or 9. Olokun wife is OLS, the owner
of the Salt water lagoon, she is a path of Oshun who sacrificed herself to Olokun to save her
people. OLS is the Apetebi of Olkun.

The so called OLKUN that is given in the Sh Tradiction is Not OLKUN, is truly called
"OLKUN AGANA ERI", it belongs to the Daughter of Olkun, she is represented by the
woman with a snake and a mask in each hand. Olokun Agana Eri dont speak in Oracle
ceremony (doesnt have ITA Ceremony). Agana Eri use 7 Ota (stones).

The OLKUN given in the IF Tradition is OLKUN RUN, and speaks using 16 IKIN
(Sacred Palm Nuts).

Baba Oduduwa gave the Secrets to Crown OLKUN directly, because we have a rare true child
of Olkun, and she was crowned on December 2008. ODUDUWA warn us that the ceremony
was to be done correctly, if not someone may die, due to Olokun wrathfulness. Baba Oduduwa
gave his sacred Magical signature, the secret for his
snyn Omiero, and the Special prayer to Olkun to Crown her daughter and to paint
OLOKUNS Head SN. Oduduwa gave all the Olokun related rituals that had to be done.
Those things are Secret's of the tradition. All went well.
BABA ODUDUWA'S questioning people to make them Reason the things they do:
Ifalenu-Enseanzas Yoruba Olofista de Baba Oduduwa, 5 2012 .
BABA ODUDUWA'S questioning people to make them Reason the things they do:

Life is Perfect? Where did you were 20 years ago, and where you are now? Its worth to Live and
Fight for something that doesnt have any solution, nor any hope? To decide who lives and who

dies? Living in this world, which is so rotten and corrupted by the Human Being. Its worth
Why we Judge, if you are not God? What is a descriptive? Its a form of Judgment; like, this is
Good, this is Bad, this is ugly, this is beautiful, this is Blue, this is brown.
Its worth living in this corrupted world?
If the Salvation of the World is that all people went to be Initiated into the Sh and IF
Tradition. If that is the Solution, let us tomorrow Initiate everyone in this world with their ruling
ORISHA crowned over their heads. But what if that is not the solution? Then, What?
Try to be Conscious of the reasons and why are you going to do the Sh (Sodo Orisha or
Joko sh) Initiation. For what reason are you doing the Initiation? Its Worth to Live and
inclusive to Die for others? Do You Understand the Greatness, and do You Comprehend what
you are going to do (RSh Initiation)?

In what moment we become the Executioner and the Judge, damaging other people?
In what moment that GOOD that apparently you Do, becomes in something EVIL?
If there are People Doing an EVIL thing, and I am doing a GOOD thing, and I harm them, What
did I just do?
If there are People Doing a GOOD thing, and I am doing a GOOD thing for my myself, but I am
harming others that are Doing GOOD. Then, What did I just do?

LISTEN WELL what I am going to say. But I say to you: My Word its NOT the TRUTH, dont
Fallow it
You can have that for sure, that the TRUTH is in what You all do (with what I say and teach),
that the TRUTH is in what You all live, feel and think, and the TRUTH is what You all get to do.

There are difficult times coming ahead, in which many people are going to Die, among those
people there are some that we would consider Good people and others we would consider Evil
People, but they are going to Die. Who has the TRUTH?
You are going to do your Sh Initiation Ceremony for all the reasons, except for the ones
you that you think. From this to Do what You have to Do, its another thing.
This is a Materialistic World?
Who has made this World like this?
The Common Good depends on each of You, Do you understand me?

Who we are?, From where we come from? Where we are going? This was the Reason, and has
been the CURSE of many Peoples and the Blessing of some others.
What makes the Human Being Great; its his Actions, what the Human Being Builds, Creates,
and not what he Destroys Do you understand me?
Bb Oddw and the Spirit TATA G Speaks about the RSh SNYN
Ifalenu-Enseanzas Yoruba Olofista de Baba Oduduwa, 26 2011 .
bor, boy, bosse:
rnml l mo yin bor, rnml l mo yin boy, rnml l mo yin bosse.

Ogb, at, sre, wrwfn. OLFIN gb , BABA ODDW gb , RNML L

gb ! - May You Have Long Life, with the Spiritual Blessing of If Od wr Wfn (Who
Opens the Divine Portal of the Grace of OLDMAR), May the Blessing of OLFIN
(Conscious Manifestation of GOD), Baba ODDW, and RNML L be upon you!
Alfia se a ni May the Peace be with You!

