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Name of Lesson Plan: Movies and Their Characters

Grade Level:8
Subject: Drama

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Overview & Purpose Students will learn about the importance of characters in movies. They will learn to
embody a character by looking at their mannerisms and reenacting them.

(Learning tasks; Specifies
strategies, processes, and
knowledge that will be
learned. Approx. 1-3 outcomes
from the Saskatchewan
Curriculum that could be

-Investigate how theatrical elements (e.g., story,
character, design, space) are combined to achieve
dramatic purpose.
- Demonstrate how dramatic characters interact in

relationships within the drama and/or collective creation.

-Respond to professional dance, drama, music, and visual art
works through the creation of own arts expressions.

(Steps to check for student
understanding must assess


- achieve the desired
- provide the written
outline of the skit

Walk around and make sure that everyone is

contributing to the group and helping with
the skit
Assess the students performance and the
sheet of paper they hand in

Could make the requirements easier for

students who struggle
Ex) only have them hand in the written or
perform the skit but not both

Help with the

Work with your
group and create a
skit for the class
and complete the
written portion of
the assignment



(Reinforce the lesson)

(What went well; what could
be improved)

First part of the class will consist of a class

We will brainstorm a list of the students
favorite movies and then talk about what it
is about these movies that makes them their
The students will eventually say it is the
characters which will introduce the next part
of the lesson
I will break the students up into groups of
three or four
The students will be asked to act out a
scene from one of the movies on the list but
they can not use names in the skit
They must embody the characters of the
film and work on their acting skills
Each group will also be required to hand in a
sheet of loose-leaf including the title of the
movie, who each student is playing, and a
brief description of the scene they are acting
The other students will watch their peers
skits and guess what film the students are
acting out
Ask the students in a class discussion form
what it was that gave away each movie
being portrayed after each skit
Then ask the students if they could tell what
character each student was playing and why
Breaking the students into smaller groups
worked really well
The students were kept on task and worked
really well together
Allowing students to choose movies that
were not on the list could help motivate
students who got frustrated about the movie
they had to act out

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Put hands up to
contribute to class
Additional Notes