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TGDC  >>  The  story  of  how  people  fell  in  love            with  an  idea  and  ran  away  with  it.  

Low  visibility.    

Not  for  your  chauffer    

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Success  Metrics  
•  5000  Applica6ons  from  valid  TG   •  Significant  volume  of  User  Generated  Content   on  CEDIA  (no  measure)   •  Quality  Referral  traffic  from  social  media   •  Benchmark  against  ‘best  job  campaign’    

Interpre+ng  numbers  

Referral  traffic  sources                Paid  media  visits   >  

Day  1-­‐2  of  campaign  

Benchmarking  Globally  

Benchmarking  Locally  

Three  things  we  did  well  

 #1  We  kept  it  simple  

#  2  We  kept  it  transparent    

#  3  We  kept  it  sweet    

Takeaways  from  TGDC  
•  •  •  •  •  •  It  is  s6ll  about  the  Power  of  the  IDEA   It  is  also  about  flawless  execu6on   It  is  about  simplicity  (design  and  usability)   It  is  about  transparency   It  is  about  being  “ON”  and  responsive  24x7   It  is  about  spreading  real  BUZZ  –  offline  

 TGDC  was  about  connec6ng  real  people  –  bankers,  ar6sts,  ac6vists,  housewives,  DJs,   writers,  pilots,  in  their  30s,  40s  and  50s    –  around  one  compelling  idea,  and  giving   them  a  pladorm  to  share  their  dreams.  

Sapna  to..  sabhi  dekte  hain  

Come,  dream  with  EC  

Ques+ons  ?  

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