BB SNYN gb ...(May SNYN Bless you!)


GB DN OLFIN The Spiritual Family of OLFINS SECRET

Bb Oddw and the Spirit TATA G Speaks about the RSh SNYN:

SNYN has as Power items a sculpture of Stone (symbolic image of SNYN): with only
one eye, one ear, one arm, one testicle, one leg, his appearance of an old man. SNYN comes
also with some Gourds that are ritually charged with items of Power, thats Secret. When you
work with SNYN to pick up EW (leaves of herbs) you should do so at Dawn. The IGB
SNYN (The Gourd of SNYN) originally was of the Sh Tradition; later it was mix
with the IF Tradition when there was a pact between the Sh and IF Traditions. Woman
and Men can be initiated into the Mysteries of SNYN (even if they are not RSh Priests).
You as OLORISHA (sh Initiates) its good to receive the SNYN Initiation in order to use
the Magic and Powers of the EW (leaves, herbs) without having to rip the leaves, you can
create the magical powders and the so called INSHE SNYN.

SNYN is a Son of DN IF of FUN (in sh Oracle Mrindnlgn is 10 or MEWA).

SNYN is the direct contact with OLS (The Owner of the Sea water lagoon and Aptb
and Obini (wife) of OLKUN AY). OLS transmits the message direct from OLKUN AY
to SNYN, and SNYN transmit the message to the other RSh.

The person that gets Initiated into the Mysteries of SNYN, has to be committed to Learn,
Study, and Know how to use the EW (herbs). Not should be the case that an Initiate of
SNYN never go to the woods or countryside to get in contact with the herbs, that not good.
You should go to nature and invoke SNYN and get connected, invoke the OR EW (the
consciousness of an herb), smell it, taste it, touch it, feel the texture and learn about the herbs and
how to use it for healing and the Magical use. You should get connected to feel the she or
Power of the herbs.

This ORISHA SNYN is given by the Sh Tradition in one way, and by the IF
Tradition in another way. In If he is given with its 16 kn, and in the RSh tradition with 16
Cowrie shells. The more full or Powerful IGB SNYN is the one given in If.
SNYN is a Phenomenon or a Weird Being, thats why is a son of FUN (10-MEWA), the
sign of the Weird Phenomenon, of the CURSE, of Weird things and Sickness, sign of Tumors,
Cancer. In this sign, people who are marked by the Oracle of If or RSh, you Give Charity
and help to handicap people, weir or deformed people you find in your path, like people without
legs or hands, blind people, etc. This is the EBO (ritual action) of FUN. SNYN is a
manifestation of the energy of FUN.
SNYN is the SH OTUN or Wizard of the Right, meaning that he belongs to the IGBA
IRNMOL OJUKOTUN (to the 200 Irnmol and corresponding RSh of the Right, the
side of Mercy, or the peaceful RSh- RSh Funfun). ShS on the other hand is the
SH S or Wizard of the Left, he belongs to the RSh Pupa or the IGBA IRNMOL
OJUKOSI (the 200 Irnmol and corresponding RSh of the Left, the Side of Wrath, of
Severity). These two ORISHA; SNYN and ShS are the two SH RSh (Wizard
or Shaman RSh).

Teaching given by the Spirit TATA G, an Emissary of Baba Oduduwa:

TATA G on SNYN: SNYN uses a Bird to talk, he posses the Bird, and the bird make
special weird type of noise. The Initiate in SNYN that has this part of the Secret of
SNYN know how to interpret the noise and sounds of the bird.
SNYN have sons among us? Yes, he can have sons or OMO, but they are very rare as the
sons of Olkun, not SNYN sons are a little bit more that the sons of Olkun. When You
Crown Sh, SNYN is crowned over the Leri (head). SNYN is the Spirit or
Consciousness of NATURE, SNYN later materialize in an SH (Wizard or Shaman).
SNYN has one eye, one ear, one arm, one testicle, and one leg, even though this is

SIMBOLIC, because SNYN represents the SPIRIT of the EW (Leaves and herbs) of
Nature. SNYN is the OBA EW = King of the Leaves and herbs. The Herbs are not like the
Humans. They only have ONE BIOLOGICAL ORGAN of Each Thing, example like one kidney,
on lung, etc. When SNYN materialized as a normal Human, he did so but with Special
Powers to Invoke the Powers of the Herbs, Trees, Leaves, and its Helping and magical Powers.
SNYN was one of the main RSh, because without SNYN you cant have OR, nor
RSh, nor If initiations, because they all need EW (herbs and leaves) for their Initiation

