Soil Prep & Amendments

Healthy Soil Healthy Plants Healthy Planet
Supports plants Holds nutrients, water, air & helpful organisms

Soil Composition
Decomposed rock particles Organic matter from decomposing plants & animals Air Water Living organisms

Is it dirt or is it soil?

Soil Texture and Type
Sand Silt Clay

The larger the particles the faster water passes through it

Soil Test
Rough & Gritty SANDY

Sticky CLAY

Slippery SILT

Increasing Soil Fertility

Replenish nutrients

Nature s Way

Compost A Controlled Process
BREAKDOWN SPEED Carbon Nitrogen Aeration Moisture Volume

Why Compost

Supplies organic matter to soil Attracts earthworms Stimulates beneficial soil microorganisms Increases soil water holding capacity Increases soil nutrient retention Reduces organics in landfills


A classroom exploration into life cycles

Building and Maintaining Healthy Soil 
Understand our soil  Keep it nutrient-rich  Cover with mulch  Maintain good aeration

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