PRAISE of INVOCATION TO SNYN (given by Baba Oddw)

SNYN MO PE O (3 times) (SNYN I call You)
SNYN PE LE O (3 times) (SNYN I give you Praise)

MO JB SNYN, ALFIA SE A NI. (I give You Praise SNYN, May the peace be
with You)
MO JB SNYN NI EW AY. (I give You Praise SNYN, the King of the Herbs
of the World)
MO JB SH SNYN. (I give You Praise Wizard SNYN)
MO JB SNYN SH EW AY. (I give You Praise SNYN, Wizard of the Herbs of
the World)
MO JB SNYN ALFIN OLO EW RUN. (I give You Praise SNYN, Heir and
Owner of the Herbs of the Universe)
MOJB SNYN AWO EW. (I give You Praise SNYN, Diviner of the Herbs)
MOJB SNYN SH OTUN (I give You Praise SNYN, Wizard of the Right Hand
Ifalenu-Enseanzas Yoruba Olofista de Baba Oduduwa, 25 2011 .
Grabacion 22 Agosto 2011
Enseanza dada por el Espiritu TATA G, Emisario de Baba Oduduwa.

Era un tiempo en donde todo lo que exista sobre la tierra era mar (todo el planeta estaba cubierto
de agua).
Dios (Olofin) haba creado a los ORISHAS, los haba creado inmortales y al nico que creo
Mortal fue a
Obatala. Ninguno de los Orisha se atreva llegar a la Tierra. El nico que se atrevi bajar a la
Teirra fue
Obatala, pero antes de bajar decidi irse a consultar con Orunmila, este le dijo que tenia que
hacer EBO para
poder vencer en la Tierra y hacer lo que quera hacer. Orunmile le dice que tenia que llevarse 3

una cadena de ORO, forjada con el Oro de todos los Orishas


un Gato Negro


un Caracol con arena adentro

Obatala se pone a recolectar el oro con todos los Orishas y le pide a Ogun que forge la Cadena de
Obatala usa la cadena bara bajar del cielo a la tierra, y comienza a descender, pero se da cuenta
que le queda
la cadena corta, entonces utiliza uno de los utensilios que le dijo Orunmila que llevara, que es el
Caracol con
Arena, y al hacer esto crea el Primer Continente, que es PANGEA, por asi decirlo. Obstala crea
este primer
continente y baja a la Tierra, pero debido a esto sale OLOKUN de las profundidades del Mar a
reclamar lo
que era suyo, con disposicin de matar a Obatala. Cuando ve Obatala que Olokun se acerca con
de matarlo, lo que se le ocurre es soltar al Gato negro, y al ver Olokun al Gato, se enamora de la
belleza del
Gato, y se va Olokun detrs del Gato.

En muchos cuentos dicen que con la misma cadena que baja Obatala, encadenan a Olokun en el
fondo del

mar, pero eso no es cierto, eso viene despus. Olokun se va detrs del Gato, y se habre el Cielo y
se oye una
Voz, que es OLOFIN, y le dice: Obatala has conseguido crear el primer continente, el primer
vestigio de
tierra sobre el planeta, ahora ponte a crear. Obatala se pone a crear, y crea el primer hombre de
piedra, per
se da cuenta que es muy rigido, y al querer caminar se rompe. Despues crea un hombre de
madera, y se da
cuenta que con cualquier cosa se incendia (se prende en fuego). Entonces se pregunta Obatala,
que podre
utilizar que no sea tan rigido como la piedra o ni tan frgil como la madera, asi que decide crear
al primer
ser humano de Lodo (de Tierra, Arcilla, tierra roja), Obatala invoca, hace un hechizo y le sopla y
le da vida
a aquel hombre de lodo, luego crea a la mujer. Asi sigue creando seres humanos. Al tiempo
Obatala se
acaloro, y se le hizo fcil saciar su sed con vino de palma, y sigui saciando su sed, hasta que se
termina su trabajo en la Tierra, y sube al Cielo para rendirle cuentas a OLOFIN de lo que haba
echo. Olofin
le dice, excelente lo que tu hicistes, pero asmate a ver lo que hicistes despus de haberte
enbriagado. Se
asoma Obatala desde el Cielo, y se da cuenta que haba creado seres deformes, gente mas bajita,
sin un ojo,
sin una pierna, sin brazos, sin piernas, sin orejas etc. Obatala le die que no se haba dado de
cuenta de lo que
haba creado estando embriagado. Olofin le dice, desde ahora en adelante tu jams volveras a
probar una
gota de Licor, y tampoco tus hijos. Obatala le responde, pero yo tambin me inpongo otra cosa,
de ahora en
adelante yo siempre voy a cuidar de toda aquella gente que esta malformada, invalida, ciega,
sorda, y asi
Obatala se hace el portector de ese tipo de seres humanos.

Despues de eso dice el Genesis Yoruba, que llega Oduduwa, y Olokun ya tenia a todo su ejercito
listo para
conquistar a la superficie de la Tierra. Pero Oduduwa le dice que No, que iban a hacer un Pacto,
mientras la Tierra fuera Tierra, el Ser Humano iba a respetar los Dominios de OLOKUN, y
Olokun accedi.
Pero tan pronto la gente no respetara los dominios de Olokun, el iba a reclamar lo que es suyo.
Baba Oddw and the Sacred Stone of OLFIN and the Stone of OLOSI in Africa
Ifalenu-Enseanzas Yoruba Olofista de Baba Oduduwa, 25 2011 .
Baba Oddw and the Sacred Stone of OLFIN and the Stone of OLOSI in Africa

(Teaching given by Egun TATA G, a Spirit Emissary of Baba Oddw.)

TATA G: Now its the Time of Baba Oddw. After Baba Oddw was a slave of the
Egyptians (20,000 years ago), he touches the Sacred Stone of OLFIN, and Divine Knowledge
came to him.
What is that Stone of Olfin? Its a Very Sacred Meteorite (that fell on Earth in Africa). Its
called the Stone of OLFIN.
In the center of the African continent there are two Sacred Stones;
1-The Sacred Stone of OLOFIN
2-The Stone of Power of OLOSI, the Ruler of the Underworld, of the Dark Side. OLOSI means
the OWNER of the LEFT PATH (The Other Side, the Dark side); Olosi was known later by
Hebrew True Kabalist as SAMAEL, the fallen Angel, also later relates to the character of
LUCIFER. At the West of the African continent there is the Sacred Stone of Olfin. First came
from heaven the Stone of OLOSI, and then later fell the Meteorite of OLOFIN.
As Baba Oddw was touched by the Divine Light, another human was touched by the Dark
Many Rulers of the world and Conquerors like Hitler, Napoleon, and even the Romans searched
for the Power Stone of OLOSI, of the Being from the Underworld, OLOSI. Why? Because it will
give them the POWER to Conquer.
The Sacred Stone of OLOFN is like a Philosophers Stone, a Stone of Sacred Knowledge.

The Stone of Power of OLOSI is the Stone of the Sun or of FIRE (A Stone that gives POWER
for Good or Evil).
After the death of JESUS, the conquerors searched for the SPEAR of LOGINUS (the Spear that
injure Jesus left side). The last one who was in possession of the Spear that injures Jesus Heart
was HITLER. In ancient times, and even today people fought with this type of things because
that increased there Power, that in fact, this is something that its TRUE, the Spear gave Power
and they could conquer and win.
Hitler loses the Spear (of Longinus), the Americans took possession of it, and Hitler loses Power.
Hitler was months from conquering the World, due to the Power of the Spear. Hitler didnt found
the Stone of Power of OLOSI, if not you all would not be here (this would have gave him a lot
more Power that the Spear).
Hitler had an ORACLE, a living Oracle, a virgin girl that they gave her some type of drug, she
fell in trance and started to talk, to have Spiritual Visions, and she predicted that the Jews would
raise over the Treasure. At that time, great concentrations of Jews were in Europe, thats why
Hitler tried to eliminate them, that is par of the history.
Why Hitler wanted to eliminate the Jews? The Jews are Cursed, the Jews Curse themselves,
when they were involved in Jesus death. JESUS (true name was YOSEF) was a Son of OLOFIN
(God), he was initiated into the IF Tradition in Yoruba land, during the lost years, his title in the
Esoteric Yoruba Tradition is OLFIN ALA, and he is an emanation of OLFIN L (The Spirit
of Purity). There are many Jews who perverted themselves due to the search for material Wealth
and Power, not all Jews were the same, and there are also good people among them.
Baba Oddw and the 16 Kings, Sh and IF: Oddw tells about the beginnings of the
Yoruba Sh and IF Traditions
Ifalenu-Enseanzas Yoruba Olofista de Baba Oduduwa, 24 2011 .
Teaching given by Baba Oddw through his Elegun (medium or channel) in August 2009.
Baba Oddw and the 16 Kings, Sh and IF: Oddw tells about the beginnings of the
Yoruba Sh and IF Traditions in ancient times.

Baba Oddw: When I initiated this Tradition, we were 16 Elders and me (Oddw), I dont
have essence of Obtl, and I have essence of ESHU ELEGBARA. They were 15 Obtls
plus another man; You know who that man was? That Man was GN, thats why the OD (or
DN) OGUNDA, that means gn Creates. gn is the hard worker that never stops
working, always sweat and with strong odor, due to the action of his hard work. The Yoruba
Sh Tradition belongs to those who work, to those who clean the floor, the ones who clean
up. We called the 15 Obtls, because they represented the Kings. Obtl means the King of
the Cloth (or white mantle or cloth). These 15 men had essence of Obtl.
When we arrived at the area of OYO, that was the Promise Land, we all establish there, and we
distributed the land in 16 Kingdoms (the 16 Kingdoms of the YORUBA Confederation). In one

kingdom, according to the doctrine that I gave to my followers, they did things in one way, the
way that they understood them, and in another kingdom they did things according to how they
understood them, and so on happened in the 16 kingdoms. The 16 kingdoms were like a diamond
that has to be polished. They notice that the 16 kingdoms worked differently, and what they did
was to unify the way each kingdom worked in the presence of Baba Oddw. I indoctrinated
all the 16 kings, but I emphasized that they understood what had to be understood. The 16 kings
had already three years building their respective kingdoms. Later in the land of ILE IFE, they
began to know IF, who was an ELDER, a WISEMAN, and is when people believe that they
fuse the Sh and the IF Traditions.
To do an RSh, you dont need an AWO IF (Babalawo), the Sh Tradition belongs to
the Sh Tradition (ad their Initiates). Sh and IF are two different currents or paths,
they walk together, but that doesnt mean that they are fused.
After the Orunmila disappeared, and after the 16 Kings died, after gn died, and after I
(Oddw) pass away, when the new arrived, Elegbara, Yemoyale, Oshoosi, it comes to happen
that they created, in accordance with what the assembly of OLUWO or the more elder If Priest
Elders they decreed in ILE IFA that a person initiated into IF CAN`T be Initiated into the
Sh Tradition. If you went to the Oluwo (Babalawo) and they Initiated you into the If
Tradition, but for them, You could not go and get Initiated into the Sh (RSh) Tradition.
That was because this groups of Elder Babalawos started to demerit the Sh tradition, and
because of that, Orunmila came back and started to spread Afoshe, tragedy, and he told the
Babalawo and Oluwo this: I Curse You all, because You Dont Recognize the Origin of All,
and this is written. Then this group of Babalawo continued with their work, and they began to
distort, to deviate. Now, there are places that they dont Initiated woman into If, there another
places that the do initiated woman to If, there other places that only allow woman to be Apetebi
(and so on, many different changes and variations from one place to another in the Yoruba land).
Note: You can see how that happen in ancient times, and now it continues, different opinions,
different ways of doing the ceremonies, in one place do this this way, in onother group in another
This is the original story of Shango and Oba Nani. Given by Egun TATA G, Emissary of
Ifalenu-Enseanzas Yoruba Olofista de Baba Oduduwa, 23 2011 .

This is the original story of Shango and Oba Nani.

Shango was sick and his wife at that time was OBA NANI, she could not heal him with any
natural remedies she knew, so she went to rnml for consultation with the Oracle, rnml
told her that in order to be able to heal Shango, she had to sacrifice a part of her body. Oba Nani
was known due to her good EARS. Oba Nani decided to give Shango one of the two EARS, so

he can ate that. She cut her Ear and fried it with EPO (Red Palm Oil) and ILA (Kimbombo or
Okra). Shango ate Oba Nanis Ear and he was able to heal with that.
This is the Essential story, the story (Pataki or ITAN) is much longer.
NOTE; When OBA NANI comes down through her ELEGUN (Medium) she dance with a hand
cupping one of her Ears, and also this is the way to dance for OBA NANI, imitating Oba Nani
covering her Ear with the hand.

Praise to OBA NANI:


Teaching given by EGUN TATA G, a Spirit who is an Emissary of Baba Oddw.

OBA NANI y SHANGO: La Historia verdadera de como se corto la oreja.
Ifalenu-Enseanzas Yoruba Olofista de Baba Oduduwa, 23 2011 .

OBA NANI y SHANGO: La Historia verdadera de como se corto la oreja.

Shango estaba enfermo y tenia una esposa en ese entonces, que era OBA NANI, ella no haba
podido curarlo con ningn remedio que conoca, as que fue a verse con Orunmila, y el le dijo
que ella tenia que sacrificar una parte de su cuerpo. Oba Nani se caracterizaba porque tena unos
odos muy buenos. Ella decide darle la Oreja y drsela de comer a Shango, ella se la fre con
manteca de corojo (EPO) y Kimbombo (ILA). Shango se curo al comerse esto.
Esta es la historia esencial, el pataki es mas largo.

Nota: Cuando ella baja, ella baila con una mano en donde se corto la Oreja, y asi tambien se le
baila a ela, con una mano puesta alrededorde una oreja.

Alabanza a Oba Nani: Mo Juba OBA NANI, OBINI SHANGO. AKONI NL (Gran Maestra).

Asi lo enseo Egun TATA G, Espiritu Emisario de Baba Oduduwa.

Teaching by EGUN TATA G
Ifalenu-Enseanzas Yoruba Olofista de Baba Oduduwa, 15 2011 .
EGUN TATA G, an Emissary Spirit of Baba Oddw.

The MERMAIDS exist, these humanoid water creatures we know of two types: the Planet Earth
and another that came from SIRIUS B STAR. Here the Spirit TATA G, gave some information
about these two types.
When TATA G was alive, around 560 years ago among the FON of the area of the modern
BENIN, he traveled to the coast of Benin and heard the stories of people who were victims of the
MERMAID from SIRIUS B STAR. This type of MERMAID can suck peoples blood and brain
as food from them. TATA G tells us that this type still remains in the sea water of Benin.
Among the DOGON of MALI, these race from SIRIUS B STAR have had contact with them and
share knowledge about their Star System of SIRIUS, SIRIUS B and SIRIUS C.

The DOGON call these Water Creatures as NOMMO meaning Lords of Water. They have
given knowledge to the Dogon since ancient times.
The NOMMO comes from SIRIUS B STAR. They are worshipers of OLKUN. Here on Planet
Earth, they can live underwater up to 150 to 200 feet under water. They have a TONGUE slit in
two, and they can introduced this tongue through peoples nostrils and suck their Brains and
blood. The DOGON use to offer other people as Sacrifice to these Beings, that they consider
them as Gods. They have arms like humans, but they have only 3 pointed fingers. They have
reddish hairs and greenish skin. They dont have Ears. They have Red Eyes. They have Sharp
pointed teeth.
Tata G said that these Beings are coming back to Earth in these new times.

Note: A Researcher that talk to Dogon Elders, they said, that they have seen them recently in
their land.
Tata G said, that in that Sirius B Star exists the other closest OLFIN AY. Our OLOFN AY
from our Earth is BABA ODUDUWA, the highest Evolved Soul of our Planet, king of the
Note: Olofin Ay is the title given to the highest Soul of an area of the Galaxy. Means the
Ownerof the secrets of this World.

We ask the Spirit TATA G. There is Mermaid from Planet Earth? TATA G said that in fact there
are MARMAIDS from our EARTH, but they are different. How are they different from the
SIRUIS B Mermaid?

The EARTH MERMAIDS have five pointed fingers with membranes. The have circular ears.
They are black or dark in color. The have Eyes that are White bluish in color, but they dont have
EYE IRIS. They are beautiful in appearance. They dont have a nose as such. The females have
kind of long hair. They could have one or two tails. They live very deep, around 1000 feet under
water. If they come out to the surface, they loose pressure, they loose texture and affects there
shape. They are deep water creatures, and live under a lot of seawater pressure.

The two types of Mermaids: The SIRIUS B STAR who have contact with ethe DOGON of
Mali, and the Planet Earth type..